Love And Inspiration Take Center Stage In BGYO’s Debut Album, The Light

Love And Inspiration Take Center Stage In BGYO’s Debut Album, The Light

The P-Pop group impresses with their first album.

For their first full-length studio album, BGYO is making it known in The Light that they want their music to inspire, motivate, and uplift listeners.

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BGYO is not the first P-Pop group to release a full-length studio album. Nor are they the first local boy group to do so. But given BGYOs background, they are in a position where what they do will be dissected and looked at. As ABS-CBN’s first-ever P-Pop group and over 2 years in training under the Star Hunt Academy, people were looking to see if BGYO, composed of members Nate, JL, Akira, Mikki, and Gelo, could live up to the hype. But ever since they debuted in January 2021, it’s safe to say that the group has been meeting expectations.

Nine months after their debut, which saw BGYO top charts both locally and abroad, the group just dropped their debut studio album, The Light. So after years in training and less than a year in the music industry, the end result is an album looking to, above all things, inspire people through danceable beats and laid-back tunes. While not a groundbreaking album, The Light is a reflection of the group’s past, present, and possible future.


The 12-track album, which includes four versions of The Light in Bahasa, Thai, Japanese, and Spanish, opens with their debut single, the aforementioned The Light. Naming the album after the song and opening it with the song is a way to symbolize the album’s message. By the first few seconds, the track goes into full throttle as the listener is treated to a pop-EDM meets house song. The group debuted during the middle of a pandemic, so it’s no surprise to see The Light focus on a hopeful theme, how the group wants to be the light for someone, whether it be someone special or for their fans, the ACEs.

The album then moves on to the second track He’s Into Her. If you watched the TV series of the same name, then you’re familiar with the track. It was used as the official theme song and features a teen-bop sound. Thematically, He’s Into Her is nothing new, but sonically, it can get quite addicting after a few listens.

This is then followed by When I’m with You, their latest single. When I’m with You features a more laid-back sound that builds up to an EDM chorus. With a heavy use of metaphors, the track is about feeling safe and special with someone. The song is dedicated to their fans and serves as a thank you for all the support. It also wouldn’t be hard to imagine When I’m with You be converted to an acoustic track for a more intimate feeling.


By the time listeners reached the middle section of The Light, this is when BGYO starts to deviate from their usual sound. There’s Fly Away, the first new song on the album. The track features a more laid-back pop sound. On the surface, you can see Fly Away, which was written by Akira, as a love song that is about loving someone despite what others may say. But when you look into it deeper, it can also serve as a motivational anthem about flying away and going to the sky, leaving behind all the negative thoughts.

BGYO The Baddest

Then we have The Baddest, the song that arguably helped put BGYO on the map internationally. While it is yet another love song, the track standout thanks to its production. Compared to their previous singles, The Baddest stands out thanks to its pop-hip-hop sound. In the whole album as well, it sticks out, in a good way, with its unique production.


As The Light reaches its ending, that’s when BGYO really shows off their musical chops. The final three songs on the album are all new and all present different facets of the P-Pop boy group. Out of all the songs on the album, Rocketman is the most on the nose about its theme of motivation and resilience. It starts off slow but builds up to an anthemic chorus as the group sings about reaching their dreams. But at the same time, the track also sees BGYO recognize the potential they have when it comes to promoting P-Pop on the world stage. Kami ay Pilipino is a standout line they use as they reflect on Filipino resiliency.

That is followed by Sabay, a memorable track on the album thanks to its groovy and disco-inspired sound. Written by Mikki, Sabay is essentially a motivational bop that asks the listener to dance all their fears away. The disco sound suits BGYO really well. It would be nice to see them explore it more in the future.

The Light then ends on Kundiman. As the name suggests, the track is a love song but given a modern twist. Written by Akira, this guitar meets R&B tune is an excellent showcase of the group’s vocals, especially JL and Akira. Vocally, this is their best performance on the album and proof that they are more than just pretty faces.

If you’re a fan of BGYO, then The Light is sure to satisfy. It’s a diverse album that shows the group’s potential. It’s clear that for their first album, the group wanted to give the feeling of resilience, love, and inspiration. The Light is a good first step for BGYO and only opens the doors for them to make even better music in the future.

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