SB19’s Josh, Niana Guerrero, AC Bonifacio, BGYO’s Nate, And More Take A Star-studded Trip To Enchanted Kingdom

To have friends like these.

It was like a field trip of the stars as SB19’s Josh, Niana Guerrero, BGYO’s Nate, AC Bonifacio, and more decided to spend an impromptu weekend afternoon at Enchanted Kingdom.

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When it comes to a day out with the barkada, the sky’s the limit. Whether it be just at home or in the mall, fun can be found as long as you’re with a good group of people. There’s no denying though that going out, such as in a theme park promises to be a full day of fun. No matter how old you are or how famous you get, theme parks, like Enchanted Kingdom are hard temptations to say resist when offered the chance. Case in point, just look at SB19’s Josh and his A-list barkada decided to spend weekend afternoon in EK as seen in his latest vlog. And let’s just say it’s giving us major FOMO.


Barkada hangouts happen in either two ways, it’s planned ahead of time with a set schedule, or it’s a last minute decision. And in this case, this star-studded hangout was a last minute idea. As revealed by Josh, they only talked about going to EK the night before. (Celebrities? They’re just like us.) So, who accompanied Josh on this trip? Only some of the most talented young stars in the country such as AC Bonifacio, Niana Guerrero, BGYO’s Nate, and Mitch Briones. The group is rounded out by their close friends RJ, Kimi, and Angela.

Low-key, we love how Josh picked them up and drove them to the park. Imagine being in a card ride with SB19’s Josh, AC Bonifacio, and BGYO’s Nate? It’s giving A-list carpool. Before they made their way to EK, they stopped by Niana’s house where Josh finally got to meet Natalia and she even showed of her Bazinga moves.


@joshcullens I wanna ride ? @nianaguerrero @ofcbgyo_nate @andreebonifacioo ♬ original sound – Zaniya&lt3

Technically, their EK adventure was supposed to be a no seatbelt challenge, but it just turned into a competition on who can survive the most extreme rides in the park. Their weekend itinerary included classics like Anchor’s Away, karting, paintball, and the Rio Grande. They also rode a litany of roller coasters, even finding the time to do the DARARI challenge on one. Of course, an Enchanted Kingdom trip wouldn’t be complete without trying the Drop Down tower, which Niana and Josh braved up to the task. And to wrap the whole adventure, they enjoyed the night with a fireworks show and hopped on the Ferris Wheel.

It’s honestly nice to see these people just get together away from their busy schedules and have a good time. We also love how they now each other and are just casual friends like its no big deal. Even though Josh is the oldest, he’s vibbin along with them like their older kuya. We’re here for these wholesome friendships.  

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