From IG Live To Real Life, AC Bonifacio Finally Met Her K-pop Bestie Sorn

There's nothing like meeting your friend in person for the first time.

Sorn and AC Bonifacio started out as friends who met online during the pandemic. Now, the two have finally met IRL and we couldn’t be happier.

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As a noted dance prodigy since she was a kid, AC Bonifacio has made fans from all four corners of the world. Charmed by her exceptional dancing skills, personality, and abilities, she has even earned the young star famous fans and followers. And those fans include quite a few K-pop idols, such as Sorn.

In case you didn’t know, AC and the former CLC member are actually friends, with Sorn following AC thanks to her viral dance videos. The first time they met each other was through an IG Live and since then we’ve been hoping the two would meet each other in person. And that day came as Sorn finally met her pandemic era friend during her trip to the Philippines.


Over the past week, Sorn flew to the Philippines to promote her new single Nirvana Girl (which is a bop btw). Her stay included stops with local press and media appearances, but the K-pop idol also had time to meet some local stars. And that included AC Bonifacio. Even as soon as Sorn landed in the Philippines, she already shared her excitement of meeting AC by sharing on her IG stories that she saw billboard of AC in the airport. And over the weekend, they finally got to meet each other after becoming friends online.

@andreebonifacioo FINALLY LOOK WHO IT ISSSS @Sorn ♬ WooYoungWooGreeting – KOJOOBOO

AC Bonifacio being friends with a K-pop idol is a flex in itself. But the fact that they got to meet and hangout as if they were just casual besties is next level behavior. Of course, TikTok videos were on the docket as both stars did dance challenges. It made for the coolest of bestie meet ups. Plus, it’s one of the greatest feelings to finally meet someone in real life after becoming friends online. AC appearing in Sorn’s next music video when?

@sssorn_chonnasorn We finally met 💖✨🌈 @AndreeBonifacio #NIRVANAGIRL #NirvanaGirlDanceChallenge ♬ Nirvana Girl – Version 1 – Sorn

Sorn made sure though to make the most of her trip to Manila. Aside from meeting AC, she also met BGYO’s Nate, Mitch Briones, and even LAPILLUS before the K-pop group left the country. Sorn’s short-lived Pinoy trip also saw her immerse herself in the local Filipino culture such as trying out Jollibee, practicing her Tagalog, and giving her take on Pinoy memes. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we get a K-pop x AC meet-up.

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