9 Times ALAMAT Jao Killed It With His Moves and Looks

Dance and fashion king in the making.

Whether hitting those beats with his killer moves or looking stylish on the dance floor, or both, ALAMAT Jao will surely make you bow.

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Let’s get real this time, nobody embodies Pinoy Pop the way ALAMAT does it. From their patriotic songs that champion Filipino culture and values and their diverse background that always translates to their musical pieces, to the way they wear their Filipino identities with much pride, ALAMAT continues to push the envelope and redefine the P-Pop genre. And if we talk about talent, it’s just reasonable to say that Taneo, Mo, Tomás, R-ji, Alas, and Jao are its personification: soulful singers, skilled dancers, and can even speak seven different Filipino languages.

But recently, ALAMAT’s main dancer and sub-vocalist Jao has been making a lot of Magiliws swoon because of his killer moves and snazzy ‘fits. Mixing style and swag together has become Jao’s signature, and everyone is captivated by it. Let’s look at all the times ALAMAT’s bunso made our jaws drop when he brought his unmatched energy and unique fashion on the dance floor.



i’m a big boy

♬ original sound – skye

Now hold on, there really is a lot to unpack from this TikTok entry: that fire attitude, effortless swag, and most importantly that faux-fur bucket hat and backless(!) knitted top, plus that butterfly tattoo! No words, let’s just all bow down to Jao. 


@alamat_jao Dance compet yan?!! Dc: @jhedanseur ♬ original sound – Jerold

Look at that almighty energy! Well, ALAMAT Jao can very well be the incarnation of dance as he constantly makes our bones hurt with how he aces every assignment given to him like in this TikTok video where he hits every beat to heavenly dancehall goodness.


@alamat_jao Frog 🐸 lb: @Maloi Ricalde ♬ Paligoy-Ligoy – From “Diary Ng Panget” – Nadine Lustre

Dance challenges are a staple for Jao and everytime he does it, he leaves no crumbs, always. Like in the Paligoy-ligoy x Hype Boy dance challenge where Jao said, easy peasy, in a frog beanie.



Happy Halloween i guess 🤩

♬ original sound – Jao

When it comes to Halloween costumes, Jao also always comes prepared. Last year, he was inspired by the popular anime series Sailor Moon. From that collared top and blonde hair to the iconic ribbon and red boots, ALAMAT Jao went full-on Sailor Boi, imbibing magical schoolboy energy to the tunes of Moonlight Densetsu.



I jwu and i need sumthing to eat!

♬ Collide (more sped up) – Justine Skye

Jao doesn’t need a certain place to show off because when nature calls, even if it’s inside a random convenience store, he will give his all. Look at how he casually grooves to Justin Skye’s Collide in his purple streetwear ensemble in the company of innocent cup noodles.



Oh no…

♬ son original – BOTO_SDT 🇾🇹❤️

While he’s not an official endorser, it seems that Jao can very well be a model of FELIP‘s streetwear brand SUPERIOR SON. Just by looking at how he rocks the outfits, like in the video above where he jokes with BINI Mikha and G22 Jaz, Jao suits the brand’s vibe perfectly.



NewJeans era

♬ Hype Boy – NewJeans

In a cute little P-Pop crossover encounter, ALAMAT Jao joins KAIA Angela in performing the Hype Boy choreography by NewJeans. Does NewJeans need any new members? Just look here.


@alamat_jao @BINI PH ♬ I Feel Good – BINI

Jao continues to show love for his P-Pop sisters BINI and prove his versatility as he takes on I Feel Good with vibrant and neon energy that will make both Magiliws and BLOOMS happy.


@alamat_jao #sayulovemedancechallenge ♬ Say U Love Me by ALAMAT – ALAMAT

Not impressed enough? Perhaps this TikTok offering will make you finally love Jao. Here, he brings the heat up with his take on their very own Say You Love Me dance challenge. You can hear little screams at the comment section where fans are left gushing.

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