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Here’s A Resolution: Commit To Adding Local Skincare To Your Routine With These Discoveries

It’s all about local love, always.

One need not look very far for skincare solutions, because local brands have been up and at it, catering to targeted concerns that work best for Filipinos.


So, you’ve written down that resolution to finally be consistent about your skincare routine. Yes, we know, more often than not, the bare minimum of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is well in place, but if there is anything the past year has taught us skin-wise, it is that it just won’t quite cut it anymore. Think about it, in a time shrouded by stress, anxiety, and face masks, all of which add up to take a toll on your skin, extra TLC is needed to keep things looking its best despite the pervasive uncertainty that has taken over our lives.

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Now that we have your attention, it’s time to take the discussion on skincare a step further, but much closer to home than you think. Sure, there are a lot of options, formulations, and innovations stocking up the market of skincare, which is all well and good, but it might be high time to reconsider what you favor and at the very least look into a growing market for local skincare brands that are just as, if not more effective since they are made for our skin type specifically. Dependable and diverse, these Filipino-owned and made products have been slowly and surely occupying spaces on social media and our skincare stash as it stands to be efficient, effective, and just as important a consideration, economical.

Tackling everything from rebuilding, refreshing, and rejuvenating, these local skincare brands are worth your discovery bandwidth and penny, because not only do you get to work wonders on your skin, bringing it to be its best state yet, you also get to support local. Trust us, that purchase goes a long way for an industry that not only has the best interest of the Philippines at heart, but also a trained focus on the most important factor in the equation, you.

We’ve scoured the internet and social media for local skincare finds for your kind consideration. These brands and products really do make strong case for loving all that is proudly Filipino.


A firm believer in the power of skincare, so much so that they incorporated it in their cosmetics line, Happy Skin doubles down on their skin caring advocacy with the launch of their new #GoodForYou products. Formulated for healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin, Happy Skin brings together the powerhouse four (Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Cica, and Niacinamide) in the Hyaluronic  + B3 Boost Water Cream and the Hyaluronic Soothing Cleansing Gel. The perfect 1-2 punch in skincare, the necessary combination of the duo proves to cooperate with the skin with its biocompatible ingredients that strengthens the barrier of the skin, allowing it to serve as a self-sustaining protection against everyday aggressors. Lightweight, highly absorbing, and pleasantly smelling, a practical amount of product goes a long way, easily gliding across the skin, immediately soothing and improving with diligent use. And guess what, you might not need anything else but these two, how comprehensive and cool is that?


At this point, the constant and consistent washing or sanitizing of one’s hands is an essential everyone has to be most mindful of. A key point of consideration and protection against the virus that continues to pummel through our lives, it is best to always have alcohol or hand sanitizer at arm’s length all the time. Responding to this necessity, but also extending their popular scents line, blk introduces the Hand Detox, the best smelling and most moisturizing hand sanitizer. Available in two delicious fragrances (jasmine and lily), it is a supercharged form of protection with 70% alcohol and a formulation of aloe vera and vitamin E to keep your hands clean without stripping it off its softness.


Has the incessant popping up of acne been getting you down once you remove your face mask? Whether you have long struggled with pimples or are the rare few blessed to not call it a concern, the struggle of modern-day maskne is real and it exempts no one, even the ones with the most enviable state of skin. Seeking to push the envelope and address concerns unique to the Filipino market, In Her Element introduces the fast-acting Masknegel for spot-treating acne. Proudly made in the Philippines, it helps control acne with its swirl of Cica, Salicylic Acid, and Tea Tree Oil.


There is a lot to like even just from a quick rundown of what Apotheke Science is. Handcrafted and all organic, this Filipino-made skincare brand harnesses only the finest of natural ingredients to combat against irritants, curb the effects of aging, and address other pertinent issues such as acne, redness, scars, eczema, puffiness, and itchiness. On its Instagram page, there is a wide range of products to choose from, but it also has box with its complete line that guides you along its prescribed steps of skincare. From detox to defense, they have you covered. 


Just like the fictional wish-granting characters in literature, Skin Genie is here to give you what you want, especially when it comes to local skincare. There are no conditions or a long drawn out haggling of wishes, because it promises to provide safe, gentle, and all-natural solutions for your skin. One of its more fun but also effective products is the Liquor Soap Bar, which also comes in a trio infused with different spirits to take your bath time routine from ordinary to out-of-this-world. With its playful twist on Jagermeister, Jack Daniels Old No. 7, and Tuscan red wine, each soap is infused with virgin coconut oil, microbial ingredients, and botanical extracts that addresses all things from skin refining, anti-aging, and brightening. Best of all, there is no rubbing of the lamp necessary.  


Mindful of you and mother Earth, Rraw has quite the realistic approach when it comes to eco-consciousness. Worth telling before we get into the range of locally handmade organic products, the Filipino brand does it very best by upcycling packaging and offering refills on your items at discount using their old bottles. (You must be willing to send it back to them, of course.) They even have a platform where you can give back and make a difference by donating to the rescue of dogs and cats through shelters or rescuing animals themselves. Now, on to the local skincare products. From a selection of Lip Oils, Body Butters, and Tonic Toners among others, their fluffy, creamy, and luscious Body Frostings that work as a body scrub, body polish, and whipped soap that exfoliates and hydrates. In comes in yummy variants that make you want to dig in before lathering. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Mochachino Mojito, and Marshmallow Icing anyone?


Guided by honesty, simplicity, and sincerity, Bloom & Topiary makes good on its premise of thoughtfully-made local skincare solutions. Consciously crafted with nature, their philosophy is anchored on delivering a regimen that is uncomplicated. With its line of high-performing and fuss-free products, you will definitely be confident in your own skin. One of its popular blends, the Revitalizing Body Oil with SPF 15, is made of Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli essential oils, as well as of Rosehip and Avocado oil that essentially tightens, improves, and balance the skin to near perfection.