rosé rose baking vlog

Rosé Finally Dropped Her First Baking Vlog And She Has Some Serious Skills


Seriously, what can Miss Rosé not do?

Most celebrities who enter the world of vlogging usually start with videos like A Day In My Life or Get Ready With Me. Not for Blackpink’s Rosé, though. Ever since she started her channel in 2019, she’s been posting videos about her song covers, solo projects, and what went on behind the scenes. We’re not complaining though, having that access to your bias is unparalleled. Perhaps the most wholesome content on her channel, Rosé gave us a taste of her hidden skills by making a French pastry called madeleine.

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rosé baking vlog

Who doesn’t love Madeline? Well, here’s Rosé dressed like our favorite school girl (not in a yellow beret in sight, though) as she heads to her baking class. She then introduces her instructor Kim E Seul of Korean pastry shop Cremage who she’s been constantly spotted with since last year, making the most colorful desserts. If you’ve been following Rosé for a while now, you’d know that she has been down with COVID-19 recently and missed Paris Fashion Week. So, it was a joy to see her finally well when she surprised us all with her vlog!

Perhaps the sweetest side quest she’s taken, it’s nice to see Rosé unwind and chit chat with her fellow baking classmates when they made their madeleines. We also love her random realizations in between decorating her pastry with pistachios, saying that she felt like she “started living her second life” as the baking lessons began. Now that’s a sweet realization. The main reason why she’s taking her new found hobby seriously? Well, according to her, she “started baking to eat.” Same, Rosé!

rosé rose baking vlog

In an Instagram story, she explains that it’s been a long-awaited moment for her dropping the vlog. “Thank you for waiting so patiently for me. And I’m sorry for keeping you all worried,” Rosé says. “It’s my first vlog so be kind.” Of course, she is no stranger to the toxic side of the Internet. Even if people tell you that the bashing comes with the package deal of being a public figure, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to hurtful comments.

rosé rose baking vlog

At the moment, Rosé’s baking vlog has already reached half a million views in just two hours. Finally, some Blackpink crumbs to enjoy aside from Jennie and Lisa’s channel! Now all we need is Jisoo’s and a baking crossover episode between Rosé and Jennie, who had a bakery tour vlog a few months ago.

rosé rose baking vlog

You can watch Rosé’s first baking vlog below:

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