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We’ve Found These Butterfly Tops On Instagram That Look Like Dua Lipa’s Dress At The Grammys

Time to relive your Y2K dreams!

Anyone else still reeling over Dua Lipa’s butterfly dress at the Grammys?

You know THE dress that we’re talking about. You know, the glitzy stunner that sent the Pinterest girls into a frenzy a few weeks ago. Dua Lipa’s jewel-encrusted butterfly dress by Versace is definitely one of the best red carpet moments in recent fashion history. However, it isn’t the first time we’ve seen it.

Created in the early aughts by French designer Emanuel Ungaro, the butterfly top was originally part of his spring/summer 2000 collection and it’s been worn for decades by icons like Mariah Carey, Salma Hayek, Christina Aguilera, Saweetie, and now, Dua Lipa. In case you can’t afford Versace yet, here are some local brands we’ve spotted that also have their own version of the iconic butterfly top.

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Dua Lipa Butterfly

One of the early local brands to come out with a butterfly top just like Ungaro’s from the Y2K era, Wear Amavi released their lace tops with rhinestones last year in white, black and rust and slowly gained a cult following. Time to whip these out and have a hot girl summer!


Dua Lipa butterfly

Aside from their airbrushed tees, WCKD.CO also customizes butterfly tops in knit, velvet tracksuits, and rhinestone joggers just like the ones you’ve seen on Total Girl and Baby Phat ads back then but couldn’t afford. This is a sign to relive your Y2K teenage dreams.


Dua Lipa butterfly

The knitwear trend is still going strong and Gantsilyo by Jes’ works prove it. Their ‘mariposa’ (Spanish for butterfly) top has been selling out fast and comes in different colors. Talk about keeping yourself warm the Paris Hilton way!


Dua Lipa butterfly top

If showing skin isn’t really your jam, then Pro.ject PH’s lace-up tops are your starting point. They also have re-worked bikinis, corsets, and even pants in either patchwork or katsa fabric.



Okay, here’s an alternative silhouette in case you’re not ready to bare it all in the butterfly top. Opt for haltered necklines just like Shop Stunnr’s, pile on the body chains, slip into your low-rise jeans, and yes, bust out the bejeweled flip phone!

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Janlee Dungca Mela Habijan

Owning Their Power, These Trans Women Are Pushing The Conversation Of Identity, Visibility, And Rights To Greater Heights

For them, absolutely everybody is invited into the conversation.

Turning passion into power, Janlee Dungca and Mela Habijan are encouraging and empowering the beautiful trans narrative further in the Filipino context.


As mundane as it may seem, especially in these days when our technological appendages are constantly buzzing with updates, notifications, and truncated messages, there isn’t anything more beautiful than a simple conversation that reveals itself to be profound, cutting through the current of consciousness with an indelible imprint of ideas, information, and inspiration. It is no coincidence either that we have been having more of these as of late, both entertaining and enlightening in the pandemic-challenged turn of our history. More often than not, it starts off as ordinary as possible, like a message typed in the wrong window or in this case, a case of the peanut butter. And then before you know it, you are navigating activism and the queer reality in the Philippines, treading through the transgender experience, and eventually making it to a clearing of clarity in communication for the LGBTQIA+ movement. But we are getting ahead of the story.

“People were asking me if I wanted to share my story, and then I thought, why should I be selfish about it?” begins Janlee Dungca, PR Director of a visibly inclusive communications agency, as well as a gender rights and HIV/AIDS awareness advocate, when recounting her genesis from transitioning to advocacy and activism. “It was never my intention to be at the forefront, but I somehow found myself here and I wanted to make it matter.” Meanwhile, for Mela Habijan, an actress, host, educator, LGBTQIA+ advocate, and Miss Trans Global 2020, activism started as a desire to reclaim her space, which was held back so long by fear. “’Yun ‘yung nag-hinder sa akin why I didn’t transition,” she says. “I wanted to share that story, that the journey to my womanhood, though it may have been long, is valuable.”

Trans Women Are Women

On their own and accord, and often together, Janlee Dungca and Mela Habijan have slowly stepped into the spotlight, owning up to the platform that they have been given as rich wells of resource for the truth about the often waylaid trans narrative. “We’re already given the platform, so it is our responsibility to use it effectively. It is much better to use a platform for the benefit of your community instead of just the self,” explains Janlee Dungca. “There are a lot of trans women in the Philippines and the world, but not everyone is given the opportunity to educate others. For me, it’s how one responds to the call, because not everyone will take it responsibly.”

With the voice they have been given and in the stages they find themselves in, Janlee Dungca and Mela Habijan are always taking things a step further, striking discourse and dialogues not just within their social circles and echo chambers, but to a greater scope of the community as well. From talking about their advocacy work in many talks online and in academic parameters, they also have been furthering the discussion in corporate settings when they give SOGIE conferences or consciously leveraging their positions in media and entertainment to open the lines of communication about being trans most especially.

Their most recent project includes FACT U (short for Fact University), an online show that airs on the Spaces MNL Facebook page. In this endeavor, the goal is to cultivate a safe online space for and by LGBTQIA+ people every Monday night that corrects misinformation on and educates the public about social issues relevant to the community.

“It is important to always elevate the conversation. Meron naman ng awareness ang public about the transgender experience, pero hindi enough na alam lang nila. Kelangan mapapalim pa ‘yung pag-unawa nila,” offers Janlee. “Hindi nila nauunawan how it exists, and that motivates me to learn about it more and educate other people,” continues Mela Habijan who has also entrenched herself in the world of beauty pageants. “’May iba pang perspektibo sa buhay, and ‘yun ‘yung gusto naming ipamana sa ibang transgender women na sinasabi nila na wala silang boses or nahihiya silang magsalita or takot sila lumaban, kasi sa totoo lang, sa iba’t ibang transgender na nakilala ko, iba pa rin ang mindset nila.”

Studying The Spectrum

This has been a fiercely debated hot-button issue that has been subject to an almost microscopic examination especially as of late. “Maraming ganun ang mindset and nakakalungkot ‘yun, but will we stop reaching out? No, because this isn’t just for us. It’s not a selfish battle, but a battle of the community. Siguro ang pinakamahirap lang talaga is kapag nakikita mo na hindi pa solid ang community, mas mahirap siyang laban. Kaya as much as possible, we even educate ourselves, because personally, I still don’t know a lot of things, and ngayong nabigyan ako ng boses, I will use that platform to communicate our struggles and battle,” details Mela. “How will you make use of the platform given to you in maximizing and strengthening the community as well?”

The reason why Janlee Dungca and Mela Habijan have taken it upon themselves to serve as arbiters of the spectrum, especially for the trans community, is primarily because when the fragmented and misinformed way of thinking by key figures in the community being put on the pedestal find its way into the status quo, it becomes a danger in itself. Where the cracks eventually meet a breaking point, the progress that has been long toiled for is stalled, and worse, regressed to an almost irrevocable state. “We have different backgrounds, we experience different things, we have different contexts, so ‘yung differences na ‘yun will entail different understandings and different manners of interacting with one another,” assures Mela, which Janlee agrees with and goes into delightful detail.

“It all starts with the self. It’s very important to know yourself, know who you are, so that no matter who you meet or whatever people throw at you, you won’t be damaged. It’s important to have the willingness and the desire to learn. Mahirap yung sinara mo na ‘yung sarili mo when in fact, you can learn from other people,” she says. “Kasi napaka masalimoot ng pinanggagalingan ng Pilipino. Lagi ko ngang sinasabi when I talk about SOGIE and gender equality, lahat ito nanggaling sa pananakop ng mga Kastila at Amerikano na in-introduce nila ang patriarchy sa pamamagitan ng religion at hindi tayo mulat diyan, lalo na yung normal na Pilipino. Kasi kung ano ‘yung hinain sa kanila, ‘yun na lang ang kakainin nila, hindi naman nila hihimayin. Kaya napakahalaga na alamin ‘yung pinagmulan natin not just with ourselves, but as a people, kasi nawala yung sarili nating pagkakakilanlan.”

Empowering The Trans Narrative

More than that, gender equality is also an ever-evolving educational process that isn’t bound by absolutism. “It’s years of continuous deconstructing and unlearning, and learning of new things that isn’t bound by what we are used to,” says Janlee Dungca. “That’s what I want to teach people, that is admittedly so hard to do. But that’s just how it is, you have to be patient and kind, because whoever we meet is a potential ally in this fight—we just have to make them understand that.” However, one must be reminded that not everyone is as privileged to be made aware in the way that we have grown accustom to, Mela reminds us, which is why the rest of the community doesn’t fully understand why there is a problem and that it affects their existence fundamentally. “Mahalaga na iparamdam natin sa kanila bakit ka apektado sa pinaglalaban. Nagiging issue of the elite kasi siya,” she reasons.

This proposition is that it doesn’t just limit itself to the LGBTQIA+ consideration. Being mindful of identities and realities, there exists a focus of introspection that makes you expand yourself as a human being. “It’s a matter of empowering them, because the way we were raised, it has always been, is this where it all ends? Am I really happy? Am I contented or am I just settling?” Janlee wonders, focusing her lens on the nuanced transgender existence. “We have to make them understand that they can be greater than where they currently stand, and hopefully, they realize this and are compelled to join the fight for equality.”

For Mela Habijan, it is about opening herself up to listening to strangers, and hearing out their stories. “Kasi iba pag nakipagkwentuhan ka sa kanila—meron at meron kang madi-discover. It’s very important for us to understand the context that they’re in. Instead of makinig lang sila sa’yo, pakinggan din natin sila: Ano ba ang gusto nila ipaglaban? Ano ‘yung mga struggles nila? Ano ‘yung mga bagay na hindi natin nakikita? Baka may gap na hindi nafi-fill up in the context of pride na sana we can bridge,” she muses.

The Advocacy Matters More Now

Taking inclusion to kinder heights, she and Janlee Dungca are redefining what it means to be activists and advocates in this day and age. “Ang journey mo parati, hindi nag-e-end sa ilabas mo ang pagiging babae mo, dapat bigyan mo ng meaning ang pagiging babae mo,” Mela asserts. “Totoo, at mahalaga ang concept of paying it forward na ibinabalik natin yung kabaitan na binigay sa atin,” says Janlee. “Kaya ako, as an advocate, ‘yun ‘yung basic principle ko sa kahit sino dahil babalik ‘yung kabaitan na ‘yun in another form.”

Before we knew it, our pocket of passionate discussion, a mostly serious one punctured only exhales of repartee, clocked in at a little under an hour, which drew a collective disbelief, especially since it didn’t feel like that span of time has passed with the breadth of humanity we have managed to unravel. There lies the beauty of conversation that hinges on listening and understanding. It will begin somewhere off-kilter, but eventually, it ends up where it needs to be, and in this case, it is a deeply insightful crack at humanity and identity.

ariana grande the voice

As A New Coach On The Voice, These Are The Things We Want To See From Ariana Grande

God is a woman, yuh.

Surprising as it is, Ariana Grande sitting on the red chair as a coach on The Voice makes absolute sense to fact and fantasy. Here, we run down the things we expect she’ll do on her debut season.


Ariana Grande is no stranger to singing competitions. While her ascent into pop superstardom didn’t involve her going through the talent show and reality television hybrid, her songs have been played and performed from nerve-wracking auditions to concert-like live productions. This season alone on The Voice, pov and Stuck With U have been featured on the highly anticipated Battle Rounds. An unlikely coincidence or perhaps an act of divine providence, this was perhaps an allusion to the secret that the show was keeping under wraps until now.

“Surprise!!!” Ariana Grande wrote on Instagram. Perched on the now iconic red chair with the words “I Want You” splashed across, wearing a cinched leopard-printed Lanvin dress, the singer details her involvement on The Voice as a coach. “I am beyond thrilled, honored, excited to be joining @kellyclarkson, @johnlegend, @blakeshelton next season ~ season 21 of @nbcthevoice! <3 @nickjonas we will miss you.”

After checking that this was no prelude to an April Fool’s joke, social media erupted to this announcement, which can be summed accordingly: best news ever.

Ariana Grande On The Voice

The rotation of singing sensations taking to the turning red chair isn’t entirely a new thing. Every season or so, there is almost always a familiar or fresh face assuming the role as a coach. Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Usher, Pharrell, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson, you name it, they all have warmed up the fourth seat on, much to the delight of longtime fans of the show, as well as of the supporters of the stars. While the current run of The Voice is still about to climax, we already have so much to look forward with Ariana Grande.

So, while we wait for Ariana Grande to take her seat and turn for the hopefuls that show up on The Voice, we are running down things we expect her to do on the show. Sure, she has yet to sit in as a coach, but even this early on, it is a choice that makes absolute sense.

Coach Ari Reporting For Duty

There isn’t anything else known about her turn on The Voice, but as a stellar singer and an exceptional performer, it is certain that Ariana Grande has the chops to pick out voices that will cut through the quality of talent on the show. Having had a guest judge spot on reality shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race (where she recently hit a milestone as the most lipsynced artist in the competition’s herstory), she knows how to balance constructive criticism and cheery compliments. Also, she’s funny and feisty, too. Her firecracker of a personality will certainly bounce of well with current judges, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. Oh, the blind auditions will be entertaining, for sure.

Serious Musical Cred

Ariana Grande knows what she wants and she goes for it, and turning her red chair on The Voice will definitely be no exception. Aside from her pulse for what sounds good and a finely tuned acumen for the industry, Ariana Granda traces her musical origins in theater and even on Broadway (Charlotte on Jason Robert Brown’s 13 and Hairspray Live). So, she will sense great singing when she hears it.

No Stranger To The Voice

Everyone remembers her Into You and Dangerous Woman performance with Christina Aguilera on The Voice finale in 2016, but Ariana Grande has also graced other stages of the show. From The Voice Italy to The Voice Holland, Miss Ari is will surely fit right in with the TV family.

The Star Power, Can You Imagine?

During the battle rounds, the coaches bring in top-tier talent to stand is advisers, helping them shape the performances of the contestants to the very best it can possibly be. With Ariana Grande on The Voice, we can definitely expect some serious wattage of star power with her list of frequent collaborators and friends. Will we see Jessie J or Lady Gaga by her side? How about the return of, Pharrell, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey perhaps? Well, it seems that the sky is the limit.

Ariana Grande Will Be Poppin’ On Fashion

Just like Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus, it won’t be too far off for Ariana Grande to show up in some amazing fashion for her debut on The Voice. From her penchant for edgy, street-ready off-duty looks to dazzling red carpet stunners, a selection of great style choices are on the horizon, no doubt. Having enlisted a major fashion house for her surprise announcement, who knows what else she could wear on the show. Giambattista Valli or Givenchy perhaps?

There’s A Reason Why You Will Have To Wait For Your Turn To Get Vaccinated

Will this déjà vu never end?

As the conversations on the COVID-19 shots ring louder, it is important to understand the priority list and why we should patiently wait for our chance at getting vaccinated.


Remember the cautiously optimistic time when we would sign off every virtual meeting, Zoom call, and kilometric messenger conversations with a very earnest, “when all this is over?” Well, violently harrowed by everything unexpected, unprecedented, and unimaginable a little over a year later, the dose of hopefulness has drastically waned. Leaving us realistic, if not unfortunately cynical and indescribably frustrated with the obscene mismanagement of the punishing pandemic by the government, the agencies concerned, and the cancer of cronies seemingly bungling lives, livelihood, and resources with ineffective, shortsighted band aid solutions, it seems that the prospect of pulling through has been singularly directed to faith and chance, and for the rest of the population, waiting for their turn to get vaccinated.

While the rest of the world has started easing towards what now stands to be a shifted sense of normal, the Philippines has barely chalked a significant number of inoculations. Recent reports show that for a population of over 100 million, with the most essential healthcare front liners accounting for 1.7 million of the count, only about 656,331 have been vaccinated so far. With 1.5 million doses at the current disposal of the government, it still is lorded over the alarming fact that as of today, the country has charted 741,181 COVID-19 cases, which logged a record-high one-day surge of 10,016 incidents on March 29.

Following the tepid mass testing, deterioration of contact tracing, and painfully slow roll-out of vaccines, we still have a long way to go before even making a convinced attempt at saying, “When all this is over.”

Who Gets Vaccinated First?

To further complicate an already decayed and distrusted system, it has been reported and confirmed that 9 public officials, as well as of an actor in a more publicized incident of substitution, have been vaccinated ahead of the healthcare workers who have been put through the wringer and back just to keep the collateral damages of the pandemic at a considerable minimum.

“Those who are in situations that make them prone to contracting the virus and spreading it could be considered a priority group,” says Dev Menon, Professor and Senior Advisor/HTPU, School of Public Health in Alberta, Canada. Explaining who should get vaccinated first and why, the expert on health technology assessment details significant factors on the ideal process. Logistics of informing, procuring, storing, distributing, and administering aside, he lists reason for vaccination, values we hold as a society, and potential trade-offs in terms of investments and expenditures. “We must balance resources with society’s preferences for quality of life.”

“Airplane safety directions of putting your own mask on first before attempting to help others is an analogy that applies here,” he says, illustrating the concept of risk versus benefit in the context of vaccination. However, this is no ways means you will leverage connections and perceptions just because your survival of the fittest mode shifts into high gear. And while it is free for everyone who willingly wants a shot at it, it definitely isn’t a free for all situation. Where morals should skew to the north of what is right and fair for everyone, one should respect the priority list and wait for their turn to get vaccinated. We all want to survive, but there are far more vulnerable people who need to be protected first, especially the health care workers. After all, they are the ones risking their lives so that we could all be safe.

Wait For Your Turn To Get Vaccinated

“Variations from the planned prioritization would constitute misuse unless updates to plans are shared with COVAX and are documented, rationalized, and evidence-based,” says a spokesperson for Gavi, the vaccine alliance, in a recent statement. “If misuse is determined, countries will be held to account and will be required to reimburse COVAX.” (For the uninformed, this is the WHO-sanctioned evaluating platform that supports research, development, and manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccine candidates.)

With the cases of those skipping the due process of getting vaccinated, especially at this most crucial and critical point of the immunization process, the already challenged access and supply of the Philippines is put at great risk. And it’s not like there isn’t a priority list as drafted and made official by the Department of Health together with National Task Force Against COVID-19 (NTF). The allocation and administration of the limited supplies and initial tranches donated by the Chinese government and COVAX, including a million more from the Philippine government purchased SinoVac vials, is supposedly strict, strategic, and systemic.

On the DOH website, which is very helpful for all your frequently asked concerns and clarifications, it states that: “With aims of reducing COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, preserving health system capacity, protecting the populations most at-risk to the disease, slowing down COVID-19 transmission rate, and minimizing social and economic disruptions, the resolution prioritizes frontline workers in the national and local health facilities. The framework further lists vulnerable groups—like senior citizens and those with comorbidities—as the next priority for vaccination, and provides for sub-prioritization based on risk exposure or mortality risk and the process flow that citizens will undergo in the vaccination program.”

Stay Safe, Philippines

Since then, the list has gone through updates, specifically addressing the inclusion of local officials to the priority list, as well as explicitly stipulating what falls under the comorbidity category. Explaining how the pre-existing illnesses such as chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, malignancy, diabetes mellitus, and obesity, the IATF cites that as these are more susceptible to COVID-19 complications, the listed conditions merit top priority to get vaccinated. (For a more comprehensive look at the groups and where you possibly qualify, visit the Department of Health website or its Facebook page, where they hold regular webinars to inform and educate about anything and everything vaccine related.)

All things considered, the goal is to provide equitable access for the Philippine population to get vaccinated safely and effectively. As estimated by the Department of Health, it aims to have 70 million Filipinos inoculated by 2021, 60-70% by 2022, and followed by the rest in the next three years. It is an uphill climb with the barest of minimums at their disposal, so the work is definitely cut out for everyone, especially the parties and leaders concerned.

Even if the supply chain miraculously works itself out over the next few months, another challenge is the fact that 61% of the population won’t be racing to get vaccinated at the very first chance to do so. A worrying statistic, which is up from an initial survey of 47% in December last year, a lot of factors are in play here including safety and effectivity concerns, as well as most shocking of all, finding it not necessary to combat the pandemic in the first place. Clearly, we have a problem.

Now, reason and responsibility rests with us to help each other out until the democracy of vaccinations is in full swing. While there isn’t enough to go around just yet, it must be reiterated: wait for your turn to get vaccinated and stay home if you can. For those who aren’t so privileged to do so, observe the health protocols, practice social distancing, and double mask up. Remember, the pandemic is far from being a past tense at this point. So, until the gaps are filled, the discrepancies addressed, and the time comes when we can finally have the courage and clearance to say “when all this is over,” stay safe, Philippines.

(Registration for vaccinations and rollouts have started in key cities by the LGUs, which you can visit through the link found here.)


seaspiracy netflix

Something Fishy: Is The New Netflix Documentary, Seaspiracy, Worth Your Time?

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but not for long.

Much talked about on social media and a chart-topper on the plane of Netflix, is the sea-focused documentary, Seaspiracy, worth 1 hour and 29 minutes of your life? Or is it just another fish story?


From the makers of Cowspiracy comes Seaspiracy, a documentary that aims to shed some light on the darkest secrets of the fishing industry. Directed by Ali Tabrizi and produced by Kip Andersen, they swim through dangerous waters (quite literally) in the hopes of providing more information on why, to this day, we are still not making progress in protecting our waters and the living creatures in it. Their quest brings them all around the globe—Scandinavia, Africa, France, Japan, and Hong Kong, following the money trail paved with corruption, abuse, and complicity. 

While the case of sensationalized journalism in the context of this undertaking, which furthered the polarizing and controversial discussion, needs to be considerably toned down, especially when there are agencies and organizations actively working to, well, save the seas. However, despite the concern from the material of Seaspiracy, here are some of the things to be realized from the film:

For someone living in an archipelago, learning about the bodies of water and how to protect them is mandatory 

Yes, we were taught in school what these are, and Google is always there to teach you which is which. Heck, all of us may also have seen that video showing a turtle with a straw in its nostril at this point. Now, while lessening our plastic use maybe a drop in the ocean, maybe it is time that we re-examine how we consume the earth’s limited resources. 

We have to protect our ocean (and our territory)

Have you ever really wondered why a lot of countries would like to be our boss or our friend? With 7100++ islands comes a wide range of land, water, plants, and animals at our (and their) disposal. In a time when the world’s population is increasing as the supply of resources decline, it is no surprise that our “hospitality” should be toned down a bit in order to preserve our sovereignty and our resources. 

Make informed decisions.

After watching Seaspiracy, you may choose to not support fishing altogether, or at least for a while. What we do ask you to do is to read and research more about the topics raised by the documentary: fish farm slavery, overfishing, commercial whaling, and global warming. Recommendations include Blackfish, The Cove, and Food Inc.   

Whether you like Seaspiracy or you feel that Ali Tabrizi just opened a can of worms for the mere sake of, we feel that it is time for us to watch this film with an open mind. Hopefully, this will help you see food in a different light.

Dive deep and see things for yourself with Seaspiracy, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Skincare Makeup Local beauty brands Filipino Happy Skin, Issy & Co., BLK Cosmetics, Hello Bloom Beauty, Cloche Flame

These Local Beauty Brands Just Created The Best Secret Weapons Of Summer For Less Than P1000

*Cue Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds*

Part skincare, part makeup. Anyone else care to join the party?

Now that we’re in Lockdown Season 2, which is literally a re-run of Season 1, most of us may be hoarding and stocking up on essential products while some are doubling down. This also applies to being more careful in the face department. Skincare and makeup are two different things, and each have different needs. Meaning, it’s twice the ₱₱₱, since it’s like buying two expansion packs. But thanks to technology, we have these skincare and makeup hybrids that have been our secret weapon.

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With a six-shade range from light to deep brown, Issy and Co. just came out with the cult product for summer—the Active Skin Tint. Not only does it substitute for BB cream and foundation (plus, it’s non-oily), but it also protects your skin from the sun with SPF. ☀️

PRICE: P499.00



As one of the pioneers of “skin-caring makeup,” it just makes sense that Happy Skin would come out with this holy grail: the Cooling Color Adapt Stick. It’s a heat-resistant multipurpose product that adds a dewy, hydrating finish and a rosy tint on your cheeks, all thanks to an ingredient called hyaluronic acid which improves dry and dehydrated for all skin types.

PRICE: P539.00



Remember when you accidentally ate your first lip balm/gloss as an adolescent just cause it smells and tastes good? Same, that’s how we feel with BLK Cosmetics’ Lip Treatment Oil from their current Wondermelon collection. The fruity formula literally has watermelon seed oil and Vitamin E that leaves a moisturized pout.

PRICE: P299.00



A multi-use pigmented product that you can use for the eyes, cheeks and lips. If your skin prefers gel or mousse, newcomer Clocheflame’s All Around Flush has nourishing ingredients such as collagen for hydration, grapeseed oil, and antioxidant Vitamin E.

PRICE: P389.00



Serum blush should be the new format in cosmetics. There are times when powder just cakes up and congests the pores in your face, causing breakouts. Thankfully, Hello Bloom Beauty’s Future Blush is a gift from the gods to those who have dry skin. Not convinced? Well, there’s a whole lot of aloe vera, niacinamide, and allantoin that keeps us constantly flushed.




Known for their “skin first” makeup line, Ellana Minerals’ Flower Power Multi-mist is a gift from the gods. It can be a primer, a setting spray, or face mist after your skincare routine that gives the skin much needed hydration and TLC!

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Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Hey Now, Did Jolina Magdangal Inspire The Hairstyles Of Lizzie McGuire?

Legends only.

If this is what dreams are made of, then it could very well be possible that the ultimate tween fashionista of the Y2K era, Lizzie McGuire, took hair inspiration from our own 90s teen queen, Jolina Magdangal.


Hey now, the truth of the matter is, we are just as, if not a whole lot more disappointed than Hilary Duff that the long stalled revival of Lizzie McGuire is no longer happening. “We can all take a moment to mourn the amazing woman she would have been and the adventures we would have taken with her,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m very sad, but I promise everyone tried their best and the stars just didn’t align.”

In what was supposed to be an expansion of the beloved TV show and pop culture cornerstone that defined the childhood of many girls (and boys!), Lizzie McGuire and her drawn on alter-ego were supposed to navigate life as a 30-year-old taking on a whole new adventure in New York. Everything was signed and sealed, even going so far as shooting two episodes on what would have made things a lot brighter and warmer than things already are. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t delivered.

Yes, we’re pretty much still sitting in our own little corner, sulking over its untimely demise, but instead of just sadly tending to the throbbing pain of disappointment, we wrapped ourselves in the fuzzies of nostalgia and re-watched episodes of Lizzie McGuire and the Lizzie McGuire movie.

This isn’t what dreams are made of, and that’s a shame, but hey, we all process things differently.

Lizzie McGuire And Her Legacy

There were many things that made Lizzie McGuire great over the course of its two-season, 65-episode run. Despite being prefaced by the notoriously PG rigors of a painfully pedantic Disney, the show pushed significant boundaries for a generation that gravitated towards Lizzie McGuire as soon the theme song, If You Believe blasted through the television. At its core, it was a coming-of-age story, filled with adolescent misadventures and missteps that proved to be representation that was necessary. Endearing with its charm and chutzpah, Lizzie McGuire confronted pivotal moments, including awkward periods involving bras, that were then glazed over for the perfection-obsessed House of Mouse. In doing so, the show was able to strike conversations that many would rather have in hushed tones or left to chance, inarguably fostering a spirit of community with its viewers. It was tough, but hey, someone had to do it.

All seriousness aside, there were other important trails that she blazed, too. Not only did she get to live out her pop star in the shower dreams in a stadium in Rome, but she was also quite the fashion devotee. Quite ironic for someone who is convinced she is a band geek and not a cool kid. Low-rise denim, metallic pants, ankle-length skirts, tie-dye, and bedazzled tank tops? Lizzie McGuire was a walking billboard for turn of the millennium fashion. Naturally, the beauty aspect wasn’t too far behind, because it was a straight up fact that she served a lot of hair moments on the show.

Jolina Magdangal, Meet Lizzie McGuire

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

So, let’s talk about hair, shall we? Never one to just keep things safe and simple, Lizzie McGuire was all about the fun and fabulous. This meant piling on an assortment of clips, crimping her signature golden locks, and even throwing in feathers for the sheer heck of it. She wasn’t one to play by the rules, and it was not only exciting to look at, but it sure inspired a lot to experiment and express themselves through their hair. It was the early aughts, everyone made a choice—deal with it.

However, as irreverent as Lizzie McGuire was, someone else had been making bigger and bolder statements when it came to fashion and beauty over at our side of the world way before she did. Looking closely at the looks that tickled the fancies of the audience, it appears to be our once-upon-a-time tween heroine was taking notes from our very own teen queen and commander of all things chuva-choo-choo, Jolina Magdangal.

Hey Now, The Dream

A standout and standard of the local entertainment scene in the 90s, Jolina Magdangal would send a wave of shock to what was typically on the more austere take on style by really going for it. This meant taking on braver fashion and beauty choices that ultimately dictated the trends back in the good ‘ol days. Years before Lizzie McGuire could even dream of making unlikely attempts on her own, Jolina Magdangal was already ditching the playbook and going for dual-toned highlights, fountain-like space buns, and yes, a kaleidoscope of butterfly clips sitting pretty on her hair.

While the proximity of time and distance wasn’t far from each other, the uncanny parallels of their points-of-view cannot go unnoticed. Obvious fact and fiction aside, we have a sneaking suspicion that Lizzie McGuire and Jolina Magdangal would have been good friends.

Now, that is what dreams are made of.

Don’t quite see it yet? Well, scroll along and see how eerily close the hairstyles of Lizzie McGuire and Jolina Magdangal were. Queen things only, really.

The Butterfly Clips

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Clipped To The New Millennium

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

A Burst Of Colors

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Yes, Feathers

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

And Flowers, Too

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Baby, You’re A Firework

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Miranda’s Pigtails

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

The Fountain

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

Pom-Poms Aren’t Just For Cheerleaders

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

A Streak Of Red

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend

The Teen Twist

Jolina Magdangal Lizzie McGuire Fashion Trend
Female Photographers Filipina

14 Filipina Photographers You Need To Follow ASAP

From a Pulitzer grantee to a Filipina creative who shot Dior's S/S 2020 Campaign, here are the female photographers you have to know right now.

We celebrate these compelling female photographers behind the lens that are championing diversity and storytelling through the Filipina gaze from all over the globe.

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Lizzo once said, “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine.” As women’s month is still on a roll, as it should all day and every day, here are 14 Filipina photographers you need to follow ASAP.


Of course we just had to start with the ever so whimsical and narrative-driven female photographer. Growing up in the industry, Shaira Luna’s vintage postcard photos have the surreal ability to transport you into a time gone by or in some cases, a Wes Anderson film. Aside from her penchant for memories made real, as well as of her affinity for music, we’d gladly dig through her treasure trove of the neatest ukay finds, too.


Known for her feminine point-of-view, Charisma Lico’s photography either plays around in vivid, contrasting hues or a pastel color palette. She’s also become the go-to of celebrity muses like Kathryn Bernardo, Heart Evangelista, and even top photographer BJ Pascual!


One look at Regine David’s work and you can immediately see the character and point-of-view in her portraits. A tireless female creative, she has been collaborating with artists in Japan and US, as well as with publications like NYLON, i-D, Dazed and Vogue Runway to name a few. As evidenced in her evocative work, Regine David is a photographer who is unafraid to show vulnerability through imagery.


Not only does Andrea Beldua have a pink bob to die for, but her stellar work incredibly captures what it’s like to be a feisty woman today—flaws and all. This female photographer has already shot notable muses like Shay Mitchell, Frankie Pangilinan, Janine Gutierrez, Nadine Lustre, and Kylie Versoza.


Perhaps the youngest on this list, 23-year old Aya Cabauatan’s colorful, tender, and nostalgic aesthetic is what dreams are made of. Her whimsical photography and distinct point-of-view is reminiscent of 60s postcards and beach walks at the Verona. And in times like this, mentally, we’re there, too.


Female photographer Baby Orange takes portraits that’s almost straight out of a fever dream. Oh, and she’s a film director, too. Every portrait from this Filipina creative looks like a breathtaking outtake from the set of Euphoria.


When you look at Favour Ajah’s photos, you’d think she’s based in NYC or in Mexico. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the Sari-Sari store signage, the usual vibrant auto load signs and the inevitable cable wires on each lamp post—giving away that it actually is in, you guessed it, Manila. Yep, we’re just as blown away by this Nigerian native as you are.


Andrea Genota’s work feels like an endless summer. Imagine seascapes, palm trees, and walking barefoot by the beach. The citrus-y tint in every photograph of hers leaves a magical, care free touch.


Inah Daze literally sends us in a daze with her photography. Her bio reads, “film/foto/fashion/feelings,” showing us a glimpse of how she sees the world. Her work is almost always set in the siesta or early afternoon, and constantly shows the different facets of the female gaze.


Inez Moro’s works are often ethereal and embedded in Filipino culture without making it obvious. This female photographer also has a hand in illustrating, which explains the direction of her painterly portraits.


Xyza Cruz Bacani is one of the most-celebrated female street photographers in the Philippines for her powerful work. Having been a second-generation migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong, she used photography as a tool to tell stories of human rights, and has won several awards like BBC’s 100 Women of the World 2015, a Pulitzer Center grantee, and is a part of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016.


Hannah Reyes Morales is an award-winning photojournalist whose works have been seen on National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME, and Wall Street Journal to name a few. Capturing complex and crucial scenarios is one thing, but the hope and truth in all her photographs are hauntingly beautiful. ICYMI, she was also tapped by Dior for their S/S 2020 Campaign.


Life is definitely a beach and Carmen del Prado knows this full well. Living in a tropical state of mind, we would do anything and everything to trade lives just for one day with this female photographer and filmmaker.


At some point, you might have already come across Cru Camara’s works on Pinterest. She’s a killer when it comes to still life and colors and making even the most mundane objects a work of art.

let's bts

Yes, You Can Watch Let’s BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Latest Talk Show Through These Channels

This is bound to be dynamite, for sure.

Craving for anything and everything BTS? You can watch Let’s BTS, the highly-anticipated pre-recorded talk show even if you are not in Seoul.


Still reeling from the showstopping performance of BTS at the Grammys? Well, if you are in search of more access to the boys, then you are in luck, because we are about to get to know them in Let’s BTS. The special talk show featuring BTS will air tonight, March 29, 2021 at 10:40 PM (KST) or 9:40 PM in the Philippines, which you can watch live on the following channels:

Online: V Special channel

KBS World: Sky Cable Channel 75 (Mega Manila)

KBS World: Sky Cable Channel 822 (regional)

KBS World: Cignal Channel 170

A 100-minute special talk show, Let’s BTS will be hosted by veteran talk show host, Shin Dong-yup and comedian Jang Do-youn. This is the first official appearance of BTS after their electrifying Grammy performance, where they were also the first Korean artists to be nominated for a Grammy.

RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V, Jimin, and Jungkook also have broken a number of Guinness World Records which include most-viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours and the fastest time to reach one million followers on TikTok. They are also the first to land three global number 1 hits on Billboard’s Global 200 chart for their song Dynamite, Savage Love’ (Laxed – Siren Beat), and most recently, Life Goes On.

According to KBS World TV, English subtitles will be available on March 30 at 11:20 PM, with highlights of Let’s BTS to be uploaded on KBS World TV Youtube channel also on March 30. Set your alarms, because this one is definitely not to be missed.

Images via KBS World

crash landing on you musical

Here’s What We Know About Crash Landing On You: The Musical

Warm up those vocal chords, because the music is about to begin.

It’s confirmed! The hit South Korean drama, Crash Landing On You, will be back as a musical in 2022. 


The production company Pop Music revealed today, March 29, 2021, that Crash Landing on You (popularly known worldwide as CLOY) will be adapted into a musical. 

If you have been living under a massive rock, Crash Landing On You is a story of a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-ri (played by Son Ye-jin) who accidentally crash-landed in North Korea because of a paragliding incident. She then meets a North Korean army officer, Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (portrayed by Hyun Bin).

A phenomenal hit, it has been reported that Crash Landing On You is the second highest-rated drama in Korean history. In an interview, Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Korean Content at Netflix said that the series brought more audiences to the streaming platform.

Crash Landing On You, The Musical

Following the news of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin confirming their dating status at the start of this year, Crash Landing On You (which no doubt helped strengthen the relationship of the stars of the TVN and Neftlix series) is a source of many surprises, even those we didn’t think possible. With Crash Landing On You: The Musical, there is much more to explore and entertain with.

“We concluded the deal for publication rights with Studio Dragon, and we plan to start choosing the main staff and begin casting. We will do our best to create a good project. In particular, since it’s a project in which the fame of the source IP (intellectual property) is very large, we’ve already received inquiries from many actors and foreign production companies,” Pop Music CEO’s Kim Jin Seok said in a statement.

As reported by Soompi, the curtains of Crash Landing On You: The Musical will rise in Seoul sometime in mid-2022. So, that is something to look forward to, for sure.  

While we all wait, let’s all re-watch Crash Landing On You on Netflix or listen to CLOY’s Official Soundtrack, as curated by thisistpaul on Spotify.