Reese Lansangan Had The Best Fan Girl Moment When WayV’s Ten Shared Her Cover Of Paint Me Naked

Reese Lansangan and TEN collab when?

Reese Lansangan was truly living every fan girl’s dream when TEN himself shared her cover of his song, Paint Me Naked.

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You know Reese Lansangan as an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician. But did you know, she’s also a big K-Pop fan? Specifically, she’s a big fan of NCT, their sub-unit WayV, and especially member TEN. In the past, she’s been vocal about her love of the group and isn’t shy to express her feelings of admiration for the boys. So, when TEN dropped his newest song, Paint Me Naked, Reese decided to cover the track and give her own unique take on the song.

Paint Me Naked is an upbeat dance-pop track, but Reese Lansangan’s version is a guitar-driven acoustic version that turns the SM Station track into a love song. “Right after the release, I spent all of last night studying and recording the cover! TEN’s solo exceeded all my expectations! Such as a fantastically produced song that showcases all of TEN’s talents (especially his art!). I’m so happy he got to express himself so well in all of the promotional aspects of this song,” wrote Reese on the description of the YouTube.

The cover is great, but what made things even better is that TEN himself saw it and shared it with his followers. “OHH thx U so much THIS IS AMAZING,” TEN captions on his Instagram stories showing a screenshot of Reese’s YouTube video.

And like any fan, Reese reacted accordingly:

Reese Lansangan also took to Twitter and Instagram to express her gratitude for TEN sharing her cover. “Just wanted to say thank you, TEN! You being you is a gift to the world,” she wrote in the caption.

She also said she would want to collaborate and co-write a song with TEN or any of the groups from SM Entertainment. So, the only thing we need now is for that collaboration to come true. If you enjoyed her cover of Paint Me Naked, Reese also has a lot of original songs worth listening to. Don’t forget to check out Reese Lansangan’s music including her recently released second studio album, Time Well Spent.

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