12 Celebrity Fangirls And Who They Actually Stan

These are the Filipino celebrities that fandoms actually "claim."

Even local Filipino celebrities aren’t immune to the charms of artists we usually fangirl over. But how can the, when time after time, these artists and actors, produce quality content that is just impossible not to love.

Whether it be for K-Drama, the biggest boy and girl groups in the world, down to the solo pop musicians hitting the charts, here are the personalities who are unapologetically proud of who they stan.

Anne Curtis

Pretty much everyone has accepted that Anne Curtis is a resident fangirl for all things pop culture. Her enjoyment of the K-wave is endearing to fandoms, especially when she shares her experiences of meeting her celebrity crushes. Anne has been vocal on social media about who she stans. From meeting K-drama actors like Goblin‘s Gong Yoo to buying official merch from artists like Taylor Swift. Recently, she went on a Zoom call with Grammy-nominated artist, Dua Lipa, where she couldn’t contain her excitement. Tbh, we would be ecstatic, too. And let’s also not forget her legendary picture with BLACKPINK where she practically looked like the fifth member of the girl group. (Oh to be blessed like Anne Curtis.)

Vivoree Esclito

Quiz Vivoree Esclito with any question related to BTS and she can answer it in a heartbeat. We know ’cause we watched her one-on-one battle with Chantal Videla (who’s also a die-hard ARMY) on YouTube. Though Vivoree’s bias is Jimin, trust that she’s a full OT7 stan who knows these seven boys by heart.

Liza Soberano

It’s no secret that Liza Soberano has had her “y/n” moments. She is literally the living, breathing “y/n” as even The Vamps’ James McAvoy got a little crush on her while meeting her back then. Even Jennie winked at her at the BLACKPINK concert she attended. Let’s be real: Liza Soberano just stands out in a sea of people. Still, Liza remains to be a humble fangirl. She would line up diligently on concert day, as witnessed by fans who attended concerts abroad, and she collects official merch of her BTS boys (which you will see decorated inside her bedroom.)

Andrea Brillantes


IF YOU’RE WEARING EARPHONES DONT WATCH HAHAHAHA , gumising tlga ako para dito late na ako natulog kagabi, GRABE??????

♬ original sound – Andrea Brillantes

If you’ve ever attended a long-awaited concert or live festival, then there’s a high chance that you’ve caught this young rising star there, too. Always one step ahead, Andrea likes to discover new artists before they even become mainstream. On her free days, you’ll see her freaking out on TikTok about BLACKPINK’s latest music video drop, or gushing over Japanese anime.

Lorin Gutierrez


the 10 year anniv is coming up i cant handle this #fyp #foryou #onedirection #foryoupage

♬ Underated songs 1D edition..girlswhoeatcarrots3 – one direction

During the prime of One Direction, Lorin Gutierrez was one of the few known personalities who were actually in the One Direction fandom. And no, she wasn’t just “bandwagoning” as some would call it. Play any obscure One Direction song and she’ll be able to sing the lyrics with her eyes closed.

Syd Hartha

Syd Hartha has been reigned as Filipino One Direction Stan Twitter’s Most Successful Fangirl. Before her rise to the indie music scene, she was part of One Direction stan Twitter, too. Who knows, maybe you’ve even seen her in one of 1DPH’s fan parties before she became famous?

AC Bonifacio

AC Bonifacio is a fangirl of many things, but she was lucky enough to meet Ariana Grande several times, and even perform with her on stage, too!

Kyline Alcantara

Kyline Alcantara is part of the Beyhive. She would be blasting Beyonce’s song in the studio, bopping to Queen Bee’s music, or singing her heart out as well. Some of her outfits are also inspired by Beyonce, which Kyline proudly shares on her Instagram page.

Bela Padilla

Bela Padilla is also one certified fangirl at heart. She’s an avid fan of EXO, K-Drama actors like Lee Jong Suk, and above all, Harry Styles. She would often tweet her appreciation for Harry Styles and One Direction’s music, and posting her own cover of Harry’s songs on her guitar. It’s no surprise then, that her boyfriend reveal was met with comments like, “he looks a lot like Harry Styles.” Care to explain, Bela?

Denise Laurel

One of the most entertaining things we’ve seen in this quarantine is Denise Laurel’s expertly photoshopped pictures with Park Seo-Jun. If we didn’t know any better, we would think her photos with the ultimate Oppa were real, too. Luckily, she credited the editors of the photos.

Rei Germar


Intensions pero naka Harry Merch? Hahaha oops ?

♬ Intentions – Justin Bieber

Rei Germar is also unapologetically a Directioner since she was 15 years old. She knows all the fetus One Direction inside jokes, attended the concert last 2015, and at one point, had the One Direction standees in her living room. You might have also seen her wearing her Harry Styles t-shirt on TikTok if you follow her there. She’s one of us, you guys!

Ella Cruz

Ella Cruz is one of the biggest and luckiest Filipino Blinks and she made sure for everyone to see that. She once performed in front of BLACKPINK and shocking Lisa with her impressive dance moves at a dance competition during the Samsung Awesome Live fan meeting with BLACKPINK in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even after that lucky encounter with the girls, she would actively show her love for BLACKPINK on social media through her unboxing videos, covers, and more.