When It Comes To Raising Awareness About The Genocide In Palestine, The Kids Are Alright

There's nothing wrong about being anti-genocide, bestie.

When the people in power turn a blind eye, it’s the youth who step in to remind the world what the right thing to do is.

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Unless you’ve been off the grid for the past eight months, or are purposely ignorant, then you’ve heard about the ongoing genocide in Palestine. Since October 2023, more than 36,000 Palestinians have been reportedly killed in Israel’s offensive, according to Gazan officials. Israel’s retaliation against Hamas has turned into a full-blown humanitarian crisis that has affected millions of Palestinians. 

The death and destruction in Palestine have spurred millions to embark on a social movement that not only donates humanitarian aid to Palestine but also voices out their opposition to the genocide and calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. And leading the way are millions of young people heading to the virtual and physical streets in an admirable display of courage, conviction, and bravery. 


When the powers at be are slow to move or are complicit in the violence, it is the youth who speak up to put on the pressure to make change. It’s this spirit of change that can be found in people like Eliana Atienza, a sophomore student at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the daughter of TV host and weatherman Kim Atienza. Over the past few weeks, thousands of students across the US have set up encampments in colleges and universities to show solidarity with the Palestinian people as well as push school leaders to divest from companies with economic ties to or investments in Israel. 

Eliana was one such student as she participated at UPenn’s pro-Palestine encampment. “Growing up, my mom, my dad, my lolo, my lola (grandfather and grandmother), taught me to speak out for what’s right, be kind to one another, and have integrity. And I hope I make them proud by being in the streets and marching and chanting and calling for a free Palestine because the death and destruction in Gaza is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” she told Rappler in an interview on where her activism comes from. 

But for her actions, she, along with five other students, was put on “disciplinary probation” until next year, causing her to lose access to her dorm. News of the development caused Eliana to be harassed on social media, which frankly is disgusting considering she stood up for a just cause and has the full support of her family. What Eliana, and thousands like her, have done is just a small slice of the ways people, especially the youth, have been putting the spotlight on the atrocities occurring in Palestine. 


Despite how much damage has been done in Palestine, it continues to get worse on the ground. You’ve probably heard about Rafah either on the news or on social media recently. But in case you aren’t familiar, it is a city in Palestine that has declared safe zones in it, meaning it has areas that are not to be attacked as they house displaced civilians and refugees escaping the attacks. Yet, an Israeli airstrike struck a tent camp that housed displaced Palestinians in Rafah and started a fire that killed dozens of civilians. This is despite the fact that the top UN court recently ruled Israel to stop its offensive in Rafah. 

It is because of this attack, and many more just like it, that spurred the phrase “All Eyes On Rafah” to be shared across social media. With Rafah as one of the last few safe zones in Palestine, “All Eyes On Rafah” is meant to remind people of these atrocities in a time when trend cycles make news come and go in a blink of an eye, Israel’s role in all of this, and even the complicity of other countries that led to the scenario Palestine is in. More importantly, this is not and should never be just a trend. 

Innocent people are dying and millions more are displaced and struggling to access basic necessities. You don’t even have to look far to see how it’s affecting people with a handful of Palestinian families who are living as refugees in the Philippines. Activism has never been cute, but that’s the point. And for generations, the youth have always been at the forefront of fighting the good fight. Whether it be the student movement against the Vietnam War in the ’60s and ’70s, student leaders resisting the Marcos Sr. dictatorship, to today’s generation showing their solidarity with the Palestinian people and holding Israel accountable for their actions, young people will always show up for what’s right and speak up for those who don’t have a voice. 

Never underestimate the power of Gen Z as the generation of change. Even simple tasks such as staying informed and sharing news on what’s going on in Palestine or supporting international and local efforts to send relief aid to Palestinians is a step to doing your part to bring about change. Rather than sharing an AI image that doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground, share useful infographics. So bestie, don’t let the anonymous trolls on social media gaslight you into staying neutral or thinking what you’re doing is wrong. At the end of the day, there’s nothing shameful about being anti-genocide and staying on the right side of history.

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media picks may 2024

NYLON Manila Picks: Our Favorite Media Picks That Got Us Through May 2024

Nothing like a good comfort watch.

From concerts, variety shows, comfort watches, and more, these entertainment options kept us fed this May.

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When the going gets tough, it’s never a bad decision to take in some good old-fashioned entertainment to soothe the soul and refresh the mind. And this past May, we did just that, whether it was watching the concerts of our faves, loving recent releases, or binge-watching comfort shows. Scroll down for our favorite media of May 2024 which lowkey became our obsession of the month. 


@_sircap27 Real goddess @laufey! You are amazing! See you in September! 🫶🏼 #laufey #laufeyinmanila #goddess #fyp ♬ original sound – Nikko | IG: @nikkocapistrano

Watching the incomparable Laufey perform live was like witnessing a classic Disney-era princess in real life. Her voice is sweet but powerful, and her words are painfully relatable. As one of my favorite artists ever, it was truly an honor to be able to watch her. I was moved to tears many times throughout the night, and I would consider myself to be so lucky if I get the chance to witness her magic again. Once tickets to her show later this year become available, you’ll catch me refreshing the concert site page like a madman.


As a Little Monster for most of my life, this concert film was the gift that kept on giving. The movie was chef’s kiss as seeing Gaga back in her element gave me flashbacks to why I stanned her in the first place. And the teaser at the end that a new album is coming? Consider me fed. It makes me so happy to see weird Gaga back. 


SEVENTEEN’s variety show Going Seventeen finally came back this May, and the first few episodes have no shortage of their classic chaos and mind games. Going Seventeen has become so popular on its own (there’s even a whole fandom called CUBICs, separate from CARATs), and the concepts, chemistry, and comedy in each episode show us exactly why.


The range of musicality and angst in one album is out of this world. My top track would probably be Bahama, the perfect summer, road trip song. It’s refreshing to see a different version of aespa in this comeback.


For someone who grew up making One Direction her entire personality from elementary to high school, attending Niall Horan’s concert felt like a fever dream! The entire show was a therapeutic experience that healed my inner child, and singing along to his songs with other fans was just priceless.


Two hours of literal shonen excellence. Seeing my favorite high school volleyball boys in motion again rocked my world and it’s not an exaggeration to say that I cried all throughout. It was the perfect culmination of the Tokyo Training Arc which is well-loved by the fans. Not to mention the IMAX experience that had me feeling like I was actually in the game!


Chappell Roan’s album is the perfect mixture of meaningful lyrics and good music production, which makes it my go-to soundtrack for almost every situation. Her perspective as part of the queer community has also influenced the stories her songs tell, making up for the lack of LGBTQIA+ representation in popular music.


I’ve watched this before and rewatching it again because it just came out on Netflix recently. Still my favorite show!

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NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Gadgets, Gizmos, and Tech of May 2024

NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Gadgets, Gizmos, And Tech Of May 2024

Games and gadgets galore.

Our best buys this May in the world of games, gadgets, gizmos, apps, and more!

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Technology makes the world go ’round…our world, at least. We’ve got some games, gadgets, and apps that we’ve found ourselves using this month whether it’s for work, school, or peace of mind. It’s always a great experience to be immersed in trying out a new gadget or starting a new game, and we’ve got a fresh, diverse set of recommendations that can cover all the bases, from fun to function. So whether you’re in need of some boredom-beating games or items that can make your life easier, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite tech, gadget, and digital picks this May 2024!

ITALKI & STARDEW VALLEY – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

As an anime enthusiast, deciding to formally study Japanese a few years ago was a no-brainer for me. However, in the more advanced stages of the language a large online class setup no longer fits my needs as a learner and young professional. This app, however, has given me the ability to arrange for one-on-one lessons with the most amazing individuals that I can schedule according to my availability. It’s a great way to make connections with people across borders and also learn in a way that is tailored to me.

The first video game I ever fell in love with was Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons), and Stardew Valley feels like a love letter to the granddaddy of farming simulators. It improves on SoS in every way, and ConcernedApe (the developer) continually updates the game for more content FOR FREE. Additionally, the multiplayer feature gives me a fun and easy way to spend time with my faraway relatives and feel connected to them as we fish to our hearts’ content, battle flying cave dragons, and struggle to water all our coffee plants without dying on the field.

CUSTOMIZED CASSETTE PLAYER – André Chang, Fashion & Creative Director

@90stimemachine_ a graduation gift that will stand out 🙂 #graduationgift #giftideas #cassette ♬ original sound – 90stimemachine

Apart from the chic, minimal, low-fi aesthetic with its see-through case—which I haven’t seen in previous Walkman or Discman players—it brings on nostalgia by playing music in a mixtape format, the old-school way.

SENUA’S SAGA: HELLBLADE II – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

tech picks may 2024 game gadget

This long-awaited sequel to one of my favorite AA games I’ve ever played is a hauntingly beautiful and intense adventure. Sure, you can finish the third person action-adventure game in one afternoon, but it’s a profound journey worth experiencing. 

OWALA TUMBLER – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

Functionality meets aesthetics. Owala’s diverse collection of colors will totally match your personality. It has two spouts which makes drinking more fun: a straw that glides easily and a big spout to chug your water. Hack: you can budol your friends to mix and match lids, base, and boots to have a unique color combo!

CROSSWORDS PUZZLE GAME – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

Though I’m a daily player of the New York Times games Connections, Wordle, Strands, and now the Mini Crossword, I couldn’t rationalize buying a subscription just to play the full-size crossword. Thankfully, this free crosswords app satiates my puzzle-needy brain with crosswords of varying difficulties.

LOGITECH POP MOUSE – Jasmin Dasigan, Editorial Assistant

tech picks may 2024 game gadget

I’ve been using this mouse for a while now, and I love how smooth it glides on my mouse pad! It’s very handy as well, as it can connect to three different devices through Bluetooth. Very durable, too, l because I’ve dropped it so many times already but it still works well! It comes in cute colors, too.

FUJIFILM XV100VI – Abby Chua, Art Intern

fujifilm xv100i

The Fujifilm X100VI, with its compact body and film simulations, makes it the perfect camera to grab for any trip. Shots straight out of camera, even without postprocessing, are ready to be posted because of the quality and creative freedom the X100VI gives.

MYFITNESSPAL & NIKE RUN CLUB – Christine Roska, Marketing Intern

fitness apps running apps exercise sports apps

I love MyFitnessPal because it helps a lot when tracking my macros and setting my fitness goals. And the Nike Run Club app makes me want to run everyday. I love the guided runs so much, because the coaches are very motivating! Nothing beats words of affirmation.

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tech picks may 2024 game gadget

NYLON Manila Picks: Restaurants, Cafés, And Food Picks On Our Radar This May 2024

They hit the spot.

May’ we interest you in our top food, restaurant, café, and treat faves this month?

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There’s nothing like trying out a new food spot and falling in love with everything but the kitchen sink, or like ordering your usual at your favorite café or restaurant after a stressful day. There’s also no shortage of new places and people that pop up and bring gastronomic excellence to the Metro—trust us.

We’ve got your cravings covered with our top picks for our favorite food, restaurants, and cafés this month of May. Check out your next food trip bucketlist below. And don’t blame us if your wallet starts collecting dust instead of cash with all the new places you’re going to be eating at or orders you’re going to try out (but if you do, we’ll be proud)!

CRISOSTOMO’S ARSENIO (BEEF SALPICAO) – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

This sizzling plate never fails to uplift my spirits after a stressful week at work. It’s tender, perfectly seasoned, and the garlic and pepper flavor profile is so, SO addictive I can’t help but swing by right after pay day rolls around. In fact, I order this so often that the waitstaff can recite my order to me without me saying so. Is that cringe-worthy or loyalty—who knows? 

JABRONI’s NYC PIZZA – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

I’m not one who easily falls for restaurant hype when they go viral on social media. But after checking out their pop-up store in Rockwell, I can see why they consistently have long lines. It’s one of the best shops in the Metro where you’re closest to getting that NYC pizza experience. 

SUSHI MOSHI’S CRUNCHY CALIFORNIA MAKI – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. The serving and unique flavors will definitely satisfy your Japanese food cravings, specifically the Crunchy California Maki. if you are a fan of tempura flakes with California Maki, you should definitely try this.

APARTMENT 1B – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

In the Arya Plaza, in a residential tower in BGC, is an unassuming classy but homey restaurant and private event spot that served the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever tasted. The soup might have been exclusive to an event, but their entire menu that night was delicious. Apartment 1B puts contemporary, gourmet twists to comfort food, and it’s totally worth checking out.

L’ARTE – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer

I’m not sure if they have branches outside Rizal, but my latest and greatest discovery (which I’m absolutely thrilled about, by the way) is L’Arte—a fantastic pita place in Taytay. They serve the most savory beef pita wrap I’ve ever tasted. And the best part? The fries inside are incredibly crisp! This hidden gem is definitely a must-try whenever you’re in the area.

SIESTA HORCHATA CAFÉ – Shane Sy, Social Media Associate

As a horchata fan and a sucker for cute cafés, this spot is a definite A for me. Apart from their yummy selection of horchata drinks, the location is also very work-friendly. And the vibes? On point.

BUFFALO’S WINGS N’ THINGS – Jasmin Dasigan, Editorial Assistant

I love the unique flavors of their chicken wings! Two of my faves are chipotle lime and creamy salted egg. Their serving is great enough for its price and the quality of the food! It stands out from the others I tried before.

MOOD & COFFEE – Juliana Santos, Marketing Intern

I am obsessed with their Sea Salt Latte. I’m usually a black coffee drinker but I tried this for a change and it’s all I’ve been craving this month. As a coffee lover, I love that they have options for strong or mild espresso levels, because it means I can enjoy my strong coffee while my friends can also deliciously indulge in their own mild coffee picks. Lastly, their delicious NYC cookie is a bonus! It’s chewy and has the right sweetness.


Bitter Momma is a small cafe in Paranaque, which serves one of the best Matcha drinks in the city!

Not a restaurant, but a small business at home, Vonn’s Pizza House have pop-ups every Monday. Their pizza—oh my LORD, one of the best Italian pizzas I’ve tasted—and at a very affordable price.

HALFSAINTS – Abby Chua, Art Intern

I love halfsaints because their food is unique and you can’t get it anywhere else! I always order the same menu items (Shiitake, Goat Cheese, Balsamic Glaze Puff Pizza & Chicharron Teriyaki) but it’s always like eating something new because of how different the flavors are compared to other restaurants.

CINEMA ’76 CAFÉ – Christine Roska, Marketing Intern

fave food picks may 2024 food and restaurants

Cinema ‘76 Café in Tomas Morato—the vibes are immaculate. I also love the fact that you can stay at the café right after watching a film in Cinema ‘76. Plus, they also serve cocktails and wine that you can bring inside the theater!

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NYLON Manila Picks: Beauty Buys Our Team Is Obsessed With This May 2024

Take your pick!

We’re here to sift through the shelves and determine the beauty buys that truly deserve your time, energy, and hard-earned cash!

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It seems like there’s a flood of new beauty products hitting the shelves, and let’s be real, it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s worth your time and money. But don’t worry, we’ve made it our mission to separate the game-changers from the forgettables.

As we bid farewell to another month, we’re here to share the goodies that have truly blown us away at NYLON Manila. From skincare saviors to makeup must-haves, these are the products that have snagged a permanent place in our daily routines. Scroll through the best new beauty buys and more for May 2024.

Dazzle Me Better Than Filter Maxnificent Essence Cushion

I’ve been doing my makeup since high school, but it’s only with the Dazzle Me Better Than Filter Maxnificent Essence Cushion that I found my EXACT shade match—talk about second skin. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure it would work on me because I wasn’t a fan of cushion foundations at first, but this product really changed my mind. It’s long-lasting, has buildable coverage, and is perfect for my recent breakouts. – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer

GRWM Cosmetics Powder Rush Loose Baking & Setting Powder

The GRWM Cosmetics Powder Rush Loose Baking & Setting Powder in Bright Pink is my current go-to, and I’m obsessed. This powder sets your makeup perfectly without that heavy, cakey feel, leaving a smooth, velvety finish that I absolutely love. It’s a game-changer for brightening up those dull areas, like the undereye, making your whole face look fresh and awake. – Jasmin Dasigan, Production Associate

Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Moisture Airyfit Sunscreen

If you’re an oily or acne-prone skin girly, you’ve got to try the Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Moisture Airyfit Sunscreen. It doesn’t leave any white cast and feels smooth on the skin. Plus, it works wonders under makeup since it doesn’t peel off. Bonus points: it comes in an airless pump packaging, keeping everything hygienic and spill-proof for traveling. Wear your sunscreen daily, and you’ll love how this one keeps your skin protected and flawless! – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Soothing Gel

For someone who used to hate wearing moisturizers, the Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Soothing Gel is an absolute game changer. The formula is so light you can wear it even in the humid Philippine weather without feeling sticky. When I need intense hydration, I reach for this concentrate cream—it’s perfect for oily girlies! – Shane Sy, Social Media Associate

ISSY Solar Balm

The ISSY Solar Balm is my holy grail, especially during the summer heat. My lips get so dry with the weather lately, and I’ve been using it every day since it moisturizes and has SPF. I personally use the Glow, but they have a matte version too! – Kyla Amadora, Art Intern

MEDIHEAL Derma Clear Teatree Trouble Spot Patch

When I’m stressed, it really shows on my skin. These pimple patches have been really great at preventing me from picking at my acne and helping them go away faster. They feel like nothing on the skin and, despite being thick, blend really well underneath makeup. So far, these are my fave pimple patches that I’ve tried! – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

Milkbox Eau de Parfum

I was budol-ed by someone who went viral talking about this perfume on X, and I don’t regret it. The Milkbox Eau de Parfum by small local brand Love Ghalia Cosmetics is literally the Haw Haw candy in perfume form. A little goes a long way, and its gourmand milky candy scent is nostalgic and so, so sweet. – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

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hannah bahng

Hannah Bahng Takes Us Through Navigating Your Final Years Of Adolescence

"Landed on my feet"

Life isn’t always a teenage dream, but as hannah bahng sees it, there can still be takeaways to keep in the pivotal stage of life called adolescence. 

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There’s nothing quite like the experience of listening to music about being a teenager from the perspective of a teenager. Who else can best talk about teens than an actual teenager, right? History has backed this up with some of the most timeless adolescent-themed work coming from musicians who were teenagers at the time of their release. 

Artists like Lorde and Olivia Rodrigo can lowkey brag that they helped raise an entire generation of teenagers through their body of work that focuses on, dissects, and discusses navigating life as a teenager. And if there is a new album that is worth adding to this vaunted hall of adolescent-coded text, it’s hannah bahng’s debut EP, The Abysmal EP


At 20 years old, hannah can lay claim to many things most young women her age can only dream of. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, artist, creative, director, dancer, and so much more. But like many young people, she also dealt with the ups and downs of her adolescence. So, to document the final years of her teenage era, she took to the one medium she is best at, music. 

“Music is my one outlet to be open, not just with other people, but with myself too,” hannah tells NYLON Manila. Over the past couple of years, the talented multi-hypenate, along with her frequent collaborator Andrew Luce, plunged head-first into navigating the turbulent moods and emotions of the teen years, which, as any teenager can tell you, is never easy. 



“I think I’ve always been more emotionally reserved when it comes to expressing my deeper, less positive emotions to other people,” she muses. “[S]o music is really the only way I can fully express those thoughts and emotions in a way that I just would never be able to find the words to say to another person.” Her debut EP is more than just a collection of seven songs, but a journey of vulnerable introspection that is equal parts intimate in its POV and relatable with songs that capture a youth navigating the end of her teen years. 

It can be messy, yes, but the EP also shows us that it’s not all doom and gloom. At the very least, the EP can be a comforting shoulder to lean on as you realize that you aren’t alone in your journey of self-discovery. 



The feat is made even better by the fact that, as a hands-on independent artist, hannah had a say in every step of the way, from creation to marketing. And while hannah made most of the EP from her home, she isn’t closing the doors on taking her exploration of her teen years to different shores. “HECK YEAH,” she eagerly expresses on the possibility of going on a world tour. “I’m not sure how or when I can make it happen, but it’s always been my dream to go on tour and perform in as many cities as possible!” 

Get to know more about hannah bahng as a musician, creative, and young woman in our chat with the artist below.

How would you describe who hannah bahng is as a solo artist and creative? 

“hannah bahng” is just me, making the most of my freedom to be authentic in expressing myself through my music and art (which is the most natural thing in the world to me!) 

You have your own independent label called Bahng Entertainment. Could you talk about why you decided to start your own label? 

Honestly, it didn’t even cross my mind as a possibility for a young girl like me to be able to start my own label, but once my manager approached me with the idea, everything clicked and it just made so much sense! Instead of having to constantly chase for a “yes” from someone else, I have the complete creative freedom to bring all the music and artistic visions swirling around in my head to life without restraint (but within our indie budget of course lol) all while staying 100% true to myself. 

And now that I’m really out here doing it on my own, I can’t imagine a world where I don’t write all my own songs or direct all of my own music videos or design my own physical albums. Being fully independent can definitely be tough at times and requires so much hard work and sacrifice, but that all makes this journey all the more fulfilling! 

Is there a specific moment that made you realize you wanted to seriously pursue music and go on the career you have now? 

I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in music my entire life! But it wasn’t until I had an epiphany during the pandemic that I realized I wanted to pursue being a solo singer-songwriter specifically. I saw artists like Conan Gray and Lyn Lapid find success thanks to social media, and that was the first time I realized a path even existed for someone like me to be able to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter. My sole motivation for starting my social media accounts and YouTube channel from the very start was for the end goal of becoming a serious musician and artist! 



How influential would you say the arts have been in shaping who you are as a person? 

Without art, I don’t really know what would be left of me. Growing up, I always dove into every kind of art I could possibly get my hands on, whether it was music, dancing, acting, or visual art. I think music and art continuously allow me to discover and rediscover who I am as a person, helping me understand and express my emotions that I wouldn’t otherwise. Rather than “shaping” who I am as a person, I would say the arts simply are, and always have been, the core of me.

The world is about to hear some very personal tracks in your debut EP. Was there ever a worry or nervousness about being that open to the general public? 

Being vulnerable in anything to anyone is naturally a nerve wracking experience! I think I’ve always been more emotionally reserved when it comes to expressing my deeper, less positive emotions to other people, so music is really the only way I can fully express those thoughts and emotions in a way that I just would never be able to find the words to say to another person. 

So in that sense, I think I feel more liberated than anxious about releasing this EP into the world, since music is the only way I know how to be vulnerable. But I feel like the most important thing is how whoever listens feels and interprets the music when they hear it… at the end of the day, I just want you to feel something, whatever that may be, and for it to feel real. 

What was the biggest lesson you took away from working on this EP? 

That there’s no substitute for hard work! Being an independent artist comes with a lot of freedom, but you also need a lot of willpower and determination to get things done on your own. Before trying it myself, I honestly had no clue how much time, money, and effort goes into creating and releasing just one song (let alone an entire EP) that the audience might not ever see or even care about… but the whole process is so fun and fulfilling! 



Where do you find the courage to be so open in your music? 

I’m not very courageous with expressing certain thoughts and emotions in real life… music is my one outlet to be open, not just with other people, but with myself too. And once I’ve let those thoughts and emotions flow out of me into a song, they take a life of their own and don’t necessarily feel like they belong to just me anymore. 

Aside from the music and lyrics you work on, you’re also very visual with your craft with how you make storyboards for your music videos. What is it like marrying the lyrical and visual aspect in your creative process? 

I think it’s so cool to see my little drawings come to life in real time! My generation is so visually oriented, so I think putting intention and effort behind the visuals really helps solidify the connection between the audience and the story I want to convey through the music. The visualization of my music usually comes really naturally to me, where sometimes my lyrics are inspired by the visuals I already have in my head, and other times the visual ideas come alive in my head while I’m writing or producing or even just listening to the demo in the car or something. 

It’s honestly such a privilege to have the freedom to direct all of my own music videos, and even though it’s not always easy to execute the vision I have in my mind (especially with a limited budget haha), in the end the challenge is so fun and so worth it!

How do you find that balance of sharing your experiences with the world while also having that personal space to keep private? 

Honestly, what you see is what you get. I’m pretty sure I give loser energy online AND in real life LOL. Of course, everyone has some things they keep private just to themselves, but I’m the same person in front of the world as I am to my closest friends. 



Do you see yourself continuing being an independent artist or are you open to signing with a major label? 

I want to see how far I can go as an independent artist! That’s not to say that I’m completely ruling anything else out in the future, but if I were to partner with a major label someday it would have to be completely on my own terms. For now, I’m going to keep putting my all into music and see how far it can take me! 

Are you open to touring the album and performing in other countries like the Philippines? 

HECK YEAH! I’m not sure how or when I can make it happen, but it’s always been my dream to go on tour and perform in as many cities as possible! I especially would LOVE to perform in the Philippines! I really want to hear you guys sing with me (but please don’t out-sing me, I know how amazing you guys are at singing so please take it easy on me LOL). 

What advice would you give to other Gen Zs who may be struggling in their adolescence? 

Honestly, my mum is the one who always gives me the best advice… and you can hear some of her wise words in the voicemail at the end of “hannah interlude”. Her reminders to always stay grateful for all the little and big things, to take it step by step, and to not stress too much are what have always kept me grounded. Sometimes you have to take a breather and just enjoy where you are in the moment before figuring out where to go next. 



If The Abysmal EP would be the first time someone listens to your music, which song from the album would you suggest they listen to first? 

The order of The Abysmal EP tracklist is super intentional to convey the journey and story of my last couple years coming to terms with the end of my adolescence, so my hope and dream would be for everyone to listen to the entire EP in order from beginning to end! But if I had to choose only one song that best captures the essence of the EP as a whole… I would say it’s Abysmal.

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exo suho

EXO’s SUHO Is Right At Home: “I try to approach life with resilience”

1 to 3

Rockstar SUHO is going to rock the industry and everyone’s world.

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We aren’t counting, but if we were, we’d say EXO member and solo act SUHO is owning May 2024. He kicked it off with the release of Love You Gradually the OST of the drama, Missing Crown Prince, which he also stars in. That was followed by the inauguration of his solo tour, SU:HOME, and the release of his new EP to top it all off. This May is simply not just SUHO’s birth month, it’s his month; a month-long celebration of his artistry.


Coming two years after the release of Grey Suit, SUHO is finally back with his third EP 1 to 3, and this time, an upgraded version of him comes to the forefront. With the artist’s direct involvement in the album’s concept planning, SUHO is showing new facets. 

The EP’s seven captivating tracks, Mayday, 1 to 3, Cheese (feat. Wendy), Wishful Thinking, Moonlight, Alright Alright (feat. Giriboy), and Zero Gravity, showcase SUHO’s distinct sensibility, marking a breakthrough for him. “It also marks the beginning of a new era of SUHO as an artist,” he tells NYLON Manila.



Not only is he a top-quality vocalist, but he’s also been enthralling everyone with different projects beyond his work with EXO. You might have also watched SUHO in the musical Mozart! and dramas like Behind Your Touch and Missing Crown Prince. In addition to that, the multi-hyphenate artist embarked on his first solo tour in 12 years since his debut, which kicked off in Seoul with a two-night show. It will then be followed by the Manila stop in June, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur in July, and will draw to a close in Jakarta in August.

Aptly titled SU:HOME, it’s not just a show, it will be a place of comfort for the fans and SUHO to be together — a home where the shared experience, connection, and memories will be treasured forever. “If there is such a thing as eternity, it is our story,” he said during his concert in Seoul.

Beyond being the leader and lead vocalist of EXO, he also excels at many other things, including songwriting, dancing, acting in musicals and dramas, and playing electric guitar, which he will be doing at his concerts — and the list just goes on. You name it, SUHO’s got it. Learn more about SUHO in our exclusive interview with him below.

First of all, congratulations on your solo comeback! You previously expressed how nervous you were about the release of your first solo album Self-Portrait. How different is it now?

With the new album, I focused on expanding my musical spectrum while showing off a whole new side of me as an artist. I feel just as nervous and excited about releasing this album as I did with my first solo album!

What story does 1 to 3 tell? Do you think it reflects SUHO’s personality and life well?

In this album, SUHO, who’s in his 30s, reflects on his life and conveys the stories he wants to share through the lens of an astronaut stranded in space. It might sound like a typical rock album, but it also marks the beginning of a new era of SUHO as an artist aiming to show diverse aspects of himself.



Why did you decide to have double title songs? How do these showcase your identity and sensibility?

If I could, I would have picked all the songs as a title track! While 1 to 3 had initially been chosen as the title track, because I loved all the songs, I ultimately decided to release double title tracks by choosing Cheese (feat. Wendy) as the second title track. I felt that a heartfelt love story portrayed in Cheese would especially resonate well with listeners.

Tell us about your involvement in the album. Also, what was it like working with Red Velvet’s Wendy for Cheese

When we were working on Cheese with the songwriters behind Let’s Love and Hurdle, we entertained the idea of collaborating with a female artist. And when the featuring part came into shape, we thought Wendy would be perfect for it. Thankfully, Wendy was thrilled about featuring in the song when we approached her about it. Together, we were able to create a beautiful track. I am immensely grateful to Wendy for her contribution and collaboration!

I saw these lines on the teaser poster: “In his 10s, life was a continuous series of points to learn. In his 20s, life seemed like an endless line to run through. In his 30s, he looked back for the first time and recognized that life is in the form of a question mark.” Is that the exact life you’ve experienced and have been living? 

The lines you referenced… I had jotted them down when conceptualizing the album! SM Wizard Production proposed translating them into English and incorporating them into the album schedule poster. I really liked the idea, and thanks to that, many people could learn about me and my life.



Has your approach to life changed the moment you entered your 30s?

As I enter my 30s, I try to approach life with resilience. In any circumstances, I try to stay resolute rather than being swayed by emotions, which seems like a more mature mindset I’ve cultivated in my 30s.

Being the leader of EXO, you said you’re not the one pulling the cart in the front, nor the one pushing it from behind. That you’re just a person who brings the members together in that cart. Now that you’re on this solo journey of yours, what has this taught you? 

Maintaining a sense of unity is paramount. With two of our younger members being on military duty, EXO hasn’t been as active. But despite that, I have no doubt that EXO is one! “WE ARE ONE!” Plus, I know the members are always rooting for me from near and far. This has been serving as a source of comfort and strength as I embark on my solo career.

Let’s talk about your first solo tour. Why did you name it SU:HOME, and what are you looking forward to experiencing and doing during the tour?

Above all else, I named the tour SU:HOME with the sincere hope that fans would feel like they are coming to my home to relax and have fun. Also, if you move around a punctuation mark, it could be read as “SUHO, ME,” which shows my desire to show you who SUHO is. 

I’m currently working on a guitar performance, which is something I haven’t shown fans before! Beyond the stage performances, I’m also looking forward to engaging with local fans through various events. Exploring famous landmarks and indulging in local traditional cuisine are also on my to-do list.



How would you describe SUHO at this time? 

It feels like there are still many sides of SUHO that I have yet to share with both the public and EXO-L. 

What goals and plans does SUHO have for himself right now? 

I’m looking forward to unveiling different sides of me, one by one, and becoming an artist who can inspire and leave a positive impact.

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billie eilish niana guerrero

6 Times Niana Guerrero Had Dibs On Being Billie Eilish’s #1 Fan

If Billie Eilish has a million fans, then Niana Guerrero is one of them. If Billie Eilish has only one fan, then that is Niana Guerrero.

If there was a line for the Billie Eilish meet and greet, Niana Guerrero would be right at the front, or, more accurately, patiently waiting for her turn.

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Niana Guerrero may have only turned 18 this year, but she already has millions of fans around the world. Yet, just like you, Niana also has faves she stans, and sitting at the top of the list is Billie Eilish. From listening to her music, joining streaming parties, coping Billie’s merch, perfume, and more, it’s safe to say that Niana is an unapologetic Billie stan. 

Seeing a talented and successful young woman stan another talented and successful young woman feels correct. In the same way that Billie Eilish inspires a generation to be their true selves, so too is Niana helping the next generation realize their potential through self-expression, and we’re here for it. Scroll down for the times Niana flexed her platinum Billie Eilish stan card.   


Niana Guerrero is out here winning in the game called life. It was already a flex that the social media star was invited to Billie’s listening party in Inglewood, California, for her third studio album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, but the fact that she also got to meet Billie afterward backstage? Niana is taking it in this dream come true moment as the two Gen Z stars shared a hug. Bonus points for Niana attending the afterparty too with A-listers like Justin Bieber. She deserves it.  


There’s nothing like going to your fave’s concert for the first time. Such was the case with Niana’s experience at Billie’s Manila concert at MOA Arena last August 2022. In IG stories and a vlog on her YouTube channel, Niana documented the lengths she went through to see her idol, including booking a hotel near the venue, waking up at 7 AM, and waiting in line for nine hours.

But it was all worth it as she jumped, cried, and sang her heart out all while she had a front-row seat at the barricade. Niana getting emotional and bursting into tears (and getting comforted by juan karlos) after the show is proof of just how much the concert meant to her. Niana has since been to a few more of her concerts, but you never forget your first.


You know you’re a true stan when even watching your fave’s concert virtually from across the world is enough to make you cry. In 2021, Ranz Kyle and his girlfriend and content creator Milissa Grande attended a music festival in Las Vegas to see Billie Eilish. While Niana sadly wasn’t able to travel, Ranz, being the good brother that he is, video-called her so that she could watch the concert from her bedroom back in Manila. Going by Niana’s reaction, we have a feeling this is in her Top 5 best moments of her life. 


Niana’s dancing skills + Billie’s music = magic. Even Billie had to stan when she shared Niana’s dance cover of LUNCH on Instagram. A Niana Guerrero cameo in Billie’s next music video when? 




♬ original sound – amber

It doesn’t matter if Niana has tens of millions of followers across her social media accounts. If it’s about Billie Eilish, she’s going to share it as if she’s running a Billie stan account. You can always count on Niana to spread the Billie Eilish agenda, as she should. 


If you think about it, Niana Guerrero and Billie Eilish share quite a few similarities. Both began their careers at a very young age, are inspiring millions with their content, and, despite their massive success, live relatively lowkey lives. The similarities also extend to their style. Niana is known for her fondness of baggy pants and tees, boxy silhouettes, oversized tops and jackets, and sneakers. You can see shades of Billie’s cool and laidback style in Niana’s, with the content creator adapting it to fit her own signature swag. 

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film concerts ph

Movies + Live Orchestra = Magic In This New Live Experience

*Secures tickets*

Film Concerts PH is making the movie-watching experience even better with the power of a live orchestra, and for their first show, they’re taking you to a galaxy far, far away.

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Ah, cinema. When people think of what makes movies great, the conversation usually goes to the acting, story, directing, and visuals. But an underrated aspect of films that highkey deserves more respect is the art of the score. Some of the most iconic and well-loved movies in cinema history have timeless and celebrated orchestral soundtracks. Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars, you name it, these classic films all have OSTs for the ages. It’s this combination of movies and soundtracks that Film Concerts PH is bringing to audiences this year and beyond for a cinematic experience unlike any other. 



Founded by Mikhail Schemm, who played an instrumental role in bringing the first Harry Potter film concert to Manila in 2019, Film Concerts PH is the newest entertainment offering that brings the magic of popular movies, games, and other media content together with the power of live orchestral music. These movies with live orchestra concerts are shows that feature screenings on a large-scale screen, accompanied by a live orchestra playing soundtracks synchronized to the films and video.

Imagine watching a movie on the big screen while an actual orchestra plays the film’s soundtrack right in front of you. How epic is that? And the best part is that this immersive experience promises to go beyond holding popular movie concerts. Aside from Lord Of The Rings, the MCU, and Disney movies, think cult movie series, kids and family favorites, video game music, documentaries, anime-based concerts, and more. We know what we’re doing for the rest of the year. 


For their first show of the year, Film Concerts PH is taking you to a galaxy far, far away with a screening of Star Wars: A New Hope. Fans, moviegoers, and concert-lovers can experience the scope and grandeur of the beginning of the Star Wars franchise with Star Wars: A New Hope in Concert this September 7 and 9 at The Theatre at Solaire. Catch the beloved film in its entirety on the big screen in a live symphonic concert experience as John Williams’ iconic score is performed live in sync with the film. 


Playing at the concert will be the Filharmonika Orchestra, which consists of many players from the former ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. Leading them is conductor Gerard Salonga, who has led many shows locally and abroad. We have a feeling the Force is strong in this one. The goosebumps we’re going to get when we hear classics like the Main Title and Imperial Attack played live is unreal. 

You can register here for the pre-sale, which is happening on June 3 and 4. Tickets will be publicly available on Ticketworld starting June 5.

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In The Mood For A Shopping Spree? Here’s How To Maximize Your Credit Card Perks By Shopping More

It's girl math, but better.

Looking to get your first credit card? The new BDO ShopMore Mastercard Credit Card has got you covered.

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When the urge for a shopping spree strikes, contrary to popular belief, girl math won’t always cover all the bases. Whether it’s bill-paying time or your weekly allowance falls short, what if we told you there’s no need to compromise on your next purchase? That’s right, beyond calculating the cost-per-wear of your new top, there are smarter ways to shop. The solution: credit cards.

While we’ve been advised to avoid credit cards to steer clear of dues and debts, it’s time to challenge that stereotype. In fact, these cards can actually be your next best bet. By strategically shopping more, you can unlock benefits, turning every swipe into a rewarding experience. And with the re-launch of the eco-friendly BDO ShopMore Mastercard Credit Card, there’s never been a better time to dive in.

All About the the New BDO ShopMore Mastercard

ShopMore has become a top choice for savvy shoppers, giving you bang for your buck with Peso Rewards, rebate campaigns, and sweet discounts at SM Store, SM Retail Affiliates, and even wherever you shop.

Now, after two decades, BDO is rolling out the new and improved ShopMore Mastercard, featuring fresh designs and a revamped rewards program that’s set to make your shopping experience even more delightful. Ready to elevate your retail therapy? Let’s dive into what makes this card an absolute must-have for any avid shopper.

Free Membership Fee

Let’s cut to the chase—who doesn’t love scoring a freebie? The new BDO ShopMore Mastercard is starting things off with a bang: zilch, zero, nada membership fee for the first year. So, you can jump right into those benefits without dropping a dime upfront. It’s the perfect way to ease into the perks without worrying about additional fees right off the bat.

Welcome Bonus Peso Points

As a newbie cardholder, you’re in for a treat: a cozy welcome with 250 Peso Points waiting for you after your first purchase. Think of it as your golden ticket to snagging all sorts of goodies, giving you a girl math moment because it’s literally free money.

Buy Now, Pay Later

With the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, you’ve got the ultimate flexibility: buy now, pay later. With over 20,000 participating stores offering 0% interest, you can spread out your payments without breaking the bank. Easy budget management while still snagging what you want, exactly when you want it.

Double Peso Points

One of the coolest perks of the BDO ShopMore Mastercard? You earn double the Peso Points on all your everyday, everywhere purchases. So whether you’re fueling up your ride, stocking up on groceries, or treating yourself to a fresh wardrobe, you’ll be doubling up on points in no time. And the best part? You can cash in those points for all sorts of rewards, turning each swipe of your card into something special.

Extra Cashback and Exclusive Deals

With the BDO ShopMore Mastercard, you can enjoy extra cashback, instant savings, and exclusive deals year-round when you shop both in-store and online. It’s like having your own personal savings guru, putting more money back in your pocket and giving you more chances to snag sweet deals on all the stuff you adore.

Dining Deals

Of course, a shopping spree wouldn’t be complete without dining at your favorite restaurant after some rewarding retail therapy. For all the foodies out there, the BDO ShopMore Mastercard Credit Card offers discounts on dining and food deliveries. Whether you’re dining out with friends or ordering in for a cozy night at home, you’ll save on your meals, making every experience more enjoyable.

Eco-Friendly Shopping Spree

On top of all these benefits, the BDO ShopMore Mastercard is also eco-friendly. Crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, this eco-conscious card allows you to feel good about your choices while reaping all the rewards.

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