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7 Books You Should Consider Reading While In Lockdown

Because reading is what? Fundamental.

So, you might be figuring out how else to spend your time? Well, for entertainment and educational purposes, here is a book guide to read through will in lockdown.


It is no secret that books offer an escape. Reading a book passes the time, transports us to another place, and even allows us to become an entirely different person.

Although temporary, escaping reality through a book is a coping mechanism—one that is needed now more than ever in lockdown. Doing so gives us a break and the time to recharge so we can continuously face this difficult chapter in our lives.

But it has to be said that while it is some form of respite from the harsh realities of the world today, diving into a book during the mandated lockdown is also a privilege not many are able to access to. So, it is important to cherish it and acknowledge that this form of entertainment and education while in lockdown isn’t something everyone can just enjoy in a way some can. Needless to say, you have to be grateful if you are able to crack open the spine and escape into the possibilities of a good, if not great book.

In addition to being an escape, did you know that reading a book can help alleviate stress? As a matter of fact, according to a 2009 study by the University of Sussex, as reported in The Telegraph, reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. 

Okay, so you have decided to read a book. The question now is, what book should you read? Well, here are 7 books you might want to consider burying your nose into.

While we can’t go out and meet people ourselves in lockdown and in the pandemic in general, who said we can’t do so through a book? Reading a book can be a vicarious experience, and this book celebrates just that.

How They Met, and Other Stories tells 18 stories about different beginnings that have one common denominator—love. If you’re looking for a casual and mostly fun (heartbreaks are part of love, after all) read, then this one is for you.

Where to get a copy: Shopee

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

If you could travel to the past to meet someone, who would it be? What will you tell that person? Unfortunately, you won’t be given much time. You have to go back to the present before the coffee gets cold. 

Originally written as a stage play, this novel houses heartwarming tales of a couple, husband and wife, sisters, and mother and child. A word of caution: this book might make you cry. What I can guarantee, however, is that it will surely make you appreciate your loved ones so much more.

Where to get a copy: Fully Booked

Si Betchay at ang Sacred Circle: Ang Lihim ng Nakasimangot na Maskara by Rogelio Braga  

Since a lot of us are exploring new hobbies while on lockdown, why not explore and support local authors? There are so many to choose from, but I have to give it to Rogelio Braga’s thrilling, mysterious, timely, and historical novel.

If you are drawn to satire, then read this book. If you’ve been to Silay City in Negros Occidental or have been wanting to visit, then read this book. If you want to go on an adventure, then read this book. There are so many reasons to read this book, really.

Where to get a copy: Balangiga Press, Shopee 

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

While I’m sure it’s just pure and unfortunate coincidence, since this book was written in 2014, I couldn’t help but wonder what Emily St. John Mandel feels about what she wrote. You see, the timeline of Station Eleven revolves around a flu pandemic.

Okay, you might be wondering why I included this book. Hear, er, read me out first. As much as we don’t like to admit it, we feel better or become more hopeful about something when we get to compare it with another thing. Station Eleven may be an fictional depiction of what a pandemic can do, but it’s also a reminder that we need to do our part in this global health crisis we are in. Needless to say, proceed with caution.

Where to get a copy: Shopee

Read My Lips by Rissa Mananquil Trillo

Because of the lockdown, more and more people are taking a stab at entrepreneurship. Whether big or small, a business is a business, and it calls for someone who means business.

Speaking of someone who means business, Rissa Mananquil Trillo is the supermodel and award-winning entrepreneur behind local beauty brand Happy Skin. In Read My Lips, she inspires and motivates her readers, through her personal journey, to pursue their entrepreneurial passions. Part memoir and part business guide, her book also includes conversations with some of the biggest names in business. 

Where to get a copy: National Book Store, Lazada

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Taking place in Ghana, Homegoing tells the story of two half-sisters and their descendants, starting from the 18th century until the 21st. Tracing eight generations, this seemingly ambitious novel is one that Yaa Gyasi pulls off effortlessly.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a heartbreaking series of stories of how slavery makes an imprint not just to those who were taken, but also to the ones who took, stayed, and escaped. Amidst all the heartbreak, however, is the flickering hope that burns brighter and brighter over time.

Where to get a copy: Fully Booked, Novel Idea Books

Rules For Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane

In Rules For Visiting, May Attaway decides to spend time with her four long-neglected friends. In addition to the opportunity to travel to places with the character, this book takes us on a journey with May as she searches for friendship in the digital age. Aren’t we all searching for friendship in the digital age right now?

To tell you the truth, this is the book I’m currently reading and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Where to get a copy: Omniana

Now, what if you have read a book and still feel that there’s something missing? Well, you might want to consider joining a book club while in lockdown. It’s a good way to read books, exchange insights, and make friends. If you need help in joining one, you can reach me on Instagram (@abboudfiras). I would love to discuss books with you.