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Niana Guerrero And SB19 Stop Traffic, Literally, For Their Mini Crosswalk Concert

Stop the car! SB19 and Niana Guerrero are performing on the road.

For part two of Niana Guerrero and SB19’s collab, the duo take to the streets as they show off their dance moves to unsuspecting motorists.

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Imagine this: You’re driving on the road, on your way to whatever destination you are headed to. Then, while you’re waiting on a red light, a sixteen year old girl with tens of millions of followers on social media and one of the top P-pop group in the country suddenly start dancing in front of you. For drivers, motorists, and passersby in BGC, that scenario became a reality when Niana Guerrero and SB19 joined forces for a crosswalk concert and it’s giving us major FOMO.


Much was speculated on what SB19 and Niana Guerrero were set to do for their much anticipated collaboration. We already know that Niana played a fun and spicy game with SB19 when she visited their dance studio. And now we know the full extent of their collaboration. She actually was there to learn the choreo from the group themselves. For those who wished for a SB19xNiana song, sadly, you’re out of luck. But in its place, we got a fun outdoor performance that is very reminiscent of James Corden’s popular crosswalk musical series. SB19 and Niana prepared a three song set that consisted of What?, Bazinga, and Go Up. SB19 were dressed in matching purple and red fits while Niana stood out in her blue and white ensemble.

As seen in the video, they made their way to a busy crosswalk in BGC using electric scooters like the bad-ass clique that they are. Once the traffic light hit red, that was when Niana and SB19 would hit the stage…erm, the street and started performing the song. With every red light, they would go back to the crosswalk for another song, making it as if it was a mini-concert of theirs.


Niana and SB19 are already pros when it comes to performing in front of an audience, but in front of cars it was a totally different experience. Needless to say, it was fire. We love how Niana managed to learn all of the dance steps to the songs in just a few days and slayed once she hit the crosswalk. Let’s not forget the little cheers that Stell would say to hype them up, it made for a fun performance to watch. And a shoutout has to go to Black Cookies Production who made the whole thing look as smooth as it did.

Considering how ticket prices for an SB19 concert can reach in the thousands, the motorists who were present to watch their performance were definitely lucky. At the very least, they got to be entertained by some of the best young performers in the country before they continued on with their journey. TBH, if we were there and weren’t in a hurry, we would have parked the car and watched the rest of it. The only thing we need now is for Niana Guerrero and SB19 to perform together on an actual stage with a full production behind them. Now that would be epic.

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