Jane De Leon And Other Pinoy Culture References in ALAMAT’s ‘Day and Night’ Music Video

The legends are back at it.

From a Bicolano legend-inspired story to their Tboli-inspired looks, ALAMAT continues to embody the essence of P-pop.

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By now, it is evident that the six-member sing-rap-dance group ALAMAT has consistently been one of the leaders in embodying the Pinoy spirit in P-pop. Whether it be through their songs, music videos, or even their clothing choices, Taneo, Mo, Tomás, R-ji, Alas, and Jao have consistently and proudly represented their Filipino heritage. It’s a quality that sets ALAMAT apart from other P-pop groups.

When ALAMAT releases a new song, you can always expect them to showcase the best of Filipino culture. And their latest release, Day and Night, is no exception. Not only is it a certified bop, but it also serves as another celebration of their roots. Below, we highlight some of the proudly Pinoy elements found in their newest release.


ALAMAT has a penchant for incorporating various Filipino languages into their music. In their latest offering, ALAMAT once again embraces the beauty of the Cebuano language. It adds an extra touch of romance and allure to the song.


ALAMAT continues to showcase traditional instruments and sounds in Day and Night. The group’s creative director shared that the song incorporates the tones of a local string instrument. This instrument, also known as the boat lute, is used by tribal community elders during formal occasions. Additionally, the song features the enchanting sounds of Southeast Asian bamboo idiophones.


It’s not an ALAMAT music video without drawing inspiration from Filipino legends and myths. From the very first shot you are immediately transported into a world of magical storytelling. A mermaid, played by Mars Ravelo’s Darna star Jane de Leon, majestically swims underwater and emerges to charm the boys. The actress, who’s full name is Jane Florence Benitez De Leon, was born on November 22, 1998 and previously appeared in Ang Probinsyano and Ipaglaban Mo.

Jane de Leon as Magindara

The mermaid character is actually inspired by the Bicolano mythical creature. In Bicolano folklore, the creature is revered as a sea deity. She is known to be both a guardian of local fishermen and a dangerously seductive being.


Jao, the youngest member and main dancer of ALAMAT once again takes on the role of choreographer. And the group continues to incorporate cultural dances into their choreography. Influences include dances from Davao and Bicol.


ALAMAT has consistently stood out with their distinctive fashion choices. They proudly embody their Filipino identities. This commitment to their roots is evident once again in the mv. The boys exude pride while donning Filipino clothing and accessories.

Alamat with Jane de Leon

In their tribal ensemble, ALAMAT embraces sustainable fabrics. They were sourced from the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Textile Research Institute. Additionally, the boys adorn themselves with tribal brass chokers and bangles. They come from a local brand that champions the handcrafted products of tribal artisans.


Not only that, the group also tapped local designers. They created custom patchwork polos and shirts for ALAMAT and the stunning mermaid outfit for Jane.

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