6 filipino-made fragrances to try local scents

6 Filipino-Made Fragrances That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Good

The unbeatable feeling of when you know you smell good.

Investing in your signature scent doesn’t have to mean splurging on international brands that would break the bank.

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When life gets hectic and you’re rushing through days where your outfit or makeup might not steal the show, there’s one thing that can always turn things around—your feel-good fragrance! Whether it’s a spritz of cologne, a splash of eau de parfum, or even a dab of perfumed lotion, your scent should be as non-negotiable as your daily sunscreen.

And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank purchasing from international brands to smell like a million bucks. Enter Filipino-made fragrances, bursting with scents that cater to every preference. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some top-notch recommendations from each brand below.

Citrus Laundry by Pouf!

Citrus Laundry by Pouf! is a breath of fresh air with its crisp and clean scent. This fragrance features pomelo, lemon, lily of the valley, and an amber base, bringing a sense of calm and serenity. It’s the perfect way to start your daily routine, even if you’re not a morning person.

Coffee Cinnamon by Scentsmith Perfumery

Imagine this: as you brew a steaming cup of coffee, set the mood with your favorite tunes, and let the comforting scent of Caramel Cinnamon by Scentsmith Perfumery fill your space. With its sweet, nutty, and fruity notes dancing atop a creamy base, this fragrance wraps you in the familiar embrace of home. It’s like a warm blanket for your senses, inviting you to savor the simple pleasures.

Sana by Simoy ng Haraya

Sana by Simoy ng Haraya is a fragrance that encapsulates the enchanting essence of summer love in a bottle, making you wish ‘sana all.’ With its delightful blend of coconut, musk, sugar, and vanilla notes, this eau de toilette will whisk you away to a dreamy moment in the tropics.

Second Skin by Scent Therapy

Like slipping into your favorite sweater, Second Skin by Scent Therapy wraps you in an intimate aura, ensuring you radiate class and confidence wherever your day takes you. With its playful blend of pink pepper, mandarin, and bergamot top notes, paired with the grounding allure of amber and patchouli base notes, this fragrance could best be described as a place where warmth meets effortless sophistication.

Spring Floral Drops by Whiff Perfumes

Spring Floral Drops by Whiff Perfumes is like a carefully curated garden party, bursting with fruity goodness and floral charm that screams femininity. Imagine the sweetness of melon and apple dancing together, creating a beautiful blend of freshness that you can’t help but adore. And hidden beneath all that fruity fun lies a mysterious musky base, adding a touch of allure and ensuring that this fragrance leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

Sunshine by Sparrow Fragrances

Make every day a sunny day with Sunshine by Sparrow Fragrances by your side. A beloved classic in their collection, this eau de parfum oozes a clean, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower scent that will keep you feeling fresh from dawn till dusk.

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