sb19 4th impact forte concert

SB19 and 4th Impact Amaze With Their Vocals At P-Pop Meets Orchestra Concert Forte

Pop and orchestra do sound good together.

If you needed more proof that SB19 and 4th Impact can take on the classics, then their performances during Forte is all the proof that you need.

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One is a musical genre that has been alive for decades and is mostly enjoyed by the older generation. The other is a genre that has risen in popularity as of late and is more enjoyed by the current generation. But as unrelated as the two may seem, classical music and P-Pop actually complement each other well. And during the recently held Forte: A Pop Orchestra Benefit Concert showed that pop music can truly be taken to the next level with the help of a live orchestra.


Held at the St. Scholastica’s College and in benefit of the Sr. Baptista Battig Music Foundation, which helps underprivileged but talented youth through music, Forte was a great night for music with its comprehension and appreciation of the power pop and classical music can have when combined. Forte was also further proof that headliners SB19 and 4th Impact can deliver on the vocals in its purest, most essential form.


sb19 forte concert

For SB19’s first concert of the year, Back In The Zone, it was a production-filled night with choreography, outfit changes, set design, and the works. But for Forte, the group pared it down and instead, showcased their vocal prowess with just a few considered dance moves on the side. Some of SB19’s songs lend themselves well to a live orchestra and it was nice to see the group take advantage of that. The new renditions of Tilaluha, Hanggang sa Huli, and MAPA we’re stunning. A particular highlight of Forte was when they were performing MAPA and the SSC Chamber Choir joined the group. The choir and orchestra really brought the song to the next level.

Meanwhile, it was a pleasant surprise to see SB19 do classical versions of their songs SLMT and Mana during Forte. The violins really fit with the spooky vibe of Mana. Meanwhile, on the fashion front, the boys looked great in their tailored black and gold outfits and every member delivered on the vocals.



Ever since we first got to meet 4th Impact on X Factor UK over six years ago, we know that the group has the pipes. And their performances during Forte further proved that you shouldn’t be sleeping on the group. They started things off with more upbeat tracks like Queen of the Night. But later on, in their gorgeous gowns, the girls sang the house down with songs like Ikaw Lamang, Emotion, and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

The singing was A-tier, the harmonies were so good, and 4th Impact really brought out the emotion in the songs. And when everyone came on stage in the end for the finale, it was a treat to see SB19 and 4th Impact perform together on stage for the first time. Considering how 4th Impact is under ShowBT, fingers crossed that we’ll get that collab soon.


But of course, let’s not forget the undeniable talents of Nicole Pugeda and Isaac Iglesias. The orchestral soloists sounded amazing as they sang classics like Araw Gabi, Be Careful With My Heart, and Ikaw At Ako. A big round of applause should also goes to the Battig Chamber Orchestra composed of scholars and alumni from St. Scholastica’s Conservatory of Music. Not once during the two shows did the orchestra slip up.

Overall, Forte: A Benefit Pop Orchestra Concert, was a great night for music, vocals, and a heartwarming way to support the scholars of Sr. Baptista Battig Music Foundation.   

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