10 celebrity-approved fragrances

A-List Aromas: 10 Celebrity-Approved Fragrances You Need to Cop ASAP

Smells like success.

In case you’ve ever wondered what Belle Mariano and Pablo of SB19 really smell like….

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When perfumes become style statements—and a lifestyle—it’s no surprise that we’re intrigued by the signature scents that the famous and ever-fabulous spritz on before stepping out of their doors and onto the red carpet. After all, we can agree with what Marina Summer said: ‘Your scent is an experience in itself.’

If you’re wondering what celebrities actually smell like or simply investing in your own collection, we’ve rounded up ten celebrity-approved fragrances you need to cop—ASAP.

Baccarat Rouge 540

When it comes to fragrances, Bea Borres has a story to tell, and it starts with the captivating scent of Baccarat Rouge 540. For this actress and creator, the fragrance is nothing short of boujee—an amber, floral, and woody symphony swirling on the skin. Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag of ₱33,250, but this signature scent is a splurge-worthy indulgence if you’re ready to invest in your olfactory opulence.

Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist

Like the clothes she struts during Paris Fashion Week, Heart Evangelista is particular about her fragrances. “I love scents because they really transport me to certain times of my life,” she says in one of her YouTube videos.

In the same vlog, Heart defines colognes as a “good starting scent,” to which the actress highly recommends the Bath and Body Works Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist—a raspberry meets vanilla and musky scent, creating the perfect fruity, sexy pair for your day-to-night OOTDs. The best part? You can get this for ₱1350 only.

Byredo Mojave Ghost

In one of her TikToks, creator Bella Racelis revealed her signature scent: the irresistible Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum! Picture this: a beautiful blend of cedar, musk mallow, and sandalwood swirling together in a creamy concoction that screams luxury. At a cool ₱10,000 a bottle, it’s not just a mere fragrance—it’s a style statement in itself.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

In the fan-favorite Bag Raid vlogs by Darla Sauler, Francine Diaz pulled out a show-stopping bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle from her bag, finally revealing her signature scent. It’s no shocker, really, as it perfectly complements the actress’ vibrant personality—a surprisingly fresh, feminine amber perfume with its own distinct character.

While Francine’s was a gift from a special someone, you can snag yours by adding it to your cart for ₱8,420.

Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum

In one of her interviews, Belle Mariano reveals her favorite fragrance–Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum. Like luxury and femininity rolled into one scent, this opens with the exotic, floral-fruity notes of ylang ylang, while Damascus rose, and both Grasse jasmine and Indian jasmine sambac exude this warm energy. If you’re channeling your inner Caroline, cop this perfume for ₱12,100.

Jo Malone London’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Even though she was born with a rare condition called congenital anosmia, Andrea Brillantes doesn’t let it stop her from having her signature scent—Jo Malone London’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Described as London’s Covent Garden early morning market, its top notes are succulent nectarine and spring flowers melted into the note of acacia honey. If you’re looking for something sweet and playful, you can purchase this at ₱9,300.

Ian Darcy Fragrance

During a live broadcast, Pablo of SB19 surprised fans with his cologne choice, touting the Ian Darcy fragrance line. Who knew that one of the P-Pop kings loves local?

While Pablo kept his specific scent a mystery, he made it clear that indulging in self-care doesn’t have to break the bank—especially with these colognes priced below ₱1,000. And the cherry on top? It seems his fans wasted no time, rushing to the nearest pop-up stores in search of their own scent-sational finds.

Lancome Idôle

As she reveals in one of her reels, Kathryn Bernardo’s latest obsession is none other than Lancôme Idôle—a fresh, floral, and oh-so-feminine perfume bursting with notes of jasmine, rose, and white musk, all wrapped up in a vanilla base. Channel your softer side with a scent that plays well with every outfit in your wardrobe, all for ₱6,299.

Alien Goddess Intense

In one of her Instagram posts, Kaila Estrada lets us in on a little secret: her favorite fragrance from the Mugler Alien line happens to be Alien Goddess Intense! And let me tell you, for the Can’t Buy Me Love actress, it’s like being wrapped in a bouquet of flowers with just the right dash of sweetness.

Versace Eros

When it comes to scents that make a statement, James Reid knows how to pick ’em. His go-to fragrance, one that’s likely wafted past your senses on a bustling night out, is none other than Versace Eros.

It’s a fresh, masculine concoction that exudes the essence of the Mediterranean. Imagine mint leaves, lemon zest, and green apple beautifully blended into one bottle. If you’re not into the typical men’s eau de parfum, this slightly fruity fragrance could be your signature scent, priced at ₱6,300.

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