AC Bonifacio Did An Amazing Dance Cover Of Up—And It Got Noticed By Cardi B

AC is collecting these celebrities like Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones.

AC Bonifacio killed her dance cover of Cardi B’s Up so much that even Cardi B herself took notice of it.

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AC Bonifacio continues to win. The young dancing prodigy is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the dance floor. If she isn’t delivering show-stopping performances on ASAP, she’s doing S-tier dance covers on TikTok that go viral. Speaking of dance covers, AC also recently uploaded her latest dance cover on her YouTube channel and it may be one of her best yet.


She did a dance cover to Cardi B’s Up, which is interesting and refreshing since AC Bonifacio’s last dance cover was to Blackpink’s Pretty Savage. But whether it’s K-Pop or not, AC will always deliver on the assignment and that is exactly what she did with her cover of Up.

The dance cover starts with her dancing on a helipad on top of a tall building in Manila. Dressed in a brown jumpsuit and black boots, AC is just dancing by herself, but she commands the screen. The high energy of Up perfectly matches with AC’s own energy. The second half of the video takes place in a big room. Looking stunning in a black top, blue pants, and white shoes, AC Bonifacio does some chair choreography and uses it as a prop before popping off on the last verse.

Her dancing was so smooth, her energy was at a 10, and you could feel her stage presence. It’s all the more surprising to learn that in a behind-the-scenes video she released, AC revealed that she only learned the dance the night before the shoot.


It’s no surprise then that AC Bonifacio’s dance cover of Up was trending to the point where even Cardi B herself saw the cover. On her Instagram stories, Cardi B shared to her nearly 100 million followers AC’s Instagram post of her Up cover for her fans to check out.

While it indeed is amazing that Cardi B herself shared AC Bonifacio’s dance cover, this is also not the first time the original creator of the song noticed AC’s dance cover to their song. BTS’s official TikTok account liked AC Bonifacio’s dance cover of Butter. And AC being the fan that she is reacted accordingly.

AC Bonifacio is truly living that fan girl life and all we can say is, “sana all.”

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