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Vlad Hoshin And Eya Borja Finally Went Live Together And It Was A Moment

Was not expecting that.

In the latest edition of collabs we weren’t expecting, TikTok stars Vlad Hoshin and Eya Borja finally went live and it was definitely something.

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The thing about the internet and social media is that you can never know what’s going to happen. While you can try to predict possible trends, there is something random or out of the blue happening across social media everyday. Take for example TikTok stars Vlad Hoshin and Eya Borja. Vlad Hoshin, or more commonly known as Hoshin on social media, got his start thanks to his popular TikTok account, which has over 10.4 million followers and counting. You may know the Korean for his distinct tattoos on his face and body. And you may have even come across a comment from him on a video. Then there’s Eya Borja who has built a strong following of 9.2 million on TikTok thanks to her dance videos, lip syncs, and other entertaining skits.

On the surface, Hoshin and Eya seem worlds apart. Which is why the breakout pairing the two have shown since the beginning of the year has caught us off guard. And it reached a climax of sorts when the two finally met each other, at least live. But before we get into their viral TikTok live, let’s give a rundown of how all of this started.


@eyavanana Reply to @vlad.hoshin ♬ original sound – Eya

You can rarely expect a plot twist to come into your life. This is something Eya knows all too well when in January 2022, she made a TikTok video showing that Hoshin followed her. She was surprised by it, to say the least and he actually commented on the video, which left her even more shaken. And for the next few weeks, the two had a bit of a back and forth as Hoshin would comment on Eya’s videos and she would make a response to it.

@eyavanana Reply to @vlad.hoshin ♬ original sound – Eya

These cute interactions between the two left many feeling kilig, including Eya herself. Hoshin would even comment in Tagalog with led to many hilarious responses, including one where she asked him what kind of flower she was. While some may say that Hoshin is just doing this to bait Pinoy followers, Eya looked to be enjoying the back and forth they had going on.


The world seemingly stood still when the two finally had their first TikTok live together on February 6 and gave us a few memorable moments. From Eya being shy and not knowing how to explain certain phrases in English to Hoshin learning to speak Tagalog, it was something you need to see to believe. If you told us that Vlad Hoshin and Eya Borja would become one of the low-key breakout pairs of 2022, we wouldn’t believe you. Yet here we are.

Here are just a few highlights from the live.

Hoshin asked Eya what her favorite anime was, but she misheard it as favorite animal.

@antuerps #live #vladhoshin ♬ original sound – Tuerp

When the live ended, Hoshin said “mahal kita” to Eya, which caused her to get into her feelings.

@carbonara_ni_svc #ad Dito nalang ba tayo?@Eya @vlad.hoshin #hoshin #eya #hoshinedit #hoshinluv #eyabanana #eyaborja #fyp #fypシ #shaddowbanned #tiktok ♬ original sound – BarbieLiwag

Hoshin and Eya brining the kilig vibes.

@teambinixbgyo Di talaga ako maka move on sa dalawang to !! ?❤️ @Eya @HOSHIN #NANANA #BINI #blooms #eyavanana #hoshin #eyaedits #ppop #kinikilig #opm #binixblooms ♬ Na Na Na – BINI

Eya even showed us a little bit of the behind-the-scenes prep for the live (aka Google Translate).

@zlyn0000 Eyavanana HAHAA tawang tawa ko dito ??kilig yorn♥️?? #eya #hoshi ♬ original sound – Maikiiii

And because this is 2022, Oli London somehow got himself involved in this.

@olilondon #stitch with @eyavanana Kamusta mahal na mahal kita ??❤️? #olilondon #eyavanana #filipino #pinoy #philippines #kpop #fyp #aot #anime #fypシ ♬ original sound – Oli London

Never stop surprising us 2022.

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