Tommy Hilfiger Is The Happiest Place On Earth With Their Manga-Inspired Disney Collaboration

When you wish upon a star, you get a collab like this.

Tommy Hilfiger teaming up with Disney for a special collection with a manga twist? Someone’s been reading our mind.

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With their classic riff on preppy and sportswear style, Tommy Hilfiger remains a constant presence in our closets. Their take on the iconic blue, red, and white will never fail to complement a look. But as if it couldn’t get any better, the American fashion label decided to give us a collection that was taken straight from our childhood dreams as they partnered with Disney to present a collection of prep classics. Oh, and did we also mention that it’s in a style of a manga twist? Yeah, they did that.


Disney is currently celebrating their 100th anniversary, and as part of the festivities, the house of Mickey Mouse and Tommy Hilfiger teamed up for the first time to have Mickey and friends enter the wondrous world of college prep, appearing on Tommy Hilfiger archival classics in a recently launched global collection. And in a nice twist, beloved characters such as Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck will be drawn in manga, giving this classic collab a unique look.

“An iconic anniversary, an iconic brand, and a collaboration with their most iconic characters – there is no better way to join fans around the world in celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary’,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Colliding Mickey and Friends with the TOMMY HILFIGER brand DNA has been one of our most fun collaborations to date. It’s a collectible edition of our favorite prep classics.”

Added Tasia Filippatos, President, Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing, “Disney and TOMMY HILFIGER are two beloved brands that have impacted culture on a global scale. The Disney x Tommy collection is a true celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary and showcases the creativity and storytelling that both Disney and TOMMY HILFIGER are known for.”

Bringing to life this collection of styles for men, women, and kids is a campaign shot by Paola Kudacki that features singer-songwriter Henry Lau, actor Lucien Laviscount, and models Soo Joo Park, Stella Maxwell, and Reign Judge. Combining the preppy feel of Tommy Hilfiger and the magical touch of Disney, the digital fashion show had them wearing playful pieces as they made their way through an unmistakably Disney campus façade that we very much wanted to enroll at.


These two icons coming together delivered a collection that reimagines signature prep classics with playful patterns and prints, making for looks that would fit right at home on the campus hallways or the streets of Disneyland. Designed with careful craftsmanship and thoughtful details, the collection includes a wardrobe-filling 50 styles across menswear and womenswear, and 10 styles for kidswear, all of which pay homage to Mickey’s fun-love nature.

As told through a Disney manga makeover, prepare your eyes for playful takes on the rugby shirt, chinos and blazer, including jacquard prints of a reinvented TH Monogram and Micky’s unmistakable silhouette. If you ever wanted to know what a day in the life of Manga Mickey would look like, the Tommy x Disney collab answers that by showing him frolicking through the signature Ithaca stripe on shirts and shirt dresses. Pieces of the collection also harken to Disney’s storied history and the original craft of Disney artists with all-over prints featuring ink blots and hand-drawn sketches. Other standouts include a cricket jersey and woven jumper, which is brought to life by a Minnie Mouse polka dot.

Cop this dream-come-true collection for yourself by heading to Trunc.phRustans.comZaloraLazada, and You can also see this pop culture collab by in person visiting the Tommy Hilfiger x Disney Pop-Up Display at Greenbelt 5.

Creative direction and styling KENNETH DIMAANO


Photography and videography KIM SANTOS


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The Round-Up: New Songs To End Your June With A Bang

Ms. Rodrigo, you did that.

Olivia Rodrigo, Ben&Ben, XG and more releasing new music today? Here are the tracks you need to listen to rn.

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And just like that, June is over. The past 30 days were definitely a wild ride of celebration, pride, and protest as we championed what makes us free in this day and age. But just because the month is coming to a close, doesn’t mean the party should be over. Looking at the past new music releases of the week, they clearly didn’t get the memo as we were treated to fire bops and bangers from the country and the rest of the world. So, doge the rainy season blues with our picks of some of the best new releases of the week.


Just like the way vampires suck out the life from their victims, so too does Olivia’s ex in the Gen Z star’s highly-anticipated comeback single, Vampire. Marking a departure from the dreamy minimalism of past hits, vampire begins with a hushed intensity before bursting into a larger-than-life epic built on pulse-pounding drumbeats and magnificently frantic piano work. As the track takes on a wild velocity, Olivia reveals her newly heightened sophistication as a vocalist and lyricist, spinning a tale of the kind of toxic romance that drains your very life force. Needless to say, she didn’t miss with this one.


You probably know the feeling of what it means to take that leap of faith. But have you ever thought about what happens right before you take it? That’s the focus on Ben&Ben’s funky new single with its guitar-driven folk/pop-rock roots with city pop elements, tropicalia beats, and twinkling production touches. The electronic-leaning track delves into the often-overlooked phase before taking a leap of faith. It candidly addresses moments of overthinking and overprocessing, providing a relatable narrative for all.


December Avenue and Belle Mariano just gave us an unexpected collab that’s going straight to our playlist thanks to its light vibe and wholesome lyrics. It’s a fresh love song we wouldn’t mind playing on repeat.


In the lead up to the release of their debut mini album, XG gives us this baddie anthem that exemplifies the boss energy that runs through this girl group.  


Charli XCX gives us this cute hyperpop jam that feels fit for the Barbie racecar driver theme song. We’ll be playing when were on our way to the cinema to watch the Barbie movie.


SHINee gives us a combination of their classic style with their new era as they go hard in this experimental yet attention-grabbing number.


Another week, another international remix featuring Zack Tabudlo. And this time, the young OPM star adds a nice touch to the TikTok hit that fits him well.  


Before you get it twisted, Yena’s new single is not about hating the Gen Z pop star, but more of sharing her jealously for someone. And tbh, she and Yuqi pull it off quite well in this pop-rock tracks that suits them well.


LOIR gets realer then real as she opens up old wounds and deliver an unsparing narration of her teenage life in her debut EP, Chapters. The 7-track EP, which exhibits a knack for confessional songwriting and tender, spacey production, reflects emotional maturity beyond her years. In moments when the soulful newcomer needed some rescuing, she wasn’t afraid to examine her decisions in life with both sides of the coin: never consumed by ego, but instead, looking for answers with a hopeful, open mind.


While we would have preferred for the song to be a tad longer, this collab showcases just how powerful Agnez Mo and Ciara can be when on the same track.


Janine really decided to give us the feels with her new single, and we’re okay with that. The vocals, production, and instrumentals just come together so well.


Inspired by Rita’s own experiences, Don’t Think Twice is an infectious, upbeat floor filler infusing carpe diem spirit with the beginning moments of a relationship.


Warren steps back from the hard hip-hop beats for this introspective and vibey number.


Taking cues from modern-day, female-identifying indie rock heroines, aleksiah’s Ant Song arrives with a level of maturity and confidence that sounds like she’s already on equal pegging with those heavyweight names. The song celebrates the positive energy, unconditional tenderness, intimacy and joy that comes from being in love.

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All The Times Awra Briguela Unapologetically Defended Her Friends And Herself

She's a baddie we can trust.

We all need a ride-or-die friend like Awra in our lives.

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Ever since she landed on our radar in 2016 thanks to her viral “awra” pose, Awra Briguela has earned millions of fans thanks to her charm, comedic skills, and talent. If she isn’t starring in the latest movies or shows, scoring viral videos on TikTok, or hyping her volleyball friends up on Twitter, Awra is proudly embracing who she is on social media.

And that’s one of the main reasons why we love this star, with the way she treats herself and her friends. In an industry that is sometimes known for fake friendships and personalities, Awra is a true queen who isn’t afraid to selflessly stand up for herself or her BFFs when they get mistreated. Here are the times when she delivered A-tier clapbacks like the confident queen that she is.


Awra has that confidence we would love to have. And one of the ways she shows it is through the fierce pics she posts on social media, often flaunting what her momma gave her. But sadly, even if it’s 2023, people still can’t keep their unwarranted opinions out of other people’s business. Awra’s unapologetic aura wasn’t enough to keep the haters away when netizens started leaving unsolicited comments on one of her bikini photos last February.

Clearly, Awra wasn’t having any of it and took to Twitter to call out those who tried to insult her with homophobic comments. In a separate tweet, she furthered her sentiments by saying, “Just facts: Unattractive men are the homophobic ones.” And that’s how you clear homophobes.


What do you do when you see one of your friends get harassed at a bar? Understandably, you’d go to their defense. And that was what Awra did when she saw that one of her friends was being allegedly harassed while they were bar-hopping Poblacion.

While she was sadly detained by the police despite acting in the defense of herself and her friends, many of Awra’s friends, like Sassa Gurl, Zeinab Harake, and many more, took to social media to defend the actress and vouch for her character. Riva Quenery even visited Awra at the police station where she was being held. At the end of the day, Awra is a real one for standing up for her friends.


While many remember Awra as the eccentric little kid on Ang Probinsyano, she’s gone through a glow-up in the past couple of years and isn’t afraid to express the new era she’s in. And while people can say what they want, Awra is here to remind us that she’s not one to conform herself to the standards of others. “You should never feel bad about wanting to change or re-shape yourself into the person you want to be,” she shared on Twitter.

The most constant thing in life is change so, as long as you are happy and not hurting anyone, you shouldn’t feel the need to be someone people expect you to be. Awra is proudly living her best life despite what the haters may say, and so should you.  


While Awra hasn’t specified who this message is for, it is speculated that it’s for Ricci Rivero. ICYDK, Awra is one of Andrea Brillantes’ besties, and have been BFFs for years. So, when news broke that Blythe and Ricci were officially over, Awra took to Twitter to say this. And honestly, we don’t blame her. Real friends will always be there for you, especially post-breakup when you aren’t treated right. 

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9 Filipino And Thai Star Interactions That We Can’t Stop Thinking About

All in one frame.

It’s a small world after all.

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While it’s one thing seeing our favorite Filipino stars hang out with each other, it’s another to see them meet, work, and even become friends with international stars. But that’s what we’ve been blessed with when it comes to interactions between our local faves and Thai stars. You’d be surprised by how big the intersection is in the Venn Diagram between celebrities from the Philippines and celebrities from Thailand. But as Southeast Asian neighbors, it honestly feels correct to see this SEA excellence. It’s like seeing the showbiz universe collide, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s take a look at those Thai and Filipino moments that lowkey improved diplomatic relations between the two countries.  


The power that Janella Salvador and Win Metawin have by starring in the same movie is enough to shift the tectonic plates. What seems like a fan casting you’d read on Wattpad is reality as Janella and Win are set to star in a new movie called Under Parallel Skies. Set and filmed in Hong Kong and produced by 28 Squared Studios, the movie will follow a man who tries to move on from his painful past. He soon discovers that a woman he knows is connected to his past. And the best part is that the film is supposedly directed by Kita Kita helmer Sigrid Andrea Bernardo.


Nadine Lustre and Gulf Kanawut

Nadine And Gulf stans won with this. The two actors brought the looks when they attended the Gucci fashion show in Sydney, Australia late last year and were photgraphed together. If only we could have been a fly on the wall to hear what these two talked about.


Celebrities, they’re just like us. When they get the chance to meet their faves, they too can have a fangirl moment. Case in point, FreenBecky stan Glaiza De Castro getting her whole life as she got to meet, sing, and talk to the Thai GL power couple during their fanmmet in Manila earlier this year. And the fact that she’s a special guest at the duo’s grand fanmeet at Araneta Coliseum in July means the fangirling probably isn’t going to stop for Glaiza.


@1stoneofficial DumDum w/ Jeff Satur and Barcode 🤟🏻 #dumdumgangchallenge #jeffsatur #barcodetin #1stOne #WujuBakery #wujureporter ♬ Dum Dum – Jeff Satur

We would like to give our thanks to 1st.One’s Ace, Jayson, and Alpha for giving us main dancer Jeff Satur. We’re always here for these P-pop x T-pop moments.


Did we ever imagine we would see the cast of the Thai BL series Cutie Pie meet BGYO? No. But are we happy this crossover exists? Absolutely.


When you’re Liza Soberano, the boys go to her, not the other way around. Such is the case when Thai actor Luke Plowden tweeted that people have been telling him that he looks like the guy version of Liza. She then proceeded to reply to the tweet a sensible two days later, greeting her Thai twin.


Ah, who could forget this iconic team-up? Erich and Mario got the archipelago talking when they starred in Suddenly It’s Magic back in 2012. We really didn’t know what we had during this time.


@camillezbonifacio Sorn is in the Philippines!!! LDR no more HAHAHHAA abangan natin ang pagkikita nila ni AC 🥰 #acbonifacio #sorn #clcsorn #fyp #fypシ @AndreeBonifacio @Sorn ♬ Forevermore – Jed Madela

AC has achieved many things in her life at just 20 years old. And she can add being IRL besties with a K-pop idol to her long list. In 2021, Thai idol and former CLC member Sorn went on an Instagram Live with AC. On it, she revealed that she kept on seeing AC and her friends’ dance videos on TikTok, and it impressed her so much that she followed them on social media. Sorn used to follow AC on Instagram for a time, but the two remain friends to this day, even linking up when the K-pop star was in Manila in 2022.


ICYDK, Khalil and Thai star Tay Tawan are friends IRL and first established their friendship after appearing on the Japanese reality show, Find The Wasabi, in 2019. Since then, they’ve kept up their friendship even if they work in two different countries. The bond is still there, as exemplified when Khalil and Gabbi Garcia treated Tay and New Thitipoom to Filipino food when the two were in Manila for their fanmeet last year.  

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8 Times Kathryn Bernardo Was A Whole Mood On Twitter

*Turns on notifications*

Kathryn Bernardo, our relatable Twitter queen.

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While most know Kathryn Bernardo as the box office queen with a relationship we all aspire to have, we also need to talk about her social media game. Despite being a superstar, Kathryn has used her social media platforms to share with her millions of followers the fun and quirky side many love Kath for. And this is especially true when she’s on Twitter.

In case you missed it, she recently came back on Twitter after a year-long hiatus, and we couldn’t be happier. With her back to tweeting (hopefully regularly), we’re excited to see Kath connect more with her fans as if she is the fun friend in the barkada. Here are just some of her tweets that have a place in our bookmarks.


Her first tweet after her year-long hiatus, and she asks her 10.3 million followers what’s the tea. Same, tbh.


You know what, there’s nothing wrong with flexing your man on social media. And bonus points if it also includes the other things that make you happy.


Sure, she and DJ have a goals of a relationship, especially with their impromptu Intramuros date in 2019, but can we also talk about how she didn’t get her bibingka that night? The struggle is real.


Aside from being a millennial icon, Kathryn is also a fur mom. And like most fur moms, she doesn’t hesitate to show her love to her pets on social media, which includes giving them their own accounts on Instagram.


As if we couldn’t love her anymore, Kathryn’s go-to flavors at Potato Corner are apparently sour cream or barbeque.


Rumor has it that a litter of puppies was born when Maine showed her support to Hello, Love, Goodbye, and Kathryn quote tweeted it showing her thanks. Why start fan wars when your faves are supporting your faves.


Even Kathryn Bernardo isn’t immune to the daily struggles of traffic in Metro Manila. We feel you, Kath. At least she has her snacks to tide her over.


Can you blame her? Food will always hit at night, especially at midnight and early morning.

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This Short Film Shows How Turing Became The Financially Independent Star That She Is

Talented, proud, and financially stable.

With the help of GCash, Turing, along with other LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs, was empowered to follow her dreams and work with Pride.

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You probably know Turing as the confident drag artist serving looks and fierce lip syncs and making plus-size men and women feel seen and heard. But before Drag Race Philippines gave her the platform to spread her gospel of positivity, she was a working queen hoping to make it big, and more importantly, pay the bills as her family’s breadwinner. Her success didn’t come overnight. But there were those ready to help the queen during her more challenging times, such is the case with GCash. And it’s a story that’s highlighted in this short film that will have you rooting for the queer underdog.


GCash Stories, Gcash’s initiative to highlight inspirational tales of Filipinos, is back with a new narrative. And in time for Pride Month, the focus is on Drag Race Philippine’s season 1 fan favorite, Turing. The drag artist, who serves as the face of GCash’s Werk With Pride advocacy for Pride Month, stars in a powerful new release directed by Antoinette Jadaone.

It celebrates pride through the story of the strength and persistence of Turing and GCash’s commitment to inclusivity and financial empowerment. The short film, simply titled Turing, turns back the clock on the star pre-Drag Race Philippine fame. The film spotlights her aspirations and determination to succeed in life while showing the challenges faced by breadwinners striving to make ends meet.


As many breadwinners can relate to, Turing wants a better future for herself and her family. With the help of GCash, she chases that dream as she works with Pride and reassures her mother, “Ako nang bahala sa pag tambling, Ma,” despite the struggles their family faces. During the pandemic, many drag queens were forced to perform on livestreams in their homes, and Turing was no exception. Still, despite the hurdles it brought, Turing powered through them. Overcoming tears, she performs in her living room, cheered on by her family and supported by GCash, enabling her to receive tips from fans all around the country.

“Sobrang proud ako sa film na ‘to, kasi it really showed how GCash was there during some of my most challenging times,” shares Turing. “Especially nung lockdown kasi virtual shows lang ang nagagawa naming drag performers kasi sarado lahat ng bars and clubs, ang laking tulong ng GCash para makatanggap kami ng tips in real time, and I got to continue doing what I love the most.”


A story like this is worth celebrating, so, GCash rolled the blue carpet for the premiere of Turing’s GStories film at the GTalks: Werk With Pride event last June 22. As a space for meaningful discussions on topics that impact the everyday lives of Filipinos, this edition of GTalks focused on celebrating the local LGBTQIA+ community. Specifically, the talk spotlighted how queer artists and business owners get to live freely, work proudly, and strive for their goals with the help of GCash and its services.


To that end, the Werk With Pride event also featured a panel discussion with LGBTQIA+ business owners and entrepreneurs Gabby Cantero, Butterboy co-founder Hilder Demeterio, and Nariese Giangan of Food for the Gays, where they shared their own success stories with GCash. They were also joined by LGBT Chamber of Commerce Representative Atty. Quino Reyes.


In a time when acceptance and respect for the LGBTQIA+ community still have their ways to go, we are reminded that queer people also deserve the opportunity to follow their aspirations while still being true to who they are. Regardless of who you are or what you aspire to, nothing should stop you from achieving those goals and securing that bag. And that is something GCash supports with their slew of accessible financial services available any time of the year.

GCash and Turing

From GLoan, GInsure, and Scan-To-Pay, there’s a whole host of services LGBTQIA+ individuals and business owners can avail themselves of. “We understand the needs of our customers and will continuously innovate to provide accessible financial services for Filipinos, regardless of gender, background, or preference,” says Neil Trinidad, Chief Marketing Officer of GCash. “Like Turing, there are many stories of hope that inspire us to continue to help uplift the lives of Filipinos.” So, go out there and #WerkWithPride.

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Watch Out, Fil-Am Actor Martin Martinez Is Gearing Up For Big Things

The theater kid goes Hollwood.

Another day, another Filipino-American actor in Hollywood to have on your radar.

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With a name like Martin Martinez that feels like it came from a Hollywood screen name generator, you would think the young Filipino-Latino actor was destined for great things. And you would be right. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Martin first caught the movie bug as a young kid when he became obsessed with watching old VHS tapes and DVDs his mom would buy. High school introduced him to the world of theater, where he could translate his love of storytelling as he auditioned for high school plays and flexed his burgeoning acting skills. After getting his acting feet wet in theater, Martin transitioned to the big leagues, appearing in a slew of network, cable, and streaming shows.

In just a few years, the young actor found himself booking big productions like Marvel’s Runaways, Never Have I Ever, Pachinko, and more. These days, you can catch Martin in the Amazon Freevee show, Primo, where he plays Miguel. But aside from getting those acting credits, Martin is also helping push forward Filipino narratives in Hollywood, such as starring in the upcoming film, And One, a coming-of-age musical basketball drama starring a slew of Filipino actors. We’re definitely here for this new generation of Filipino actors making waves in Hollywood.

We recently got the chance to catch up with this rising star where he opened up about his Filipino roots, his love of acting, working in Hollywood, and more. Get to know more about him by reading our interview below. 

Growing up, were you close to your Filipino roots?

Not as much as I liked to have been. So I am mixed, and my mom is a first generation immigrant from the Philippines. I wish I had learned to speak the language but I think my mother actively chose not to use Tagalog directly with my siblings and I, but growing up with my mother showed me that t was important to her that we all saw her side of the family, so we spent a great deal of time at my lolo and lola’s house. My aunts and uncles lived there as well, and that was our family headquarters. We would have all of our events and gatherings there, and everything always revolved around a lot of food. My comfort food will ultimately always be a Filipino dish. I’ll order or make chicken sinigang or halo halo when I’m feeling far away from home. I identify a big part of myself from growing up with a Filipino family, having really learned about the culture from them.

How did you fall in love with acting?

I was maybe 13 or 14, and I had this old fashioned TV, like you know, the big boxy ones with the VHS slot built in. And the screen must have been, I don’t know, 24 inches. My mother was always thrifty; she would always snag all kinds of DVDs on sale, or VHS videos at garage sales or Goodwills. I would then make a stack of movies I’d want to watch, place that old TV on the floor in my room, grab a blanket, and watch movies like a hermit all night long. You know, I was so captivated by the story telling, the messages and how inspiring it was. How eye opening and freeing storytelling is.

As I got older, I read a ton of fiction books; you could always find me with my nose buried in a book. As I got further into my teen years, my home life wasn’t the easiest for me. I found a sanctuary in the theater: the lights, the costumes, and the creative space for your imagination to just run free. I felt at home there. In an empty theater, I found I could be the most reflective, and it felt like anything was possible here.

I began to audition for plays in high school and spent most of the rest of my time there where I led several plays. This is when the acting bug stuck. I did the spring, summer, and winter plays, and even was part of a thespian competition. Working on these characters, to me, felt like I knew them better than I knew myself.

Martin Martinez

How different is it when it comes to acting in a play as compared to acting on TV?

So for this one, I have a bit of a difficulty describing this because to me, the storytelling should be rooted in the same foundation but through a different medium. I think in television it’s easier to lose the truth in what you are doing. I mean, there’s still an audience, but that audience is the crew, the camera department, the writers, producers, director at video village, cameras surrounding you, etc. Sometimes we’re learning re-writes and new material the day of, and sometimes you only get so many takes before we have to move on. I think your foundation and preparation have to be strong.

You have to know how to be professional and pivot at any given moment. The same goes for theater, but with theater, for me personally, I feel like you get to explore so many different facets of that character through the – sometimes months, of rehearsals. When we have shows in theater, we’re doing the same play sometimes twice a day every weekend, for weeks. There’s something different about that. Of course, there are technical differences as well, but performing on stage starts to become second nature; you know this character inside out. I think this would be comparable to being on a show for many years or the same for a film. But, ironically, I find television moves so quickly
and it’s easier to become rigid.

When you become rigid, you can lose that spontaneous, organic authenticity since you are working within so many restrictions. It’s like sculpting with a scalpel in theater and sculpting with a laser for TV. Someone once told me television was like speeding down a highway, and theater was like cruising slowly down a country road. I thought that analogy was interesting.

Your new series Primo revolves around a San Antonio teenager balancing his personal life and hectic family. Considering how Filipinos have a close connection with their families, was your role in the show someone you could relate to?

The premise of the show revolves around Rafa played by Ignacio Diaz-Silverio, a teenager, and his single mom played by Christina Vidal, and five uncles played by Carlos Santos, Henri Esteve, Johnny Rey Diaz,
Jonathan Medina, and Efrain Villa all of which who have distinctive personalities. I play Miguel, Rafa’s best friend. The overall thematics of the show revolve around the meaning of family and what that looks like, even if it may be unconventional. Miguel lives with his grandparents, and his parents aren’t really in the picture. And throughout the series, we find out that a lot of his guidance is provided by Drea, Rafa’s mom, who, with the uncles, kind of unofficially adopt him into the family.

I think that is something that I can relate to, in regards to my upbringing. I have found that it’s not necessarily the family you’re born into, but the family you choose. I also love how this show reveals the positives. There’s a sense of resolution at the end of each episode that leaves you feeling more whole. I think regardless if you grew up with a big family or not, you can find a family in this show. You feel part of it.

Martin Martinez

How did you come across And One? What attracted you to the project?

When I read the script for And One, which is loosely inspired from a true story, I was so intrigued. There was such a strong reveal that it took my breath away. I play this character Robbie who is conflicted but doesn’t know why. His world feels completely disrupted, and throughout the film, we find out what has been weighing him down so much. The film is really about depression and overcoming that, and I think
that’s inspiring. I felt very connected to this character’s story.

There’s also a musical element involved in the film. We have a few musical numbers where I sing along with my other co-stars and a challenging solo piece I sing as well. This kind of project felt very different than the ones I have done before. It felt riskier; I knew I wanted to explore this character more. There’s so much passion behind this project coming from everyone involved. I felt so compelled to be a part of it. I’m very much looking forward to this release.

You’ve appeared in your fair share of big shows over the years. Whenever you step on set, do you get nervous working in these big productions?

Every time. I thought it would be different by now, since I’ve done a few at this point. I just learned to trust myself, my instincts, and my preparation. When the lights go on and the director yells, “Action!”, I try to just forget everything going on in my head and focus on one thing: the scene. I have to tell myself that nothing else matters.

Honestly, I’ve struggled with nervousness all my life, and on a recent job, I was speaking to one of the actors who has a career I really admire. He told me he saw no fear when I’m acting and asked me if I got anxious. And I said, “I do, every time.” He told me he does too and that he’s just an anxious person as well. This was comforting to hear, to know it doesn’t ever really go away—we just learn how to handle the nerves more effectively.

Among all the roles you’ve done so far, is there one that sticks out to you as your favorite?

That’s tough. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my characters in most of the roles I’ve done. I specifically liked the ones that had an action element to them, whether that be sprinting at full speed and weaving through people like I did in NCIS: Hawai’i or having a heartfelt scene under these giant rain towers in Saving Flora, haha.

But two projects come quickly to mind though. My role in Magnum P.I. has felt very powerful. My character overcomes so many adversities given his tough background, which I think is really inspiring, and we get to see this unravel throughout a few seasons. And like I mentioned earlier, Saving Flora was a complete adventure. I mean, we were on set with this elephant almost every day. Getting to know this gentle giant creature in that kind of capacity is indescribable. We even swam in a lake with her! It was a magical experience. I really enjoy the projects that have stunt elements to them.

Martin Martinez

What are your dream roles that you would love to do? 

I think it’s one of those things where I don’t know until I see it. I would love to be in a sci-fi project, something that takes place in space. Something inspiring. I want to be— I want to go through a journey. I want to overcome something, something that captivates the audience and makes them wonder the what-ifs. I mean, that’s what I love about film. You forget your world for the moment, and there’s a possibility for something completely impossible to exist, or maybe not, and it’s something totally relatable. Something that invokes imagination and passion.

I would say in addition to sci-fi, I would love to get into fantasy, adventure, action, and thrillers. I just recently wrapped a project that involved prosthetics, and that was really fun. Some of my favorites are like Gladiator, Cast Away, Life of Pi, Turner and Hooch, Apocalypto, —but that one’s really messed up—Disturbia —I’d love to do a movie like Disturbia, Gangs of New York, Se7en, Basketball Diaries, The Aviator, Chronicle, etc. I mean, I could go on forever. I just love a compelling story. I mean, just a story that compels me. I want to step into this character’s shoes, and I want to take the audience with me in this story through all those moments and share that story. To me, the story is what matters.

I have to read the script and I have to feel like, “Oh, yeah I want to experience this. And I want to share this experience.” I need to feel inspired because the dream role is ever changing. At first, I just wanted to be a working actor, you know. And I am super grateful for where I am but now I want to tell different types of stories, stories I haven’t told before.

What kind of impact are you hoping to have in Hollywood as a young Filipino-Latino actor?

I’m hoping to invoke imagination and relatability to others through my characters. Find and follow those passions, and don’t give up!

Martin Martinez

Hollywood can often be an intense place to work in. As a young actor, how do you find that balance of booking roles all while avoiding burnout?

That’s tough for me. I guess I’m still figuring that out. When I’m traveling and working, it’s busy, but before and after each job, I’m constantly auditioning, just doing my best at putting my strongest work forward, and trying to procure the next job- one that resonates with me. Finding the roles that move the needle is a tedious thing. I also have to understand that this is the life of an actor. Creativity is a lifelong journey, and this journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

The best way that I can avoid burnout is by spending time with my dog and reading books, journaling, playing video games, boxing, just really filling that well of creativity outside of my acting life. It’s tough to step away from the grind of it all, but when I do, I try to look for things that inspire me and make me feel invigorated and alive. Finding a place where you can be physical and learn new skills is also very helpful in maintaining that balance.

What’s something about being an actor in Hollywood that you wish more people knew?

I wish more people knew that the journey is different for everyone. It’s easy to look at the results, but the Industry is all a perception. There’s a grind and hustle there, it’s very much an iceberg. Everything is below the surface: the building blocks, foundation, hours of prep, self-motivation to stay consistent, and then once you have all of that, you have to maintain that foundation.

Sometimes it’s doing 50 auditions before finding one that sticks, or hearing any kind of feedback, and sometimes it’s taking different acting classes to hone your craft. It’s not always shiny or shimmery. Sometimes when you finally get the job, it may be on set filming in the rain, in the cold, and your hands are turning blue, but you remember everyone is there because we’re all passionate. That’s the most fulfilling part. The ebbs and flows of the industry are also really important to understand. We’re all trying to strike lightning in a bottle. I definitely do find that the more consistent you are with your work, the luckier you get.

Martin Martinez

What advice would you give to other young people who would like to pursue an acting career?

My advice to other young people who would like to pursue an acting career is to try it out. Act in a play, explore telling different stories, see if it resonates with you. It’s easy imagine the idea of it: the appeal of being a working actor, moving from project to project, doing press, the lights, etc., but that is just a minute component of the acting experience. I would say to really make it worthwhile as an actor, you have to really want to do this.

There’s a Steve Jobs quote, “people say you have a lot of passion for what you’re doing, and it’s totally true and the reason is because it’s so hard that if you don’t any rational person would give up. It’s really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time,” and I think this very much applies to acting. And once you’ve made that decision, and you feel it in your bones that you want to pursue this, always remember to stay true to yourself. It’s easy to forget sometimes why you do what you do or even who that ‘you’ is. Like any business, know your ‘why’.

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Our Era: Here’s What Went Down At Careline’s Graph-Ink 18th Birthday Party

Time to blow out the candles and put on eyeliner.

Careline goes all out for their big 1-8 as the Gen-Z fave cosmetics brand celebrated the iconic milestone with a lit, glittery and shimmering party.

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One of our cult beauty girlies celebrated her 18th birthday recently, and we’re talking about none other than Careline. Since 2005, the local beauty brand has been one of our go-tos for make-up that have us looking #BetterThanBasic!

The silver was glistening, the gold was shimmering, and the eyeliner was giving as Careline turned House Manila into one of the hottest disco parties in town. Curious to know what went down at Careline’s 18th birthday party? Well, we’ve got you covered with our rundown of a party that had guests embracing their best eras yet.


Careline’s b-day party was all about embracing our main character moment with the theme “Your Era.” So, the night’s ‘fits had guests serving looks in a disco and beat-driven style in snatched shades of white, gold, and, black. Guests, which consisted of the who’s-who of your fave Gen Z influencers, embraced the retro revel energy. Even before they got into the main space, attendees passed through the disco tunnel, which was awash in silver that made for the best photo spot.

As guests mingled amongst themselves and enjoyed snacks and drinks courtesy of House Manila, they had the chance to try out the four (yes, four) photobooths around the venue. Booth one was a Projector booth where partygoers struck a pose in holographic elements on a backdrop.

Booth two was the Doodle and Pose booth, which, as the name suggests, had guests snapping pics and writing birthday messages for Careline that looked like the coolest graph(ink) novel come to life.

Attendees lived their Met Gala fantasy in Booth Three with the Vogue booth that was adorned with lights. And because there’s no such thing as being too extra on your 18th birthday party, Careline’s fourth booth was an IG-worthy mirror vignette decorated with disco balls and stickers.  


Soon, the night’s program began as NYLON Manila’s Editor-in-Chief Ayn Bernos delivered the opening remarks and welcomed guests to the hottest 18th birthday party in town. Aside from commemorating Careline’s 18th, the night also teased the beauty brand’s latest product drops, literally the first public unveiling of their newest expansion innovations to the well-hyped Graph-Ink Liners, which are sure to bring your eyeliner game to the next level!

Given that the official launch of the Graph-Ink Liners won’t be until July, it was a def treat that the attendees got first dibs in trying them out.

After that, it was time to party as DJ Jimmy Nocon got on the turntable with a set that brought the beats and grooves as guests got down on the dance floor. Studio 54? No, it was Studio Careline. Even with everything that was going down, the looks were still slaying, and the eyeliner was legit popping. Speaking of, while everyone served lewks that night, two guests stood out for their head-turning ‘fits and were awarded for it. The Most Extreme of the Night award went to Janio Ezekiel while Best Inked of the Night was given to Angia Laurel.

As the final (winged) tip to the revelry, guests when home with a cool loot bag that contained the never-before-seen Graph-Ink Liners, and Careline merch – a bucket hat, and a mini-shoulder bag. Careline giving away gifts on their birthday? We love a generous queen!

Here’s to more birthdays with the beauty brand. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll practice with those Graph-Ink Liners.

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Stephanie Poetri Enters Her Edgier Rock Era

She's a modern-day poet to us.

Even Stephanie Poetri made time from touring to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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For an artist to continually evolve with their music career, they explore other genres aside from the ones they start with. This is the case for Stephanie Poetri. Hailing from Indonesia and currently based in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter grew up with musical parents. A father who’s a former trombonist/marching band instructor and a mother who’s a recognized pop star in Indonesia, Stephanie had a variety of genres she’d tap into.

Stephanie Poetri

To her fans and listeners, she’s a storyteller with dreamy indie pop/rock music. But for her new single, Astrologically Illogical, she explores her edgier rock side. Still recognizable with her alto voice in this single, she looked for inspiration from, of course, her Taurus horoscope.

While many often use their signs to determine whether they are compatible with someone, Stephanie’s new single is a slap to that idea. “I was just randomly searching for me and my boyfriend’s astrological signs if we’re compatible. Apparently we weren’t, and this song’s about not listening to the stars [astrological signs],” the 23-year-old tells.


Some artists have different results when they create music immediately after going through a life experience, such as when it improves their craft or allows them to open up deeper. For Stephanie, she prefers the latter. “I’d definitely think it’s an honest [result]. It’s kind of hard trying to not write about love because my whole career has been writing about love songs,” she explains. “I’m trying to take into more individual storylines.”

Stephanie Poetri

To that end, her new single coming out in July explores friendship and, as she hints, “feelings that we go through, especially in our adult life and feeling left out.” The I Love You 3000 singer also shared that she’s getting better at not feeling jealous of other’s success as she struggled with it when she was younger. “Other people’s success can be [inspired] from your success. You can share that success.” 


Ever since she blew up on the scene in 2019, Stephanie’s career has been nothing but a steady rise. Her schedule in the coming weeks is proof of that. Stephanie is currently on the road as the special guest for Filipino-American artist Lyn Lapid’s to love in the 21st Century tour. Despite the busy schedule, the month-long tour allowed Stephanie to have some downtime in between shows, which includes watching the new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film. 

Touring as an artist can have its downsides as well and Stephanie admits she gets carsick easily. “I’m so used to doing work on my downtime and doing work while traveling in a van was really hard [for me],” she shares. But it also has its fun quirks. As an opener for Lyn Lapid’s tour, she noticed Lyn’s fanbase was so creatively diverse and it was distinct in every city they played in. Things they’d crocheted or bringing a fan-made gift to their shows caught Stephanie’s eye. 

Stephanie Poetri

This upcoming August, she’ll be returning as one of the acts for Head in the Clouds LA at The Rose Bowl. While she didn’t say exactly the songs she’ll perform, she did tease, “I’m having a bigger band and finding ways to give bigger energy to my older songs.” She’ll be joining a lineup featuring other notable Asian acts such as Jackson Wang, NIKI, and XG.


Many consider Stephanie’s music to be their safe space. As for that star, she looks to fellow female musicians Julia Michaels and Beabadobee as artists for musical inspiration. When asked how similar she is to these artists, Stephanie says, “We all make music that we try to utilize as soundtracks to people’s lives. [We’re not] necessarily making music that are radio bangers…[we’re] making music for how people feel or how people lived.”

Stephanie Poetri

If she had to share words of advice with those who look up to her for musical inspiration, honesty comes to mind. “To be honest in a way that feels comfortable. Everyone has their own comfort on what they like to share and people shouldn’t feel pressured to say everything,” she imparts. It’s this honesty that’s just one of the many reasons why Stephanie Poetri will always be a staple in our soundtracks. 

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These Reactions To Belle Mariano’s New Album Are A Whole Mood

Those lyrics...

Now who gave Belle Mariano permission to hurt us like that?

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If Belle Mariano isn’t busy filming projects and grabbing endorsements left and right, she’s dropping tracks that will bring you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Such is the case with her recently released new album, Somber. The LP, which is part one of a two-parter experience, sees the Gen Z star get sentimental and introspective as she reflects on the trials and tribulations of a young woman in today’s world.

True to its name, Somber is an emotional body of work told through Belle’s moving vocals and her signature acoustic sound. From relationships, anxiety, love, and more, the album goes through it. Naturally, upon the album’s release, fans were left shaken by the ride it took them on, the production, storytelling, and everything in between. And honestly, same. Here are some of our fave reactions we came across on social media.

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