Have A Relaxing Staycation At El Migueleños Villa in Batangas

Look Forward To A Cozy, Breezy Staycation at This Villa In San Diego Beach, Batangas

You deserve some R&R.

Looking for a quiet, relaxing, tropical space to get away from it all this summer? The El Migueleños Villa in Batangas got you.

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Sometimes, all you need is an overnight stay somewhere outside the city, a handful of friends, and some sunscreen. Taking a break to drive off to a BnB to swim, relax, or have a BBQ or a drink is a totally valid need—and well-deserved in this heat! And sometimes you want to do it without seeing crowds of beachgoers walking past. Sound enticing? Well, have we got a place for you.

Located on the coast of San Diego, Lian, Batangas, the El Migueleños Villa lets you take a breather. With its cozy, homey atmosphere and stacked amenities, the villa is great for families or barkadas looking for some rest and relaxation, and a stress-free staycation. We’ve got the lowdown for you below.


EL MIGUELEÑOS VILLA LIAN BATANGAS san diego beach airbnb bnb staycation

The El Migueleños Villa is a duplex about three hours from the Metro, where each lodging can fit up to twelve guests comfortably in its two-bedroom setup. Upon entering, you’re greeted by the living area and a large open-space kitchen and dining area, with a kitchen island most home cooks or foodies would drool over. Stock your snacks and drinks there!

Outside, just beyond a couple of sliding doors, is a private pool that calls on you to take a dip. Bordered by greenery and a fence separating the two lodgings, the pool is secluded from any unwanted eyes and a great place to unwind in this heat.

EL MIGUELEÑOS VILLA LIAN BATANGAS san diego beach airbnb bnb staycation

The villa, with its hedges and high gates, truly values your privacy. Though El Migueleños is technically not a beachfront residence (perfect for people who prefer a staycation over a beach trip), it’ll take you about three minutes to get to the beach if you want to feel the sand under your toes.

Back in the villa, there are two bedrooms and three and a half baths, so getting ready for a night out at the beach won’t be an issue. The first bedroom, with a view down to the pool, holds two queen beds, and the smaller bedroom holds one queen bed. Three floor mattresses are also available, so if you and your friends are clingy, have a sleepover in the big room for late-night chika sessions. The huge windows let in plenty of light, but the space is cool and refreshing with AC and fans.


EL MIGUELEÑOS VILLA LIAN BATANGAS san diego beach airbnb bnb staycation

Of course, a BnB wouldn’t be complete without its amenities. Families or barkadas can be assured that their basic needs will be met, from a fully-equipped kitchen (you can grill and have a BBQ outside, too!) to complimentary WiFi. Stores are also just about 15 minutes away if you need to pick up some essentials. The living room and dining table are also perfect for hanging out, maybe with some board games or some tea spillage.

EL MIGUELEÑOS VILLA LIAN BATANGAS san diego beach airbnb bnb staycation

The relaxing atmosphere of El Migueleños is a welcome treat in contrast with the hustle and bustle of the city. Grab your family and friends and spend a day or two lounging poolside, beachside, or even just couchside—you deserve it.

Miminum rates are currently 19,000 a night, at a minimum stay of two nights, subject to peak season changes. Check out further details regarding amenities and how to book on their Airbnb page and their Facebook page. Images from El Migueleños Villa Facebook page.

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