The House Of Vogue: Here Are The Stars Who Dominated The Vogue Philippines Gala

They take vogue-ing very seriously.

Vogue Philippines’ first gala did not disappoint, especially with the attendance of these stars who wore an array of black and white ensembles.

There’s no denying that the Filipino fashion scene has had a resurgence, especially with the arrival of Vogue Philippines. Like what the late André Leon Talley once said, there was indeed a “famine of beauty” after several local publications folded in the recent years. But with Vogue now at the forefront, we are overjoyed with the contagious creative energy that once has seen its sunset.

If you think the welcome party had staggering looks that served, the gala was the crown jewel of it all. Whether it was a continuation of the previous night’s spirit of rewear or Filipino fashion, these people brought out their best. As the doors swung open for Vogue Philippines, so have these stars embraced them so willingly in a spectacle of contrasting black and white looks.

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The woman of the hour, Chloe Magno, stuns in a beaded black dress by Anthony Ramirez.


Photographer Shaira Luna showed up in true vintage fashion with an archival frock by Jessica McClintock


This serves as your daily reminder that Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach will always be the queen of extra in her Gucci ensemble and red mermaid waves.


Anne Curtis wore a sheer dress with beaded details by Carl Jan Cruz.


Nikki Huang of SSI Life wore a classic tubular evening gown made by Chris Nick styled with heirloom jewelry from her Lolas.


Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray looked immaculate in a lace dress accentuated with hand-made white roses that were carefully crafted from recycled water bottles by Jaggy Glarino.


Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa brought all the drama and sultriness in her dress with dramatic sleeves by Mark Bumgarner.


Miss World 2013 Megan Young wore an embellished mesh cut-out dress by Marc Rancy.


Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi showed her toned figure in a velvet dress by Glademir Echaverre.



Milliner Mich Dulce looked divine in a black Vivienne Westwood dress, paired with a terno bolero and hat from her own collection.


Model LA Aguinaldo was in a white lace top and flared trousers by Neric Beltran, punctuated by a Louis Vuitton paint bucket bag.


Unfinished you say? Actor Jericho Rosales intentionally broke the black tie rule in a deconstructed two-piece suit by Jude Macasinag.


Alden Richards looked dapper as ever in a double-breasted suit by Dior.


Vern and Verniece Enciso were the yin and yang of the Vogue Philippines gala in coordinating tuxedo dresses by Mark Bumgarner.


Newcomer Pam Prinster made sure all eyes were on her in a black dress with ruffled sleeves by Patty Ang.


Mandy Romero served old Hollywood glam in a black gown paired with gloves.


Dazzling couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes never once failed on the red carpet. At the Vogue Philippines gala, Marian wore a Tom Ford ruffled gown while Dingdong was in a Ziggy Savella suit.


Actor Piolo Pascual kept it low-key in a white pinstripe suit and beaded necklace on the Vogue Philippines red carpet. And that charisma? Simply magnetic.


Eccentric as ever, young designer Jude Macasinag was a living, breathing art piece in his embroidered barong, plaid pajamas, an opera coat, lace gloves, and his embellished top made out of 5 centavo coins.


Photographer BJ Pascual look regal and romantic in a vintage Yohji Yamamoto suit, Issey Miyake pants, Job Dacon flower brooch, and boots by Balenciaga.

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Batch 2020 Finally Got Their In-Person Graduation, And Some Much-Needed Closure

Well, that was fun.

It took two whole years, but I, and the rest of Batch 2020, finally got to experience that in-person graduation that the pandemic robbed from us.

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I have spent over 16 years of my life in Ateneo de Manila University. But looking back, when the pandemic cut short the last three months or so of my senior year in college, it was some of the deepest pain I felt as a student. I didn’t necessarily miss the classes, I’m glad those are now gone. What I missed was that proper goodbye and send-off before beginning our careers in the “real world.”

As the first batch to graduate during the pandemic, we got an online graduation with our medals and awards mailed to us. Obviously, it wasn’t the end of the world for me, nor was this something to lose sleep over. But for the longest time, that in-person graduation was always one of my life’s biggest what ifs. That what if though became a reality when I got an email from Ateneo earlier this year saying that they will be holding a make up in-person graduation for batches 2020 and 2021. And after experiencing the physical graduation rites last August 28, it was definitely a moment in my life that struck me in more ways than one.


The last time I was on campus, it was when I was still a student and when most of us thought that COVID-19 was just a virus that wouldn’t literally stop the world in its tracks. I thought I wouldn’t recognize the school once I came back. But seconds in, all my school memories came flooding back. All the experiences, struggles, moments, food trips, library sleep sessions, and more during my time in Ateneo suddenly became fresh to me.

Virtual Graduation 2020 GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

It was like a homecoming I never knew I needed. That reunion vibe was a big theme of the day, as minutes after setting foot in the venue, I saw my blockmate who I haven’t seen in years since he moved to Germany during the pandemic. It truly was just like old times. “Two years later, we finally had a proper graduation,” enthusiastically shared one of my friends. “Even though it’s been a while, I feel like it’s just been a month since school ended. It feels surprisingly fresh to me.” That reality, of it not feeling that long, was something I felt, too. Really, it was the good ’ol times all over again.

The author with his fellow AB COM graduates

It was really nice seeing my classmates and blockmates. When I got to reunite with them after so long as we lined up for the ceremony, it didn’t feel like we were alumni who are part of the working class. To me, it felt like I was just with my friends with no time gone by. Most of them do not look so different from when I last saw them in person two years ago, which is a good thing.

It was interesting to learn though what they’ve been up to since college. I found out that most ended up getting jobs that I saw for them, while a few ended up taking on new opportunities given the new environment the pandemic caused. “We’re finally back on the hill,” said one of my blockmates. “Ateneo definitely taught me a lot, this is the place where I grew up and discovered who I was. It’s nice to have it come full circle.”


Graduation GIFs | Tenor

Soon, the ceremony began and we marched to the covered courts where IT would be held. Because of the unique situation we were in, we had the truncated graduation rites. For starters, not everyone from Batch 2020 was there for a variety of reasons. Gone too was the valedictorian speech and the commencement speaker. Instead, it was mostly just us walking on stage as they called our names as we bowed in front of our fellow graduates, faculty, staff, and guests. It was also hot in the covered courts. (Stay the same Ateneo.) Still, I didn’t really mind all that. Someone joked that our graduation ceremony was just an alumni homecoming celebrating their second anniversary and TBH, they aren’t wrong.

The view before you walk up on stage

But to me, the event felt much more special than that. I didn’t realize that I wanted that closure and a part of me even didn’t want to go. But I pushed through, put on that toga, which I loved wearing, and did the thing—as did everyone else. And I loved it, making the experience more precious than I thought it would. While I was sweating through my toga, it didn’t matter that much. I was actually sitting there, going through my graduation rites. How I felt during the ceremony was summed by my classmate who told me, “The last two years were full of transitions and adventures. But really, I don’t feel that much has changed since I last saw you guys.”


To me, the college graduation ceremony is a core part of any college journey. The fact that I got to go up on stage, do it, and flex those hard earned medals, it signaled to me that “Hey, you finally did it.” If I never got to do my college graduation, I don’t think I would have been the end of the world for me. But now that I actually did it, it was something I never knew I needed in my life.

Of course, this celebration is not just about me or my fellow graduates. It’s also for the faculty and parents. The teachers tirelessly worked to make sure we got the right education and prepared us as much as they could for the real world. As for our parents, they hoped and prayed for the moment to see their children finish college and become adults. They endured, hoped, and even struggled alongside us all these years, pandemic included. There’s a reason why the faculty, parents, and guests had a moment during the ceremony where they stood up to get recognized. A major part of this long journey also involved them too.

The author with two of his blockmates

Before the ceremony started, I got to reunite with a former professor who I consider one of the best prof I had in Ateneo. It touched my heart knowing that she still remembered me. As for my parents, it put a smile to my face seeing them happy for my long-awaited graduation. The moment was a poignant reminder that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for these people.

I can’t speak for all of my fellow batchmates, as well as those in Batch 2021 who had their in-person graduation after a year, but I felt that going through it unloaded a bit of a weight heaved on my shoulders for a while. Batch 2020 really went through the most. But those who have weathered through can say, we made it to the end and finally saw that graduation we thought might not come. As my blockmate perfectly punctuated, “Thank you for the closure, Ateneo.”

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How CIX Is Navigating The Complicated Twists And Turns Of Love In Their New EP, ‘OK Not’

What do you do when that love is half-hearted?

As they share in their interview with NYLON Manila, CIX is ready to show a more mature side of love, Ferrari concept and all.

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Among the many words you can use to describe K-pop boy group CIX, which stands for Complete in X, half-hearted is not one of them. When the C9 Entertainment-based group made their debut in 2019 with Movie Star, CIX shook many with just how polished they were. Slowly but surely, CIX was replacing their reputation as just the new group of former WANNA ONE member BAEJINYOUNG to a competent boy group worth the stan. Thanks to releasing a string of bops like Cinema and Jungle, the group, composed of members BX, Seunghun, BAEJINYOUNG, Yonghee, and Hyunsuk, have built a following as a 4th gen boy group that can consistently deliver on the visuals, music, choreography, and production.


This focus to detail and touch of quality has never left the group since their debut, and in fact continues to grow stronger as seen in their latest comeback, the EP ‘OK’ Episode 1 : OK Not?. Not only does this mark their first Korean comeback of 2022, but it’s also the first episode of the OK series since it began with the prologue through their first studio album, ‘OK’ Prologue: Be OK in 2021. “We wanted to express the ego that matures through the conflict between instinct and reason,” shared BX during the group’s interview with NYLON Manila ahead of their comeback.

For this new era, the boys get more mature as they discuss a deeper side of love and the concept that “a person who is making desperate efforts to win their lover’s heart, a person needs to face oneself in the conflict between reason and instinct, and sometimes the need to break the rules.” The four-track EP touches on the pain, desire, patience, emptiness, and multi-faceted side of love as seen in title track 458. The electro-hip-hop song starts of relatively tame enough before it releases its full speedy potential in the chorus. The members channel their inner race car drivers (458 is in reference to the Ferrari 458 sports car) as they share a story of a conflict between falling in love and controlling that strong desire.

“We’re trying to show how we’ve improved every time,” said Hyunsuk. It seems quite clear that they are succeeding on that front as not only do their fans, called FIX, have new music to enjoy, but one that’s more mature, dark, slightly haunting, but still hits in all the right places. Read on below for our full interview with CIX where they talk about their new EP, meeting fans, getting ready for a new era.  

What is the concept behind ‘OK’ Episode 1 : OK Not?

BX: This album contains worries to find the essence of love. We wanted to express the ego that matures through the conflict between instinct and reason or through various emotions derived from love. That’s why we came back with an intense and sexy concept!

How does this new EP differ from your past releases?

BAEJINYOUNG: In the last album, if the overall story of youth was the main focus, we wanted to show the mature side through the love experienced by youth and the various emotions derived from love.

Could you share the story of how 458 came to be?

SEUNGHUN: We wanted to express the keyword “instinct” in various ways through this title track. When we think of the word “instinct,” it’s easy to think of a wild, speedy concept. We eventually came up with 458, which is the representative number of an Italian sports car brand Ferrari, because the brand was the background for our concept universe as well. This number also aligns with the last three digits of the speed of light. It’s an energetic song that represent speed just like a sports car.

How do you guys determine if a song is worthy of being made a title track?

YONGHEE: We had a lot of thoughts about which song to select as the title song. But, we thought this song is a strong song that goes well with this summer, so we chose this song as the title song. We also think we’ll be able to show various charm of ourselves, CIX.

The EP marks your first Korean comeback of 2022. What do you hope fans take away from the new album?

HYUNSUK: We hope our fans can feel our different charms through this album. We’re trying to show how we’ve improved every time. But this time, members took extra consideration into small details, even each other’s hair and styling. Since it’s been a while since we released an album in Korea, we hope our fans can also relate to our hard work!

What can fans expect from CIX coming into this new era of yours?

BAEJINYOUNG: We want to show various concepts and stories about our identity concept that we haven’t shown yet. Also, we want to repay our fan’s love as much as their support for us.

Given that this is your fifth EP, how do you guys still manage to bring that sense of excitement and freshness whenever you work on a new project?

HYUNSUK: Every time we prepare an album, it will be the same; the members are doing their best and putting in a lot of work to make one album. Every preparation is not easy. But, if we think that we can show great performances to our fans, we practice harder and come up with new ideas for our new album.

You recently completed your first US tour, as well as your first concert ever in Seoul. What was it like seeing your fans in person?

SEUNGHUN: There were so many unfortunate times because we couldn’t meet our fans due to COVID-19. However, it was an unforgettable time for us because we were able to meet our fans around the world and made such happy and warm memories. We can’t wait for the things to get even better so we can meet more FIX from all over the world!

You have fans all over the world. With that being said, does it ever cross your mind whenever you make music how you think your non-Korean speaking fans will react to your music?

BX: Whenever we release an album, FIX from many countries send us support and love. Although the physical distance is far away, we feel thankful for all our fans because they seem to recognize our sincerity for preparing hard for them.

What is something that you guys haven’t done yet that you would love to do?

YONGHEE: We want to make more opportunities to meet our fans more freely and more often. If we have a good opportunity, we want to try anything! We also hope to have a chance to have a fan meeting with our fans in a wider space!

What do you think it is about CIX that helps you stand out from the crowd?

BAEJINYOUNG: I think our strength is the performance that can fill the whole stage with just five of us. All five members are very serious about our performance.

What is one thing about CIX that you wish more people knew about you?

BX: There are so many charms that we haven’t shown yet. We’re planning to show various sides of us through our upcoming albums. We want to show CIX’s infinite charms within our future steps.

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vogue philippines chloe magno filipino model

Here’s Why Chloe Magno, Fashion’s Favorite Ate, Is Vogue Philippines’ First Cover Star

She's a huge sinigang fan.

The Davao-native has already been working in fashion for almost a decade.

“Returning to the Philippines for this shoot was the most special experience of my life,” reveals Chloe Magno, the cover star of Vogue Philippines’ maiden issue. She might be a new face to the mainstream media, but the rest of the fashion world already has Chloe on the radar.

Hailing from Davao city, she’s a Filipino-American model currently based in New York. She’s been in the high fashion circuit in 2012 and was even one of the ladies on Pharrell Williams’ 2014 album, GIRL. Chloe admits in her cover story that she’s always felt a lack of Asian representation growing up so to be on the first issue was much-needed. Calling herself ~*ur favorite ate,*~ here are major reasons why Chloe Magno has always been proud of her heritage.


It’s safe to say that sinigang is Chloe Magno’s favorite Filipino dish. Who doesn’t feel the comforting warmth of its broth? She even talked about it in her Instagram post, saying that she didn’t expect to eat “more sinigang than I knew was possible.”


In an feature written by British Vogue, Chloe was one of the models included in the story, “Why East And South-East Asian Representation Is Important.” She shared in her cover story for Vogue Philippines that she didn’t quite understand her identity as a Filipino, especially since she was raised in the West. “I’m glad that I can fill that role for people now,” the model quips.


When fashion photographer Sharif Hamza said on their first shoot day to “show the world how beautiful the Philippines is,” Chloe Magno took that to heart. She did it with joy like a true local and delivered what was asked of her.


We love how Vogue Philippines looked inward this time and gave the spotlight to local fashion designers. Along with her path to regaining her consciousness as a Filipino, Chloe also showed love to all the artisans and creatives behind the looks from her cover shoot. She was recently spotted at the Arte Fino fair, too, trying on pieces by different designers.



It’s crystal clear how Chloe Magno’s always had a pressing curiosity to understand her culture as seen in her work for other Vogue titles in what she described as a “a familiar feeling for any minority.” For the Korea edition, she joined other East Asian models and was the representative of the Philippines. Chloe has also shot for the other franchises like Vogue Thailand, Vogue Japan, American Vogue, and British Vogue.

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You Can Now Use Twitter Circle Which Means Even Messier Tweets For The Timeline

Let me share this to my Circle.

If you’ve ever wanted to say how you really felt on Twitter, but only to a select audience, Twitter Circle is your new friend.

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Out of the many social media platforms out there, Twitter stands out for how many use it as their personal diary or to let there stream of thoughts flow freely and unapologetically. It’s one of, if not the only place, where you can stay updated on what’s happening in the world while getting often hilarious commentary. But for some, saying how you really feel on the TL (timeline for those who don’t know) isn’t really an option unless your account is on private or make a second secret account. For those though who have been itching to send out that explosive tweet and not have certain followers see it, you’re in luck as Twitter recently launched their new Twitter Circle feature to all users.


Twitter Circle basically allows you to limit the audience of your tweets by sharing them with a smaller group of people. The platform allows you to add up to 150 people to your Circle. And note, those people include both people who do and do not follow you. The feature was in a limited test run back in May with it going live for all this August 31. With this, Circle joins other Twitter features and updates that have arrived over the years such as Spaces, Super Follow, and the now-defunct Fleets. Now, if this feature sounds a lot like the “close friends” option on Instagram, that’s because it pretty much is. Just as close friends allows only a select few of your followers see your IG stories, Twitter Circle will only let select people see your tweets.

To use Twitter Circle, click on the option when you open the tweet composer. Choose the drop down menu at the top of the composer, and then press Circle. You can choose who you want in your Circle by pressing the Edit button that appears next to the option. Those included in your Circle will see a highlighted badge that says, “Only people in @[username]’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet” beneath tweets sent to your Circle. Note that users who are added or removed from your Circle won’t receive a notification. But, and this is a big but, tweets or content you share on your Circle can still be screenshotted by those within your Circle. And as always, your tweets in your Circle are still subject to the platform’s community guidelines.


Obviously, you can always private your account or go on a second account if you want to limit who sees your tweets. But Twitter Circles seems to be making that need easier by letting you keep that public persona with a large following while getting more personal in your Circle. This works well, especially if you have followers or certain sectors of the Twitterverse that you do not want seeing your tweets. The feature could also help users gain a little more control over their privacy without having the need to always go on private.

Twitter Ahs GIF - Twitter AHS Just Stop Tweeting - Discover & Share GIFs

It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out moving forward. Imagining scrolling through your timeline and seeing a mix of regular and Circle tweets. It may just make your Twitter time that bit more exciting. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna share some personal thoughts on our Twitter Circle.

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The Reality According To Chito Miranda: Vote For And Support Your Faves

Chtio Miranda said "stan harder".

Chito Miranda recently took to social media to clear his comments on a recent episode of Idol Philippines, as well as what it means to be a fan.

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If you’ve seen your fair share of reality competition shows, you probably know the drill of how the eliminations work. Most often, contestants move forward in the competition through votes from viewers at home. Usually, it’s those who have been doing a good job in the show that end up winning. But sometimes, the viewers and fans may send someone home whom some people may deem to be a mistake. That’s the situation Chito Miranda found himself in the most recent episode of Idol Philippines.


On the August 28 episode of Idol Philippines, the show revealed who made it to the Top 8. And in the end, Ann Raniel, Bryan Chong, Delly Cuales, Khimo Gumatay, Kice, PJ Fabia, Ryssi Avila, and Trisha Gomez moved forward in the competition. Sadly, that meant that frontrunners Misha De Leon and Nisha Bedaña would be leaving the competition. The fan votes and the judges’ scores weren’t enough to save the two. That though didn’t sit well with some, including the judges.

Chito Miranda, who currently serves as a judge on the latest season of the hit reality show spoke on behalf of the judges saying, “I don’t know kung pwede kong sabihin ‘to pero we are devastated.” He added, “We are devastated pero we can only do so much as judges pero iba pa rin talaga ‘yung voting. Wala akong masabi.” Those comments though, especially since he was a judge, caused a stir on social media as some netizens assumed that he and the rest of the judging panel didn’t like who made it to the Top 8.

Following the episode’s airing, the Parokya ni Edgar frontman took to social media on August 30 to clear the rumors regarding his comments. In his post, Chito Miranda started by saying that he and the other Idol Philippines judges weren’t saddened by who made it forward. “We weren’t devastated because of those who made it sa Top 8. They deserve their spot…regardless kung trip mo sila o hindi. They worked sooo hard to get there and they got the scores that they needed from the judges, and the support and votes from their supporters.”


He then went on to comment that it was through the hard work of the fans that brought the Top 8 to where they are now, acknowledging the power of the fandom. “Nag-effort ‘yung mga fans nila para bumoto. Sila yung tipo ng mga fans na willing gumastos para bumili ng tickets sa mga shows, sila ‘yung tipo ng mga fans na pipila para makabili ng CD, and sila yung mga tipo ng supporters na maglo-log in sa isang website para makaboto sa MYX upang manalo yung music video ng mga idol nila.” He adds, “Nagagalit ba kayo sa kanila if they support their idol, while you don’t actively support yours?”

Chito then goes on to mention the voting system of Idol Philippines, which includes measuring how strong the fan support is for their fave contestant through voting. “The format and mechanics used on Idol Philippines is dictated by the American Idol franchise, and sinusunod lamang ng Idol Philippines ang patakaran nila…and that includes online voting. They need to consider, include, and add into the equation ‘yung overall tenacity ng supporters when it comes to supporting their bets. And that counts for a large percentage of their total score.”

Tellingly, the musician shares that it was this lack of support from the fans that made him upset. “Dun ako na-upset: sa fact na wala masyadong nag-effort mag-vote para kay Misha and Nisha…because I felt that they deserved more from their supporters.” While fans of Misha and Nisha did for vote them, it obviously wasn’t enough to compete with the tenacity of support for the other constants. At the end of the day though, those votes get the contestants to the end.


Chito expresses that instead of hating, fans should give an effort to show just how much they support their faves. “Instead of complaining, and asking Idol Philippines to change, and go against the format dictated by the American Idol Franchise, maybe it would be easier to simply make an effort to vote…just like what the others did for those they chose to support.”

He ends the post by saying, “Kung nagawa nila, kaya nyo din…kung gusto nyo.” While some may have felt that Misha and Nisha were robbed of a Top 8 placement, this isn’t the end of their journey. Their fans sadly weren’t strong enough to vote them in the Top 8. Those were the cards they were dealt with. Does not being able to vote enough times to save your fave a bad thing? Not necessarily. We all have our own levels of stanning. But as Chito said in his post, you should still give an effort to support them, especially with the way fan voting works in many of these competition shows.

Time and time again, we’ve seen reality show contestants make it far even if they didn’t win the show. So, whatever Misha and Nisha’s next career move will be, fans should be there to support them in their new journey. What Chito Miranda said should also serve as a reminder that at the end of the day, it will be the fans and supporters who take these artists to new heights. As the Top 8 continue their Idol journey, don’t forget to vote for those who you want to see to the end. Also, don’t forget to support your faves who didn’t make it to the end. Your support shouldn’t stop once their reality TV journey ends.

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vogue philippines party

C’mon Vogue! All The Head-Turners We Spotted At The Vogue Philippines Party

In Vogue we trust.

Keep your eyes peeled, because there’s a whole lot more to come.

What an exciting time for every Filipino creative right now, especially with the arrival of Vogue Philippines. An all-Filipino team that ventured the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao put the spotlight on unparalleled talent from all over the country. As we welcome the rest of the world to our shores, it called for a celebration for one of the momentous events in Filipino fashion history.

The stars have aligned over the weekend during the Vogue Philippines party with only the most stylish personalities and Filipino creatives in attendance. Below, we’ve listed down the people who got down, dressed up and took the “rewear” dress code seriously.

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One of the freshest love teams at the moment, Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi is always posh and polished, just like their matching monochrome looks for the night.


It’s not everyday that you get to see a couple who aren’t only in coordinating outfits, but are also matchy with their hairstyle. Ruru Madrid wore a custom embellished crop top by Jude Macasinag while Bianca Umali wore a fiery red gown by Joe San Antonio.


Gabbi Garcia was a standout at the Vogue Philippines party in a reworked lace dress with crystal droplets by Neric Beltran.


Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo never disappoints. Her off-shoulder gown by Kerby Zata was daring yet subtle, and the sleek lob was a perfect choice, too.


Paris-based Filipino designer Jude Macasinag may seem incognito with his chainmail head piece, but he went bold by re-wearing faux fur gloves and sequinned pants that he created for his collection, and an archive Loris Azzaro couture top.


Designer duo Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki of avant garde brand HaMu wore eccentric and kitschy outfits that were true to their aesthetic.


The Filipina supermodel wore an archive Rajo Laurel leather bustier-bahag hybrid as she kicked off the festivies at the Vogue Philippines party.


Issa Pressman took femme fatale to the next level with a turqoise leather blazer by Mara Chua, corset by Just Bonita, and asymmetrical skirt by Nina Amoncio.


Inspired by her zodiac sign, the Aquarius, Jaz Reyes reminded everyone to stay hydrated in an upcycled PVC dress by Rafa Worldwide and accessorized it with a bedazzled Evian water bottle. Keeping us quenched, always.


Content creator EJ Nacion pulled off another 90s super model look in a silk chiffon ensemble by Ushi Sato.


Arci Muñoz looked chic and sultry in a velvet corset and skirt by Just Bonita. An absolute stunner that also references Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga look.


Content creator Sef Loseo reworked his lola’s vintage fabric with the help of designer Emanuel Riñoza. The result is a romantic splash of colors as seen on his corset and matching skirt, which was styled with silver platforms and a beret.


Rising artist Pam Prinster leaves everything to the imagination in a sheer ruffled dress by Ushi Sato.


Referencing Valentino’s recent pink runway, model Chantal Schmidt wears a monochromatic look with a mini dress by Edward James Castro, pink tights, and pumps.


Fashion photographer BJ Pascual wore a vintage Issey Miyake vest from 1996. He also revealed in his Instagram post that he scored the archive piece a few days before the Japanese designer passed away.


“Certified Lover Boy” was Kyle Echarri’s chosen theme for the Vogue Philippines party in a white suit and floral brooch.


Celebrity stylist Myrrh Lao To wore a show-stopping royal blue feathered blazer and pants.


Vogue Philippines’ fashion director is not one to be upstaged. Pam Quiñones wore a couture piece from 10 years ago by the late Alber Ebaz for Lanvin.


Actress and businesswoman Yassi Pressman went all out in a lilac wig, pink suit, corset, which was made more fun with an unexpected pairing of sneakers and her LV paint bucket bag.


Content creator Bea Marin channeled her inner Lisa Bonet with her stack of chains and nose ring. She wore Bagasao studios and a reworked Factory Boy jacket.


A true fashion enthusiast, Ida Anduyan kept it subtle with her God Saves Queens illusion dress and Rui Zhou leg warmers.


Singer Darren Espanto went sleek with his all white linear suit and minimal accessories.


Switching things up, vlogger Marvin Fojas looked dapper in what he calls his “bangus” outfit. He wore a metallic suit and a cut-out top, accessorized with silver hardware.


Miss World 2019 Michelle Dee was in an archival velvet dress by Thierry Mugler.


The ultimate fashion flex? Jasmine Curtis-Smith wearing the shipwreck dress from Alexander McQueen’s 2003 collection.


The McQueen resurgence is strong, this time around in menswear as seen on actor Jameson Blake with his rockstar look.

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Let’s Talk About *THAT* Dance Number From Belle Mariano And Donny Pangilinan At The HIH Finale Concert

Teacher: No eating in class! Donny and Belle in the back:

If we knew things were gonna get steamy between Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan at the HIH finale concert, we would have still watched.

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Over the weekend, He’s Into Her held it’s anticipated finale concert that saw its stars come together as they prepared to entertain the crowd at the Araneta Coliseum, as well as those watching live. It was the end of the show and the HIH family joined forces one last time to celebrate the season. The whole event felt like their graduation concert as thousands cheered and sang along with their faves as they sang, danced, and reminisced on their journey of the show.

Truly, there was a lot to celebrate about this top rated series that broke several records. Everyone from the young cast were there for the best graduation ever and thanks fans for their love and support. But with everything that went down, there was one moment in particular that left a mark on fans both in and outside Araneta. It was a moment so iconic it shook Bubblies and will probably be etched in DonBelle history. That moment, of course, was *that* dance number between Belle and Donny.


In case you didn’t catch the concert, around the halfway point in the concert, all our fave HIH love teams took turns spreading the kilig with their numbers. Donny and Belle though took things to an eleven with their prod number. Sound tracked to Ikaw At Ako by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin, DonBelle performed a steamy contemporary dance number that saw them go all over the stage. The moment we saw Belle in that stunning red dress and Donny in his all white outfit, we knew this performance was going to be something else. True enough, the two then proceed to do an interpretative dance between two lovers that caused fans (and us), to shriek in excitement.

The intimate choreography made this their most emotionally charged performance together yet, and we are not complaining at all. Belle’s stare and Donny’s heavy breathing, it was a lot to take in. If that wasn’t enough, they brought things into overdrive with Donny lifting Belle and Belle jumping onto Donny’s arms. They then ended the performance by lying on the couch with their arms wrapped around each other. And just like that, Bubblies all over the world were left shaken in the best way possible.


It’s been a known fact that Donny and Belle have good chemistry both on and off screen. But they have never done something like that dance before, which is why it was such a moment. The two were at their closests and most personal yet. The only thing left was for Love Me Like You Do to start playing. It was a mature performance that showcased DonBelle in a brand new and intimate light, one we wouldn’t mind seeing more of. In a concert where DonBelle sang Sometimes by Britney Spears (another highlight), teased their endgame era, and revealed the release date of their new movie (November 23), it’s a testament to the fact that this dance remains one of the most memorable and talked about moments from the night and in DonBelle history, so far.

Looking back on that night though, Donny and Belle must have decided to bring out the buffet for the HIH finale concert and we ate it all up and left it spotless. We wouldn’t mind if they did something like this again, but maybe give us a heads up first to avoid giving us a heart attack.

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The Must-See Interactions We Spotted At The Vogue Philippines Welcome Party

What goes on behind closed doors.

Here are some of our favorite cute interactions we saw in person at the Vogue Philippines Launch Party.

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What were you doing during the long weekend? For some of your fave stars, they made their way to XYLO At The Palace for the exclusive Vogue Philippine launch party to celebrate the official start of the country’s own take on the fashion bible. The energy and excitement in the room was palpable as a diverse set of stars, names, and personalities partied the night away and doing so in the most Vogue PH fitting attire. As you can expect, when you put all these famous people in the same room for hours, you’re bound to get some fun interactions. And luckily, we were on hand to catch these moments. Here are just some of the special moments we spotted among the guests.  



Kyle Echarri and Darren Espanto have been friends for years. So, when they showed up to the Vogue PH party, they were the bestie duo you wanted to be with. The two, along with fellow stars Jane Oineza and Markus Patterson were spotted hanging out together and taking to the dance floor like any friend group would.


The love team energy was strong at the Vogue PH party. And that’s primarily thanks to Kyline Alcantara, Mavy Legaspi, Ruru Madrid, and Bianca Umali who were very much in a heated race for best dressed couple. Kyline and Mavy matched looks in shades of black and white that made them look so good. Ruru and Bianca, meanwhile, continued their streak of serving stunning couple’s looks with their red-inspired fits. Seeing these two couples have their special moments throughout the night definitely made for a sweet evening. We even spotted Mavy, Darren, and Kyle have a fun moment where they jokingly made fun of each other for staying up so late in the night. Celebrities, they’re just like us.


While there are those who dismiss social media personalities as just people who only make videos on the internet, they can do so much more than that. And one such talent is serve a look. TikTok stars Marvin Fojas, Pipay, Benedict Cua, and Evan Tan not only arrived at the party together, but they made sure to clean up with their fits. We very much wouldn’t mind being part of this talented clique.


@majoybaron Vogue launch party ✨ @casslaforteza @Masonnjigha @Kianna Dy #VoguePhilippines ♬ super freaky girl x luxurious – xxtristanxo

Not only can Kianna Dy and Majoy Baron serve on the volleyball court, but they can also serve a look as well. And that’s exactly what happened when the volleyball stars showed up together at the Vogue PH Party looking like models who just stepped off the runway. It was truly something else to see these two statuesque athletes walk past you. Yes, there really is such a thing as pretty best friends.


Individually, Bella Racelis and Ashley Sandrine Yap are top content creators known for their fun and relatable content. But together, their powers reach a whole new level as seen in this pics together at the Vogue Philippines party. When are we getting that collab girls?


With so many names and faces at the event, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw some link ups between our fave social media stars. And that’s exactly what happened as seen in these pics Sofia Jahrls shared which saw her hangout with fellow creators like Rei Germar, Jeanette Ong, and Janeena Chan.


The baddie energy in this pic is strong. Young racing prodigy Bianca Bustamante is currently in town and on her itinerary was to attend the Vogue Philippines launch party. She looked stunning in Burberry but what made it even better was that she got to meet Chie Filomeno. In case you didn’t know, Chie is a bit of a car and racing enthusiast herself, so it just felt right they met.


In case you didn’t know, Yassi and Issa Pressman are pretty much sister goals. So, when they went to the Vogue PH party, they made sure to do so in style. They pretty much rolled up to the party like the cool girls of the club alongside their friends Elena Virata, Keiko Fox, and Jaz Reyes. And Yassi and Issa further maximized their joint slay by hanging out alongside Christi McGarry, Gabbi Garcia, and our very own Lyn Alumno.


Gorgeous gorgeous girls go to the Vogue Philippines party. And two of those include Kylie Verzosa and Vice Ganda. The beauty queen and model and A-list actor stunned with their eye catching looks that were some of the best of the night. But of course, the night couldn’t have been complete if they didn’t have a moment together, which they did. The power these two hold together is immense. Also, spot Jasmine Curtis Smith with Vice Ganda, it’s just serve after serve.

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Strike A Pose: Here’s What Went Down At The Vogue Philippines Launch Party

Party at the club, but make it Vogue.

Here’s your sneak peek at the exclusive Vogue Philippines launch party that was all forms of fashion, fun, and festive.

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And just like that, the ship has set sail on its maiden voyage. When we first broke the news that Vogue Philippines was coming all the way back in January 2022, many speculated with excitement as to how the country’s fashion bible will look like. Team Vogue PH has been working tirelessly for months on their inaugural issue, and all their hard work paid off with the launch over the weekend. Featuring model Chloe Magno on the cover, the first issue is proudly Pinoy as Vogue Philippines tells the story of the country, its fashion, and culture to the world.

And to help celebrate the launch, Vogue Philippines held an exclusive party on August 28. The party was strictly invite only, but we here at NYLON Manila aren’t fans of gatekeeping. So, we come bearing the inside scoop on what went down at one of the most fashionable parties in town.


Held at XYLO At The Palace, the party saw guests from all walks of the Philippine fashion, beauty, and pop culture stratosphere descended for a night of fashion, fun, and celebration. With the theme of Rewear, guests and attendees showed up and showed out in their best reworked fits that can pass off as its own original look. Subtle wasn’t on the docket at the party as guests glammed up to serve a look fitting for a Vogue Philippines’ welcome. After getting their pictures taken at the Vogue PH wall, attendees made their way inside the venue where they were greeted by a large Vogue Philippines sign right at the center of the stage.

Attendees mingled with each other and helped themselves to the open bar to grab a drink or two or more. Meta was also on-hand with their very own photo booth filled with bright lights and balloons where guests could take their pics and film IG reels. As you can expect, the Meta booth was one of the hottest spots of the night as people made sure to strike a pose, Vogue style. No matter where you looked, a whos who of personalities mingled, chatted, caught up, drank, and made new connections. In area, you could spot celebrities like Kyline Alcantara, Mavy Legaspi, Darren Espanto, Gabbi Garcia, and Kyle Echarri. In another, social media stars like Pipay and Benedict Cua interacted with each other.

Models, influencers, sports stars, noted fashion personalities, designers, and everyone in between were all present. This being Vogue PH, some of the country’s brightest and most promising Philippine fashion stars were also on attendance like BJ Pascual, Jude Macasinag, and HaMu. It was a diverse crowd of gorgeous faces that reflected the diversity of Philippine fashion. Also present at the party were esteemed guests from Conde Nast who, for the past months. have been working closely with team Philippines for this debut.


As the clock neared 12 AM, a short program kicked off in high energy and spirits as led by Joey Mead King. After getting the crowd hyped, the top model and host shared how exciting it is for Vogue Philippines to finally launch and for the country to have its very own fashion bible. She then introduced a few speakers to share some words such as Philippa Morgan, the Global Director of Content Management & Editorial Director, Licensing at Conde Nast who spoke via video and narrated the nearly two year journey of Vogue Philippines and welcomed them as the 28th international title of the Vogue family. Of course, Vogue Philippines’ Editor-In-Chief Bea Valdes shared some words, as well and commended her talented team for working as hard as they did.

Joey Mead King then compelled the crowd to a countdown, ushering in when Vogue Philippines’ social media accounts will go live, which led to a flurry of confetti marking the occasion. With Vogue Philippines now officially live, the DJ pumped beats well into the night as guests danced the night away in celebration. The energy was palpable, the fashion was popping, and the vibes were giving as those in XYLO helped welcome and celebrate the launch of what sure is to be a major voice for Philippine fashion.

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