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8 Moments When ALAMAT Blessed Our FYPs With Their Talent

ALAMAT = legendary.

Just like their name, ALAMAT has been proving the legends that they are, passionately repping Filipino culture and identity in the thriving P-Pop scene.

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P-Pop has been on the rise with Filipino musical talent becoming more recognized on the world stage. But among the burgeoning number of P-Pop groups, one has distinguished themselves by consistently and passionately repping Filipino culture. Ever since their debut in 2021, Viva Records and Nuno Media’s pride, ALAMAT, has been wowing fans by the way they embody their heritage ever so proudly. 

From being a multi-ethnic and multilingual boy group (they’ve featured seven Filipino languages in their debut single, kbye) and tackling close-to-home themes such as colonialism and championing diversity, to the way they pay homage to cultural weaves and patterns in the way they look, ALAMAT continuously redefines the meaning of the P-Pop genre. It is also a vibrant year for ALAMAT as they treated their fans (fondly called Magiliw) to some new music with the release of their comeback single Sa Panaginip Na Lang earlier this year and just recently, their mini-album Pasulong with seven playlist-worthy tracks.

If you’re a certified Magiliw and are proud of ALAMAT’s triumphant return to the music scene this year, then head over to NYLON Manila’s Favorite P-Pop Comeback of 2022 poll and give your idols the love that they deserve. Meanwhile, let’s look at all the times when Taneo, Mo, Tomás, R-ji, Alas and Jao blessed our TikTok feeds with videos that scream Pinoy Pop excellence.


@alamat.official Say U Love Me with GAMI #ALAMAT #PPOPRISE #BOYBAND ♬ Say U Love Me – Alamat

Last July, ALAMAT marked a new chapter of their P-Pop journey with the release of their sensual R&B single, Say You Love Me, which is also part of their debut EP Pasulong. And in this video, the Magiliw are not only spoiled with sexy swag, they’re also treated to some nostalgic fun as ALAMAT’s former member and main vocalist Gami joins the group’s performance.



We love u Kabankalan! TYSM!

♬ Say U Love Me – Alamat

Ain’t satisfied yet? Well, ALAMAT levels up the heat with literally a fiery performance of Say You Love Me while donning bathrobes and imbibing the island vibes in one of their shows in Negros Province.


@alamat.official Still got a hangover from this year’s PPOP Con? Here’s Alamat singing their newest single Sa Panaginip Na Lang. #PPOPRise #MyPPOPBias #WithLoveAlamat #fyp ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

Not only does ALAMAT excel in the pop genre, their vocals are also made for soulful ballads. Look at how the group rises to occasion with their heart-mending performance of their comeback single Sa Panaginip Na Lang in the first-ever Pinoy Pop Convention. 


@viva_records ALAMAT ‘kasmala’ on Wish Bus! 🔥 #kasmala @alamat.official ♬ original sound – viva_records

If you’re not a fan yet then watch ALAMAT gloriously sings their historical and political hit track kasmala on the Wish Bus. You’ll be part of the Magiliw squad real quick.


@alamat.official Bazinga- @officialsb19 #Alamat #ppoprise #WithLoveAlamat ♬ Bazinga – SB19

The P-Pop crossover that we all need, here’s ALAMAT paying tribute to their SB19 kuyas with an equally blazing presentation of Bazinga.


@alamat.official Vibin’ part 1😅 #Alamat ♬ lay it down by steelix – Tik Toker

A throwback to when ALAMAT was eight-member strong, here’s a video of the group vibing with some casual swag that will make you swoon.


@alamat.official Polishing the ‘porque’ dance break; dc @_jimamen_; watch the MV (link in bio) #fyp #dance #ppop #opm #pinoy ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

Look at the synchronicity! Even if it’s just a rehearsal of their dance break to their remake single porque, ALAMAT makes sure that they get their flow down to the last beat. And they don’t disappoint. 


@alamat.official Memorized mo na ba? #ABKDDanceChallenge #ppoprise #boyband #fyp ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

Yes, ALAMAT’s anniversary single ABKD is incredibly LSS-inducing, but their dance challenge is just as delightful to groove to. ICYMI, here’s ALAMAT teaching you how to get it done right.

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