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Meet The Filipina Who Moved To The U.S. And Created Her Own Lipstick Brand

She saw the lack of representation, then made her own lipstick line.

Building a business is no mean feat, let alone doing it from the other side of the continent. But this Filipina put in the work, including standing up against society’s beauty standards.

“The moment I entered the security part in the airport, waved my last goodbye, [and] turned away, I broke down. I was like ‘f*ck, this is happening.’” These were the exact words of Johanna Vizmanos, a first-generation immigrant that moved to San Francisco from the Philippines four years ago to pursue her dreams. Growth is always uncomfortable, but isn’t that part of life? Coming from a marketing background, working with travel agencies and local clubs in the past, Johanna knew that settling was never an option, lured by THE dream, she went in for the chase—except she was jobless for a year when she landed in the Bay Area.

kolorete cosmetics johanna vizmanos filipina makeup brand beauty

That’s when she started dabbling on content creation, as it became a form of therapy after she felt depressed. Little by little, armed with nothing but her creativity and the support of her husband, Johanna jumped on different opportunities like social media management and strategy. But even if she was flourishing by herself, she was intentional in bringing her roots with her. Wanting to do more, she co-founded KOLORETE (tagalog for makeup) Cosmetics last year along with partner Angela Weinberg who’s the HBIC in product development.

The result is a stunning lipstick line that promises “tinted skincare but for your lips.” Not only does it feel like luxury in a tube that’s worth $32, especially with its bougie packaging, the lipstick balm is made with organic ingredients—an important element in F-Beauty (Filipino Beauty). Feeling the lack of representation and diversity in society’s beauty standards, Johanna helped in helming a brand that filled that gap from where she stood. Aside from fulfilling her childhood dream of creating her own brand, taking pride in being kayumanggi and sharing it to the world was her utmost goal. As a quote by poet Darius Simpson once read, “perhaps we are our ancestors’ wildest dreams.” And so dream she did.

Read more about Johanna Vizmanos’ journey from immigrant to entrepreneur as we caught up with her:

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How does it feel like being able to create something authentically Filipino in a place that isn’t your homeland? What are the difficulties you encountered in production, dealing with people?

kolorete cosmetics johanna vizmanos filipina makeup brand beauty

Following certain beauty standards growing up, it feels liberating to be able to finally accept, love, and be proud of being Filipino. By creating something authentically Filipino, by going against the tide and by building something that’s never been done and recognized before, I feel proud of my vision turning into fruition by being the first lipstick brand in the US co-founded by a Filipina. Filipinos haven’t really been in the beauty scene that much, so seeing more and more Filipinos in the industry is exhilarating! It’s time to bring more representation across the country and to show the entire world our beauty and our culture, and what we are capable of. It is challenging to prove your concept to the over-saturated industry, especially if you’re starting small. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with such a supportive community and people. The amount of support we’ve been receiving from the Filipinos and even non-Filipinos here in the US is beyond amazing. I am really grateful that we’re slowly getting into the spotlight.

“Following certain beauty standards growing up, it feels liberating to be able to finally accept, love and be proud of being Filipino”

If K-Beauty is all about skincare, what is F-beauty or Filipino beauty to you?

kolorete cosmetics johanna vizmanos filipina makeup brand beauty
Photo courtesy of Johanna Vizmanos

Filipino beauty is a representation of diversity. We’ve had a lot of foreign influences, but we have our own distinct culture, and we have a wide range of skin tones (fair, kayumanggi, morena, dark). By doing KOLORETE on a global scale, we’re not only representing Filipinos. Instead, we want KOLORETE to be a celebration of human diversity, by being unique and beautiful just the way we are whatever ethnicity, skin tone or sexual orientation.

What does representing all the Filipinas everywhere mean to you as a beauty brand co-Founder and Owner? Did you ever struggle with your identity at some point?

To be your own kind of beautiful as a woman of color. I’ll admit—I’ve had certain influences growing up. “Being beautiful should look like this or that.” But the most important thing is that I’ve always known who I am, I love the way I look and I’ll always be proud of that. There’s no certain standard to be considered beautiful. By representing all the Filipinos everywhere and by being a woman of color, I aspire all Filipinos to be more accepting of ourselves, to love every version of being Filipino and to express ourselves by wearing KOLORETE. I want you to feel great and to have the confidence to shine.

What message would you give to your five year old self?

If I were to give my five year old self a message, first I’ll hug her very tight then I’ll whisper to her ears gently and say, “I’m so proud of you for being such a ball of sunshine while rolling with the punches. You’ve proven yourself to be brave, confident and resilient for surviving all of that. I never ever doubted you. I’ve always known you’re born to be a star. So, give yourself some credit because you deserve it! Every little thing that you’ve learned during your younger years has definitely molded you and prepared you for a future you’ve dreamed of.”

You can check our KOLORETE Cosmetics’ lipstick balms here.

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kdlex fancon

KDLex Proves Why They’re 2022’s Breakout Love Team In Their Simple Yet Satisfying First Fancon

Breakout love team indeed.

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad were very much closer during their first ever fancon as KDLex continues to solidify their breakout love team status.

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When Alexa Illacad walked into the PBB house during the most recent celebrity edition of the vaunted reality show, the first person to notice her, coincidently enough, was KD Estrada, who pointed to her while everyone’s backs were turned. Whether you consider that destiny or just a random moment is up to you, but there’s no denying that the moment was the genesis of a relationship that captivated many. A few months and a joint eviction later, KD and Alexa, affectionately referred to as KDLex by their fans, just held their very first fancon together called Closer, and as the name suggests, the two young stars exhibited just how close they have become.


Given how closely intertwined music is in the lives of KD and Alexa, it was no surprise that the night was filled with many musical moments. After all, it was through music that this unlikely pair first got their friendship started. The duo sang their duet Misteryo and closed the show with When I See You Again. They also performed the highly anticipated songs they wrote during their time at PBB like Magic and we’ll be needing them to officially release the songs.

KD was in his natural element as he played, guitar in tow, and sang songs like Saves It. Alexa, meanwhile, was giving future pop princess royalty with her outfits, including a gorgeous light blue gown. They were also joined by a few of their friends such as Justin Dizon who opened the show with Simpleng Tulad Mo and KDLex’s former PBB housemate Shanaia Gomez who sang Girlfriend. When they were singing together, KDLex had that chemistry that felt real, genuine, and effortless. And when they sang alone, it showed how the two are naturals on stage and can still slay regardless.


Closer wouldn’t be a fancon if we didn’t hear from the couple of the night. And while there were no fans present during the show, Robi Domingo more than served as a good host as he asked the questions many fans wanted answers to. We were able to get a deeper look into the burgeoning relationship of KDLex and learn some interesting insights including how they’ve technically been in the same room many times before their stint on PBB or how Alexa heard KD play his guitar while they were in quarantine.

Arguably one of the highlights of the night for many, us included, was the segment where Alexa celebrated her birthday. Having your birthday and first fancon on the same day was enough to make it a memorable one for Alexa, but KD decided to make things even sweeter. He came out, dressed in a matching white and blue suit, and gave Alexa flowers and a gift. That gift turned out to be a white-gold heart necklace from Cartier, the white and gold representing their fandom’s colors while the heart was to show KD giving his heart to Alexa, much to the delight of those present. This actually marked the second time KD gave Alexa jewelry, the first being a ring that she wore during the fancon. If you felt kilig during this moment or during any moment really, you weren’t alone.


Closer as a whole was an understated event. There were no backup dancers or elaborate production numbers. Instead, what guided most of the fancon was music and the chemistry between KDLex. It was two people and their fans celebrating a beautiful moment. No wonder then that its official hashtag saw over 1 million tweets. Regardless of what their official status is, you can see that there is a spark between them and it was evident during the entire show. Honestly, it’s the kind of relationship any best friends (or couple) would love to have. You can tell they genuinely care for each other and this fancon was their way to thank the fans who made KDLex what it is today. Closer both entertained and delighted the audience.

If they have another fancon in the future, it definitely would be appreciated if their fans could be present to interact with them even if it’s just to give them a message because of the bond the two have built with their fans. Many of us, and maybe even KD and Alexa themselves, did not expect this love team to foster but it’s here and it’s a wonderful thing. As they say, some of the best things in life are the ones you least expect. This is just the beginning for KDLex and the Closer fancon was a preview of the bright future they have ahead of them.

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sag awards 2022 squid game

The Cast Of Squid Game Just Made History At The 2022 SAG Awards

Much deserved wins.

Months after its premiere, Squid Game continues to win as seen in Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon bagging historic wins at the 28th SAG Awards.

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When Squid Game made its debut on Netflix in September 2021, few imagined that the show would become a cultural juggernaut. But as soon as its premiere, the show garnered millions of viewers around the world and it became the must-see new show of 2021. But Squid Game’s success wasn’t just limited to the audience reception. The show has also received critical acclaim and major international awards, some of which were history-making. And that just happened once more when Squid Game snagged three historic wins at the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Squid Game Makes History at 2022 SAG Awards - E! Online

Prior to the 28th SAG Awards, Squid Game was entering the awards show as a history maker already. The show became the first non-English language TV series to be nominated for an award at SAG, including the prestigious Best Ensemble in a Drama Series category. All in all, the series had four nominations, one of the most of the night. And by the time the show came to an end at the Santa Monica Baker Hanger, Squid Game racked up three wins.

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon each took a win for Outstanding Performance by an Actor and Actress in a Drama Series respectively. In doing so, the duo became the first Korean actors to win these awards in the drama series category. Also, they became the first actors of Asian descent to do so. These historic wins were made more impressive considering the competition they were up against and that this is Jung Ho Yeon’s debut acting role.


During her acceptance speech, Hoyeon was visibly emotional and even started crying as she shared her thanks. “First of all, thank you so much. I have seen many of the actors in the audience through the TV screen, dreaming of becoming an actress one day while watching you all. Thank you for making me dream and opening the door for me. I love you my Squid Game crew!” she said with the help of an interpreter.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae also expressed gratitude during his acceptance speech. “Thank you so much. This is truly huge. I wrote something, but I don’t think I can read it. Thank you so much, SAG Awards. Thank you to the global audience for all of your love for Squid Game and thank you Squid Game team!”

Squid Game’s third win of the night came for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series, beating out MCU tentpoles like Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show’s final nomination, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, was won by HBO’s critically acclaimed series Succession, a show that many considered to be Squid Game’s main rival heading into the SAG Awards.


The night’s historic wins wasn’t just limited to the cast of Squid Game. Troy Kastur took home the trophy for best supporting actor for his acclaimed role in CODA, which also took home the biggest win of the night for best cast in a movie. With his win, Troy Kastur became the first deaf actor to win an individual award at the SAG Awards. Ariana DeBose, who played the magnetic Anita in West Side Story, was awarded best supporting actress for that role and became the first Latina and queer woman of color to win a SAG award.

Squid Game was already coming off a historic win for Oh Yeongsu as best supporting actor at the 2022 Golden Globes so this SAG triumph is another notch in their belt. Definitely keep an eye out for the show in the upcoming Emmy Awards and not to mention that highly anticipated season two. Here’s to more Asians getting much deserved wins on the global stage.

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all of us are dead theory

Season 2 Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Is A Go. Here’s Our Wishlist For The New Season

Fingers crossed for season two.

With the runaway success of All Of Us Are Dead, season 2 finally got the greenlight as we get more adventures in the universe of the show.

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All Of Us Are Dead went from anticipated K-series to one of the most watched new shows of the year so far. The show was a worldwide success as it topped and charted on many Netflix charts around the world. And with its success comes the next big question, will it get a season two? And the answer, is a big yes. As revealed during Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022, the show has been renewed for a second season. Even prior to the official announcement, the show’s creator, Lee Jae-kyoo, has stated that he made the show with a season two in mind. “Many directions, settings and scenes were intentionally produced to expand the story into an additional season, including the introduction of the new races of zombies—immune and immortal,” he said in an interview. With the announcement, we finally have confirmation that we are getting more Korean zombie goodness.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

So, what could happen in season two? The show’s creator has hinted at what kind of storyline season two of AOUAD would have. “If the first season can be seen as having presented humanity‘s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies. I hope to present viewers with another season.” With a new season now on the horizon, we’ve compiled a wishlist of the things we would like to see addressed and happen in a season two for All Of Us Are Dead because if you’ve seen the show, you know there’s room for many possibilities. (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD)


Every Character Who Survived In All Of Us Are Dead, Ranked | CBR

From being introduced as the introverted class president to becoming a halfbie, Namra had a major transformation as season one went on. In the final minutes of the last episode, she said that there were others like her before leaving the scene in dramatic fashion. Her character arc remains one of the biggest plot threads still hanging so we need to know what happens next. Does she train a new breed of halfbies? Does she become a villain? What happens to her relationship with Suhyeok? So many questions, so many tantalizing possibilities. No doubt she is poised to play a major role in a potential second season.


21 'All Of Us Are Dead' Moments That Had Me Gasping

One of the interesting twists that All Of Us Are Dead introduced was the concept of halfbies—half zombie, half human. These people had the ability to keep their zombie side at bay while still retaining their human half. Season one prominently featured three halfbies, Namra, Gwinam, and Eunji. Namra will most likely return in a season two while chances are Gwinam is dead. But what about Eunji? When she was captured by the military, we didn’t she her fate afterwards. Who knows, Gwinam might still be alive and we’ll finally have that showdown between him and Eunji. There are even fan theories that suggest that other characters, like Ms. Park and Mr. Lee, are also halfbies.

There’s also the issue of how humans become halfbies as that wasn’t explained fully and to the extent their powers manifest. When director Lee said that he wanted a season two to revolve around the survival of the zombies, this may be hinting about the halfbies, those we do and don’t know. We potential see a storyline where halfbies are trying to make a place for themselves in society while humans are trying to eradicate them. Another possible case is the introduction of new zombie variants since it was established that the virus evolves on its own. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this concept is explored further.


All Of Us Are Dead wasn’t shy with killing of characters we rooted for. Season one was filled with shocking deaths that left viewers stunned, with one of the most talked about being that of Cheongsan. His death by the tail end of the season was not expected and left many viewers in disbelief. There is even a running fan theory that Cheongsan is still alive, managed to survive the explosion at the school, and that he’s even a halfbie. Fans want to know whether he’s alive or not so a season two could potentially leave a definitive mark on his fate.


All Of Us Are Dead: Release Date, Cast, And More

Among the many moments in All Of Us Are Dead season one, a scene that left many fans in a tizzy was when Onjo was in the science professor’s lab. We see that the rat that originally spread the Jonas virus go near her feat. But instead of biting her, it just smells her and leaves her alone. This then has led to many discussions as to whether or not Onjo is immune to the virus or even a halfbie.

Another scene to back this theory was when she was wrestled to the floor by a zombie but it looked like it hesitated to bite her. She also helped the first infected student to the infirmary and it looked like she bit or injured Onjo, but she never turned. Onjo having the cure in her blood potentially could lead to some spicy storylines and change her character dynamic. It’s definitely a plot point we would like to see discussed in a season two if ever.  


Who Lives And Dies in 'All of Us Are Dead'? - Netflix Tudum

The school setting of season one was instrumental to All Of Us Are Dead’s storytelling. But now that Hyosan High is no more, what happens to the core group? Also, how does Hyosan move on from the zombie outbreak? Potentially, we could see the action be moved from the school to the streets of the city as residents try to rebuild their lives and the remaining zombies and halfbies fight for survival. There is also a possibility of season two having a time jump and not starting immediately after season one. One person to watch out for is the assembly member who did not resign from her party. She may become an important leader in Hyosan’s future nd might even help expose the military’s bombing of Hyosan.

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filipino jewelry

These Filipino Jewelry Brands Are As Good As Wearable Art

The family jewels but with a twist.

Time to add a little oomph to your usual bling.

Filipino jewelry’s history can be traced way, way back to pre-colonial civilization. Most of the newer generations often forget that even then, we had our way of making bags, textiles, and the jewelry or palamuti out of raw materials. A story about this craftsmanship being revived was covered in the past in hopes of educating most artisans and ordinary Filipinos about the tradition. It also tells a lot about how fragments of our identity still remain unknown to this day. Remember that controversy surrounding an American designer who used the basahan technique? Well, when a memory is buried, the proper thing to do is find our way back into it. And so we did—with these new Filipino designers that are creating wearable art. Read more about their unique designs below.

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Mazee PH came through drippin’ this time with their Melt Earrings both available in gold and silver. Who’s got the Midas touch now?


Elementari PH by Kat Reyes is a jewelry brand that’s artfully made by hand. Aside from their signature Fractured Rings that come in otherworldly gemstones, they also have stunning necklaces and ear cuffs that aren’t too pricey but looks like a million bucks.


With a rich experience from travelling and love for jewelry, Joyce Makitalo’s designs are often inspired by the free-spirited era of rock n’ roll fused with whimsical elements. As a former graphic artist, the pieces are eye-popping and graphic.


Matthew and Melka is the jewelry line of Filipino designer Ken Samudio. The brand has made waves internationally on Vogue, collaborated with Swarovski, and was worn by Hollywood celebrities for their aesthetic that’s inspired by the tropics and marine life.

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7 Times F4 Thailand’s Tu Tontawan Proved That Her Love Of K-pop Knew No Bounds

Beautiful, talented, and relatable.

We’ve already fallen in love with Tu Tontawan on F4 Thailand, but knowing that she’s a super K-pop stan made us love her even more.

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Despite being mainly sung in Korean, K-pop is a genre that is enjoyed by millions around the world. No matter where you are or what language you speak, K-pop proves the power of music with its ability to cut through cultures barriers and social classes. It may even surprise you which personalities and stars consider themselves a fan of K-pop. Case in point? F4 Thailand’s Tu Tontawan Tantivejakul.

The 21-year-old recently shot to stardom when she got the lead female role in the Thai remake of the iconic manga turned melodrama. Believe it or not, this is actually Tu’s debut role and she gets to act alongside some of the biggest Thai actors like Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, Dew Jirawat Sutivanichsak, Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, and Nani Hirunkit Changkham. As the lead role of Gorya, Tu has charmed viewers with her acting skills, as well as chemistry between her male leads. But aside from being an actress and a model, she’s also a big fan of K-pop. As in we’re talking about full on stan mode, not just a casual listener. Here are just some moments were Tu Tontawan proved that she was a die-hard K-pop stan.


Getting to star alongside a superstar like Bright Vachirawit is definitely a dream, not to mention the other male actors Tu gets to work with. But at the end of the day, her love of K-pop remains on top. In an interview with Mint Magazine Thailand, all five actors were taking a lie detector test and when it was Tu’s turn, Nani asked her who she would choose, NCT, her favorite K-pop group, or her co-stars. Without hesitation, she chose NCT and the lie detector reported it as a truth.   


Often, actors, musicians, and personalities try to keep their public social media accounts a mix of looking professional with some personal moments. But not for Tu Tontawan. If you head on over to her Twitter account, @tontawan_t, you can see that it also doubles as her K-pop stan account. Her header is a collage of pics of her NCT bias Jisung while her bio reads that her account is mostly a fangirl account. Some of her favorite groups include NCT, EXO, BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Red Velvet. While these days, most of her tweets are related to F4 Thailand, she has on occasion retweeted K-pop related content. Even though she’s starring in a major TV show, she still hasn’t changed her header and we love to see it.


To be able to attend a fan call with their favorite group is the goal of many K-pop fans. It’s not an easy task to say the least but for the chance to be able to talk to your bias even for just a minute is a dream. For Tu though, that dream is a reality and she has achieved it multiple times. She hasn’t just participated in one event; she has gone to multiple fan calls. Tu posted on her Twitter account the many times in which she was in a fan call with Jisung and how she talked to her bias. She even spoke to him in Korean to make him more comfortable. Sana all indeed.  


Tu’s love for K-pop isn’t just limited to Twitter. She also has expresses it on her Instagram, as exemplified with how she also included “fan girl” in her bio. Scrolling through her feed, you can see that she has posted on occasion her K-pop merch, her love for her fave idols, and even attended a few concerts as well. In fact, she even has two IG stories highlights dedicated to K-pop. We love a fan girl who doesn’t change even after experiencing fame.


When it’s your bias’ birthday, it’s an important occasion. So, when NCT’s Jisung celebrated his 20th birthday last February 5, it was a celebration for many NCTzens, including Tu. On her IG stories, she posted a video of her wishing Jisung a happy birthday while holding a Jisung plushie and having it blow out a candle. Celebrities, they’re just like us.  


Tu Tontawan’s K-pop stan era wasn’t something that just came recently. She’s been a fan for years. In a video for GGMTV, the Thai actress revealed facts about herself such as that she’s currently a dental student in university. But what caught our attention was what she said she did as extracurricular activities in school. “I was a cheerleader from 7th-12th grade. And I used to be a volleyball player too. As for a school club, I was the president of the K-Pop Fangirling Club.” And it doesn’t stop there, she also talked about collecting K-pop merch. “The things that I like and my collectibles are mostly about K-Pop albums. I collect photocards and various merchandise.” Tu truly is an OG fan.


As she’s stated before, Tu has an extensive collection of K-pop merch that can go toe-to-toe with any hardcore fan. And like any dedicated fan, she also collects photocards and has an entire binder filled with them. In one of her YouTube vlogs, she gave us a peek into her collection and revealed that she has decorated individual holders to keep a photocard with her when she goes out. You can really tell that Tu not only collects photocards, but takes the time and effort to keep them safe. She goes the extra mile to display them.

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filipino models beauty queens celebrities stars runway fashion week show

Filipino Queens And Stars Who Walked International Runways

Put the bass in that walk!

Filipino stars strutting their stuff like there’s no tomorrow. We love to see it.

Filipinos dominating the runway isn’t a new concept. Even before the golden era of magazines and the age of the internet, we had the first Asian supermodel, Anna Bayle representing for all the morenas in the 80s. Back then, it wasn’t considered by most people as a “real job,” and she was forging paths for many generations after. Some fashion geeks went on to claim that she also mentored Naomi Campbell, showing side-by-side footages of the two graceful gazelles on TikTok. Years later, you have the new breed of Filipina models like Geena Rocero, a runway model and LGBTQIA+ rights activist who was the first transgender cover girl of Harper’s Bazaar and Charo Ronquillo who walked for Project Runway, L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, and Loewe among many others. Of course, the young fierce strutters like AsNTM third-runner up Monika Sta. Maria and Marga Esquivel who walked for Gucci made their mark as well. Juicy girls were well-repped, too when plus-size model Kat Gumabao was seen on the NYFW catwalk and Melbourne in 2018. Of course, we have to mention Hannah Locsin who’s become a runway favorite, doing the four-city show circuit ever since her debut in 2019.

The long list goes on, and so have the beauty standards, which has since changed considerably. But just like that, more Filipinos have walked international runways, proving that there’s a lot of opportunities even outside of the country. Read more below for some of the celebrities and models who’ve put everything they’ve got into their walk.

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Arci Muñoz recently stormed the runways of NYFW when she walked and performed for the Uplive x Hekka show in a green puffer jacket, pearl necklaces, and shades.


Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach walked not only once, but thrice for American designer Sherri Hill. Who wouldn’t want real life royalty on their show?


It’s always been the desire of P-pop singer and actress Maymay Entrata to walk at international shows. She’s already done several here, so when she graced Dubai-based designer Furne Amato at Arab Fashion Week, it was a dream come true.


NGL, we’re still hurt that Janine Tugonon was mere inches from bagging the crown when she joined Miss Universe in 2012. But not to fret though, because life after pageantry has served her well. Aside from walking for fashion designers at major cities, Janine also made history as the first Filipina to ever appear in a Victoria’s Secret campaign.


Who could ever forget Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s signature “lava walk?” But even before her reign, she already caught the attention of fashion designer Sherri Hill months before and was one of the shows that got the highest engagement at fashion week.


Miss Universe Philippines 2019 Gazini Ganados had her first international runway experience last year at Las Vegas Fashion Week when she walked for designer Oliver Tolentino.


Last, but certainly not the least, is Filipino-American model Kelsey Merritt who manifested her modeling career into existence. After walking for Victoria’s Secret, she landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated and worked with luxury brands like BVLGARI and Philipp Plein.

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texas chainsaw massacre review

Grind To A Halt: The 2022 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel Was Not It

Wish it could have been better.

The 2022 sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre could have brought the iconic franchise back to glory, but instead, flatlined on arrival.

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You cannot talk about iconic horror movie monsters without including Leatherface. The chainsaw wielding maniac remains legendary in horror cinema. Making his spine-chilling debut in 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface quickly established himself as a formidable horror movie foe. His first appearance onscreen even predates some of his contemporaries like Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th, 1980), Michael Myers (Halloween, 1978), and Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984). But just like his contemporaries, Leatherface, and the Texas Chainsaw franchise, was not immune to poorly made sequels, which severely bruised its reputation.

But with franchises like Halloween and Scream seeing renewed success with modern-day outings, there was hope that this new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie would do the same for Leatherface. Taking a page out of Halloween (2018), this new movie, simply titled Texas Chainsaw Massacre, serves as a direct sequel to the 1974 original and ignores every movie in the franchise that came before it. With Fred Alvarez (Don’t Breathe, Evil Dead) as a producer and the backing of Netflix, there was hope this movie could bring the franchise back to glory. But instead, the sequel missed the mark and only manages to deliver on the gore and nothing else.  


Texas Chainsaw Massacre review – it's Leatherface vs gentrifiers in nasty  sequel | Horror films | The Guardian

Set 50 years after the original, Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows a group of four young adults who travel to a remote town in Texas with the hopes of reviving it with their new ideas. But when the group’s idealistic actions disturb Leatherface’s home, it sets off another massacre that involves a whole lot of blood and body parts. The first big problem the movie makes is that its lead characters comes off as bland. You either don’t care about their survival or even want them to get dismembered. Once the chainsaw is revved and the killing starts, the movie doesn’t do a whole lot to make you want to care for the characters.

At the root of the story are sisters Melody (Sarah Yarin) and Lila (Elsie Fisher). But even then, they’re nothing to get excited for. Memorable characters these are not. In the film’s beginning, it’s established that Lila is a survival of gun violence and it looks like the movie might have something to say about the relevant topic. But by its end, it pulls a head scratching 180 which makes her shooting survivor background nearly irrelevant. You could probably infer a theme of the unending cycle of violence from the movie, but it’s only a surface level discussion.

The plot itself is nothing to sneeze at too. It doesn’t take long to understand the movie is about how gentrifiers from the big city are ruining rural towns. Something interesting could have come out of this, but it just falls flat with its stereotypical portrayals. Leatherface vs. gentrifiers doesn’t exactly make for the most exciting of cinema. And the ending, oh boy the ending. You’ll either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between.


Forget the final girl, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” We're ready for the final  woman | Salon.com

In a potentially exciting idea on paper, Texas Chainsaw Massacre sees the return of Sally, played by Owlen Fouere as the original actress, Marilyn Burns, passed away in 2014. This time, like Laurie Strode in Halloween (2018), the original final girl is back and she’s ready to face Leatherface after spending decades of trying to find him. That in itself could have saved the movie, but the problem lay in how her character is treated in this film. Without going into heavy spoilers, they really did fumble with her return, leaving minimal pay off. Even if she wasn’t meant to be a Laurie type, how she’s depicted in the film leaves much to desire.


Which Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are worth watching? - Polygon

But it’s not all doom for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It does deliver on the gore and violence, which is one of the main reasons why people watch these films in the first place. This movie is not for the faint hearted. Once the blood starts flowing, it flows. Arms get torn off, torsos get chainsawed in two, legs get bent, and guts litter the floors. Most of the kills are well done. In particular, a scene involving a group of people and Leatherface in a bus stands out as the best sequence in the entire film. It’s pure carnage and adrenaline as Leatherface mows down over a dozen people trapped in a bus.

Director David Blue Garcia also sprinkled nice references to the original, which made for enjoyable easter eggs for fans of the franchise. The way some of the shots are set up too make for some striking scenes that capture the dread and brooding atmosphere. But that can only do so much to hide the fact that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is lacking in many departments.


First look: New Texas Chainsaw massacre

If you’ve seen the movie, then you could tell they’re trying to use this as a jumping off point for a new set of movies. But the problem is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a proverbial dumpster fire. The storyline is a miss, the setting is boring, and the new characters we’re supposed to root for don’t leave much of an impression. In fact, they can come off as more of as an annoyance. Aside from getting the gore right, not much else in this movie stands up well to scrutiny.

If they really decide to make more sequels, they need to go back to the drawing board to fix this mess because Leatherface deserved better. This is definitely one of those one-and-done type of movies that you only come back to just to re-watch that bus scene. Hopefully, we can get a worthy sequel in the future.

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bgyo bini metaverse

Spacing The Future: See BGYO And BINI Conquer The Metaverse With Their Magazine Covers

It's time to brush up on some NFTs.

In this expedition to the sand dunes of Dubai, BGYO and BINI break barriers in the metaverse with NFT magazine covers that are both striking and stunning.

Touch and drag a single finger to rotate, select a spot within a space to move, and pinch two fingers to change point-of-view—these are the seemingly user-friendly motions that quickly become the paths of exploration in a nondescript space on the internet. It sounds simple enough, but when faced with an awe-inducing view of hot pink rings linked together to form a coliseum-like satellite suspended mid-air, blue skies and all, it takes a bit of getting used to. This isn’t the virtual reality we are well aware of at this point, because in this plane of science fictions meets social connections, we have just entered the metaverse, or at the very least, the half-bodied avatar created in our likeness.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the metaverse, what with Facebook rebranding itself as Meta and working its way to what it prophesies as more than just an extension of our online selves, but the future itself. Bridging technology, augmented reality, and the network of the internet, this digital domain is hypothesized as environments and ecosystems engineered for escapes and experiences that are more expansive than the world wide web.

A realization akin to the imaginations built by The Matrix, the exploration of the augmented reality is the next step in the evolution of the virtual. While there is still a lot of ground to cover with the metaverse, this didn’t stop BGYO (Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, and Nate) and BINI (Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena) from breaking barriers and conquering the relatively unknown with the launch of their NFT (non-fungible token) covers for Dubai-based magazine, Xpedition.

Filipinos Take On The Metaverse

Drenched in the warm glow of the Middle Eastern sun and draped in the finest from Amato Couture, BGYO and BINI commanded the glorious sand dunes of Dubai in equally compelling images and videos. Beyond the striking and stunning visuals of photographer Lucas Alves, this undertaking was history making in itself, marking a first not only for the fast-rising P-pop boy and girl groups, but for the Filipino-helmed Xpedition as well.

Xpedition always explores innovation and cutting-edge technology and at the same time we always believe in the power of young people,” shares Editor-in-Chief and founder, Josh Yugen. “For me, BINI and BGYO are one of the most talented and hardworking celebrities that I have worked with aside from being polite, kind and humble—a true role model for the modern youth.” Together with co-founder Ian Borromeo and designer Furne One, this would mark the first Filipinos to launch an event in the metaverse. Powered by the Spatial, the startup app helping us understand the metaverse more with infinite desktops, NFT art exhibitions, social meet-ups, and 3D spaces, and hosted by The Meeting Room, the NFT covers of BGYO and BINI were unveiled in an immersive virtual gallery was an ambitious pursuit that is likely to forge a new path in media, entertainment, and technology.

bgyo bini metaverse

“This NFT cover launch for BINI and BGYO were designed to shift our conception of online interaction and ultimately create a space where all can come together to work and/or play in virtual reality,” explains Josh Yugen. “Through this experience of installation and architectural design, Cyril and Benny helped us all to set the stage for future generations and their way of engaging with one another.”

Of Grace And Storm

While this is uncharted territory for most, BGYO and BINI are bravely inching towards the future with milestone-making moves such as their journey to the metaverse. Serving visuals in both the analog and the digital sense, this is further proof that when you got it, the limit does not exist. Headlined as “Burgeoning Grace” and “The Raging Storm” for BINI and BGYO respectively, these are most fitting words to describe the emergence of these forces to be reckoned with. And with the metaverse in order, they are more than ready for the rest of Asia and of course, the world.

Now, where to next?

The individual and group covers of BGYO and BINI for Xpedition magazine will be available for public viewing in the metaverse from February 23-24 on the Spatial App.



Querubin Llavore Was The Embodiment Of Gen Z During Her Tawag Ng Tanghalan Run

Young icon behavior really.

Querubin Llavore came back to Tawag Ng Tanghalan for a successful run and became a whole mood and a viral meme queen in the process. 

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Every year, hundreds of hopefuls participate in TV talent competition shows hoping to make it big and become the next superstar. Most end up falling by the way side, leaving only an often forgotten mark of their time on air. But others really do know how to make the most out of their 15 minutes of fame to leave a memorable impression on viewers. After all, you only have so much time to wow audiences when competing on TV. That was what TikTok star Querubin Llavore did when she recently competed again on It’s Showtime’s Tawag Ng Tanghalan segment. Not only was her return to the TNT stage her most successful yet, but she made sure everyone got a taste of her distinctly Gen Z charms.


This all started when Querubin competed on Tawag Ng Tanghalan during its February 12 episode. This actually was not the first time the 21-year-old participated in the competition. All the way back in 2016, she came on the show with the hopes of defeating reigning champion Gigi de Lana (yes, that Gigi de Lana). Querubin sadly did not unseat Gigi at the time. But six years later, she came back stronger than ever.

She performed Rivermaya’s 241 and did an amazing job. To her surprise, she won that round, which caused her to get emotional and shed tears. But her true moment of stardom came when she caught the camera and quickly went from crying to sticking her tongue out. A true baddie indeed. It was like she went through five different emotions at the same time. The clip quickly went viral on social media, even attracting the attention of people outside the Philippines.

From then on, every time she came back to Tawag Ng Tanghalan, not only did she slay her performances, but she delivered even more viral and meme-worthy moments. Who else would think of serving face while balling their eyes out? In all seriousness though, Querubin is a genuinely good singer. She even got a standing ovation from judges Ogie Alcasid and Yeng Constantino when she performed Gayuma by Abra. Not only does she have the charisma, but the talent and star potential, too.


Her bubbly and cool personality shone through in the show and she knew how to have fun. For example, she was talking with the hosts and said that her outfit for that day was giving Euphoria vibes or how she would easily gel with the other hosts in random banter. Querubin revealed in an interview that during her first time on the show, she was just pretending to be someone she’s not and what we saw now was the real her. Clearly, we need her to stay true to herself, because it’s a wonderful thing. Heck, even Bretman Rock is a fan of hers.

Here are just some of the best memes we found on social media that highlights Querubin’s animated reactions and personality.

@jihyoisgeorgeous sorry mhie @kerotothebin @querutothebin AHHAHA #tnt #fyppp #xyzabca #querubin ♬ 2BNBU – Black Box Collective
@unofficial_rabiyamateo WHAHAHAHA teh ?-✌??-? #showtime #fyp ♬ original sound – bealuiggmz || rabiyaunofficial
@jihyoisgeorgeous #itsshowtime #querubin #defendingchampion #tawagngtanghalan #xyzabca #fyppp #tnt #singer ♬ 2BNBU – Black Box Collective
@janwilford16 #foryoupage #makeitviral? #janwilford #tawagngtanghalansashowtime #memeviceganda #viceganda #querubin ♬ original sound – Jan Wilford Ropa Esm
@jihyoisgeorgeous #querubin #defendingchampion #tawagngtanghalan #xyzabca #fyppp #tnt #singer #itsshowtime ♬ 2BNBU – Black Box Collective
@glxx.o #aot #attackontitan #shingekinokyojin #anime #snk #querubin #querubinllavore #tawagngtanghalan #fyp #fypシ #foryou ♬ 悪魔の子 – ヒグチアイ

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