filipino celebrities who dyed their hair blonde

9 Celebrities Who Rocked The Blonde Bombshell Look And Left Fans Wanting More

Best believe they're having more fun.

From platinum blondes to honeyed hues, why not channel your favorite celebrity and dive into the world of blonde ambition?

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From Madonna’s ever-evolving hair colors to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic locks, the allure of the blonde bombshell look has captivated audiences for decades. However, it’s not just iconic Hollywood figures who have stolen the limelight with their golden hair.

Fast forward to today, and modern celebrities have also embraced the blonde life. Whether driven by a need for self-expression or adopted for a specific role, these celebrities confirm that the blonde trend is here to stay. So, if you’re craving a change, here are nine stars who rocked their transformations with the brightest blondes, leaving us longing for that sunny disposition.

Andrea Brillantes

Whether she’s slaying as Mean Girls’ Regina George for Halloween or turning heads in her Lucky Beauty photoshoot, Andrea Brillantes knows how to steal the spotlight with her blonde babe moments. The real cherry on top? That unforgettable blonde pixie cut she flaunted during a 2022 portrait photoshoot, leaving fans absolutely shook and begging for an encore.

While we’ve all been guilty of secretly hoping that the blonde pixie would become a permanent part of Brillantes’ fabulous repertoire, we can only thank the mane maestro himself, RJ dela Cruz, for making this beauty moment a reality.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis? More like Anne Kardashian. Anne is no stranger to blonde bombshell moments, but this time, she takes it to an atomic level—literally. Dropping her latest look on Instagram, her co-celebs and the madlang people are throwing all the fire emojis, and we can’t blame them. The blonde hue effortlessly syncs with the TV host’s skin tone, having beauty enthusiasts everywhere grabbing their notepads.

If you’re a morena babe planning to go blonde, this is the perfect photo to show your stylist. Anne Curtis just set the standard for the ultimate, show-stopping transformation, and it’s time to werk that salon appointment.

Barbie Forteza

Barbie Forteza turned into a real-life Barbie for her NYLON Manila shoot. The actress showed off on the July 2023 cover while wearing long blonde locks, a body-hugging corset, and printed pink pants — all while riding a big motorbike. Speeding into uncharted territories, we’re left clamoring for more of her badass blonde looks that ensure she stands out in every crowd.

Donny Pangilinan

A film revolving around an introverted gamer, and it finds Donny Pangilinan dying his hair blonde for the first time. Good Game is a rollercoaster of firsts for Philippine cinema, but what has the whole town talking is the heartthrob pulling off a hairstyle switcheroo—yep, we’re all about the partially blonde look of Donny. No spoilers here, but his new look is straight-up fire, adding that extra oomph to his persona. Get ready for a wild ride—both on and off the screen!


FELIP of SB19 is consistently breaking the mold, proving that men’s hair is far from mundane. Whether he’s spontaneously dyeing his hair pink mid-shoot or flaunting his daily locks, it’s evident that his hair serves as a canvas for self-expression.

In a sea of dynamic styles, picking a favorite may seem impossible, but there’s something striking about FELIP sporting a blonde hue. The P-pop sensation effortlessly owns the look, adding another layer to his ever-evolving style and solidifying his status as a trendsetter in the world of music, fashion, beauty, and everything in between.

James Reid

Since debuting his blonde hair in 2022, James Reid has continued to steal the spotlight without missing a beat. Fast forward two years, and he’s still rocking the same blonde shade, turning it into his signature style. It seems the playful moniker ‘James Blonde’ has more than stuck; it’s become an affectionate title for the actor’s iconic look.

With this consistent commitment to his blonde locks, James Reid effortlessly proves that sometimes, a bold hair choice can become an integral part of one’s personal brand and style narrative.


As a singer, performer, and the main dancer of ALAMAT, we already know that Jao is a triple threat in the entertainment world. But what truly keeps his audience on the edge of their seats? It’s not just his next performance—it’s also the ever-changing hues of his hair.

From platinum to buttery blondes, Jao’s kaleidoscope of hair colors redefines the possibilities of men’s hair—in the best way possible. With each hair transformation, he leaves fans anxiously anticipating the next captivating chapter.

Liza Soberano

In another NYLON Manila shoot, we’re swooning over yet another actress serving badass blonde locks like it’s a walk in the park. “Living my blonde girl dreams for a minute!” exclaimed Liza Soberano on Instagram, giving us hair envy with scenes from the November 2021 issue. Now, let’s cross our fingers for the epic return of her blonde era—because who doesn’t love a good dose of hair-raising glamour?

Nadine Lustre

Whether she’s donning runway-ready looks or embracing her inner island girl, Nadine Lustre effortlessly commands attention with her blonde locks whenever the moment demands it. From striking portrait photoshoots to effortlessly slipping into Tinkerbell costumes, there’s an unmistakable confidence in the way she owns each look she sets her sights on.

In any situation, the actress’ style proves that she seamlessly transitions from high-fashion chic to whimsical fantasy, with her blonde locks stealing the spotlight in every scenario.

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