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10 Local Brands That Are Defining Filipino Beauty (Or “F-Beauty” As They Call It)

If K-Beauty's known for their playful packaging, what does Filipino Beauty actually look like?

It’s been an exciting time in the beauty world, especially with the growth of local brands centered on the Filipina experience that we can’t get enough of.

While Japan and Korea have become the beauty powerhouses of Asia and the world, we tend to overlook how the Philippines has its own strengths, too, especially knowing how we were gifted with natural resources and obsessed with organic, herbal remedies. Remember how we’d be given citronella for mosquito bites? Or how manzanilla’s our instant go-to for stomach pains? Or that certain childhood memory where our lolas would give us that deep-cleansing bath with Gugo shampoo? We take all of these for granted and ignore how much it has been ingrained in our culture especially in the everyday life.

We love K-Beauty and J-Beauty, no doubt. They have the cutest packaging, all of the beauty trends like glass skin or those doll-like eyelashes that most of us love to recreate, and most importantly the science and innovation behind it is unparalleled. Our Asian neighbors have such a huge influence not only with our love for K-Dramas and J-Pop, but with our Filipino beauty brands as well. To keep things real, how do we actually define the look of “F-Beauty” as NYLON once wrote? If Koreans like their skin-caring natural look and Japan is into long-wearing eyeliners and mascaras, what do we Filipinos love?

Imagine packaging that mirrors colorful elements of Philippine culture, a line created to withstand our humid weather with sweat-resistant makeup, or products that protect us from sun damage? Luckily, these brands have already taken a huge step in defining what Filipino beauty is. Read on below for some of our favorite local brands that we believe are the future of F-Beauty with their inclusivity, breaking the barriers of colorism, and empowering us to embrace our identity as Filipinos.

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In case you haven’t heard of it yet, local brand Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is the first Filipino product to ever be included in Allure Magazine’s Beauty Box. Cause why not? They’ve been using plant-derived extracts in most of their products like calendula (a natural oil that helps in targeting acne-prone areas with their anti-bacterial properties), and chamomile (an anti-oxidant that inhibits inflammation and alleviates redness).

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Deep Detox Volcanic Mask ethically sourced straight from the Mayon Volcano, and of course the Self-Care Night Recovery Oil that has sampaguita, pili and elemi oils that soothe the skin overnight.


Completely manufactured in the Philippines, Human Heart Nature has been at the forefront of self-care for their organic ingredients like citronella, coconut oil and lemongrass for years. They were also awarded with the Sustainability Pioneer Award in 2016 by award-giving body Organic Monitor—making them the first Asian beauty brand to be recognized. Aside from that, Human Heart Nature is known for their eco-friendly and low-waste impact products, encouraging us towards a more sustainable, plant-based skin diet.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Overnight Elixir, Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom, and Acne Defense Toner, most of which are alcohol-free.


If we’re talking Filipino beauty, Colourette Cosmetics is one of the local brands that come to our mind. It’s been part of their advocacy to empower Filipinos to love the skin they’re in and have products that are 100% inclusive (Hey, Colourette Clique!) and cruelty-free. Colourette is also known for their multi-use products especially for those on the go.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Colourette’s Colour Snap tinted balms which were made for Filipinas with skin tones ranging from fair to deep and Shimmertint that doubles as a highlighter and liquid eyeshadow.


If you love beauty brand Juvia’s Place, then you’ll definitely obsess over Filipinta Beauty. They’re probably one of the few Filipino brands that have taken packaging to another level, taking inspiration mostly from elements of our culture like the Diwata palette from the mythology, Kendi lippies, and Iskrambol lipgloss. They’re pretty much like collectible art, too! 10s across the board for creativity!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Filipinta’s Kabal eyeshadow palette inspired by the warrior goddess from mythology that has four shades ranging from classic brown, red, muted gold to brown glitter and the Iskrambol lip gloss that comes in three colors.


If you sweat buckets like most of us here who are inhabitants of a tropical country, chances are high that your makeup involuntarily vanishes like *poof* when you perspire. Trust us, we hate that icky sticky feeling, too. So when Ellana Mineral Cosmetics was created in 2007, they already had this in mind. And that’s when they came out with sweat-proof, SPF-infused beauty products that cater to sensitive skin types. They’re also packaged in environmentally-friendly paper sachets and refillable jars.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Loose Mineral Powder Foundation that’s waterproof and lasts up to eight hours, their Glass Skin Glow Cooling Facial Mist that sets your skin


When we were introduced to Cloche Flame almost a year ago, they first came out with All Around Flush, a multi-use gel mousse for your lips, cheeks and eyes that melts into the skin. They’re packed with mango butter, grape seed oil that doesn’t make the skin feel greasy. Now they blessed us with their TLC Spray, a facial mist made of coconut water and oat extract that most makeup artists and skinfluencers swear by.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Cloche Flame’s all new TLC Spray that’s pretty much like aromatherapy and skincare in one bottle.


Who else is here for the glow? Channel your inner celestial goddess with these illuminators from Moone Beauty. Made for every Filipina skin tone from morena to mestiza, it’s about time we take Rihanna’s anthem to heart. Get ready to shine bright like a diamond especially with their body shimmers that leaves a non-sticky and non-oily feeling after application. Still not convinced? They’re cruelty-free and paraben-free!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Moone Beauty Glowgasm face highlighter in moonlight for that extra, extra shimmer.

8. ISSY & CO.

Aside from their cool packaging that reminds us of the energy of the 90s, Issy & Co. prides itself in long-wearing makeup that’s equally skin-caring. Their Active Skin Tint is one of their best-sellers to date not only because of the shade range, but also for its lightweight coverage. They recently released their first skincare line that has booster serums and cleansing butters packaged in the freshest sorbet shades.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Precision Brow Pen that also doubles as an eyeliner alternative and their entire Hydragloss line.


Strokes Beauty Lab may be known for their artistry in microblading, but their makeup and skincare line is on point every single time. We’re big fans of their velvety lip oils, their crease-proof and water-proof liquid eyeshadows and their newest skincare release, the Citrus Sherbet—a cleansing balm that doesn’t strip off your natural oils when removing your makeup.

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: The Silk Kiss collection of lip oils that are buildable, long-wearing and has a mentholated feel.


We can’t discuss Filipino beauty brands without mentioning Careline Cosmetics. Ever since 2005, they’ve been the OG of being cool and inclusive in makeup when no one else wasn’t really doing it yet. Careline’s also been consistently choosing the right girls to represent their brand since day 1. Remember Toni Gonzaga’s commercials, Julia Ann San Jose’s quirky ads, Maris Racal’s fresh-faced looks and Blythe’s edgy, playful makeup for their recent campaigns? Oh, they’ve also made it possible for anyone to be part of their clique aka Careline Gang. Here for the inclusivity!

WHAT YOU SHOULD TRY: Careline’s Acne Spot Concealer that contains tea tree oil to reduce redness and their Stain Gloss that’s only P99!

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