rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

Red? Blue? Nope. Rabiya Mateo Closes Her Miss Universe Philippines Chapter In White

Rabiya really said, ALWAYS. STAND. UP.

Francis Libiran talks about the change of color choice in Rabiya Mateo’s coronation turnover gown for Miss Universe Philippines 2021: “She’s not really there to compete—she’s there to pass on her legacy.”

While the Miss Universe Philippines crown has been passed, the legacy of the queen remains. Rabiya Mateo, a true queen that exuded grace and effortless elegance, made her farewell walk as Miss Universe Philippines in no other than a Francis Libiran gown that exuded unparalleled class. The white embellished gown that had a long cape complemented Rabiya’s body frame beautifully. Simple as it was, it delivered so much impact, especially on the catwalk.

francis libiran rabiya mateo gown coronation night miss universe philippines 2021

The former Miss Universe Philippines queen has been through it all, so it made sense that Francis Libiran opted for a white gown to symbolize new beginnings for Rabiya. The designer shared that he initially thought of extravagant details and around the colors of red, blue or yellow but changed his mind.

“She’s not really there to compete—she’s there to pass on her legacy. So, instead of going for the initial plan, I created a simple white gown with beaded art deco cut outs so that she will look effortlessly regal.”

According to Francis, it took him and his team three weeks to finish Rabiya’s gown. On choosing the silhouette, “There was a rush of inspiration instantly coming to mind. Do I create a blue gown or a red one? What style should I incorporate in the gown? Do I have to put in fancy details so I can make her stand out?” For a seasoned designer like Francis Libiran, it’s amazing to see how he’s still always 100% on point when it comes to details.

rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

“Then, it hit me. Standing out isn’t always about shining or being loud about details. Sometimes even in dignified simplicity, you can be noticed by hundreds of people. It’s what I always tell my clients: being able to shine relies on how you carry yourself.”

Aware of how some pageant fans can be critical at times, Francis isn’t bothered by other people’s opinions on how simple Rabiya’s gown may be. “This is a beauty pageant, after all, where eccentric and sometimes outrageous gowns are expected to be seen,” shares Francis.

rabiya mateo francis libiran gown coronation

“Rabiya Mateo’s final walk symbolizes her readiness to embrace this new world. She has become an inspiration to many people. Without a doubt, success is on her chosen path as she is ready to change the world in her own way.”


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Female Photographers Filipina nylon manila cover andrea beldua aya cabauatan shaira luna cru camara

These Are The Filipino Female Photographers Who Brought NYLON Manila’s Covers to Life

We've said it once and we'll say it again: Female visionaries are pivotal in the creative industry.

The female gaze is often taken for granted, but not for these amazing women who’ve lensed these covers of NYLON Manila.

In a field mostly dominated by men, it’s easy to be talked down upon, get mansplained and be called “lady shooters” for no absolute reason once they see the sight of a woman holding a camera. But we are living in the ever-evolving current age, and this is a culture that’s no longer acceptable. The female gaze, as what it’s been called, is the representation that most people need and don’t even realize it.

There’s a certain intimacy and vulnerability in what female visionaries see through their lens, and it’s been an honor for the NYLON Manila team to work with them. Ever since, these female photographers have always been at the top of our minds, and we are still on the lookout for more.

“In the latest release, it was a non-negotiable to work with brilliant Filipino female photographers. It isn’t lost that with a creative anchored on all sorts of joy, we were extremely happy not only with how the images of Andrea and Shaira, as well as of Aya and Cru turned out, but by being in their company, too.”

Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, NYLON Manila’s Editor-in-Chief

“Ever since the beginning, we always made sure that our stories, the visual included, are told from the unmatched and unique point-of-view of Filipino creatives,” adds NYLON Manila Editor-in-Chief, Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena.

Read on to see why these artists are pivotal in the creative industry.

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andrea brillantes blythe

Aya Cabauatan is the youngest photographer that NYLON Manila has ever worked with. Her point-of-view is whimsical, curious and often full of hope. Even after being in the industry for a few years now, Aya just graduated from Ateneo a year ago. Absolute goals.


Welcome to the colorful world of Cru Camara. After studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she has since established herself as a photographer who transforms still-life images into a vision that’s evocative and otherworldly. Seeing her images can be likened to looking through a kaleidoscope.


inigo pascual outfit photoshoot nylon cover

You can always rely on Shaira Luna for nostalgia and visuals that often looks straight out of a memory. Her eye for storytelling is one that’s often unmistakeable, a gift that the female photographer has been known for since the very beginning. Shaira also styles and directs music videos like her work with IV of Spades.


Andrea Beldua’s hyper-feminine perspective never fails to surprise us. On her social media, she also shares how there’s always an “accidental renaissance” moment in her photographs, alluding to her background in the visual arts. The warmth in Andrea’s photos made her one of the most-sought after photographers by muses like Sarah Lahbati, Kylie Verzosa, and some of the Miss Universe queens.

cl lover like me music video style beauty makeup

Beauty Moments We’re Still Obsessing Over In CL’s Lover Like Me Music Video

She's the alpha. No questions asked.

Yes, you will never, ever find a beauty and style icon like CL.

After waiting for so long, we can finally testify that we’re definitely in CL’s best era. It was all worth it considering how she’s been killing it in every visual that she releases. Spicy was definitely the bomb, but In Lover Like Me, CL gets more intimate and shows her softer side in the music video for Lover Like Me. It’s just been less than 24 hours since she’s dropped the single, but it now has almost 2 million views and counting. Her stylists and glam team definitely need a raise for the stunning looks that were served in Lover Like Me. Scroll down for some of the beauty moments that we’re still obsessing over!

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cl lover like me music video makeup beauty fashion style
cl lover like me music video makeup beauty fashion style

Rapunzel is shaking. Who would’ve thought braids could already pass as part of the set design? All hail, the baddest female!


cl lover like me music video makeup beauty fashion style
cl lover like me music video makeup beauty fashion style

CL’s nails have always been a vital part of her signature style. The manicure moments in the Lover Like Me music video is no exception.


CL in a pink furry scooter with a pinup hairstyle and red lip combo will be the death of us. This set needed more exposure!


cl lover like me music video makeup beauty fashion style

Only the true queens of rap can pull off this hair trend. Just ask Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and now, CL.

You can watch CL’s Lover Like Me music video below:

These Are The New Movies And Shows Of October 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss

These Are The New Movies And Shows Of October 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss

Bookmark this.

From Venom 2, Komi Can’t Communicate, Dune, and more, these are the new movies and shows of October 2021 that should be on your radar.

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It’s October, which means it’s spooky season. The month promises to deliver on horror movies sure to scare up a fright. But if you aren’t into horror, don’t sweat as the month also brings with it a bevy of new content from different genres. James Bond’s latest mission is almost here. Get ready to see Han So-hee in her latest project. And a sci-fi classic is making its latest big-screen outing. Here are the new movies and shows of October 2021 that you shouldn’t miss.


Start of October with this drama-thriller. A remake of a Danish movie of the same name, The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Joe Baylor, a demoted police officer assigned to a call dispatch desk. One day, he receives a call from a kidnapped woman and has his morals tested as he tries to save her. The film is set in just one morning and is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who you may know from directing the excellent The Equalizer. the movie hits Netflix on October 1.


Eddie Brock and Venom are back in their latest adventure in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The sequel sees Eddie face off against a new and more dangerous foe, Cletus Kasaday (Woody Harrelson), aka Carnage. Aside from the big-screen action you can expect from the film, we also can’t wait to see more of the love-hate relationship that Eddie and Venom have, which was arguably the best part of the first movie. Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters on October 1.


One of the few new horror movies you can expect this October, There’s Someone Inside Your House centers on Makani, a high school student who moves from Hawaii to a small town in Nebraska. As graduation nears, Malika and her friends are suddenly stalked by a masked serial killer intent on exposing their secrets to the town. Now the group must stop the killer before it’s too late. The film is based on the horror novel of the same name by Stephanie Perkins. You can stream this slasher on Netflix starting October 6.


Based on the popular manga of the same name by Tomihito Oda, Komi Can’t Communicate follows Shouko Komi, a teenage girl who suffers from a communication disorder. One day, she meets a teenage boy named Hitohito Tadano and the two form a friendship as he tries to help her make more friends. If you’re in the mood for lighthearted, fun, and wholesome anime, this is the one for you. Produced by OLM Studio, the upcoming Komi Can’t Communicate anime adaptation is set for release on October 7.


After numerous delays, James Bond’s latest big-screen adventure is finally here. James Bond has left active duty and is enjoying retirement in Jamaica. But his peace is short-lived when an old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, shows up to ask for help. Now, James must suit up once more for his final mission. Aside from the fact that this will be the latest James Bond movie in six years, this will also serve as Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond, so we can’t wait to see how his swan song turns out (and who’s going to replace him). No Time to Die will be in cinemas on October 8.


If you’re looking for a new fantasy anime set that so happens to be set in feudal Japan, then you’re in luck. Bright: Samurai Soul follows a one-eyed wandering samurai named Izo (Simu Liu) and an orc named Raiden (Fred Mancuso). Together, the two help bring a young elf girl (Yuzu Harada) and the wand she carries to the land of the elves in the north. If the title sounds familiar to you, then that’s because this anime is set in the same world as Bright, the 2017 live-action movie starring Will Smith. Bright: Samurai Soul will be available on Netflix starting October 12.


Han So-hee’s latest project is here and it’s a complete 180 from her previous role as Yu Na-bi in Nevertheless. In My Name, she plays a woman who joins a crime ring and becomes an undercover police officer in order to find her father’s killer. With what we’ve seen so far, My Name promises to be an exciting action-thriller with an engaging story and intense action. My Name streams on Netflix this October 15.  


Out of all the horror movies coming in October 2021, this one may be just the biggest. Halloween Kills is set right after the events of the 2018 Halloween reboot as Michael Myers survives the house fire and is on the hunt once again for Laurie Strode. Halloween Kills looks to be the best horror movie to watch this Halloween with its intense scares and gory action. The film hits theaters and Peacock this October 15.


Night Teeth follows Benny, a college student who works as a freelance chauffeur on the side. One day, he picks up two young women, Eva and Blaire, to bring them party-hopping across LA. But what initially turned out to be a fun night, becomes Benny’s worst nightmare as the two women are actually vampires. While vampires in a horror movie isn’t groundbreaking, there are a few reasons why you should check this out. First, Eva and Blair are played by Sydney Sweeney and Debby Ryan respectively. Second, Megan Fox is slated to appear. Also, the movie is directed by Adam Randall, who directed the criminally underrated crime-thriller, I See You. The talent behind the movie makes it worth the price of admission alone. Night Teeth hits Netflix on October 20.


After more than a year’s delay, Denis Villeneuve’s visually-epic adaptation of Dune is almost here. Based on Frank Herbert’s seminal novel of the same name and set thousands of years into the future, Dune follows the story of Paul Atreides, the son of a noble family, who is entrusted with the stewardship of the desert planet Arrakis, the only source of the most valuable substance in the universe, “the spice,” a drug that extends human life and provides accelerated levels of thought. If you’ve read the novel or are a fan of science fiction, then this is a must-see movie event. The star-studded cast alone should make this an appealing watch. Dune hits theaters and HBO Max this October 22.


Speaking of must-see movies in October, Wes Anderson’s latest work of art is upon us. Serving as a love letter to journalists, The French Dispatch is set in an outpost of an American newspaper in a fictional 20th-century French city. The story brings to life several stories published in “The French Dispatch Magazine.” Aside from the fact that this is Wes Anderson’s newest film, it also features an A-list cast such as Timothee Chalamet, Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, Owen Wilson, Tilda Swinton, and more. The French Dispatch lands in cinemas on October 22.


iQiyi’s latest K-Drama is promising to be an exciting one. Jirisan stars Gianna Jun, who you may know as Ashin from Kingdom, as an experienced national park ranger. She is put in charge of a rookie as the two work to keep the mountains of Jirisan safe. Along the way, they also recuse survivors of natural disasters and lost trekkers. The main plot of this thriller will revolve around uncovering the mysteries and secrets that the mountains hold. Kingdom writer Kim Eun-hee wrote the script and based it on interviews with real-life rangers. Lee Eung Bok, whose previous work includes Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, serves as the show’s director. You can stream Jirisan on iQiyi starting October 23.


Serving as director Edgar Wright’s first pure horror movie, Last Night in Soho revolves around an aspiring fashion designer, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie), living in modern-day London. One day, she discovers the ability to enter the 1960s where she meets wannabe singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy). But the glamour that Eloise experiences is not what it seems as dark and sinister secrets start spilling over into her world. While Edgar Wright has done horror in the past (Shaun of the Dead), he hasn’t done straight horror so we are excited to see how he handles the genre. Plus it’s also Anya Taylor-Joy in a horror movie, a genre she has excelled in before. Catch this horror thriller in theaters on October 29 (just in time for Halloween).


Serving as a prequel to Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, Army of Thieves follows small-town bank teller Dieter. He gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious woman recruits him to join a crew of Interpol’s most wanted criminals. Their mission: heist a sequence of legendary, impossible-to-crack safes across Europe. Catch this on Netflix this October 29, 2021.


These aren’t technically new shows, but they are premiering new seasons that you should take note of. You Season 3 (October 15), Succession Season 3 (October 17), Locke & Key Season 2 (October 22).

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shows movies leaving netflix

Catch These Titles Before They Leave Netflix This October

Watch these titles before they leave the streaming service.

This is your last chance to watch these movies, series, and K-Dramas before they leave Netflix Philippines this October.

It seems as if every day we find something new to watch and enjoy on Netflix. As seen with the uber success of Squid Games, the streaming service always has that next must-binge show or movie waiting in the wings. But as more titles enter Netflix, sadly, some have to leave as well. This can be mainly due to the fact that some of the content in Netflix have had their licensing agreements expire therefore are no longer going to be on the streaming service. There are some notable titles leaving Netflix Philippines this October from critically acclaimed films, classics, and adored action films. Here are the titles you need to see before they leave Netflix. (Note that the following titles are subject to change).


Sicario tells the story of an FBI agent who is part of an undercover operation targeting a Mexican drug lord. But her ethics are soon challenged when the operation crosses the line. This well-received gritty action-drama stars Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin and is directed by Denis Villeneuve.


Two of the most adored modern action movies are leaving Netflix Philippines this month. The first movie follows the titular John Wick (Keanu Reeves) who goes on a revenge mission after the son of a gangster steals his car and kills his dog. The sequel, meanwhile, sees John repay a debt. If you haven’t seen this series yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. All three movies of the trilogy are currently available on Netflix with a fourth movie set to drop in 2022.


The late 2000s and early 2010s saw an explosion of YA books adapted to the big screen with the Divergent series being one of the more notable examples The series is set in a world where it is divided into four virtues. Series protagonist Tris (Shailene Woodley) discovers that she is a Divergent and therefore doesn’t fit in with any of the tribes. When she discovers a plot to get rid of the Divergent, she then goes on a journey that makes her question everything she knows.


This Oscar-winning musical centers on two individuals, Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a pianist. The two try to make it big in Los Angeles all while falling in love with each other trying to keep their relationship afloat.


October may be the month of Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good comedy. And one of the best and groundbreaking comedies of the 2010s is leaving Netflix this month. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan, this romantic comedy follows New Yorker Rachel Chu who goes to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick Young, to meet his family. She soon discovers though that they may not be welcoming of her.


Starring Gianna Jun and Lee Min-ho, this fantasy K-Drama revolves around a mermaid from the Joseon period who ends up in present-day Seoul. She then crosses paths with a swindler who may have ties to someone from her past.


Two all-time classics are sadly leaving Netflix in October. The first and third Indiana Jones movies are set to depart the streaming service on October 15 and given how those two are the best in a series, they are a must-watch. The first film revolves around Indiana as he tries to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do while Last Crusade sees Indiana goes on a mission to rescue his father and find the Holy Grail before the Nazis do.


Speaking of classics, this Jim Carey classic is set to leave the streaming service soon. The film follows Truman Burbank (Carey) who doesn’t know that his entire life is just a set-up and all part of a popular TV show called The Truman Show. This is arguably one of Jim Carey’s best movies and mixes great acting and directing with poignant themes of free will.


This K-Drama follows a mother who goes through a series of changes and crises. This then leads her to wanting to live for herself and decides to enroll in college. There, she discovers her passion as well as meets a new love. 


Arguably one of Denzel Washington’s most underrated films, The Book of Eli is a gem of a movie if you are into post-apocalyptic films. The movie follows a drifter named Eli (Washington), who goes on a quest westward all while protecting a sacred text that holds the secrets to humanity’s survival and fighting off against hostile humans.


A college student with psychic abilities takes in an amnesiac ghost as his roommate. Together, the two help each other hunt down spooky spirits.


The head of a real estate firm with the ability to travel through time by taking the subway marries a photographer to try and change his future.

Meanwhile, here are other titles leaving Netflix Philippines this October that you may want to add to your watchlist:

Hancock (October 2), Gifted (October 8), Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (October 9), The Meg (October 10), RED 2 (October 14), The Dead Don’t Die (October 26), Shine On with Reese (October 28), Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (October 28).

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Exciting Month For K-Pop

October 2021 Is Promising To Be An Exciting Month For K-Pop

A lot to look forward to in October.

From ENHYPHEN’S first full-length album to SEVENTEEN’S latest comeback, October 2021 is shaping up to be an eventful month for the world of K-Pop.

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K-Pop fans, get excited! As we enter October, the month is already looking to be an exciting one with its line-up of anticipated comebacks, debuts, and other hyped activities. A lot of the top groups right now are set to return in the coming month with some very thrilling releases. Here are the things you should expect and look forward to for K-Pop this October. Note that this list is just those events that have already been announced. So, there may be even more exciting moments that could be announced later in the month.


Ever since 2016, TWICE has dominated the charts with their addicting bangers. And the group is set to enter the latest chapter in their career as they are about to release their first-ever English single, The Feels. After initially dropping teasers in August, TWICE revealed that they will be dropping the song and accompanying music video on October 1 (1 PM KST, 12 PM PH time). The group is also set to perform the song in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the same day. The Feels will be TWICE’s latest release following their Japanese album Perfect World and their mini-album, Taste Of Love.


Following the release of the excellent The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE album and its repackaged version, FIGHT OR ESCAPE, TOMORROW X TOGETHER is set to bring their talents and songs to the stage, albeit virtually. The 4th gen boy group will be having their first-ever online concert called ACT:BOY, on October 3, Sunday (5 PM KST, 4 PM PH time). Tickets are currently available on their Weverse shop and cost $46 or around 2350 pesos. And MOAs won’t have to wait long for more TXT content as the group is dropping their first Japanese EP, Chaotic Wonderland, in November.


Following his fellow band members, YoungJae will be the latest GOT7 member to release solo music following their split from JYP. YoungJae is set to drop his first mini-album, COLORS from Ars, this October 5.


aespa may be less than a year old, but in just a short amount of time, SM’s newest girl group has built themselves as one of the premier 4th gen girl groups. The group is looking to further make a mark as they are set to release their first mini-album, Savage, this October. The six-track mini-album has a release date of October 5. Based on the S-tier visuals the group has released so far, aespa looks poised to eat this comeback up and leave zero crumbs.


ENHYPHEN has been having a great 202 so far thanks to the strong success of their BORDER: CARNIVAL EP and the virality of FEVER. And the group is poised to continue this success as they are gearing up to release their first full-length studio album. Entitled DIMENSION: DILEMMA, the album is slated to be released on October 12. Tamed-Dashed is set to be the title track while TXT’s Yeonjun will be featured in the song Blockbuster. Add to that the phenomenal visuals released so far, this may be shaping up to be their best comeback yet.


Following the release of their 8th mini-album, Your Choice, in June, SEVENTEEN is having their latest comeback. Back in August, Pledis confirmed that SEVENTEEN was preparing for a comeback in October and now it’s almost here. The group will be dropping their 9th mini-album, Attacca, this October 22 at 1 PM KST, 12 PM PH time. Rock With You will serve as their comeback single. SEVENTEEN though will be temporarily promoting as 11 members for this comeback as The8 and Jun are currently in China until the end of the year. From what we’ve seen so far, we’re getting dark, edgy, and bad boy vibes for this comeback.


BTS has been having an amazing year this 2021. (But then again, when did BTS have a bad year?) From topping the charts to speaking at the UN, the group has been killing it lately. While we wait for new BTS music to be released, the boys are once again going to be gracing the virtual stage. BTS is having an online concert called PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE this October 24. You can buy tickets at their Weverse shop. This will be their latest concert since SOWOZOO in June. And if you really miss seeing BTS on stage in person, then you’re in luck as the group recently announced that they will be holding an in-person concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles this November 27, 28, December 1, and 2. This marks their first in-person concert since 2019.

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texture tendency filipino art

In Texture Tendency, Filipino Art And Poetry Threads The Conversation Of Creative And Critical Thought

The details are in the fabric.

In Threads, the traveling exhibition from New York and Bogotá, insight weaves into the art culture of the Philippines with texture tendency, an immersive experience that spotlights the finest young queer and women artists and poets in the country.

In the museum (or a more intimate gallery), a space lined with art of many evocative mediums and manifestations, the existence of the written text is more functional than anything. Complementing the emotions encouraged from appreciating these from a considerable distance, words are that source of information you have to squint at. Sometimes, in the midst of the ritual of resting one’s chin on the hand, furrowing of brows, and nodding a few times before moving on to the next point of interest, there is sometimes no need for what is typed out on a square piece of paper to fully comprehend the craft and creation before you.

This isn’t to say that words do not hold the same value as the visceral vessels ever so carefully and specifically positioned, because especially in the case of text-based art, it becomes central as inspiration. Beyond insight and instruction, what is written makes for a more reflective experience of consuming the visual. In the Manila leg of the traveling exhibition, Threads, the connection of art and poetry is confronted as intuition more than a response to what is already there. Operating on the precedent set in New York andBogotá, as conceptualized by artist collectives such as the Nadenka Art Group in Omsk, Russia and the Yara Arts Group in New York in collaboration with the Poets of Queens commune in Queens, New York, there was a conscious effort to heighten the proposition even more in texture tendency, as curated by Carlos Quijon Jr.   

“I wanted both artist and poet to question what they know about their practices and about each other. I understand both writing and art making as creative and critical practices that each practitioner approaches with unique points-of-view,” he says of texture tendency in our conversation. “So, rather than keep these practices separate, I asked the artists and the poets to look at their own practices and see where their interests, concerns, or fixations overlap or intersect. In other words, find spaces where their process become interested in the same considerations or where they ask themselves the same questions.”

Texture Tendency, An Immersive Intersection

Exploring texture in textile and text, as posited by the overarching scope of Threads, texture tendency is a provocation of art and poetry manifested in both the physical and profound, stitching everything from spooled strands of thought, embroidered memories, and hemmed ideas. Presented by Drawing Room, the exhibit assembles works from young artists and poets based in the Philippines, decentralized from just the capital even, together with a selection of visual and written cues from its previous iterations at Maleza Proyectos in Bogotá curated by Alejandra Fonseca in February 2021 and Flux Factory, Topaz Arts, and Bliss on Bliss Art Projects organized by artist Ged Merino, curator Virlana Tkacz, and poet Olena Jennings in New York.

“I wanted to approach textile art not in relation to its raw materials nor the activities that produce it, but in terms of what effect or condition it can achieve,” explains Carlos Quijon Jr. of this iteration of the traveling exhibit, Threads. “Texture for me is a strong idea that I associate with both textile and text, so I wanted to frame the exhibition in relation to texture—not just in relation to the materials or the works but also the composition of the works in the exhibition.”

In this unique undertaking of intersecting art and poetry as a singular unit as opposed to fragments in sharp contention of attention, the entanglement that is so indicative of our lives is put on full display. Instead of mere context, the exercise of collaboration from an assemblage of young queer and women artists shift to comprehension of the human condition. Here, they navigate their creativity with critical thought, considering both the origins and realizations of threads and textiles. For texture tendency, the nuance of the endeavor encompasses the trope of texture, the tendencies of the practices, and the mutual implication of all mediums and materials.

The Unraveling

Rendered in many evocative expositions, such as obviously textile production, the art and poetry of texture tendency: Threads in Manila is a collection of stirring video projections, text operating as parasites, and disintegrating audio played from a cassette tape, among others. From drapes of string, a succession of words sewn, and thread poking through a vibrant image, this is not your year-end portfolio of quarterly home economics projects. Instead, what you are immersed in is an expansion of emotion and thought, all woven together in a comforting tapestry of humanity.

With a firm grasp on the imprint of today’s generation and their unique proclivities, everything just makes sense. Winding through the empirical experience that is texture tendency, Threads in Manila becomes a consciousness of its own. Lensed through the vantage point of youth, as realized by the minds of Michelle Esquivias, King Llanza, Alfonso Manalastas, Katherine Nuñez, Floraime Pantaleta, Miguel Puyat, Tekla Tamoria, and Nicole Tee, the possibilities become practices that make the future something to look forward to rather than feared. If anything, it becomes apparent that the spirit of collaboration is the way and the truth, especially in art and poetry. Pretty and powerful as it is on the surface, its existence doesn’t thrive in pedantry and semantics.

In the characteristic unraveling of the seamless symbiosis of conversations in texture tendency, it becomes clear that expression need not be guarded as genres or stuffed in boxes to be ogled at from a gaze way. As it continues to travel into distant destinations, these established strongholds will not only persist in the strictest sense, but ultimately evolve with the context, community, and circumstance it threads through next. More than a complexity that needs straightening out, the demands will be to lace narratives that just like those little geometrical by-the-ways in the vast enclave of an art space, one will look closer, further expanding what once was in information, insight, and yes, inspiration.

In this exclusive one-on-one, we unravel the complexities of texture tendency: Threads in Manila as explained by exhibit curator, Carlos Quijon Jr.

Did the experience of the pandemic in any way inform this exhibit? And conversely, why is something of this sort necessary despite the obvious limits in movements?

I think any exhibition developed and mounted during this time is informed by the pandemic—some not as evident as others. Since this iteration relied on collaboration between artists and poets, there were limitations on what kinds of collaboration are possible and even what forms of thinking and working together can be achieved. On the flipside, since the pandemic has made in-person collaborations the exception rather than the rule, working with Floraime who is based in Zamboanga City became easier in this sense to imagine and manifest. I think mounting a project like Threads is very apt during these times. On the one hand, it is a travelling show that foregrounds the possibilities in collaboration, which in the time of the pandemic has been rendered precarious and even life-threatening. On the other, the persistence of projects like texture tendency asks us to re-imagine and rethink what collaboration or mobility has to offer our ways of thinking about and relating to each other and the world, to think about what makes collaboration ever more necessary in a time wherein everyone has been forced into their own solipsistic bubble. This is not to pander to the thinking that art is important. More so the exhibition asks us to consider the structures and the labor involved in supporting artistic activities and how these create spaces wherein support assumes more palpable and material stakes and effects. In other words, it was important for me to push through with the exhibition because it clarified the importance of support and collaboration during this longest running pandemic.

There is a conscious predilection for young queer and women artists in the selections. Why was this important, and in the context of the art scene, why is this collection of points-of-view significant to the progression of culture in the country?

In my experience, the more exciting and sensitive propositions about contemporary life come from women and queer and trans artists and thinkers, from artists who live in places outside Manila, who are not formally trained, who refuse to inhabit a position of expertise or exceptionality as artist or poet. I refuse to think about this in terms of a general landscape involving the progression of the culture of the country, since for me that abstracts the intervention of these artists and traps them within the bounds of the national when these practices respond to various scales and coordinates of culture. The work of King Llanza for example employs an idiom attuned to the global crisis on climate. Floraime Pantaleta, meanwhile, weaves together different languages which disperse what we know as the “culture of the country.” What I can say is that the exhibition as a context benefits from these polyphony of points of view and the proliferation of approaches to artmaking. At this point, any attempt at exhibition-making that does not consider this will inevitably just tell us what we already know.

Textile, while deeply rooted in our culture and tradition, isn’t as highlighted and heroed in the same way other countries have their fabrics. How does texture tendency encourage and expand this conversation?

One thing that I set out to think about in this exhibition is the ease with which we think about textile in terms of the traditional and the cultural. If we think about how this show expands on this conversation it is through opening up the discourses on textile to questions not only of tradition and culture but also in relation to questions of its potency as material. This does not mean that talking about textile in relation to the traditional and the cultural is not important, it just means that textile also exists outside these discourses and that looking at the baggage of textile as a material in contemporary art might clarify why it has been relegated to the cultural and the traditional and at the same time bring light to why textile in the context of the cultural has not been paid as much attention as its counterparts in contemporary art.

Were there are challenges or breakthroughs in putting this together?

The most challenging might be the production side of things. With the successive and inconsistent lockdowns, it was difficult to gauge production timelines and possibilities. The most notable breakthrough, I think, is the way the exhibition has proven how collaboration thrives even at the time of the pandemic. The artists have really embraced the provocations of the curatorial design of the exhibition and allowed themselves to be shaped by the practice, the vantage point, and the creativity of others. Each collaborative project reflects on how the artists and poets deem the value of collaboration and support.

 What do you, as a curator, hope that the viewer take away from in some way, shape, or form?

I think one would be that contemporary art expands what we think about art, what it can do, what are its possibilities. The young artists of the exhibition do not consider textile as mere craft, they are aware of how textile engages with and responds to myriad considerations of artistic and political life. The young poets of the exhibition know the potency of language. In all this, both artists and poets have harnessed the power of art making and the openness that inheres in its creative and critical processes. Another thing is that there are vibrant resonances with the artistic concerns of artists from Bogotá and New York, and the Philippines. I think the gift of the travelling exhibition is precisely this. It allows us to experience the art of cultures outside our own, encouraging to look at the world and acknowledging and celebrating both our differences and communities.

texture tendency: Threads in Manila runs until October 2, 2021. Email Drawing Room to book your appointment.


filipinos in hollywood, inigo pascual, lovie poe, lea salonga, pretty little liars, alex diaz

Catch These Filipino Stars In Upcoming Hollywood Projects

Going Hollywood.

From Bea Alonzo, Inigo Pascual, Liza Soberano, and more, these Pinoy stars are proving that Filipino talent is worthy of Hollywood as they are set to appear in upcoming productions.

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Even if you are just a casual fan of the local entertainment industry, you would know that there are quite a lot of actors, musicians, directors, and others in the field whose talents are worthy of the global stage. In fact, the simple truth is, the Filipinos are raring and ready to take on the world. Just this year alone, Filipino films have been making noise in numerous international film festivals. John Arcilla made history by being the first Filipino and first Asian actor to win the Volpi cup for Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival, not to mention the fact that On The Job: Missing 8 got a standing ovation at its screening.

And the hits keep on coming as there are a handful of Filipinos currently slated to appear in Hollywood productions. Here are the Filipino actors and personalities who are making their mark in Hollywood. Honorable mention first goes to stars like Liza Soberano and Jericho Rosales who have expressed and put in the work to start a career in Hollywood. But as long as they don’t have a confirmed Hollywood project, they shall be off the list for now.


Alex Diaz is an actor, musician, and social media personality. You may have seen him in projects like Just the Way You Are, She’s Dating the Gangster, and Oh, Mando! Alex also is set to make his biggest career move yet as he is set to appear in his first-ever international movie, Glitter And Doom. As of this writing, the young actor is currently filming the project in Mexico. Follow his journey on Instagram where he details his preparations, which includes a lot of juggling.


Bea Alonzo is one of the country’s biggest stars and has consistently dominated both at the box office and our TV screens. After conquering the local entertainment industry, Bea sets her sights on Hollywood as she stars in her very first Hollywood movie. The movie is called Angel Warrior and will be a Filipino-Hollywood co-production. Bea Alonzo is playing Tala, a Filipina living during the pre-WW2 era whose near-death experience pushes her to become an underground fighter. She then joins Filipino and American guerillas on the island of Panay as they fight against the Japanese. The film, which is based on true events, will start shooting in mid-2022 and aims for a release in late-2022.

That’s not all though for Bea as she’s also set to star in co-Hollywood production 1521 a movie about Magellan’s jounrey to the Philippines. Bea will play Diwata, a Mactan princess who falls in love with Magellan’s translator, Hector. Also starring in the production is fellow GMA star Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, who plays Diwata’s sister Ahmani, Michael Copon, who plays Lapu-Lapu, and Danny Trejo who will play Magellan. Yup, you read that right. The film is set for a relaese date of June 12, 2023, in time for the country’s 125th anniversary.


Chai Fonacier may not be a household name compared to her peers, but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on this talented actor and singer. Chai has been in critically acclaimed films like Patay na si Hesus and Respeto. And given her latest project, a lot more people will soon be talking about her. Chai will star in the horror/thriller Nocebo, which she filmed in Ireland earlier this year.

The plot of the film follows a fashion designer who suffers from a mysterious illness. Desperate for answers, she turns to a Filipino carer, Diana (Fonacier), who uses traditional folk medicine to heal her. But in doing so, she reveals a horrifying truth. If the plot won’t get you, then know that she is starring alongside Eva Green and Mark Strong. And the movie is directed by Lorcan Finnegan, who directed the trippy Vivarium. From what we know so far, Nocebo is shaping up to be an exciting movie.


It’s safe to say that Heart Evangelista is a global style star. She has been featured and photographed in some of the most prestigious designers and magazines in the world. And now, Heart is finally set to make her Hollywood acting debut. Recently, the veteran actress revealed in a press-con that she did film a project with Netflix. She remained tight-lipped though on what it was or when it would come out. She sadly wasn’t in Bling Empire season two despite what some rumors suggested. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what’s up her sleeve.


Inigo Pascual’s charm and undeniable talent have helped him take the OPM sound to the global stage through international promotion, performances, and collaborations. But the young star is set to make his biggest impact on the global stage yet as he is set to make his Hollywood debut. It was recently revealed that Inigo is set to appear in Monarch, a musical multi-generational drama from Fox. The series will revolve around a fictional first family of country music, The Romans. Led by their matriarch, Dottie Cantrell (Susan Sarandon), the story will follow the family’s legacy and the nitty-gritty of their lives.

In Monarch, Inigo Pascual will play Ace Grayson, the “talented and sensitive 18-year-old who was adopted from an orphanage” and taken in by the Romans. “He’s a phenomenal singer with real swagger on stage and dreams of being a country star. But in spite of being part of a golden family, his path to success has some challenges,” is how the character is described according to Deadline. Albie Roman, Anna Friel, Trace Adkins, and Beth Ditto are also set to appear in the series. The show is set to premier later this September 11.


Lea Salonga is no stranger to Hollywood. After all, she was the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and Mulan in Mulan. The award-winning Disney legend has also had a few live-action roles as well like playing Aunt Myrna in an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Gail in Yellow Rose. And now, she is set to take part in another Hollywood project.

It was just recently announced that she was joining the cast of HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, a reboot of the original hit teen show. Lea Salonga will be playing Elodie Laya, the mom of Minnie (Malia Pyles). According to Deadline, Lea’s character is described as follows “A bit overbearing, Elodie works overtime to keep her daughter safe following a trauma that occurred when Minnie was just a little girl.” Lea Salonga won’t be the only Filipina in the cast though as Sharon Leal, who is most famous for being in Dream Girls, is appearing as well.


Liza Soberano only made her dreams of having a career in Hollywood known just recently. But manifestation is a powerful force as the young actress has already booked her first Hollywood movie. Liza is set to star in Zelda Williams’ feature film directorial debut, Lisa Frankenstein. She is set to play the role of Taffy with her co-stars including Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton and the script being written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody, the same woman who wrote Juno and Jennifer’s Body. This rom-come zombie horror flick from Focus Features is arguably one of the coolest projects Liza has ever done. The film is currently filming with a release date of sometime in 2023.


2021 has been a busy year for Lovi Poe, having recently joined ABS-CBN as one of their newest talents. It was also announced that she was going to star alongside Piolo Pascual in the Filipino remake of the Korean drama Flower of Evil. And to top it all off, Lovi Poe is set to star in her very first Hollywood movie.

The actress is slated to appear in The Chelsea Cowboy, the Idris Elba-produced biopic about the life of real-life actor and alleged gangster, John Bindon. The movie will chart his rise in Hollywood and his connections to the criminal world. The cast also includes Alex Pettyfer, who is playing Bindon, and Poppy Delevingne, who you may know as Clara from Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Lovi will play English singer and actress Dana Gillespie. She hires Bindon as a security aide and introduces him to the lavish life of Old Hollywood. Shooting is set to begin in October. Expect more projects from this stunning beauty as she also recently launched her very own production company, C’est Lovi Productions, and already has international movies in the works.


Diamond Star Maricel Soriano is no stranger to the local entertainment scene. But the living legend is set to share her talents on a global stage as she was recently cast in the Hollywood rom-com Re-Live: A Tale of an American Island Cheerleader. The story follows a trans girl named Rowena. One day, she returns to her hometown in Guam for her high school reunion’s do-over week. But when her mom gets cancer, she then soon realizes the value of her family and what she left behind. Maricel Soriano will play Thelma, Rowena’s mom. The project is set to begin shooting this November 2022.


Princess Punzalan resume includes dozens of appearances in roles in major local TV shows and series. But her acting also extends in America. She already had a memorable role in the immigration drama Yellow Rose. But she is set to have her biggest Hollywood role yet with an upcoming appearance in season 2 of The Cleaning Lady. The FOX drama, where one of its episodes was directed by fellow Filipino Marie Jamora, will have Princess play Lola, a major character for the show’s second season.


Sharon Cuneta is another veteran actress and icon who is set to make a splash in the Hollywood movie scene. Recently, the mega star revealed that she starring and executive producing the film adaptation of The Mango Bride, the Palanca winning novel by Marivi Soliven. Martin Edralin is set to direct the project. The novel follows the story of two Filipinas, Amparo and Beverly, who come from different backgrounds but whose lives intertwine in Oakland California. Filming is set to begin later this year.


Tony Labrusca made a name for himself as a finalist on BoyBand PH before moving into a career that has expanded into acting, singing, and modeling. KC Conception is, among other things, a veteran actress and part of showbiz royalty. The two are also taking their talents to the international stage. The two are set to appear in the cast of the all-Asian film, Asian Persuasion. In fact, KC is the lead actress while Tony is set to play Allen, the chef of the Noodlelove restaurant. The movie is set to follow a couple who recently divorced and the husband devising an outlandish plan to avoid his alimony obligations. The comedy is going to be directed by Jhett Tolentino, a TONY and GRAMMY-award-winning producer.


The presence of Filipinos in Hollywood isn’t just limited to actors and actresses. There are also a few Pinoy filmmakers making their mark as well, and one of those filmmakers is Marie Jamora. Marie got her start in the industry by directing music videos for bands like Sandwich, Bamboo, Sponge Cola, The Itchyworms, and Eraserheads. In 2012, she made a splash in the feature filmmaking scene with her film Ang Nawawala, which took home two awards at Cinemalaya 2012.

But Marie is also making a name for herself internationally as she directed a few episodes of US TV shows. Her most prominent work so far is Queen Sugar, a series created by Ava DuVernay that follows three siblings who move to Louisianan to claim their inheritance from their recently departed father. Marie directed the third episode of season 6 called, You Would Come Back Different, which aired just this September 21, 2021. Her other works include directing an episode of the upcoming FOX drama The Cleaning Lady and being the executive producer and director of Family Style, a documentary series.

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Voter Registration Extended Philippines

It’s Comelec Official: Voter Registration Has Been Extended On October

More time to register to vote.

After public and political clamor to extend the registration deadline, Comelec just announced that they will be extending the deadline for voter registration until October 30.

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It goes without saying that the 2022 elections are going to be extremely consequential for the country’s future. As the deadline for voter registration for Halalan 2022 was nearing its September 30 deadline, thousands of Filipinos flocked to Comelec registration booths and offices in droves to register to vote. But with the increase in people came the snaking long lines and stories on social media of people lining up at midnight just to register for the next day. Not to mention the fact that months of time to register was taken away due to hard lockdown being implemented in the country. After public outcry and action from both the House and Senate, Comelec has finally relented, announcing that they will be extending the voter registration deadline.


The move was formalized in an en banc session on September 29. Instead of the initial September 30 deadline, you will now be able to register to vote from October 11 to 30, an increase of around three weeks. The reason why October 1 to 9 won’t be included though is because that is the week of the filing of certificate of candidacy for all levels of public office. Comelec said that they would be too busy dealing with that to accommodate voter registration.


For months, Comelec has been adamant that they would not extend the deadline past September 30, citing operational concerns since what they do moving forward will be dependent on how many people are registered to vote. They did initially offer just a one-week extension. However, the public and elected officials did not buy that excuse. Advocacy groups have repeatedly called for an extension. Stories of people waiting for hours just to register to vote and even being turned away are aplenty on social media. The House and the Senate even approved and fast-tracked bills that would extend the voter registration period until October 31.


It’s important to note that around 10 million eligible Filipinos have yet to register to vote. And as we’ve seen in the news and online in the past weeks, many are motivated to register. So, this three-week extension is much welcome news. But at the same time, this still may not prevent people from lining up at 2 AM just to register to vote given how no major changes have been implemented to a system that isn’t the most accommodating. Now that people have more time to register, maybe Comelec should contemplate making the system easier for them instead of having people go through hurdles just to vote.

If you haven’t registered to vote, you now have more time to do so. Here is a guide on the malls that have voter registration booths and you can also check out this website for an explainer on what you need to prepare to register to vote. You can also read up on what it’s like to register for the first time during the pandemic from a first-person perspective.

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ac bonifacio performance outfits

8 Of AC Bonifacio’s Most Fire Performance Outfits

Just crown her Dance Princess already!

One thing about AC Bonifacio? She’ll always set the stage on fire.

At this point, we’re surprised that we don’t talk about total performer AC Bonifacio’s performance outfits more often. Dancers like her can easily pull off anything you ask them to wear. Whether it’s fringed and embellished chaps or a print on print look, AC together with her stylist Ica Villanueva always sets the bar when it comes to performing in cutting edge outfits.

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We love AC and Ica’s fresh take on this elevated denim outfit. Those rhinestones on her belt? Dazzling with her every move.


AC wearing print on print will always hit different, especially with those blue velvet gloves.


The boxy shoulders of this cropped jacket made AC look more like a fierce feline ready to pounce.


As she performed for It’s Showtime, AC Bonifacio wore this silver lace-up top and baggy silver pants on stage.


For AC’s homecoming prod, she did not hold back with her outfit. Wearing an embellished corset, gloves, and head-turning rhinestone chaps is not easy to pull off, but she did it effortlessly.


This slider post alone gave us so much life. Her purple sequined outfit and this red and pink look both show AC’s different sides whether it be sweet or a little spicy.


AC has always been vocal about being a BLINK. So, when she had the chance to dress up not only as Jennie Kim, but all of them, we all knew she was going to kill it.


Aside from her Blackpink-inspired outfits for her dance cover, it was AC’s blonde highlights that made us go gaga.