Get Into The Mood Of The New Year With These Beauty Kit Updates

New year, better beauty practices, for sure.

Wrestling with bouts of the new year slump? Well, steer yourself into the lane of self-care and self-love with innovative skincare, holiday offshoots, and dazzling finishes.


Still trying to shake off that lingering hangover from the holidays and finding it hard to settle into the new year? With the euphoric energy of the festivities being boxed up until next Christmas, getting into the swing of things is a challenge now more than ever. Before you get consumed by worry and dread, know that you are alone in this predicament. While the new year brings with it a fresh start and a hopeful outlook, it isn’t a slate that is wiped clean at the stroke of midnight. Whether people like to admit it or not, the first few days of the personal and professional calendar are quite laborious internally, where even getting out of bed is harder.

But before you relent to a slump just as the new year beckons, there are many ways to jumpstart your system such as centering yourself in meditation and affirmation first thing in the morning, listening to music to dance the grogginess away, or even swiping on a bit of sparkle and color on your face with makeup. Hey, it might sound trivial, but trust us, it works wonders on the weary spirit. A ritual that can set your mood just right, this exercise of self-care and self-love can make all the difference with how the rest of your day feels. (Yes, even if you are keeping your distance and just staying put at home—as you should.)

Nothing beats me-time, really. So, whether it be an update to your skincare routine or worthy additions to your beauty kits, this is the best time to re-evaluate what you currently have and what you will need to establish a solid start to the new year and power through the rest of the days. It might not be much, but if it steers us in the right direction, we’re definitely taking all the help we can get.

Now, get cracking at those new year resolves and consider these must-haves that will have covered from skincare, sun protection, and of course, the latest makeup releases to get your glam on.


“We all need that one moment on a day where we destress, and self-care is the best way to do that,” suggests Bianca Cancellara, Chief Marketing Officer of AHC, the top Korean aesthetic skincare brand. With holistic wellness at its core, AHC has launched an empowering, effective, and enjoyable movement with its Better In 21 campaign, which aims to bring out your best self through a habit of self-love and skincare in 21 days and beyond. “Beauty is not a destination, but a beautiful journey of transformation. You dedicate time for self-care, then you see the results, so you love yourself more, and you keep doing it. It’s about discovering your skin’s potential, and more love for yourself,” details Cancellara, highlighting the brand’s philosophy that is guided by advanced skincare science for deep penetration of ingredients, thoughtful formulation for safe and effective ingredients, and optimized application for maximum results. From its innovative favorites such as the AHC Peony Bright Line, which features the toner, serum, and spot corrector, and the award-winning, Eye Cream For Face, which includes The Pure Real Eye Cream For Face and The Real Eye Cream For Face Pure, AHC introduced the Age Defense Pure Real Eye Cream for Face, an ultra-fine microemulsion with gold peptides that is an effective anti-aging solution.


You might be spending most, if not all of your time indoors, but that doesn’t mean skipping on the SPF entirely. This new year, make it a habit to apply sunscreen even when at home, because the adverse effects of the UVA and UVB rays still persist. A recent introduction to the Philippine market, Anessa not only guarantees protection, but it also offers skincare qualities in its innovative formulation, making it a most competent sunscreen to incorporate to your regimen. Known as the ultimate beauty sunscreen and number one in Japan for 19 years, Anessa prides itself with Triple Defense Technologies, meaning it only gets stronger with heat, water, and sweat. Moisturized, nourished, and shielded, your skin will finally feel the joy of the sun without worry.


What is an artist without an arsenal of trusted tools to bring out the very best creations? Before diving headfirst into the wonderful world of makeup, one must have the necessary brushes to bring out the best in both the products and the face. Designed for creative control and ultimate artistry, Nars launches a new lineup of makeup brushes just in time for the new year. Taking into consideration the signature sweeps, swishes, and swipes of Francois Nars, the brushes are optimized a high precision and high quality performance. Durable and dedicated to the power of artistry, these are most importantly graceful and gentle to the touch, because honestly, you deserve it this way.

Laura Mercier

Inspired by the enduring elegance and fine form of ballet, Laura Mercier does a grand jeté from the holiday season to the new year with its limited-edition Ballet A Paris collection. Harnessing the finesse of the fine art, the beauty, grace, and strength is realized in a selection of colors, shimmers, and textures that will compel you to do pirouettes. Whether it be the specially packaged translucent powder in different shades, cheek palettes (Opening Night and Standing Ovation), or the luxe indulgence of the Almond Coconut Body Triplet, you will definitely be swept off your feet even long after the curtains close.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Its long-held ties to the seismic-shifting reality TV competition, RuPaul’s Drag Race, aside, Anastasia Beverly Hills has come a long way from its focus on brows. Today, the women-led brand has expanded to a full line, which includes a variety of innovative products. An offshoot from the holidays, Anastasia Beverly Hills continues to make things merry and bright even in the new year with an everyday-to-night palette (Soft Glam II), vanilla-scented lacquer sets (Limited-edition Haute Holiday Mini Lip Gloss Set), the long-lasting Lip Stain, the Clear Brow Gel, the superfine-tipped Brow Pen, the versatile Brow Definer, and the Limited-edition Mini Lash Brag Volumizing Mascara Ornament. And if shade matching and finding is a concern, you can get help on Instagram through the Anastasia Beverly Hills AR Try On and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Shade Finder.


The love affair with copious amounts of shimmer, shine, and sparkle doesn’t have to end with the holidays. With its glimmer and glint, it can make for a bright beginning to the new year, and Teviant is certainly onboard with this proposition as well. An instant mood lifter in 18 pressed pigments; the brand led by makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan has launched the Horus Multi-Chromatic Palette that is meant to take your eyeshadow looks to mesmerizing heights. From packed glitter, foiled metallic, and multi-chrome powders, your peepers will definitely be extra dazzling from any angle and the perfect punctuation to whatever beauty look fits your fancy.