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Inspired By The Rainbow Runway Instagram Filter, This Filipino Queer Artist Hopes The Community Walks With Pride Even Beyond June

Tara, rampa na!

As pride month draws to a close, the colors of the rainbow continue to spill onto the streets where this vivid and vivacious Instagram filter is making the queer community and its allies walk with pride.

Filters, especially in its earliest introduction, have had the reputation of skewing towards concealing. Engineered to hide everything from blemishes, background, and even bodies, it has been a point off hot contention to this very day, especially taking to account the unavoidable toll it takes on one’s mental health. While some may dismiss the use of an Instagram filter as mere playtime or persistence of unnatural perfection, it isn’t to say that no good ever comes out of these patches of augmented reality on social media. For every blurring overlay, oddly satisfying animorphing, and cute virtual masks, it has become an expansive landscape where creative expressions of passion, purpose, and even protest can exist.

Take for example the Walk With Pride Instagram filter that has most likely colored your timeline over the weekend of celebration and coming together in the name of the LGBTQIA+ community. For some, it was just another option to choose from on the reels tab, but for the good folks at Meta and Propel Manila, the digital crossing encouraged users to turn every simple step into a rampa-ready runway—out, loud, and proud. Introduced just in time for the culmination of pride with the many marches that took place in different parts of the country, the filter was also meant to bridge the spirit of joy and dissent even beyond June.

“The people from Propel Manila reached out to me to collaborate on this project with Meta Philippines for Pride 2022. I wanted to be part of this meaningful project with Propel, which has been doing initiatives for the LGBTQIA+ community. Plus, I’m gay so there’s no way I’m going to turn this down,” details queer Filipino artist Brent Sabas of this passion project created together with Filipino Spark AR artist Mitsuko Ono specifically for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Online And Off, Pride Is A Protest

“I’m proud of the work we produced,” asserts the advertising art director, which is why with the rigors and requirements in place, he made sure that his design aesthetics weren’t compromised in the process. “The objective of the AR filter was to highlight the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies, and generate engagement and conversations around this cultural moment by turning any walkway into a pride runway. The agency and I were aligned with the idea of pride being a protest, so that really had to come out.”

With his signature strokes, intricate detailing, and unmistakable whimsy, Brent Sabas imagined a visceral world of color that when matched with one’s sassy soundtrack of choice and a stride of confidence, would reveal, even for a fragment of the algorithm of inclusion, acceptance, and equality. “I incorporated statements like Love is love, Love Wins, and Trans Lives Matter (with a pink fist) on the Instagram filter. I also included a flying Stonewall brick in honor of the Stonewall riots in 1969. I was also watching RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 when I was working on this so a lot of elements were inspired by drag—the wig, the makeup, stilletos, etc,” details the proudly queer Filipino artist. “There’s also a disco ball to represent the bars that became our safe spaces, and Sailor Moon’s wand called Moon Stick, to honor our gay childhood. I wish I was able to put more elements that represent other genders in the spectrum, but we have limited space.”

Trained in the tradition of pen and paper, Brent Sabas was able to extract a sense of liberation in the design of the AR filter. “The strokes are not as detailed though, but when you zoom in each piece of the drawing, there are visible details to each element,” he says. “Doing digital art for me is way easier than creating things on canvas or paper. There’s so much commitment and decision-making needed on manual work because you can’t just ‘undo’ it.”

Walk With Pride

walk with pride filter

It may not seem so much, especially for the rah-rah-rah obsessed, but the proliferation of modern-day extensions of art such as Instagram AR filters are a subversive way to get the message across, especially when we have unfortunately come to a point of regression in society. From restrictions to liberties, the apparent decay of democracy, and overt dismissal of human rights to autonomy of women and the queer community, every opportunity to dissent and strike the all too important conversations on the  issues that riddle the world we live in today matters. “I feel that creative work makes tough issues easier for the human mind to understand. It’s like a lubricant,” Brent Sabas says with a sharp laugh. “It will lessen the friction, at papasok at papasok ang idea, because creativity is a universal language. They may not fully get the whole message, but we’re planting seeds that hopefully bear fruit of understanding, acceptance, and love eventually.”

More than the fun, frills, and fabulosity of the filter that continues to stretch the space of social media even beyond pride month, this creative effort underscores the all too important conversations that falls under the arc of the rainbow. And even if the stories eventually expire from the perforations of many timelines, the reminder that the protest of pride continues. “In a world where you are seen as a mistake, a curse, and an abomination, and that you have to conform to its unfair standards just to earn basic human respect, the most rebellious thing to do is to exist, love yourself, and be proud of who you are,” asserts Brent Sabas. “And by walking with pride, we’re not just doing this for ourselves, but for the future generations of queer and trans people that they may experience real equality and acceptance that we truly deserve.”

People are going to talk, especially slowly and surely, in ways most don’t realize just yet, we are turning the world on its head. And sure, some will talk, but as a wise glamazon once said: pay them b*tches no mind. Walk, now walk.


Handle With Care: How Careless Music Made People Listen And Take Them Damn Seriously

See how fast the night changes.

The year is 2022 and a world of potential and possibilities hang in the horizon for Careless Music. As they set their sights on breaking more ground, we catch up with the whole crew and figure out why they are the disruptive and dynamic force that they have built themselves to be.

In storytelling, they say that when faced with imminent threat or on the brink of death, life flashes before your eyes. While there were no such threats, as James Reid and Careless Music is alive and well, it was appropriately a moment of reckoning, because big things hung on the horizon of possibilities. Played out for everyone to see in an expansive panorama was the year 2018 with the younger self of the actor introducing the independent music label to the Philippines and by significant extension, the world.

On Issa: Oversized denim jacket with fringes by KAYE MORALES. On Liza: Sequined mini dress by CHRIS NICK. On Lesha: Lilac satin dress by H&M, Underbust corset by YANA THE BRAND. On Massiah: Black coat by EMIR YAMAMOTO, pleated shorts by KELVIN MORALES, iridescent top by KAYE MORALES. On Nadine: Black molded corset by JACQUE THE LABEL, trousers by LYN ALUMNO. On James: Red coat and trousers both by EMIR YAMAMOTO, black turtleneck by UNIQLO, and sunglasses by KENZO. On Jolianne: Sequined top by CHRIS DIAZ, Denim mini skirt by MARINE SERRE.

“Watching that video, I’m so glad I cut my hair,” says James Reid, breaking the ice in a room full to the brim with anticipation. “We’ve come a long way as you can see from where we started, you know, just friends running around disrupting the music industry. That’s still who we are, but one important thing we learned is how the term passion can be profession…That’s what Careless is about, finding passionate, driven artists and sharing with them the opportunities to be creative and the support to realize their own dreams on their own terms.” There laced in his distinct chill bro cadence and mild Aussie accent was earnestness, one that told the story of energy and excitement of what was to come. Of course, it was a bold assumption to think there was stern plan set to precise rigor over the next few years, but as we learned, there wasn’t exactly a vision to begin with, at least in the strictest sense.

“I don’t think there was a vision when I started,” says James Reid, sending a shot of shock to our conversation. “It really came from the desire to be able to take creative risks in mainstream music. I didn’t see a vision until people started coming onboard and believing in Careless saying we had a positive impact on OPM,” the founder and chairman of the company explains. When one thinks about it, this doesn’t steer clear from the irreverence of their very name, but unlike the nonchalance attached to its etymology, the good folks over at Careless Music really do handle things with a lot of care.

Yes, They Really Care

On Issa: Oversized denim jacket with fringes by KAYE MORALES. On Jolianne: Sequined top by CHRIS DIAZ, Denim mini skirt by MARINE SERRE. On Lesha: Lilac satin dress by H&M, Underbust corset by YANA THE BRAND. On Nadine: Black molded corset by JACQUE THE LABEL, trousers by LYN ALUMNO. On Liza: Sequined mini dress by CHRIS NICK.
careless music manila nylon cover

To their credit, Careless Music always had a goal, which is to break ground and shift the playing field to fit their game, deepen and shape the culture through their creative expressions, and to commit to creating progressive content with full respect and regard for its artist’s creativity and growth. But ask James Reid and he’ll be the first to say that he didn’t expect it would become what it is today. “Hell no,” he asserts with a laugh. “If it wasn’t for the people that have joined Careless, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I think they brought out the best in me one way or another.”

On Issa: Diamond choker by MAZEE PH, Charcoal skirt by ANTONINA. On Nadine: Leather top with silver hardware and cuff by THIAN RODRIGUEZ, Utility pants (worn in reverse) by KAYE MORALES.
On Issa: Diamond choker by MAZEE PH, Charcoal skirt by ANTONINA. On Nadine: Leather top with silver hardware and cuff by THIAN RODRIGUEZ, Utility pants (worn in reverse) by KAYE MORALES.

This list of people that helped shape Careless Music from a bunch of kids figuring things out to a force to be reckoned with in the local entertainment industry are nothing to scoff in any way. From filling the gap and making a difference in the scene with the likes of Bret Jackson, Curtismith, Narez La Fuego, Sofia Romualdez, Nix Damn P, Luka, and its current roster that features a diverse and dazzling mix of voices and movements such as Nadine Lustre, Massiah, Jolianne, A-Team, Lesha, and most recently, ISSA and Liza Soberano, the crew is seriously not to be messed with. “They’re culture shapers in their respective industries and they also share the Careless mindset, which means they can do some serious damage in terms of the entertainment industry and pushing it forward,” he encapsulates.

On Jolianne: Cutout top and skirt by H&M. On Lesha: Sequined blazer by NERIC BELTRAN

“Making sure our artists feel secure, supported, and inspired, we developed systems and structures that streamline the music production and distribution process,” explains James Reid. “With the environment and facilities we provide, we seek to nurture and refine talent outside the usual scope of the entertainment scene, guiding them to reach their full potential.” There certainly is a lot of confidence to the work that Careless Music does, especially with its focus zeroed in on the passion and purpose of its artists, but there also exists a pressure that together with CEO Jeffrey Oh and the rest of the team, they are now responsible for the way lives play out, at least professionally. “I don’t want to let them down,” he says of the persisting presence of pressure. “But we let our people know that although we aren’t the best, there’s no one that’ll work harder than us.”

Taking The Dream Further

Nadine Lustre Liza Soberano

On Nadine: Black molded corset by JACQUE THE LABEL, trousers by LYN ALUMNO, heels by FENDI. On Liza: Sequined mini dress by CHRIS NICK.

On Nadine: Black molded corset by JACQUE THE LABEL, trousers by LYN ALUMNO. On Liza: Sequined mini dress by CHRIS NICK.

Obviously, a lot more is at stake when running the show, which is why James Reid is hands on with what goes in and out of the terracotta-hued and sepia-toned Cali-haven that is the Careless Music HQ. From recording sessions, sound checks, to performances, James Reid, together with the rest of the team are on one corner cheering Nadine Lustre, Massiah, Jolianne, A-Team, Lesha, ISSA, and Liza Soberano on. Criticisms and hate aside, the collective has learned to take it all in stride. “I think I’ve mastered the art of not giving a f***,” he says, letting out a laugh before turning boss serious.“People will always think you’re crazy when they don’t understand what you’re doing. Until they do. When it comes to the music or content, there’s no right or wrong. But we are critical on pushing people to be their best.” 

James Reid Liza Soberano
On Liza: Newspaper dress by JOHN GALLIANO from THE JONES ARCHIVE, underbust corset by KAYE MORALES. On James: Black sequined robe coat, vest and trousers all by CHRIS NICK.

This brand of best has spanned everything from critically-acclaimed mixed tapes, visceral visual releases, and a world of creative exploration in its collaborative ecosystem. But roughing and refining all that to the glory that it has become are challenges that really pushed James Reid and Careless Music to the edge. “As some relationships grew and new ones were made, the most challenging part for me is when some left. It’s times like those that made me want to shut it all down. But people grow apart. That’s life. We just had to work harder,” he shares, this time, his usual cheer draped in melancholy.“It’s funny, I realized that no one really knows what they’re doing and that’s okay. Sometimes you just gotta stick to your guns, be open to learning, compromise on strategies, but not your values and one day, you’ll turn around and see something your proud of.” 

For the tireless and determined creator, there is a lot more music and life to build with Careless Music from here on out. For starters, they are set to embark on national and international tours (they recently partnered with Transparent Arts, the artist management and record label company of Far East Movement based in Los Angeles for their global direction), with single and EP drops peppered all through their packed calendars. There is no rest for James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Massiah, Jolianne, A-Team, Lesha, ISSA, and Liza Soberano, and they like it like that, work-wise at least, because at the end of the day, they too can throw care to the wind and have a damn good time, because when the next day comes, they’re on the hustle, making people stop to look and most importantly, listen to what they have to say.

careless music manila cover

On Liza: Pink blazer and trousers by FENDI, Fringed corset by JUST BONITA, On Issa: Diamond choker by MAZEE PH, Charcoal skirt by ANTONINA. On Nadine: Leather top with silver hardware and cuff by THIAN RODRIGUEZ, Utility pants (worn in reverse) by KAYE MORALES. On Lesha: Sequined blazer by NERIC BELTRAN. On James: Black sequined robe coat, vest and trousers all by CHRIS NICK. On Massiah: blue textured coat by EMIR YAMAMOTO, Blue drawstring trousers by KELVIN MORALES, jewelries by MAZEE PH. On Jolianne: Cutout top and skirt by H&M.

And as for the rest of life that is bound to flash before our very eyes? Well, we all just have to wait and see, because where James Reid is concerned, Careless Music is taking it as they can dream.

Creative Direction and cover story ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA
Photography SHAIRA LUNA assisted by LANCE VON LUNA
Fashion and Beauty Direction LYN ALUMNO
Styling ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA (James, Massiah) and LYN ALUMNO (Nadine, Liza, Issa, Jolianne, Lesha)
Makeup MAC IGARTA (James, Issa), MARBEN TALANAY (Nadine), MICKEY SEE (Liza), ROVIN MIZUSE (Jolianne, Lesha, Massiah)
Hair ANTON PAPA (Issa, Liza), RHOD RUBIA (Nadine), ROVIN MIZUSE (Jolianne, Lesha, Massiah)
Video direction KENNETH DIMAANO
Videography JR RAMIREZ
Special thanks to VANI ALTOMONTE
Shot on Location at the CARELESS COMPLEX


hellraiser cheatcodes

Even With A Trilogy Album Under Their Belt, Cheat Codes Still Has So Much More To Give

A piece of something for everyone.

Three albums and nearly 40 songs in just a span of a year and Cheat Codes is raring and ready for more, giving us their ambitious and unique projects.

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When NYLON Manila had the opportunity to interview Cheat Codes back in May 2021, the group just dropped their debut album, Hellraisers, Pt. 1, and also the start of their trilogy album. At the time, they told us that they weren’t nervous at all with releasing three albums and nearly 40 songs in a span of just one year. And fast forward a year later, Cheat Codes just wrapped their trilogy album, and did so successfully. Making one full length album can be a challenging endeavor for many musicians. But making a trilogy of three albums can make the process that much harder. That wasn’t the case though for Cheat Codes.

It was a project that bore out of an idea during lockdown as the group used each album to show of a side of themselves, with Part 1 focusing on Trevor’s pop-leaning sound, Part 2 on Kevi’s Hip-Hop sound, and Part 3 on Matt’s dance-inspired sound. It was also a personal project for them as the name Hellraisers was given to them by their late manager. And the end result was a unique body of work and a creative feat that few artists have managed to pull off. But even with all that, Cheat Codes still has surprises up their sleeves, as seen with the recent announcement of their country album.

We recently got the chance to catch up with member Trevor Dahl and Kevin Ford to talk about the closing chapter of the Hellraisers trilogy, what they learned from the process, and much more. Read on below for our conversation with the group.

How are you guys feeling today?

TREVOR: We’re glad that, you know, third part is finally out. And yeah, we feel good.

How does it finally feel for the whole trilogy to finally come together?

KEVI: It’s kind of like, when you’re a kid, and you go to Disneyland for the first time. You know, it’s been like 18 months, 20 months journey that we’ve been making these three albums. And now they’re finally done. And now it feels spectacular.

How have you like taking all of it in when it comes to the fans response?

KEVI: Oh, it’s overwhelming, to be honest, you know, everyone’s just constantly praising and like, you know, all the fans are like, showing so much love and support. And we’re really grateful for that, grateful for them. And for everyone who’s listening to it.

Given how you released the album just months from each other, how do you make sure that part one and part two, part three can stand out individually?

TREVOR: Yeah, that was definitely one of the trickier parts of doing this sort of thing. Because, you know, it’s kind of uncharted territories. And we just kind of tried to, you know, try to find the balance with releasing songs and making sure it kind of lived its life before we released the next song. And, obviously, you know, it’s sort of a challenge when you’re releasing 39 songs over an 18 month period. So, it was interesting, but we’re glad that we were able to make it happen the way we did.

Throughout this whole process, what do you think you have learned about yourself and artists? Was there something that surprised you about yourself?

TREVOR: I don’t know of anything that surprised me about myself. I would say that we learned a lot, just being able to work with these new types of genres, especially for Part 2. So, that definitely pushed us as producers and as musicians, trying new things like that, but we’re always excited about doing that. So, it’s never something that we’re bummed about doing it’s always something that we’re excited about diving into.

Among all the collaborators you’ve worked with throughout this whole process, has there been like one that really stood out to you?

TREVOR: The process of working with Tyson Ritter from all American Rejects was very, very unique and very cool. And we’ve become very good friends with them. It’s cool you know, work with artists that are very very passionate and they care about what they do. He really cares about every single detail from the mix to the lyrics to the instrumentation to the video to photography to everything, so it was cool to see that.

For Part 3, one of our favorite songs is Payback which you did with Icona Pop. How did that song come together?

TREVOR: It was it was something that we wanted to do for a while. And you know, we’ve been bouncing back ideas back and forth for quite a bit and we’re able to make this one happen and we haven’t really done too many things that have that like sort of funky sound that we did on this one. And so yeah, once again, we were excited about trying to do something different.

Now that the whole trilogy is now out, do you then describe the story of Hellraisers?

KEVI: The story of Hellraisers. I say the story of how like if you look at all the stars up in the universe, and a comet full of lightsabers is just taking out the stars.

When we first talked to you, you guys mentioned how you are not nervous at all when it comes to releasing a new album. Do you think that you stuck to that? Or was there like a moment where you felt the nerves?

KEVI: I don’t think we were really nervous. I mean, there were certain times like, where we cut it close with, like, you know, delivering the single artwork with album artwork. But yeah, it’s more of a thrill and adventure to make everything and then watch it actually come out, you know, to have the roll out stuff.

Do you feel then that with everything that you’ve done for this era that you’ve achieved your goals for your career? Or is this like, just the first step for you guys?

TREVOR: Oh, it’s definitely the first step. You know, we’ve been around for quite a while, like seven years. But this is our first album, which is kind of crazy. You know, ever since we started, we kind of got tossed into it. So, in such a crazy way that you know, once we started releasing music that we started touring and releasing singles. And so we finally were able to, were able to put out this body of work. That’s something we want to continue to do. And we have a lot of ideas for what we want to do in the future as far as like, new albums and things like that. So, we’re just getting started. And we actually are finishing up another body of work right now.

Are you guys open to doing another trilogy album, or it will just be like single releases from now?

TREVOR: Never say never, who knows? 5-10 years or like, let’s do it again. Who knows. It was a lot of fun. But it was definitely a lot of work. And, you know, just especially that amount of time. Your brains kind of go crazy after a little while, but it was a blast to do. But I think that now I’m want to kind of stuck to smaller bodies of work one at a time and kind of explore different types of things that way.

You did so many songs in a short period of time. How then do you recharge your creative battery? How do you make sure that you don’t fall into a burnout mode?

TREVOR: We’re lucky that the three of us in that sense, we kind of give a lot of influences and ideas and we’re able to kind of keep it going that way without getting too burnt out. And, you know, like, right now, for example, we’re not touring too much this month or next month, we’re kind of taking it easy and working on music, even though it’s still working, but we don’t really feel burnt out. We just kind of are happy that we get to do this every day.

Do you consider Hellraisers to be the pinnacle of your career? Or is this just like, another step in like, your creative direction?

TREVOR: I’d say it’s just another step. It’s something that we’re really proud of, for sure. It’s definitely a huge milestone. But I wouldn’t say it’s the milestone or the pinnacle. I would just say it’s definitely something that we are just pumped about. But, you know, with everything that we do, we always hope that there’ll be something bigger and better, so we’re always just going to continue to take steps and hope, you know, people love the music that we continue to put out.

When people ask, what is Hellraiser, which songs from the trilogy do you tell them to listen to if they want to understand what it’s all about?

TREVOR: Oh, good question. Every section is meant to be sort of its own like, vibe and things. So, it’s a little tough to say one song to embody all of it, but I would maybe roll with Lean On Me with Tinashe. She’s super talented. And he just loved her music for such a long time. That would be the first one I want people to listen to.

KEVI: You know, one of my favorite ones has been Stay with Bryce Vine across all three. So, probably I’ll link people that one.

What advice would you give to other artists who might be interested in doing something ambitious as what you just did?

KEVI: For me, I would say to them, you know, you got to make sure that you’re having fun with what you’re doing and that you’re being open minded and being as creative as you possibly can be. And you need to stay consistent.

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nylon manila big bold brave awards

These Duos Were Double The Trouble At The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night

BBB? More like baddie besties behavior.

Double the trouble, double the fun. ?

A wise woman once said, “b*tch, you’re my soulmate.” She’s right though, because life is better with your ride or die, and the duos at the recent NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards night prove it. From Mimiyuuuh and Maymay Entrata’s ultra stylish entrance at the red carpet to Andi Abaya and Kobie Brown’s matchy outfits, these pairs doubled the trouble that night.

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mimiyuuuh maymay entrata

These towering beauties stand out every single time. Not only because of their pretty outfits at the NYLON Big Bold Brave Awards night, but most probably because at the end of the day, they’re a funny pair that everyone can relate to.


New duo, who dis? Aside from their matching black outfits, PBB housemates Kobie Brown and Andi Abaya were all the fun during the party. They’re the type you’d want to be friends with given how chill and cool they are.


These two popped off the most during the NYLON Big Bold Brave Awards night after party and we’re not complaining because what else would you rather be doing? Awra Briguela and Argie Roquero were giving major baddie besties behavior.


Richard Juan and Amanda Zamora are BFF goals. You know those backstage TikToks of models after runway shows? That’s pretty much them IRL almost everyday. Living the dream.


Find a pair like PBB housemates Gabbi Skribikin and Luke Alford who can go from casual to glam real quick as seen at the NYLON Big Bold Brave Awards night,


When two of the boldest content creators come together, you know it’s about to go down. In matching mesh and rhinestone looks, these two were one of the brightest that night.

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belle mariano closer music video

Belle Mariano’s Closer Music Video Was Like Watching A Bonus Episode Of He’s Into Her

All day fresh feeling when I'm with you.

Only people like Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan can make brushing your teeth look that good as seen in the Closer music video.

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As much as we love DonBelle and He’s Into Her, one thing that many of us can agree on is that we could always have more DonBelle in our lives. Given the show’s once a week schedule, content featuring this hot-as-the-sun love team can’t come fast enough. So, when we heard that new DonBelle content is coming our way, our ears immediately perked and this time, it came in the form of the music video for Belle Mariano’s new song, Closer. Given the romantic nature of the song, we were already expecting a sweet music video. But they went above and really said that they’re going to give us a bonus episode of He’s Into Her with a minty fresh twist.


Released just this past June 27, Closer is a fun mid-tempo pop track where Belle uses her angelic voice to share a love story of wanting to be close with someone you love. The track is part of DonBelle’s partnership with Closeup, but it’s honestly pretty good. It’s a chill song that tugs at the heartstrings with warms lyrics and simple production. Its light verses give way to bigger, but not over the top production during the chorus. In the song, Belle sings about how she’s ready to spend her time with that special person and that was very much the MO for its official music video.


Co-starring Belle and Donny Pangilinan, the video is extra special because it’s framed and set in the He’s Into Her show universe. Both are playing their characters of Max and Deib respectively. In the visual, we find Deib planning their second monthsary with adventures like going to the beach. But Max doesn’t have the time to do all that and asks for a simpler celebration. The two then get into an argument with Max saying that Deib doesn’t take into consideration what she wants. The rest of the video then sees them go through this rift and fix the misunderstanding (shout out to Bong Gonzales and his cameo). Along the way, there are even flashbacks of a couple’s cooking session and brushing their teeth together. Who knew dental hygiene can be turned into such a kilig fest?

Both look so good in the music video as always but Belle in particular looks stunning during her solo shots. We love how the video is set in He’s Into Her as this special vignette gives us another glimpse into the lives of TagSen. We even see Deib use a love coupon Max gave him during their first monthsary. Based on the references seen, the music video is most likely set after episode six, but before Tito Boyet’s secret became public. But the video also has its own unique visual style and gives its own take on the power love team. Even though this whole thing is for a sponsorship, the chemistry and sweetness on display is strong. There’s just something about DonBelle and commercials that just hit on another level.


This is their first ever music video together with a song of theirs and we definitely will be needing more of that in the future. Who knows, later down the line, if DonBelle gets their own teleserye, Donny and Belle could be the ones to sing the theme song. We’re already excited with just the thought of it.

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More Than Just Famous Members And Viral Covers, BLANK2Y Isn’t Playing With Their Debut

Welcome to the BLANK.

Some of you may know K-pop boy group BLANK2Y as the group where I-Land’s Youngbin debuted. But the group has more to offer.

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2022 was a year of firsts for K-pop boy group BLANK2Y. They made their official debut in May 2022 and they are also the first group to come from Keystone Entertainment. Add to that already known members and viral dance covers, it could make for a lot of pressure that can make people buckle under its weight. But that’s not the case for BLANK2Y, because all the members come together for a group that should be on your rookie radar.


BLANK2Y is a nine-member boy group from Keystone Entertainment, which was first teased in late 2021 before being fully revealed in early 2022. The rookie group is made up of members: Youngbin, DK, Louis, Donghyuk, Siwoo, Mikey, U, Sungjun, and Sodam. If some of these names sound familiar, that’s because some of the members were contestants in previous K-pop reality competition shows. The most popular is arguably Youngbin who competed in I-Land, but didn’t make it to the final lineup of ENHYPEN. Louis placed third in Under 19, Siwoo competed in Produce X 101, and Mikey was a contestant in Produce 101 Japan. But life had different plans for them and they, along with the other members, came together to form BLANK2Y.

Their name is a combination of the words of “blank” and “key,” which collectively means “a key to open a blank space.”  This name was created with the wish for the group to become a musical medium that soothes the blank hearts of people living in modern times and brings back the fire in their inner passion. The group first made noise thanks to their dance covers that showcased their talents and charms. Some of them have even gone viral like their cover of MAVERICK by THE BOYZ and TOUCH by NCT 127. They also had a reality show to introduce themselves to fans, called K2YWE.

In May 24, 2022, they made their official debut with the song Thumbs Up and album K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up]. Consisting of five songs, the debut album is the first part of the K2Y series trilogy. The K2Y series is set to unravel various sides within the person with the first part representing “CONFIDENCE” and the confident beginnings of the group. Their debut track, Thumbs Up, is a trap track combined with synthesizer sound and an addicting chorus, which lifts up the song’s central message of “we all are the best.”  

Other tracks include Touch, which tells a tale between two people, where just one touch can change things. The final track, Constellation, is a special one dedicated to their fans,  which tells the story of escaping from a fearful past and into a future filled with precious moments that shine as brightly as the stars. NYLON Manila had the opportunity to chat with the rookie group to discuss their debut, album, and how things are fresh out of the gate. Read on below for our conversation with the boys.

What’s the meaning behind the fandom name K2YWE?

SODAM: K2YWE comes from BLANK2Y’s K2Y and WE, and it signifies that we will stay together. K2YWE and BLANK2Y will stay together for a long, long time!

Quite a few of the members used to be part of competition shows. So, how does it feel to finally be making your debut?

YOUNGBIN: I think my experience in a competition show was beneficial to my debut because I could learn so much from many talented participants in that show.


BLANK2Y is also the first group under Keystone Entertainment to debut. Does that make you feel nervous?

SIWOO: Rather than feeling nervous, I’m excited and proud to be the first idol from Keystone Entertainment. I hope we can promote BLANK2Y and Keystone Entertainment to more people.

DK: I’m a bit nervous and pressured, but I know BLANK2Y is capable of anything, so I’m not afraid.

Could you describe your title track Thumbs Up?

LOUIS: Our title track Thumbs Up is a trap genre with synth sound and exciting beats. It is a powerful track sending a message of “we’re all the best!”

Which song off K2Y I : CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up] are you most excited for listeners to hear?

YOUNGBIN: I want to recommend our fan song, Constellation. We wrote and sang this thinking of our fans, so it’s a very special song for us.

What’s your favorite song from your mini album and why?

MIKEY: My favorite song is Thumbs Up because it’s a perfect song to represent our confidence to the public.

What are you looking forward to the most now that you have officially debuted?

U: I look forward to the fan sign events where we can actually meet our fans. I’m very excited to finally meet our fans who have been supporting us even before the debut.

What do you think it is about the group that helps you stand out from the crowd?

SUNGJUN: We’re a multi-cultural group and each member has unique individual charms. Also, we always include our fans as our 10th member, which I think is special for BLANK2Y.


Prior to your official debut, you also appeared on a reality show. How do you think that helped you prepare for your debut?

SUNGJUN: I think we could feel more comfortable with cameras by filming the reality show prior to our debut.

DONGHYUK: I was glad to share various charms from all nine members with our fans through our reality show.

What do you hope listeners take away from your debut?

LOUIS: I wish they would wonder who recorded the album after listening to our songs. I also hope they wish to see more of BLANK2Y.

What else can we expect from BLANK2Y in the coming year?

SUNGJUN: I think we can show more of our musical concepts within the next year.

When people think of BLANK2Y, what do you hope enters their mind?

DK: I hope they think, “BLANK2Y is something else” whenever they see us.

MIKEY: I hope people say, “Oh, BLANK2Y, their performances are so good!”



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atbo kpop gorup

FYI, Upcoming K-pop Boy Group ATBO Has A Member Fluent In Tagalog

Are we going to have a Dara 2.0?

Not only will ATBO be THE BOYZ’s brother group, their maknae Won Bin also so happens to have lived in the Philippines for 10 years.

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Is the Pinoy invasion of K-pop finally coming? After Sandara Park, the number of prominent K-pop idols that are either Filipino or have strong roots to the country have been very far and in between. But as of late, that has started to change. Former Star Magic actress Chantal Videla, also known by her stage name Chanty, recently debuted as an idol in LAPILLUS and already, she’s one of the group’s most biased members. And now, another upcoming idol is set to add more Pinoy flair to the K-pop industry thanks to his proficiency in Tagalog.


On June 17, IST Entertainment, which is the new company after the merger of Cre.Ker Entertainment and fellow Kakao Entertainment subsidiary Play M, announced that Won Bin will be joining the boy group ATBO. ATBO, which stands for At the Beginning of Originality, was formed through the reality competition show The Origin – A, B, Or What?. The show, which began airing earlier this year and had its finally in May, followed 13 boy trainees from IST as they competed to be part of the company’s first group since the merger.

One of those contestants was Won Bin, who was a trainee for two years and will be going by Bin as his stage name. During the show, it was revealed that he lived in the Philippines for over 10 years as he studied English internationally. Because of this, the 17-year-old is fluent in English, Tagalog, and Korean and even flexed a bit of his Tagalog skills on the show. He made it quite far in the competition, but was sadly eliminated in episode five. But this past June proved to be a lucky month for Won Bin.


Even though ATBO hasn’t debuted yet, the group has already dealt with two scandals. The first came in the form of its name. Originally, the seven member boy group was called ABO, but that was later changed to ATBO due to the fact that ABO can be seen as a slur in some cultures. Next, former member Yang Donghwa was hit with accusations that he was a bully in school. After an investigation, IST Entertainment determined that he would no longer be part of the group. The company then looked to eliminated trainees to fill that void and they chose Won Bin.

“During the evaluation, the trainee Won Bin received the highest score by proving his vast potential and ability to learn quickly. Won Bin has also received huge support from domestic and international fans, ranking first in all global fan polls during the program. Thus, we reviewed the fans’ opinions, as well as the opinions of internal and external specialists. As a result, we have revised the final debut lineup to add Won Bin,” said the company when they announced his inclusion. At just 17 years old, Won Bin will be the maknae of the group as he joins fellow members Jeong Seunghwan, Oh Junseok, Seok Rakwon, Ryu Junmin, Bae Hyunjun, Kim Yeonkyu.

THE BOYZ having a brother group soon already has us curious for ATBO. But the fact that one of its members has strong roots in the Philippines instantly grabbed our attention. We’re very much looking forward to getting to know more Won Bin, as well as the group as a whole. Hopefully the scandals the group has faced won’t dampen their debut. Watch out for ABTO’s debut, which is set to drop in the coming months.

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These Were The Performers Who Rocked The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night

Big, bold, and brave performances.

It wasn’t just a night of awards at the NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Party as some of the hottest young artists of today set the stage on fire, figuratively of course.

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Music has, is, and will always be a core part of NYLON Manila’s DNA. This is why when we held the Big Bold Brave Awards Night and after party, the event couldn’t be complete without musical performances. And besides, no great party is complete if there aren’t any performances to get guests moving and on their feet. During the Awards Night Party, we had a lineup of young musicians who did just that and made sure that the night would be one to remember. Here are the performers that slayed the NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night Party stage.


Child actress turned teen star Krystal Brimner began the night’s festivities as the opening act. She performed her single Let Me Be Me dressed in an attention grabbing iridescent tube top and pants. She gave young pop star vibes with her performance. Krystal also served double duty that night as she was also the event host.


If you familiar who Paul Pablo is, you know that the rising artist is anything but simple. So, when it was his turn to perform his song Di Inakala, he stunned in an embroidered coat and ruched purple pants. He channeled the energy of the pop track in his performance and turned the stage like it was his own concert.   


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

Guests that night were treated to a special performance from Careless Music Manila as two of their artists graced the Big Bold Brave Awards Night stage. Up first was Jolianne whose ethereal vocals echoed throughout the venue. She must have eaten a CD before she performed because her vocals were on-point.


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

Up next after Jolianne was Massiah who served as the final performance of the night. While we were far from Dumaguete, he made sure to bring the island life to the party. Keeping things simple in a white suit, the rapper brought the island energy and even went off the stage to perform by the audience to get us all hyped. Even a slight wardrobe malfunction couldn’t stop him from turning it out.  


nylon manila big bold brave awards night party

The afterparty lives or dies by how good the DJ’s setlist is. This is why DJ Patty Tiu made sure to deliver on that front that made everyone want to dance. She, along with Hannah Ichiko, MC Ice, and the rest of the Thompson Collective more brought the music, beats, bass drops, energy, and hype that tempted even the most introverted of guests to get moving. The dance floor at House Manila that night was very much booked and busy.

Photo credits to Daryl Nacario, Mike Gella, and Jan Mayo.

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The Cutest Interactions We Spotted At The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night

What goes down behind closed doors.

From Maymay Entrata and Mimiyuuh being bestie goals to Nadine Lustre being low-key the belle of the party, here are some of our favorite interactions we saw at the Big Bold Brave Party.

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The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards Night and party was more than just to fete our winners. It was also a night for the guests, stars, and friends to let loose and have fun. Many caught up with old friends while others finally met in person for the very first time. And when you have a club filled with that much energy ready to party on a Friday night, you know things are going to go down. With all that happened during the night, here are just some of the fun, cute, and wholesome interactions we spotted among the guests.


If Big/Bold was the official theme of the night, for many stars that included radiating strong bestie energy (as you’ll see later in this list). One such example was Awra and Argie Roquero. For starters, the two friends arrived together with Awra serving Rihanna in a see-through mini dress and Argie giving drama with a voluminous yellow dress. Making TikToks were also on the agenda as the two were pretty inseparable during much of the night.



As a seasoned pro with a kind heart, Nadine Lustre is always ready to support the younger generation. And that was on display when she came to the rescue for fellow Careless artist Jolianne. Stumped on what to wear for the night, Nadine came in to help Jolianne with her look and even helped do her makeup. This wholesome encounter was very much giving big sister-little sister energy and we love to see it.


It’s pretty much known that Maymay Entrata and Mimiyuuuh enjoy a strong friendship that any bffs would want. And everyone saw that once more during the awards night party. Fun fact: Maymay nor Mimiyuuuh didn’t know that either was attending. So, when they saw each other at the House Manila lobby, the two let out what we could only describe as shrieks of joy. They were so excited to see each other that one of Mimiyuuuh’s hair extensions fell. But as the best friend that she is, Maymay was there to attach it back onto her head.


What happens when you have so many young icons in the same room? Link up of course. This is why we’re here for this snap between Awra and Nadine. The caption says it all and seeing these two unapologetic baddies in the same photo is giving us all the confidence we need.


Ayn Bernos and Aaron Maniego both became famous thanks to TikTok, Ayn with her uplifting and educational videos and Aaron for being one of the best comedians on the platform. So, when the two attended the party, it only felt right that these TikTok stars took this cute pic together.


PBB Season 10 teen housemates Rob, Maxine, Gabb, Luke, Stef, Ashton, and Eslam were very much ready to make the most out of the night. They had an entire table to themselves and interacted with the other guests. During the after party, they made their way to the dance floor to bust some moves. At one point, we even spotted Rob wearing Maxine’s red shades. We loved watching them on TV and seeing how the bond they formed is still strong warms the heart.


With so many stars from different backgrounds at the Big Bold Brave Party, even the most unexpected of link ups can happen. For example, Sassa Gurl interacting with some of the P-pop groups during the night. The internet star was spotted hanging out with LITZ alongside Awra and Argie Roquero as well as R Rules. Now that Sassa Gurl is releasing music, you can never close the door on the possibility of a Sassa and P-pop collab.


Winning two awards that night, Nadine Lustre is tied with SB19 as the most wins among the nominees in this year’s Big Bold Brave Awards. But aside from adding even more trophies to her awards shelf, Nadine was also low-key one of the stars of the night with many celeb guests wanting to take pics with her. But honestly, do you blame them? Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, LITZ, and Denise Julia were just some of the stars that we spotted with Nadine. But the Nadine interaction we loved the most was when she and Mimiyuuuh shared a warm hug during the after party. Sana all Mimiyuuuh.  


We here at NYLON Manila love P-pop and there is even an entire sub-category dedicated to it for the Big Bold Brave Awards. So, it was only right that P-pop groups were well represented during the Awards Night Party. VXON, LITZ, R Rules, Boiz, and some members of MNL48 were all in attendance. We even spotted some of the P-pop idols interacting with the other guests in attendance like LITZ hitting the dance floor with the PBB season 10 teens. But the P-pop moment that got us talking was this sweet moment MNL48’s Cole had with MNL48’s Yzabel.


The power this picture holds. Sassa, Awra, and Mimiyuuuh are trailblazers in the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community and they all so happen to be besties too. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you maximize a joint slay.


Angia Laurel and Rovin Mizuse aren’t just talented makeup artists. They are also the two winners of the Favorite Makeup Transformation category. Rovin was the very first winner in 2021 and Angia won it this year. Both were in attendance and it felt correct that the first and current winners took this cute snap.


It’s fair to say that everyone at Big Bold Brave Awards Night Party had a great time. But Team Careless really knew how to have fun. Not only did most of them show up together, they also had an entire table to themselves. Their artists like Nadine, Massiah, Lesha, Issa Pressman, and Jolianne were in attendance ready to show up and show out. And when it was time for the after party, the Careless squad was the group you wanted to be around.  

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nylon manila big bold brave awards night fashion outfit

Every Single Head-Turning Look At NYLON Manila’s Big Bold Brave Awards Night

Which of your faves made it to the list?

They really went big and bold the entire night.

There’s no room for playtime with these head-turners who definitely got the memo and went all out with the dress code of the night. With NYLON Manila’s first event IRL happening, there was no other option but to go big, go bold, or go home, and boy, were they all in theme. Scroll down for our favorite fashion moments below, in no particular order ’cause they’re all winners, baby.

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Remember that controversial purple jumpsuit that rapper Lil Kim wore at the MTV VMAs red carpet years ago? Our Fearless Social Media Star Sassa Gurl transported us back to the 90s with a gold sequinned pastie and a corseted dress by Arwin Meriales as she accepted her award on stage. Legendary.


With a slayage on a weekly basis, it was no surprise that Awra Briguela would be one of the brightest stars of the night. Her rhinestone dress with a matching head scarf by Jade Rhian So was reminiscent of Rihanna’s iconic CFDA dress back in 2014.


As a wise woman once said, this look is sliving. Content creator Ashley Garcia turned it up in a pink chiffon dress with frills by Carl Arcusa, accessorized with a Diesel mini bag, a silver body chain, rose-colored specs, and strappy heels.


PBB housemate Maxine Trinidad pulled up to the Big Bold Brave Awards night in high-octane style. The stunner wore all red, from her corset, knit top, mini skirt, down to her boots and shades.


With a style icon like Nadine Lustre, it’s always a no basic zone. The clapback queen and inspirational personality wore a Vivienne Westwood pearl choker, silver corset by Job Dacon, reworked denim skirt by Rafa Worldwide, knee-high boots by Naked Wolfe, and a Le Cagole bag by Balenciaga. Dripped.


For rising performer Paul Pablo, everyday’s pretty much his runway. He wore an embroidered coat, ruched pants with matching gloves, and hat by Genes and Hails. David Bowie and Prince, come collect your child real quick!


Red was easily the color of the night with the boys of P-Pop group VXON showing us how it’s done. Leather, sequins, mesh , and silver hardware go hand in hand with their outfits.


Welcome to Mimiyuuuh’s It-girl era. It’s all gas and no brakes for the social media star and designer from one killer look to another. This time around, she creates the perfect storm in a silver corset and bodysuit by Marian Zara, paired with deconstructed denims from Fangs Gang that Mimi sewed herself back in college.


Johan Kyle’s got it all figured out. From designing, song-writing, and film-making, he’s tried ’em all. He goes bold at the BBB Awards night in a tie-dye suit by Jaggy Glarino and Jordan 11 concords.


For one of the most fearless 21-year-old our generation has ever seen, Frankie Pangilinan wears roses, cherubs, and diamonds on her sleeve (literally) with a tulle top created by Randolf Clothing. Goody two shoes? Nope, those red boots are definitely here to stay.


We love how Maymay’s outfit at the BBB awards was composed of 70% legs, because why not? She wore a colorful sequinned dress with an ultra high slit by Joseph Palma.


When you’re a host and a performer, of course you can’t go low-key. Krystal Brimner stuns in an iridescent tube top and pants, sealed with a rhinestone choker.


Rising artist Jolianne Salvado of Careless Manila was blinged out when she performed for the Big Bold Brave Awards night. She wore a velvet top by Marian Zara, mini skirt by Yana Kalaw, rhinestone bandeau, and feathered gloves by Just Bonita.


Content creator Ry Velasco shows us a modern take on Cat Woman with her leather mini dress and spikey bun. It’s the details that count, especially when you’re wearing a Dior necklace and earrings.


PBB Housemate Kobie Brown likes it baggy with his slouchy suit, denims, and Prada necktie. Understated but cool.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice. MNL48 brought out all the cotton candy with their pink and silver coordinating outfits.


Singer and now photographer on the rise, Jason Dy pulled up in a colorful Walter Van Beirendonck suit with matching leatherette gloves and specs. Bang, bang, boom!


The hostess with the mostest, NYLON Manila’s EIC Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena went all out with his cropped suit with embellishments by Vin Orias and safety pin top handmade by Rafa Worldwide.

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