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Treat Yourself To A Night Of Music At The NYLON Manila Live Concert

Celebrate NYLON Manila's first birthday with this free concert.

Happening this November 27, 6 PM, the NYLON Manila Live is a free concert featuring some of the hottest young artists like Maris Racal, Zephanie, Ian Pangilinan, Joan, Jamie Miller, No Rome, and many more.

As we here at NYLON Manila wrap up our first-anniversary celebration, we wanted to cap things off with something truly memorable. We already announced our first-ever print fanzine with Liza Soberano on the cover, which you can read more about how to purchase here. And we felt that we needed to do something memorable as part of our celebration.

Music has, is, and will continue to be a big part of NYLON Manila. It’s a major part of our DNA and add that our efforts to highlight the top and up-and-coming young musicians, it was only right that we held our very first concert as part of our birthday shindig of sorts. This is why we are having the NYLON Manila anniversary concert, NYLON Manila Live. Here is what you need to know about this must-see concert.


For NYLON Manila’s very first concert, we curated a lineup of both local and international artists that come from a wide variety of genres. Headlining NYLON Manila Live are three global acts making waves, Jamie Miller, No Rome, and Joan. Part of the lineup are also some of the brightest young musicians in the scene like Maris Racal, Zephanie, Gigi de Lana, and Zild. We also have some fast-rising local acts including Ian Pangilinan, Jayda, and Lesha.

Rounding out the lineup are Deuces, Young Cocoa, Catharsis, Benson Boone, Jetter, 46 Hope St., Sassa Dagdag, Raven, Paul Pablo, Danna Ysabel, Jika Marie, Nameless Kids, Clara Benin, Janine Berdin, Lola Amour, Sezairi, Ebe Dancel, Batang Indio, and Midnasty.


NYLON Manila Live won’t just be a night of music. In between the performances, we will be having games with winners receiving special prizes and giveaways. What those prizes are will be a surprise, but you have even more incentive to stay for the whole show, because who doesn’t love gifts?


Now you may be thinking, with a lineup we have assembled, what is the price of admission? But we have good news for you. The concert is free. Yes, FREE. No need to pay or sign up for anything. All you have to do is just go on NYLON Manila’s website where we will be streaming the concert. And that’s it, a free concert right at your fingertips from the comforts of your home.

NYLON Manila Live will be held on Saturday, November 27, 6 – 9 PM on NYLON Manila’s website. Make sure to follow NYLON Manila on our social media channels for updates on the event. See you at the concert!

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alex goya, zol west story

These Asian Influencers In Paris Didn’t Let Racism Stop Them From Being Who They Are

Think Emily in Paris, but more realistic.

Alex Goya and Zol West are living their best lives as Asian influencers in Paris despite the criticisms that come their way.

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In Emily in Paris, the titular Emily gets hired by a company in Paris and moves to the iconic city to live a life many people can only dream of. Spending your days wearing gorgeous outfits and seeing the sights, what’s not to love? But for Alex Goya and Zol West, the life that the show portrays is something they experience in real life. Raised in and around Paris, the two call Paris their home and over time, became some of the city’s popular personalities. This is despite the fact that Alex and Zol are both Asian and therefore a minority in Paris.

While Emily, being a white and straight Caucasian female, has the privilege, the same couldn’t be said for Alex and Zol. As POC and veritable outliers and targets for discrimination, that didn’t stop them from following their dreams. In fact, they have amassed millions of followers across social media. If they aren’t showing off the latest fashion trends, they doing K-pop-related content that has gone viral on the internet. We got a chance to talk to the two young influencers about their Asian heritage, their love of K-pop, how they deal with racism, and much more.

For those who are unfamiliar with you, could you describe yourself and what you do?

ZOL: Hi my name is Zol. I’m 22 years old. I am an influencer and content creator. I do dance, modeling, lifestyle, and funny videos on social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

ALEX: I’m Alex. I’m 23. I live in Paris, but I was born in the suburbs. I’m a dancer, sometimes a model, and a content creator. I talk about fashion and how I change my hair color.

How was it like growing up in Paris?

ZOL: Growing up in Paris is very cool! I love the vibe of this city. Some people need calm and stability. Paris is very dynamic, lively!

ALEX: I was born in suburbs, but I was going to Paris all the time to hang out with my friends. So, I grow up in Paris. It’s like my hometown. That’s how I discovered the thrift store and thrift shopping.

How exposed are you to your heritage culture?

ZOL: I am very close to my culture. I was born in Mongolia. At home, my parents made sure that I don’t forget the traditions and everything that goes with them.

Zol West | Shirt: Interdee Paris, Jacket: Chelsea Grays

Do you find it difficult to balance your Asian heritage with your French side?

ZOL: I grew up in France, so I don’t have difficulty balancing my French and Asian side.

Can you describe how it is like being an Asian in Paris?

ZOL: Being Asian in Paris wasn’t easy as a kid because of racism. There is a lot of racism here, but now I don’t really mind what is said to me so I can focus on my things.

ALEX: Being an Asian in Paris, we are often taken for a tourist lmao. But personally, I had no problem because Paris is multicultural.

Alex Goya

To you, what does it mean to be an influencer?

ZOL: For me to be an influencer means that you are like a role model to people who follow you so you have to show them the best part of yourself and share good moments.

ALEX: For me, everybody is an influencer, but different levels. I just have a bigger impact. So, I need to be the best version of myself for showing the best example for our generation, convey good value.

You have a large following on social media. What do you think it is about you that makes people like you?

ZOL: I think people like me for you my personality, my content, for who I am.

ALEX: I never thought that one day so many people would follow me. I think if they follow me it’s because they feel close to me and I inspire them. So, it makes me happy to feel like a big brother to them.

Alex Goya

You’re very open about who you are and your identity to your followers. Where do you get that bravery?

ZOL: It might be scary for some people. There is always a good part and a bad part about everything. I am very confident about myself. I am focused on my goals, so I think this is my daily motivation.

How did you get into K-pop? What about K-pop do you like about it?

ZOL: When I was eight, I heard my older brother listening to a K-pop group called  BIGBANG and I liked what I heard. At this moment I started listening to more K-pop. What I like about it is everything! The music, the performance, the dance, the vibe.

ALEX: I’m into K-pop since I discovered 2NE1 on YouTube. I loved discovering a new universe with a lot of choreography and colors. It’s very avant-gardist.

How do you come up with your choreography for your K-pop dance covers?

ALEX: I started my dance cover with the group BLACKPINK because I am a fan of them. They are so bad-ass and their music is very catchy. It made me want to reproduce their choreography. So, I released my first dance cover three years ago.

Where do you get your sense of style?

ZOL: I have a lot of inspiration, especially with K-pop idols. They have crazy styles!

ALEX: My clothing inspiration comes a lot from Asia, Japan, and South Korea. They are already five years ahead of fashion.

Zol West | Jacket: Imparfait, Lab Pants: Sandro

How important is representation to you?

ALEX: I want to give a good image of myself and send positive vibes. I want when people see me on social media to feel good about themselves and not be afraid to be themselves and who they are.

As an Asian living in Paris, have you ever dealt with racism or discrimination? How did you deal with it?

ALEX: Of course I received racism, but I don’t care. I know what I’m worth and I’m proud of who I am. I received so much racism that it no longer affects me. As an Asian, I don’t want to be subjected to oppression.

Alex Goya

What message do you have for members of the LGBT community?

ALEX: Be proud of who you are. Love yourself because you ordered Augmentin at https://beachyspharmacy.com are beautiful as a person and no one will say otherwise. The mentality is changing so let’s continue to fight for a better world.

Zol West | Shirt: Interdee Paris, Necklaces & Accessories: Chanel Official, Vitaly

What message do you have for your fellow Asians?

ZOL: Follow your dreams! It’s not easy, especially when you have Asian parents to not follow the normal course with school. If you want to be a writer do it! If you want to be a dancer do it! Want to be a soccer player? Do it! But most important you must do everything to make that dream come true!

Photography, art direction ALESSANDRA HUYNH @alessandra.huynh_ph, @atiashuynh
Models ZOL @zol_west , ALEX GOYA @alexgoyaa
Video edit RAY LITSALA @ray.litsala
Make up CALIANE UM @Caliumua

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dubai expo 2020

These Filipino Artists Rocked The Stage At Expo 2020 In Dubai

Sharing OPM to the world.

Darren Espanto, Moira Dela Torre, Nadine Lustre, Zack Tabudlo, and more Pinoy acts were invited to perform at the Expo 2020 to sold-out and energetic crowds.

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Pinoy music is worthy of the international stage, period. History is filled with many moments of local acts and their music making waves abroad. 2021 alone saw breakthrough achievements for P-pop groups and history-making songs be made by Filipino artists for Disney. That international recognition was on further display during the Expo 2020 in Dubai when multiple Filipino musicians were invited to take the stage at this global event. And the best part was that they were greeted by packed crowds ready to jam out with them. Check out the OPM acts who performed.


For those who don’t know, Expo 2020 is a World Expo celebrating the cultures and advancements of the world. This year’s event is being held in Dubai from October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022. As part of this global celebration, the expo has many events highlighting music from around the world, and that includes OPM.

It started when Juan Karlos Labajo was invited to perform at the Late Nights @ Expo 2020 Dubai stage on October 2, 2021. In doing so, he joined a lineup of international artists and became the first Filipino to headline an event at Expo 2020. Taking the stage at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre, Juan Karlos showed off his guitar and vocal skills in his 45-minute set. During his set, he also collaborated with Tarek Reda, the lead guitarist of Carl & The Red Mafia, a local band from Dubai. Meanwhile, the band who played with Juan Karlos were fellow kababayans from Dubai.⠀


Juan Karlos though wouldn’t be the last Pinoy to perform at the Expo. On November 21, 2021 Darren Espanto, December Avenue, and The Benedikte performed at the Jubilee Stage to a sold-out outdoor crowd. That concert was specifically meant to highlight Filipino music and the organizers chose a varied group of performers. Darren performed an eight-song set as he served vocals, dance moves, and stage presence.

December Avenue, of course, is one of the most iconic bands in all of OPM, so it was only fair they get to perform at a Filipino-centric concert. The five-member band took to the stage to rock out to some of their biggest hits. Meanwhile, six-member indie band The Benedikte performed a mix of English and Filipino songs. It was a night of entertainment that surely delighted all the Pinoys and OFWs in the audience and even non-Filipinos.


The Juans perform at Jubilee Stage m28221

Before 2021 came to a close, The Juans graced the Jubilee Stage at the Dubai 2020 Expo. The five member band collection of hugot songs have charmed many Pinoy fans, and that includes those aboard. The group had an over 1 hour and 30 minute set where they serenaded the crowd with some of their biggest hits on their December night performance.


Bamboo performs at Jubilee Stage m47729

OPM icon brought the rock and stage presence to the 2020 Dubai Expo with his concert at the Jubilee Stage. Considering how Bamboo has given us some of the most memorable OPM songs of the last two decades, it definitely must have been a treat for those in attendance for him to have sung those live.


Angeline Quinto is no stranger to performing at sold out crowds. So when she took the stage in early December 2021 at the Jubilee Stage, her concert was met with excitement. Performing alongside OPM band Six Part Invitation, the Power Diva wowed the crowd with her signature vocals.


Concert goers were in for a treat on the night of December 15, 2021. Sponge Cola rocked as they performed over two decades worth of hits. They did classics like Tambay, Pag-Ibig, Kunwari, Bitiw, and Jeepney during their hour long set. What made it even more special was that this was the first time they performed live since the pandemic began. And if that wasn’t enough, Pinoy rap star Matthaios also took the stage as he performed a nearly one hour set delivering some of his best rap hits.


Lea Salonga performs at Jubilee Stage m27506

Imagine this: Lea Salonga serenading you with her signature voice as she sings the classics during Christmas day. Well, for those who attended Dubai Expo 2022 on December 25, 2021, they didn’t have to imagine it. It actually happened. As part of the lineup for their Christmas Day show, Lea Salonga delivered a magical night for many in attendance as the Disney legend made sure everyone had a memorable Christmas night.


Moira Dela Torre perform at Jubilee Stage m49440

When you have an expo that, among many ways, uses OPM as a way to celebrate the world, the party won’t be complete without having the legend that is Moira Dela Torre perform. And that she did and most appropriately, she did so on Valentine’s Day 2022. Taking to the Jubilee Stage on February 14, Moira tugged at the heartstrings of many in attendance as she sang some of her most famous hugot songs.


Asia’s Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan performing at Expo 2020 Dubai? Yes please. The seasoned performer recently took to the stage in the expo as she performed at the Dec Arena on February 19, 2022. But what made her concert stand out from the rest was that she also invited comedians MC Muah and Lassy to the show. Becoming the first Filipino act to perform at the DEC Arena during the Dubai Expo, they brought the vocals and the good times. It was a great night for music and comedy for the sold out crowd in attendance.


In 2021, Zack Tabudlo went from becoming a musical prodigy into one of the fastest rising musicians of the new generation. His star rose significantly over the past year so it was little surprise that the OPM star was invited to perform at the Dubai Expo. With special guest Justin Vasquez performing as well, Zack gave a memorable concert as it was just him and guitar on stage. Clearly it was an emotional moment for the singer as he even got teary eyed at one point in the one hour concert.


Talk about line-up. Concert goers at the Sustainability Plaza were in for a night of beats, grooves, and good music as Nadine Lustre, Billy Crawford, Kim Molina, and Lyca Gairanod came together for one epic night the the Dubai Expo. As part of the expo’s street music celebration, these four stars brought the house down as they delivered collab performances and solo sets.

The Philippines actually has a booth at the expo called PH Pavillion, so feel free to stop by if you are in the area or plan on visiting. The space is dedicated to showing the unique and diverse charms and cultures of the country. OPM continues to get the respect and recognition it deserves, and it was nice to see these talented Pinoy acts perform on stage in the world expo in Dubai alongside other talented musicians from around the world.

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judy ann santos netflix

Netflix Presents Judy Ann Santos In A Special Role: As Santa With Noche Buena Baskets To Give

The name is Santa, Judy Ann Santa.

As the gift that keeps on giving, Netflix and Judy Ann Santos team up to bring your favorite shows to your tables with the special (and completely free) Noche Buena baskets themed after some of the biggest titles of Netflix.

You better watch out. You better not cry, better not pout, because Santa is coming to town. The list is made and twice checked, but unlike the jolly fellow with beard as white as snow and a bellied laughter, our Christmas is going to be made even more special with one of the greatest living Filipino actresses of our time taking on the role. The name? Santa, Judy Ann Santa.

With the days making a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast break for the blur that will be December, Judy Ann Santa, err, Judy Ann Santos and Netflix Philippines are coming together to spruce up your Christmas spreads tudum-style. Busy at work in their version of the North Pole workshop, the forces of entertainment are packing and wrapping the limited edition Noche Buena baskets that are up for grabs starting today.

Inspired by the biggest hits of Netflix over the past year, the cleverly christened Noche Buena baskets are set to complete your holiday feasts with a basket full of the good stuff, in theme of course. Celebrate Christmas the Netflix way with The Gganbu (Squid Game), The I Louvre (Emily In Paris), The Bentesingko (Trese), The Merry Christmas [As A Friend] (My Amanda), The Bili Ciao (Money Heist), and The Most Wanted (Red Notice), which are staggered for sign ups over the next 12 days…of Christmas, naturally.

netflix noche buena

Netflix Presents: Judy Ann Santos

A self-confessed binge-watcher herself, Judy Ann Santos is no stranger to stacking up hours on Netflix, especially when there is enough time for her to do so. Recently, she reveals to having finished Baking Impossible and Squid Game, as well as counting other favorites on the streaming platform such as Seaspiracy, the David Attenborough documentaries, and The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. So, when the opportunity to partner with Netflix Philippines to make the season merrier came, she did not hesitate.

trese netflix

Coming on board for this special project for the season, it is but natural to wonder if Judy Ann Santos will have a Netflix Original, what would she want to do? Combining her love for food and anything Filipino, the award-winning actress and trained chef imagines a cooking show that will not only feature, but also go in-depth and personal with the flavors of the Philippines. Here, she envisions going around the country and hero the food culture of the country from the sources no less. Sure, the nomadic version of Judy Ann’s Kitchen is just a pipe dream as of now, but we all can dream together right? After all, it is Christmas; wishes are woven into the context of the holidays.

The Binge Before Christmas

As a gift that keeps on giving, the limited edition Noche Buena baskets are free (yes, you read that right) until supplies last. So, while Judy Ann Santa and Netflix are hard at work making sure the carriers are ready to find homes this Christmas, you can head on over to the official Ambien website (netflixnochebuena.com) from November 25 until December 6 at exactly 1:00 PM through 6:00 PM and cherry pick the themed package you will want to turn your table into a Netflix special. There is a lot to go through and the cut-off is strict, so you better skip the naughty bit and play nice with time.

judy ann santos netflix

Now, while we wait for Noche Buena to roll around, how about we wait it out with a Netflix binge session? Ready when you are, Judy Ann Santa.

(By the way, it is criminal that there are not nearly enough Judy Ann Santos flicks filed on Netflix. But as it is a time for forgiving, we will let this pass…for now.)

Again, the Netflix Noche Buena basket sign-ups are available from 1:00 PM-6:00 PM from November 25-December 6 on their official website. Happy clicking, friends.


r rules ppop

Meet R Rules, The Half Pinoy, Half Japanese P-Pop Girl Group All About Empowerment

Make way for MCA's first girl group.

With members from both the Philippines and Japan, R Rules wants to deliver a strong message of empowerment.

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One of the key ingredients for a pop group to succeed is a sense of bonding and trust between the members. Groups rarely make it far if their members do not like or can’t communicate with each other. So, how then does a P-pop group succeed when its members are from two different worlds? For P-pop girl group R Rules, that’s a non-issue and actually helps them stand out in the ever-crowding world of P-pop.

Officially making their debut on November 24 with the release of their single, DNY, R Rules has a few things going for them that make them stand out. First, they are the first-ever P-pop girl group to come from MCA, the Philippine branch of Universal Music Group. Second, some of the members have a Japanese background. Lastly, this is the second iteration of the group and has been promoted as a group before under a different name. But despite all the firsts that are behind the group, R Rules is just looking to showcase their love of music to the world and aren’t pressured by any expectations.  


r rules ppop

Composed of members Riyo, Reina, Ruri, and Risa, R Rules are formed of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Specifically, the group has a strong Japanese influence. Reina grew up in Tokyo, Japan but is now based in Manila. Her mother is Filipina and sites Ariana Grande as a major inspiration for her. Like quite a few idols, she traveled to a whole new country to pursue her dreams her musical dreams. At 19, she packed her bags and moved to Manila to start her musical training. Riyo also grew up in Japan and was a tuba player in high school. Like quite a few young girls during the mid-2000s, Riyo was a big fan of Hannah Montana and wanted to be like her. Riyo’s perseverance soon led her to Manila, where she also ended up being in a group.

Risa, on the other hand, grew up in the Philippines as a person with two cultures, Filipino and Japanese. When she was finishing high school, she wanted to move to Japan for college because of a desire to explore her Japanese culture. But her musical aspirations inclined her to pursue a career in the country. Finally, Ruri was well-versed in the world of performing. As a young girl, she joined all kinds of singing contests. One thing led to another and Ruri soon crossed paths and eventually formed a group with the other three girls.

r rules ppop

Despite the cultural differences, the girls clicked easily. “We are not just a girl group, we are sisters,” says Ruri. While this will be the first time R Rules will be making themselves known officially in the music scene, this isn’t the first time they came together to make music. Originally, they went by the name Japh Dolls as a reflection of their Japanese background. They were also signed to a different label. But things didn’t work out and they were on the verge of quitting. That was until a bigger opportunity came their way and signed to MCA to undergo further training, effectively starting from scratch. But when you love something so much, stumbles like these usually don’t deter you.


With dedication, talent, and an experienced team behind them, R Rules set off to achieve their musical dreams. And their efforts came to fruition with their official debut single, DNY. Literally meaning Don’t Need Ya, the track is a reflection of who the group is and what they would like to become. For starters, it features lyrics in Japanese, which is a nod to their roots. In fact, some of the members would write their lyrics in Japanese first before translating them to English or Tagalog.

It also is a track about empowerment and feeling confident, one of the group’s core principles. With its mix of hip-hop, R&B, K-Pop, and EDM sounds, the Pinay quartet is showing commitment to inspire young music listeners to stand up for what they believe in and encourage them to find their inner strength to go after what they want. Aside from using their platform to inspire change and lift each other up, the Filipino girl group’s debut track also promotes love and kindness in any way or form, be it for your own self and for others who need it.

DNY was co-written by Kevin Yadao and Tiny Corpuz and co-produced by Cursebox and Corpuz. R Rules’ entry into Pinoy pop has the goal to speak out against the standards society imposes on women and articulate the challenges that they go through towards claiming their voice and earning respect.


r rules ppop

With their debut single out now, R Rules is now on their way to musical superstardom and making a name for themselves in P-pop. Knowing that even getting to the point of debuting wasn’t easy, the girls are taking it one step at a time. “Our plan right now is just to get our music out there. We’re not here to compete Soma orders. We just want to carve out a space for our empowering brand of pop music, and hopefully be taken seriously for who we are as a group,” says the group.

Fluent in Filipino, English, and Japanese, the women of R Rules come from two different worlds and countries. But they want to prove that people from two different cultures can come and perform together in harmony, both on and off the stage. They want to show the world that they are four women from two cultural backgrounds who came together to become pop stars, working hard on their craft and finding ways to entertain their audience

r rules ppop

As of now, they are continuously looking to improve their singing and dancing skills as well as explore their musical style. They are also in training to further improve their musical growth through more releases of their own material. While their debut single was not initially written by the group, they stressed that they still had creative freedom to switch things up. They also expressed how Zack Tabudlo, Blaster, Ariana Grande, and Little Mix are their dream collabs.

Ultimately, as the group is looking to make their mark on the Philippine pop scene and beyond, they want their music to inspire and empower. And this isn’t just for girls, but for everyone. They hope that their music will help people believe in themselves and use their voices to encourage listeners to release that inner confidence. And if R Rules continues to keep their eyes on the prize, they might just achieve that, and more.

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sb19 concert our zone

An Anniversary To Remember: What To Expect in SB19’S Third Anniversary Concert, Our Zone

Their biggest concert yet.

Performing brand new songs? Guest performers including AC Bonifacio? Special games and other surprises for both days? SB19 is bringing out all the stops for their anniversary concert, Our Zone.

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How do you cap off a banner year that SB19 has had in 2021? Hit singles, acclaimed albums, history-making nominations, top-attended concerts, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact they just hit their third anniversary. For SB19, it was only appropriate that they go big or go home to match the success they had this year.

This is why they are bookmarking this eventful chapter in their careers with a two-day anniversary concert called Our Zone. Performed live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, which actually marks their first time at the big dome and makes them the first artist to perform at the venue since the pandemic began, SB19 is aiming to make their concert a moment to remember. Here’s a teaser of what SB19 says you can expect during their big weekend.


sb19 concert our zone

As the name suggests, SB19 2021: Our Third Anniversary Concert, is a special celebration of the group’s third year in the industry. The name Our Zone comes from the fact that the boys are ready to share what the zone means to them and basically invite us into their space. This actually marks the first time the group is celebrating their anniversary through a concert. November 2021 marks SB19’s third-year anniversary and the group made sure to surprise fans with lots of content and activities for their month-long celebration. Among other things, the group has released multiple merch drops, held ticket giveaways, and released their Bazinga MV. Each member also starred in their own short film, which was conceptualized by Justin, to promote their third anniversary concert.  


Our Zone marks SB19’s latest concert this year. First was their successful Back in the Zone concert last August followed by their collab with 4th Impact in Forte in October. For Our Zone, the boys are making sure the concert is just as special if not even more than their past endeavors. One of the most exciting things to look out for is SB19 performing three brand new unreleased songs made just for their 3rd anniversary. We already know the name of one of the songs, Nyebe, and that it has a 70s retro disco vibe. They also teased that the other tracks are a ballad and a gospel-type happy song.

Pablo shared that he was inspired to write the songs because of the Christmas feel in the air and wanted a holiday feel to them. After the concert, the new songs are expected to be released officially. Speaking of new music, Justin gave a slight tease that there will be a follow-up to Pagsibol coming soon. Aside from the new songs, expect to also see new choreography not just for the new songs, but for their old songs as well. They plan on mixing things up both sonically and visually.


For day one and two of Our Zone, SB19 says that don’t expect to see the same thing in both concerts. The first and second show will have two different programs, setlist, and activities, most of which was curated by the boys. Expect new news to be performed on both days and different guest tried Cenforce pills from http://windhampharmacy.com artists on each day. The boys will be using the space the Araneta Coliseum provides to make for a special show each day.


It isn’t an anniversary concert if there aren’t special stages planned. And SB19 has quite a few tricks up their sleeves. We already know that the group will be performing with AC Bonifacio, The Juans, and Pablo’s brother, Josue. But there’s also the possibility of more unannounced guests popping on stage. SB19 has also planned games during the show. And there may be audience participation given how they have a live virtual audience. The event will feature live performances with a band and other surprises so keep an eye out for that.


Our Zone will be held on November 27 and 28, 5 PM PH time, live from the Araneta Coliseum. Both days will be streamed live via KTX. Get your tickets now via KTX or Our Zone’s official website. Ticket prices range from 1000 pesos to 5500 pesos with each tier having its own perks and freebies.

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qcinema 2021

These Filipino Films (And Tilda Swinton) Are Coming To You In The Part IRL, Part URL QCinema International Film Festival 2021

It’s back to the big screen, baby.

In its grand, but limited theatrical return, the QCinema International Film Festival heralds the great rebound of the physical movie-going experience in the Philippines after quite the long wait.

Ah, the cinema. In nearly two years of the persistence of the pandemic, the immersive movie experience is one that has been crippled by the punishing effects of the crisis. While there was certainly no shortage of films that functioned both as entertainment, as well as of an escape, the medium of consumption has since relented to the necessary curtailing of movements, maintaining of social distances, and to generally keep things safe. From the larger-than-life screen coloring the audience in the cinematography of a film, the high-definition surround sound shocking the senses with every audible detail, and the smell and crunch of snacks being munched on as quietly as possible, watching a movie became downsized and insular with the screenings and releases on streaming services. Considerably austere, but also more concentrated, it did, and still is tiding us over. However, nothing really comes close to the big screen.

Now, while there is still no end to the pandemic in sight, things are relatively looking up. Sure, the protocols and precautions are still exactingly enforced, at least in most cases, but we are fairly getting a semblance of life beyond the walls of our privilege. Slowly and steadily, a lot of things that were limited are now easing up a bit more in the Philippines, including among other things, the cinema. Still held to the rigors of regulation, the screenings are showing to stricter standards at reduced capacities, especially so in the case of the return to the big screen of the QCinema International Film Festival.

The Great Rebound

“This year, as we jumpstart cinemas’ great rebound, we made sure the experience will be worth the wait so we only lined up the best,” says QCinema International Film Festival Director Ed Lejano. True enough, there is no holding back with the long-awaited return to the dimmed cinematic spaces with award-winning films, Asian premieres, and a unique assortment of Filipino visual essays. “This will be the first film festival to be held after cinemas opened their doors again and we are very happy to be part of the jump start of our much-loved industry.”

Kicking things off at the 10-day QCinema International Film Festival 2021, which begins expanding its reach with a hybrid set-up of theatrical and virtual screenings through Gateway Cineplex 10 and KTX.ph respectively, is Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s first English language film, Memoria. The Cannes Festival 2021 Jury Prize winner and Colombian entry to the 94th Academy Awards starring Tilda Swinton is a big swing by all means, especially that this counts as its Southeast Asian premiere.

Completing the impressive list of criticially acclaimed films filed under the Screen International of QCinema International Film Festival 2021 making their Asian and Southeast Asian premieres include The Worst Person In The World (Joachim Trier), The Box (Lorenzo Vigas), Happening (Audrey Diwan), and Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash (Audwin), as well as of Drive My Car (Ryūsuke Hamaguchi) and Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy (Ryūsuke Hamaguchi).

Hailed as the most important Japanese filmmaker in recent years, Ryūsuke Hamaguchi emerged with quite the successful run in 2021 as both of his feature films have been consistently singled out as sensations in the intimidating festival circuit. Two completely enthralling masterpieces by the Japanese auteur, the award-winning selects of Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy (Silver Bear, Berlinale) and Drive My Car (Best Screenplay, Cannes), not only cover the complexity of the human condition, but it also stands to be some of the most important films of the 21st century that as Filipino actor Perry Dizon (Drive My Car) swears, “is a film that will be studied by film students, film schools, actors and drama schools for the next 100 years.”

From The Philippines To The World

The QCinema International Film Festival proudly platforms the nuanced storytelling and timely truths of the LGBTQIA+ community with the RainbowQC section, which sees the titles Great Freedom (Sebastian Meise) in its lineup. Other notable releases in the many programs of QCinema 2021 include Lamb (Valdimar Jóhannsson, New Horizons), and Onoda: 10,000 Nights In The Jungle (Arthur Harari, Special Screenings), which features Filipino actress, Angela Bayani, as well as of Filipino films Historya Ni Ha (Lav Diaz, Special Screenings), A Will To Dream (Patrick Alcedo, Special Screenings), They Call Me Dax (Patrick Alcedo, Special Screenings), and Am I Being Selfish (Patrick Alcedo, Special Screenings).

Meanwhile, since the creation of QCinema in 2013, the international film festival will have two Shorts Programs for its 2021 edition, specifically listed as #QCShorts and Asian Shorts. A diverse lineup awaits the viewers for #QCShorts, which includes Skylab (Chuck Escasa), Ampangabagat Nin Talakba Ha Likol (Maria Estela Paiso), i get so sad sometimes (Trishtan Perez); MIGHTY ROBO V (Miko Livelo and Mihk Vergara), City of Flowers by (Xeph Suarez), and Henry (Kaj Palanca). For the equally exciting and evocative Asian Shorts, a lot of brilliant gems are featured such as Dear To Me (Monica Vanesa Tedja), Sunrise In My Mind (Danech San), New Abnormal (Sorayos Prapapa), Live In Cloud-Cuckoo Land (Vũ Minh Nghĩa and Phạm Hoàng Minh Thy), and the Philippine premiere of How To Die Young In Manila (Petersen Vargas) and Filipiñana (Rafael Manuel). 

Not to be left behind, the online exclusives at KTX.ph are just as highly-anticipated and fascinating. Viewers can enjoy the QCinema International Film Festival experience from the comforts of home with such titles sectioned accordingly. Take your pick from Screen International: My Salinger Year (Philippe Falardeau), The Great Movement (Kiro Russo), and Miracle (Bogdan George Apetri); New Horizons: Apples (Christos Nikou), Magnetic Beats (Vincent Maël Cardona), El Planeta (Amalia Ulman), and Playground (Laura Wendel); Asian Voices: Yuni (Kamila Andini) and Islands (Martin Edralin); RainbowQC: The Girl And The Spider (Ramon Zürcher, Silvan Zürcher); and finally, Netpac Reloaded: Baboy Halas (Bagane Fiola) and Suburban Birds (Sheng Qiu).

Promising to be quite the return to beloved movie-going experience (alas, minus the snacking), QCinema 2021, the first film festival to be mounted in real life in the Philippines official store since the pandemic started, is something to look forward to for sure. In what is heralded as the great rebound of cinema, this is one relationship that we won’t mind getting back to slowly, surely, and safely.

The QCinema International Film Festival2021 runs from November26 to December with limited theatrical screenings at Gateway Cineplex 10 and virtual features online at KTX.PH. For more information, visit the film festival’s official website or watch out for updates on its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.


plastic surgery filipino celebrities rumor

10 Filipino Personalities Who Had The Best IDGAF Responses To Plastic Surgery Rumors

Your body, your business, period.

Cause when did we really have a say when it comes to other people’s bodies? Never.

Whether we like to admit it or not, the conversation on plastic surgery is still very much considered taboo despite you know, living in the year 2021 where most technological advances in medical procedures have been made, and more importantly, the stigmas considerably confronted. Kind of ironic, if you ask us. Luckily, we have these celebrities to applaud for their no holds barred, IDGAF responses when they were asked if they did any work done on their face. Because really, when did we have a say when it comes to other people’s bodies?

Whatever one decides to do, that’s their right to choose. Whether it be all natural or having gone under the knife makes them feel beautiful, then so be it. Their body, their rules. From Arci Muñoz shutting down a reporter to Loisa Andalio saying there’s nothing that needs to be “enhanced,” here are the most unbothered and unapologetic responses by Filipino personalities that we’re obsessing with.

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When the actress was asked whether she’ll confirm or deny the plastic surgery rumors, Arci Muñoz responded to a reporter in the most unmoved way. “Deny? No, never, what’s wrong with that? As if naman I committed a crime.” And she’s right. “My body, my rules.”


Notice how it’s mostly women that are being put in the hot seat when it comes to plastic surgery rumors? And Nadine Lustre obviously has had it, officially. In a two-part vlog with Dr. Aivee Teo, she shares her frustrations about how much personalities get bad press when it comes to enhancing their bodies. Nadine’s nose has been a burning topic for many and she finally claps back by saying, “I really don’t understand, you know? The people calling me retokada. You can believe what you want to believe, but I’m telling you now that I’m not lying to you.” Oh, before you apply cold water on the burned area, Nadine also adds, “Why is it a bad thing? It shouldn’t be a bad thing. I mean, if anything, it’s none of your business because they wanted to do it. It’s their body.” Burn, baby, burn.


When you’ve been in the public eye for so long, it comes to a point where you get tired of all the bashing and just think to yourself, “f*ck it.” While others prefer to be demure and deny all the “Salamat Doc” rumors, Angeline Quinto is just the most unbothered when it came to her addressing plastic surgery rumors. She also says that there’s nothing wrong with it if you worked hard to enhance your features. “Ikaw naman ang magta-trabaho at gagawa ng paraan para makapagpa-retoke ka eh. Hindi naman hihingin o nanakawin ang ipangbabayad.” The singer never shied away from this topic and even specified all the procedures that she’s done. “Proud retokada here ❤️ Mabuhay po taung lahat. ?” Tell ’em, sis!


Janine Berdin took the Internet by storm when she posted her new look, sporting purple hair and a fiercer look. Bashers were quick to leave passive aggressive comments like, “mas maganda ka nung di ka pa nag papa retoke” or “bakit ka nagparetoke maganda ka naman dati?” The 19-year-old singer responded in an interview by saying that if there’s something you don’t like about yourself and you are not happy about it, then you can do something about it. Happiness is a choice, guys.


Vlogger Ivana Alawi has been dealing with her insecurities of being blessed with big hips and butt ever since she was a kid. People have even called her “bibe,” teasing her for those curves. Obviously, she got over it and finally embraced her figure, flaunting most of her bikini photos online (as she should). Naturally, bashers didn’t hesitate to ask if she’s done any plastic surgeries. In a vlog with her sister Mona, she said, “natural po beauty ng ate ko!” To which Ivana echoed and roasted them by saying “O, hindi magsisinungaling ‘yung bata. Ayaw niyo kasi maniwala, so ayaw kong paulit-ulit ko siyang sinasagot.”


Chie Filomeno has been constantly asked about the cosmetic procedures she’s done in the past, and addressed it in an interview that she did in fact undergo rhinoplasty to correct her nose bridge. She then defended herself from the bashers by saying “Enhancing something sa face mo na gusto mo maging confident, that’s something… kung nagawa mo man ‘yun, it doesn’t make you less of a person.” The fact that she still has to explain herself about the things she did to her body is a reflection of how we still have a long way to go as a society.


Marlou Arizala was an easy target of hurtful comments about his appearance before he transformed into “Xander Ford.” Often teased for his acne, his complexion, and his nose, he decided to go under the knife to be able to help his family as an aspiring actor. “Gusto ko pong bumalik sa pag-aartista and seryosohin ‘yung trabaho para po makatulong talaga sa magulang ko.” When asked what message he had to his bashers, Xander Ford fired back at them and said, “‘Who you’ na sila ngayon.”


For someone who’s lived most of her life publicly, Andrea Brillantes is no stranger to cosmetic enhancement rumors. After all, she’s one of the prettiest faces of today. In a vlog where she talked about assumptions made about her, Andrea responded to these speculations and said, “Hindi po ako retokada, pero thanks for thinking that. Ibig sabihin may maganda sa mukha ko para maisip niyo na retokada ako.” There’s a thing called puberty, in case you didn’t know.


Actress Nathalie Hart is known for her hourglass figure and sultry look, which always stirs rumors of her getting a boob job. In a presscon for a previous movie she was promoting, she casually admitted it with no qualms or explanation at all. “Yeah, I had it done,” was all she had to say. Nothing more, nothing less. Queen behavior only!


Loisa Andalio is the kalog and prangka friend in the group that you’ll be able to easily get along with. When she uploaded a vlog reading mean comments about her, one assumption about her going under knife made her respond in the funniest and most unapologetic way. “Okay lang i-enhance. Hindi ako [against] dun, wala akong problema sa mga nagpapa-enhance. Pero sa nakikita ko, wala naman dapat i-enhance [sa akin] Wow, lakas.” Facts only.

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nylon manila covers uncovers avantika

Avantika Uncovered: How The Young Actress Is Striving For Better Representation In Hollywood

She is a star in the making.

At just 16 years old, Avantika made history by starring in Disney’s very first Indian culture-based original film. And she’s just getting started.

With over 7 billion people in the world and counting, making history is not impossible, but a challenge, especially of the kind that will leave a lasting impact. But for young Hollywood actress Avantika, she can say that she has made history, and for the better. Born and raised in an Indian household in the US, Avantika explored many fields growing up from acting, modeling, dancing, and singing. She always dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry. But little did she know that her career would soon take her to boundary-breaking places.

At only 16 years old, Avantika can proudly say that she made history after her movie, Spin, premiered on Disney+ and the Disney Channel. Not only did she have the honor of starring in an original Disney movie, something many young people hope for, she also starred in Disney’s first-ever Indian-centered movie. We chatted with the young rising Hollywood star to talk about her career, her latest projects, and how she hopes for better representation in Hollywood.


nylon manila avantika

For those who don’t know her yet, Avantika is not a rookie actress. While her recent projects have definitely been breakthroughs for her, she’s been in the industry for a little over five years now. “I would describe myself as passionate. And maybe a little intense sometimes. But, if I choose to love someone or love something—I will give it my all. You can always count on me for that. I stand behind the people and things I believe in with unwavering support. And humor. I love trying to lighten the mood,” says the young actress.

Avantika got her start in acting through Bollywood movies. By the time she got her first Hollywood project, she already appeared in a handful of Indian films. Her time in India proved to be a valuable life lesson for her. “Working in India was very different! It was a beautiful experience, but also quite tough. However, it prepared me for the American industry extremely well. My performances in India inspired me to dream bigger. I would have never even entertained hopes of working in two industries. But now, I am allowing myself to aim for those heights.”


Lime coat dress HELEN ANTHONY, Silver shoes SHOEDAISM, Rings and earrings CANDI ROCKS

Avantika’s transition to Hollywood proved to be more than successful. While every young actor dreams of making it big in Hollywood, the reality is that quite a few fall by the wayside. Not for Avantika though. She quickly found projects in Hollywood, and it was for the house mouse itself, Disney. Avantika landed a role in the Disney+ show, Diary of a Future President, as well as the animated Disney series Mira, Royal Detective. She also landed roles in a couple of Netflix productions like the Amy Poehler-directed movie Moxie. She even got to do the iconic “You’re watching the Disney Channel” intro that many of us wanted to do growing up.

But her biggest, and arguably most important, role to date arrived just this August. Avantika stared in the Disney original film, Spin, where she played Rhea Kumar, a young Indian-American girl who mixes her heritage with that of her love for DJing, all while navigating life in a multi-generational home. Premiering on Disney+ and Disney Channel, Spin featured many characters and themes a mainstream company like Disney have rarely shown. With Indian culture front and center, the movie broke many cultural barriers and started many important conversations about representation. She described being on the movie and being on Disney Channel in general as insane. “I feel like I just shot the movie yesterday. Hopefully, the positivity [to Spin] will help propel Disney to tell many more South Asian-centric stories.”

Printed dress and trousers both VASALLO ATELIER, Bracelets LOVE IS PROJECT, Ring I CANDI ROCKS, Shoes UNITED NUDE

Avantika shared that Spin was shot during COVID, which didn’t make things easy. But she expressed how she had a great time on set. “I absolutely loved working on SPIN. The team at Disney Channel, Manjari Makijany, our director, Zanne Devine, our producer, and the entirety of the cast and crew, everyone was phenomenal. For a movie that was shot in COVID, I feel like our team had just as much fun, bonding, and creativity as we would have without a pandemic! And I’m glad I left with beautiful memories because this project means so much to me.”


More importantly for Avantika, she loved how not only did she make history but that kind of movie will be seen on the Disney Channel. “To be the first South Asian to lead a Disney Channel movie is insane. And as a South Asian person who grew up with Disney Channel but didn’t have a movie like SPIN to watch—it means a lot that we’re at last, finally, putting it out into the world.”

Printed button-down SIEDRÉS, Checkered skirt HOLIDAY THE LABEL, Ring I CANDI ROCKS

As her career with Disney continues, it excites her that she can be a role model for young girls who look like her. “When it comes to greater dreams with Disney, I am so glad I have this opportunity right now. Growing up, I didn’t get to see anyone who looked like me on Disney Channel. So, it’s crazy that I can maybe be that person for other girls waiting to see themselves on the screen.”


It’s widely known that Hollywood has had a decades-long problem when it comes to representation. For every step forward that Hollywood tries to do, it takes two steps back. This is why a movie like Spin is so important for Avantika, especially when it comes to modern portrayals of Indian culture in mainstream channels. “I can’t even describe how long I’ve hoped for this. We need to convey Indian stories in a modern context. That is the way young South Asian people in this day and age will relate, feel less alone, and have someone to look up to.”

avantika nylon manila
Lime coat dress HELEN ANTHONY, Silver shoes SHOEDAISM, Rings and earrings CANDI ROCKS

In this day and age of the internet and social media, everything is so connected to one another. Barriers that might have prevented a certain group from participating in certain discussions are now disappearing. It’s now easier to see content from around the world which makes for a more global audience. This is why Avantika sees representation as something important to her because she knows how impactful it can be. Already at her young age, she understands the responsibility she has to make boys and girls who look like her feel seen and heard.

“With audiences so diverse, it is important to help them feel seen and represented on screen. As an actress of color, I would like to choose projects that make an effort to represent Tramadol pharmacy marginalized communities. I grew up with a severe lack of representation on screen. So, now that I, fortunately, am living in a day and age where there is so much varied content and scripts to choose from, I would love to participate in films that incorporate diversity into their foundation.”


Still young yet wise beyond her years, Avantika knows what she wants and has the talents to back up her convictions. Already, she is being recognized for her efforts. Variety recently included her in their 2021 Power of Young Hollywood List. And she is set to appear in the Rebel Wilson starring Senior Year film in 2022. “Things have been amazing and kind of chaotic recently! I am the type of person who thrives in chaos though, so this period has been good to me. Doing interviews every day and telling people things about myself I’ve never mentioned before— it’s all very new to me. But I’m enjoying it,” expresses the young actress.

Printed button-down SIEDRÉS, Checkered skirt HOLIDAY THE LABEL, Ring I CANDI ROCKS

But her career hasn’t all been sunshine and flowers. She admits that she isn’t used to having so much attention on her and being in the public eye. “Consciously speaking, remaining poised, and being consistent has been very new to me. And while I am enjoying some parts of it, it has definitely proven to be very challenging!” Though she does say that seeing the response to Spin has made it all worth it. “I’m so happy to see young girls feeling seen and represented. We made this movie with the hopes that viewers would resonate with Rhea’s experiences. To see that finally happening is an unexplainable feeling.”

As for what’s next for Avantika, she says that one of her dream roles is to play a real person in a biopic. “There’s something so impactful and challenging and exciting about being able to do that. That’s what I hope to do one day.” She also said that she is open to balancing both a career in Hollywood and Bollywood. Avantika is taking her journey one step at a time and is already looking to make her mark. “I want audiences to feel hopeful for the future. Hopeful for the future that sees them and allows them to make a mark for themselves.” With an actress like Avantika being part of the next generation of Hollywood stars, the future is in promising hands.

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For That Friend Who Needs A Push

7 Book Gift Suggestions For Specific People In Your Life

All they want for Christmas is not you.

The library is open. Looking for foolproof ideas for those near and dear this Christmas? Why not give them the gift of books? Entertaining and enlightening, there’s a title for every personality. Yes, even for the Taylor Swift-obsessed.

It’s that time of the year again! Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is once again back on everybody’s playlists. With just a few weeks until Christmas, I’m pretty sure you’ve at least already started on your holiday shopping. And if you haven’t, get on it quick. Now, once you’re set, I have a foolproof gift suggestion: books!

No matter where you tip in the reader scale, from the casual to the voracious like Belle (that access to that massive library in Beauty & the Beast? Sign us up), everybody deserves a great read this holiday season. However, the big question is, which one? We all have a diverse group of friends with various personalities and hobbies, which makes it hard to decide which book to give them.  

Lucky for you, I came up with this list of book suggestions for the very specific friends in your gift list. And heck, I even checked it twice!

For That Friend Who Has All Too Well On Loop: Under the City Lights by S.J. Wolf

Independently published by S.J. Wolf, her debut novel Under the City Lights is a story about a love lost and love found. This book is a sure way to get someone up on their feelings, especially those still on a Taylor Swift or Adele hangover. You might need to give your friend some tissues, too!

You can buy Under The City Lights here

For Your Forever Single Friend: Please Pick Me by Reina Regina

As the title suggests, this poetry book by local author Reina Regina is all about wanting to be picked. These haikus, poems, and prose pieces are about the miracle of being wanted back by someone we want. This book might just be the jolt of hope your friend needs!


You can buy Please Pick Me here.

For Your Perpetually Pissed Off Friend: Li’l Bertong Badtrip by Manix Abrera

Manix Abrera is no stranger when it comes to the world of Philippine comics. One of his iconic characters, Bertong Badtrip, is always in a bad mood, he might as well be best friends with Daria.

Exploring Bertong Badtrip’s childhood, Li’l Bertong Badtrip will make the perfect companion for your friend who just hates everything.

You can buy Li’l Bertong Badtrip here.

For That Friend Who Needs A Push: Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

Sometimes, when we’re feeling down, we all just need a little help from our friends. 

Maya Angelou’s unforgettable poem is matched with the daring art of Jean-Michel Basquiat in this powerful ode to courage. With these iconic figures lending them a helping hand, your friend will be glad you gave them the gift of optimism.

You can buy Life Doesn’t Frighten Me here.

For The Natal Chart Obsessed Friend: The Astrology Dictionary by Donna Woodwell

Still thinking of a gift for that friend who recently asked you for your specific date, place, and time of birth? The Astrology Dictionary: Cosmic Knowledge from A to Z might just be what they need. This fascinating and practical dictionary explains it all, so they can spend more time discovering what the zodiac means to them. Next time, you can ask them when the next Mercury Retrograde is!

You can buy The Astrology Dictionary here. 

For Your Highly Caffeinated Friend: The World Atlas Of Coffee by James Hoffman

We all have that friend who’s unapologetically fueled by coffee. Why not add this coffee table book about coffee to their actual coffee table? (Take an espresso shot every time I say coffee!)

This ultimate guide to coffee contains comprehensive details on the beans and brews of more than 35 countries. Indeed, coffee is life!

You can buy The World Atlas Of Coffee here. 

For Yourself: Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones

The holiday season is about giving gifts to people you love––and that should include yourself. 

Push your limits, reflect on your past, present, and future, and create a secret book that’s about you, and just for you. This is not a diary, and there is no posting required. And when you’re finished, toss it, hide it, or Burn After Writing. It even comes in various covers to match whatever mood you’re in. (I personally chose pink. In the words of Elle Woods, it just adds a little bit of extra, don’t you think?)

You can buy Burn After Writing here.

Hopefully this list would make your holiday shopping a bit more stress free. Just a tip: try to finish your gift shopping as early as you can so you can spend your holidays curled up with a nice book to read. After all, reading is what? Fundamental. (You knew this was coming, okurrr.)