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On Individuality And Inspiration, These Asian Influencers Want To Redefine What It Means To Be An Icon

Now walk the talk.

Celebrating identity and purpose, Asian influencers Glenn Goh and Nicole Wong want you to know that there is a lot more to being an icon than one is led to believe.  

In a time where everything is twisted and exaggerated to generate attention, sifting through what is actually great or not proves to be a daily challenge. Words like legend and icon are often thrown around like loose change just to make the bare minimum sound like it is groundbreaking. As easy as it is affixed to just about anything or anyone who wants to lay claim on greatness, with most screaming it just for the sake of, the actual game-changers who rightfully deserve to be defined as such are more graceful about it, often shying away from such lofty ideals. “I think in everything we do, we need direction,” says stylist Glenn Goh, one of the Asian influencers leading the charge of redefining what an icon means in the digital-focused future.


It takes a lot to be called an icon, and not just to edge one in a self-prescribed path of greatness. And yes, there is a responsibility to it. Compared to its notoriously exclusive past, there is more democracy to the signifier of an icon. For content creator, creative director, and Asian influencer, Nicole Wong, an icon is “a symbol that allows us to represent something we believe in.” Alluding to the same care and consideration that befits its status, there has been a welcome expansion to anyone who is daring enough to defy what is expected. “Knowing that it’s okay to be who you are and different isn’t bad, it makes you who you are supposed to be,” she continues.

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Bold and effortless in their points-of-view, Glenn Goh and Nicole Wong come together to challenge the notions of what it means to be exemplary in this day and age. What sets it apart for them? Purpose.

More Than An Icon

Empowering representation through individuality and inspiration, the Asian influencers from Singapore are amplifying their message as the faces of Pedro Icon. A sentimental, intimate, and sublime release, the collection intends to celebrate people and endless possibilities through their stories, as well as of a collection that echoes this sentiment with a lot of clean lines and leather offset by the edge of leather and hardware.

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With these strongholds, as well as of emotion and meaning, the brand brought in standout Asian influencers who are working towards bringing in more value to the context of being an icon. With Glenn Goh and Nicole Wong on board, there is a precise laser-like focus to the communication that makes it all the more authentic.

“Each of us are different down to the core–our thoughts, feelings, reactions, and choices to things are individuality unique,” says Nicole Wong, who is known for cutting-edge communications and content anchored on virtual reality and existentialism. But apart from that, she also stands for mental health, especially in the landscape of social media and oversharing. “Not all feelings are supposed to be shared, but sharing, seeking help, and being in conversations heals the soul.”

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Meanwhile, for Glenn Goh, a trailblazing veteran and influencer who has contributed a lot to the conversation of fashion in the Asian market, being an icon means using one’s platform properly and positively, such as speaking up on cyberbullying, an offshoot of social media and the internet that has really affected the quality of humanity adversely. “People need to know that there are consequences to their words, and they have to take accountability for it,” he says.

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Walk The Talk

Informed by what makes us unique, this is an undertaking that is both creative and symbolic of the community we want to build and foster from here on out. It doesn’t take a lot, really, especially since we are talking about identity and the future condition of the world we want to live in. Together with Pedro Icon, Asian influencers Glenn Goh and Nicole Wong want to make it clear that is time to be and do better.

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Now, let’s walk the talk, yes? Yes.