In The Pretty Savage Primer, Rosé Wore A Skirt Worth 4 Semesters In College

The price just left us love sick. But who are we to complain? ?

But then again, she’s Rosé. So why not?

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First of all, who gave Rosé the permission to look this good?! For a second, we were confused whether it was a guest performance or a full blown show because the visuals, the vocals, and the production left us all wanting for more. Now that we’ve found Jennie’s P50,000+ bodysuit, can we talk about Rosé’s breathtaking look?

Screengrabbed from FWRD

Apparently, the embellished gloves and velvet-trimmed neoprene cropped top she wore were also by David Koma and it costs P48,553.23 on luxury retail site FWRD. (The price of the gloves are unavailable.) If that made your jaw drop, wait until you find out how much her metallic mini skirt costs.

Screengrabbed from Farfetch

Yes, you’ve read that right. Rosé’s skirt costs approximately P108,167.82 (that’s enough to pay 4 semesters already!) on luxe site Farfetch and it’s by legendary Spanish designer Paco Rabanne who’s known for his signature chainmail designs. We can only imagine the chiming sound it makes when she dances, although it makes us wonder too if it’s heavy. Nevertheless, Queen Rosé over here slayed us all and we’re hyped to see her first solo project soon that she’ll debut on their live stream concert this January 31.