Jennie Kim bodysuit

We Found The P50,000+ Bodysuit Jennie Kim Was Wearing On The Late Late Show

We're not even surprised. She always looks painfully expensive!

The price of Jennie Kim’s bodysuit is pretty savage too, don’t you think?

What is Blackpink without a little risk-taking? With access to almost hundreds of designers, it only makes sense that they would always be wearing the latest collections of the season. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress them up, right? Besides, each of them are style icons in their own right and are faces of different major luxury houses.

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Today, they gave us a taste of their upcoming livestream concert which is set on January 31st. Performing the track Pretty Savage on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the girls wore equally stunning outfits that looked bad-ass and steamy at the same time. To bring forth the good news, we’ve found the exact same bodysuit that Jennie Kim wore during the performance. Upon researching and scrolling for hours, the bodysuit was apparently created by David Koma, a London-based designer who showed his first ever collection at the age of 15. We’ve found the houndstooth corset bodysuit on luxury retailer site FWRD and it costs approximately over P52,886.13, but is now reduced to P37,020.29.

Screengrabbed from fwrdcom

We aren’t even surprised as the girls looked painfully expensive when they were killing those moves. There was just a slight difference in the original one as it had a higher cut in the leg area, but since Jennie was dancing, hers looked more like a leotard. The price might be a little hefty but yes, we’ll definitely wear this for sure. No questions asked.