Alamat Gets Techno-Sexy In Their ‘Gayuma’ Music Video

Get ready to swoon.

Alamat in their hypnotic era.

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Perhaps the most well-fed P-pop fandom recently are the Magiliw. From exciting new music releases to day-to-day TikTok ayuda, their cravings are consistently satisfied by their legendary mains, Alamat. And now that Taneo, Mo, Tomás, R-ji, Alas, and Jao are in their Pasulong era, continuously moving forward, breaking barriers, and upping the ante with their music, we can only expect that the best is yet to come from their energetic momentum.

Just recently, after a series of short and exciting teasers, Alamat has finally unveiled their latest music video for their sensual track, Gayuma. And as expected, whether you are a Magiliw or not, you can’t help but get enchanted by the boys’ well-crafted visual and aural feast that has all the markings of becoming yet another viral P-pop bop.


From the explicitly steamy lyrics, its irresistibly catchy melody, and a shirtless Taneo bodying an equally sultry choreography, to say that Gayuma (both the song and the music video) is sexy would be an understatement. The solid fusion of techno-pop and R&B elements makes this funky track a perfect addition to your party playlist. Not only will it make you feel sexy, but it’s guaranteed to make you want to bust out some moves, whether you like it or not.

Alamat Gayuma

“’Di ko maiwasan ang kaadikan ko sa’yo / Pa’no nga ba lubayan? / Kung ikaw din naman ang tamang / Bumabalot sa aking isipan.” Composed by the group leader Mo with Taneo and Alas, Gayuma articulates that mystical feeling of love at first sight, like being hypnotized by a love potion. This enchantment can further be felt in the passionate choreography made by Alamat’s main dancers Jao and Taneo. Intricate, edgy, and ultimately swoon-worthy, the Gayuma choreo finds the boys leveling up the heat to searing heights. We need a performance video, stat. 

And of course, it’s not an Alamat offering without serving some explosive and exquisite visuals. With creative direction from Jason Paul Laxamana, the music video once again flexes Alamat’s creative signature of mixing traditional cultural elements with modern sensibilities. Drenched in hallucinating neon lights and futuristic vibes, the Gayuma music video features the boys spellbound by a “techno babaylan,” played by AJ Yape of G22, who seems to be the source of all that hypnotic love potion. Unique and entrancing, the MV is another proof of Alamat’s ingenuity when it comes to visual storytelling. 

@alamat.official Ako sayo ay na-GAYUMA! #GayumaDanceChallenge #Gayuma #fyp #ppoprisealamat #ppoprise #alamat ♬ Gayuma – Alamat

After the success of Maharani, which was just released over a month ago and has now been playing on most P-pop fan’s minds on repeat, Gayuma is looking to be another Alamat creation that would definitely make a captivating impact once more. Are we still going to be surprised by now?

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