One Dream: The BINI And BGYO Concert

Our 7 Favorite Moments From One Dream: The BINI And BGYO Concert

Two P-pop groups unite for a fun night.

BGYO and BINI came together for an unforgettable two-night concert for ACES and BLOOMS.

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It was definitely two nights to remembers as BGYO and BINI teamed up for their first-ever joint concert. Given how closely intertwined the two sibling groups are, expectations were understandably high. And they delivered that and then some. You could say One Dream was a culmination of BGYO and BINI’s hard work and perseverance. Across the undertaking, the two groups sang and danced their hearts out on stage as they showed just how far they have come in their careers. The concert was filled with many enjoyable moments, but a few truly stood out to us. Here then are 7 of our favorite moments from One Dream: The BINI and BGYO Concert.


When One Dream was announced, it was revealed that KZ Tandingan would be one of the special guests during the show. KZ has already proven herself to be an amazing performer and we were curious to see how she would mesh with the groups. But KZ and BINI knocked it out of the park with their collaboration. Performing a medley of KZ’s hits like Labo and Marupok, KZ and BINI rocked the house down and wonderfully showed off their vocals.  


If BINI had KZ Tandingan, then BGYO had AC Bonifacio. Her collaboration with BGYO was another anticipated performance and she and the boys delivered on the dance floor. Their dance performance was smooth, sharp, and honestly, sizzling. Plus, it’s always a treat to see AC and Nate perform onstage together given their history with one another.  


Given how One Dream was a sibling concert between BGYO and BINI, people hoped that the two groups would have collab stages. Never one to disappoint, BGYO and BINI did just that as they showcased three different collab stages, one for vocals, one for rap, and one for dance. All three performances were great, but if we were to pick out a favorite, it would be the dance unit of Sheena, Mika, Nate, and Gelo.


BINI performing Da Coconut Nut was already a great thing to see. But when BGYO joined the girls, in the song, then it became a performance to remember. Their light-hearted rendition of Da Coconut Nut was so cute and it was nice to see them, especially the boys, loosen up on stage and have fun. It was a joyful way to end night one.


During the opening of night two of One Dream, BGYO and BINI performed their debut singles, The Light and Born to Win, respectively. But to the surprise of many, they performed them in different languages. They did the Bahasa, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, and Filipino versions of the songs. It was a pleasant surprise that we weren’t expecting but happy it happened. The opening performance just showed how talented they are.


One Dream was filled with many song covers from BGYO doing Hataw Na by Gary V to BINI doing Magdamag by Maymay Entrata. But their best song cover had to go to their medley of Sarah Geronimo songs. BINI started things off with their version of Sa Iyo. That was then followed up by BGYO’s crowd-pleasing performance of Tala. They then came together to end things with an energetic rendition of Kilometro.


One Dream wasn’t just a celebration of BGYO and BINI, it was also a way for the groups to thank their loyal fans, the ACES and BLOOMS, for their never-ending support. Aside from showing the fans in the virtual audience on the screen, the groups also prepared a heartfelt message for their fans. They also dedicated the last section of night two to them. Dressed in all-white, they performed Here With You as well as Better World and Paraiso by Smokey Mountain. They even sang sentimental classics like Bituin, which was a sure treat for any long-time fan.

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