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Did You Know, These Local Celebrities Are Fans Of SB19?

These celebs said stan SB19.

From Jane de Leon, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, and more, these celebrities can proudly call themselves A’tin.

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In a span of four years, SB19 went from near disbandment to being one of the top OPM artists of the new generation. The group has undeniably helped bring P-pop to the forefront as one of the more popular music genres today. Along the way, the group has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans in the family called A’TIN. And SB19 can include these celebrities in their roster of fans. Whether it be their songs, charms, achievements, and the like, these celebs have at one point or another professed their fondness for the group. Who says you can’t be a fan of someone even if you are famous? Certainly not these celebrities. Here are a few local stars who consider themselves fans of SB19 and who their biases are.


The new Darna is a Mahalima? You got that right, and she’s also Ken biased. A few weeks ago, Jane tweeted that she regretted missing ITZY and SB19’s concerts. She then expounded on that love in a recent interview with Rappler where she said that Ken was the first member that caught her attention though she does have love for all the members. And if that wasn’t enough, Jane even said that she tries to get other people to listen to SB19. We love a proud A’Tin.


Dancer, YouTuber, and actress AC Bonifacio is a vocal fan of SB19. She has on multiple occasions expressed her admiration and support for the group. She expressed her amazement when she watched their What? music video. AC actually enjoys a good friendship with the group and has met the boys. She posted a few videos of her dancing together with some of the members. In fact, she even officially collaborated and worked with the band. During YouTube Fanfest 2021, she joined SB19 for their performance of Bazinga where she did the second rap. She also appeared and danced with them for a commercial for Dunkin Donuts.  


MAPA stands out as one of SB19’s best ballads and even best songs. The emotional track is an homage to their parents and is easily relatable to anyone who misses their family. Anne Curtis herself knows first-hand the power MAPA has as she recently tweeted about it. The actress, host, and occasional singer shared that she just heard MAPA for the first time said that it hit close to home. She even talked about the band version of MAPA and thanked SB19 and Ben&Ben for the song as she was missing her parents.


Ben&Ben are big fans of SB19 and it’s clear the feeling is mutual. When What? was released, Miguel Benjamin tweeted about how he liked the music video of the song and how inspiring they were. SB19, in turn, has expressed how they would like to collab with Ben&Ben on a song. Many prayers were then answered when SB19 and Ben&Ben came together for the band version of MAPA. Of course, SB19 also collaborated with Ben&Ben on their album Kuwaderno in the song Kapangyarihan. Bands supporting bands, we love to see it.


The celeb fandom of SB19 isn’t just limited to musicians and actors, even sports figure have expressed their support for the group. One such supporter is former volleyball player, host, and sports news anchor Gretchen Ho. Among other things, Gretchen tweeted about the release of What?. She also congratulated the group when they were nominated for Top Social Act at the 2021 BBMAs. She even went as far as to have her co-anchor Roby Alampay listen to What? after they reported on the news of their BBMAs nomination.


From one music star to another, rising musician Jayda also considers herself a fan of the boys. She has been open about her stanning of SB19 in the past. And she even got to experience a fangirl moment by working with them for a commercial for Pepsi (including hugging her bias Justin).


It’s been well-documented that Liza is a big fan of K-Pop. But she has also shown her love and support to the local boy groups as well, most notably with SB19. When the group was nominated for Top Social Act, Liza took to Twitter to vote for them herself and asked others to do the same. But it didn’t stop there and Liza took things a step further. Using her official YouTube account, Liza commented on a fan video of the group. The video in question was about SB19 moments that were painful to watch. Liza took issue with a clip during SB19’s Go Up press con and the insensitive comments of the press. “Sobrang insensitive naman ng pagkakatanong,” she wrote.


Given how Maris Racal and SB19 are under the same label, it’s not out of this world for the two of them to collab. In fact, this is something that Maris has been dreaming of. During an interview as she was promoting her single Ate Sandali, Maris revealed that SB19 was her number one collab. She shared a story of how she met them backstage at an event and asked if they write their own songs. When they said yes, Maris found it cool and at the back of her head, wanted to ask them to do a collab. Fingers crossed that this dream collab between Maris and SB19 comes true.


OPM superstar Moira Dela Torre has on multiple occasions shown her support of the group. She lauded SB19 when they released the What? music video by writing “world class” in the comments section. Moira also liked a tweet about Justin doing a cover of her song Patawad, Paalam. She even gave love to the group in seemingly random moments. The only thing we need now is the SB19 x Moira Dela Torre collab to finally happen.


When SB19 had a guesting on Eat Bulaga in September 2022, it wasn’t just the dabarkads in the studio who got excited. It was also Ryzza Made Dizon who practically went into fangirl mode. Ryzza Mae, along with Yohan Agoncillo, are fans of the boys. So, when they visited Eat Bulaga, the duo got their whole A’TIN life which Ryzza was kind enough to document for a YouTube video.


Vice Ganda isn’t just a fan of SB19. You could say he is a stan and a genuine A’TIN. Vice’s interactions with the group go as far back as 2019 when he had the boys perform in Gandang Gabi Vice, back when they were still relatively unknown. On multiple occasions, Vice Ganda has expressed how he likes many of their songs, including MAPA and What?. On the noontime show, It’s Showtime, he expressed how he would want the boys to come visit them again and has even went on Twitter to vote for the group for the BBMAs.

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