From CEO To Hero: Why Nina Cabrera Of Colourette Cosmetics Is The Virtual Ate That We All Deserve


Beyond just Colourette Cosmetics, let’s dig deeper into why Nina Cabrera is living up to her self-proclaimed tag line, Ultimate Boss Babe. 


November 12 could have been the day where businesses are focused on fulfilling orders after the monumental 11.11 sale. But typhoon Ulysses happened. Its heavy rain and strong winds revealed how unprepared the government was in providing solutions that should have been in place on the long-term. And for Nina Cabrera, the CEO of Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula skincare, she went to Twitter and demanded accountability from our leader, just as any responsible stakeholder of this great nation should be doing. However, in this valiant effort, she received a lot of hate, but just like a modern Filipina, she fought back by using, or rather, taking back the troll-operated hashtag #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics to raise awareness for her donation drive that earned a total of P1.6 million. On top of that, she also gave all the stocks in her new clothing venture Wear.Bambi since according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, we cannot donate used clothes to the typhoon victims.

While we all laud this clap back very well done, and one that was taken beyond the virtual space and into the real world of tangible results, this isn’t the first time that Nina Cabrera proved that she is truly the older sister that we need and we should aspire to be. Sure, she can dish on all the beauty she can with Colourette Cosmetics, but here are more reasons why she deserves to be called a CEO and a real influencer—you know, the actual, textbook definition of the word, and not the marketing buzzword.

She Shares Business, Marketing, And Life Lessons On Tiktok

As of press time, Nina Cabrera has 987.1K followers on Tiktok where she not only provides swatches of her products or behind the scenes look at her two companies. She also uses this platform to answer questions about her day job and also provides marketing and business tips using layman’s terms in a matter of minutes. The best part? She also uses her platform to educate her followers on how to check one’s privilege.  


She Supports And Collaborates With Other Filipino Entrepreneurs And Creators

She buys the products from aspiring artists and goes as far as sending shoutouts to other local beauty brands when she receives a package. She also tests and uses other cosmetic products and publicly shows them in her videos. Our favorite so far? The Colourette Cosmetics collaboration with Tala by Kyla last October!

She Is A Progressive Woman, Wife, And Mom

27-year-old Nina is also a mom of two children, a number of dogs, who is still addicted to Pokemon. In one video, she also showed how her son Nathan should not be shamed for wearing Powerpuff Girl jammies and she encourages her daughter to be more independent. Also on Tiktok, she provides a sneak peek at how she and her husband, Kurt navigate their relationship, finances and parenting in 2020.

She Admits Her Shortcomings And Apologizes When She Is Wrong

Her detractors were able to dig up some dirt on Nina, citing how unbecoming of a boss she was from years back. Instead of ignoring or denying, she admitted to that incident. She reflected and is continuously working on improving her relationship with her employees in her business and in her household. A few days ago, there were also some glitches that happened in the delivery of her products to which she resolved even if it will cost her company.

She Is #Malditaforareason

A few years ago, a female driver bravely remained in her lane as she stood up against vehicles counterflowing in a national road. Yes, that’s The Nina Ellaine, too! Most recently, she called out Tiktok celebrity Rosmar Tan for providing false information about the latter’s cosmetic business. When a basher labeled her as ‘tank build’ in reference to her weight using a term from Mobile Legends, she clapped back and schooled him about her hero, Masha from the same famous game that she used to play.

Credits to _roseangelique on TikTok for the term “Virtual ate”