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14 Filipina Photographers You Need To Follow ASAP

From a Pulitzer grantee to a Filipina creative who shot Dior's S/S 2020 Campaign, here are the female photographers you have to know right now.

We celebrate these compelling female photographers behind the lens that are championing diversity and storytelling through the Filipina gaze from all over the globe.

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Lizzo once said, “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine.” As women’s month is still on a roll, as it should all day and every day, here are 14 Filipina photographers you need to follow ASAP.


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Of course we just had to start with the ever so whimsical and narrative-driven female photographer. Growing up in the industry, Shaira Luna’s vintage postcard photos have the surreal ability to transport you into a time gone by or in some cases, a Wes Anderson film. Aside from her penchant for memories made real, as well as of her affinity for music, we’d gladly dig through her treasure trove of the neatest ukay finds, too.


Known for her feminine point-of-view, Charisma Lico’s photography either plays around in vivid, contrasting hues or a pastel color palette. She’s also become the go-to of celebrity muses like Kathryn Bernardo, Heart Evangelista, and even top photographer BJ Pascual!


One look at Regine David’s work and you can immediately see the character and point-of-view in her portraits. A tireless female creative, she has been collaborating with artists in Japan and US, as well as with publications like NYLON, i-D, Dazed and Vogue Runway to name a few. As evidenced in her evocative work, Regine David is a photographer who is unafraid to show vulnerability through imagery.


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Not only does Andrea Beldua have a pink bob to die for, but her stellar work incredibly captures what it’s like to be a feisty woman today—flaws and all. This female photographer has already shot notable muses like Shay Mitchell, Frankie Pangilinan, Janine Gutierrez, Nadine Lustre, and Kylie Versoza.


Perhaps the youngest on this list, 23-year old Aya Cabauatan’s colorful, tender, and nostalgic aesthetic is what dreams are made of. Her whimsical photography and distinct point-of-view is reminiscent of 60s postcards and beach walks at the Verona. And in times like this, mentally, we’re there, too.


Female photographer Baby Orange takes portraits that’s almost straight out of a fever dream. Oh, and she’s a film director, too. Every portrait from this Filipina creative looks like a breathtaking outtake from the set of Euphoria.


When you look at Favour Ajah’s photos, you’d think she’s based in NYC or in Mexico. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the Sari-Sari store signage, the usual vibrant auto load signs and the inevitable cable wires on each lamp post—giving away that it actually is in, you guessed it, Manila. Yep, we’re just as blown away by this Nigerian native as you are.


Andrea Genota’s work feels like an endless summer. Imagine seascapes, palm trees, and walking barefoot by the beach. The citrus-y tint in every photograph of hers leaves a magical, care free touch.


Inah Daze literally sends us in a daze with her photography. Her bio reads, “film/foto/fashion/feelings,” showing us a glimpse of how she sees the world. Her work is almost always set in the siesta or early afternoon, and constantly shows the different facets of the female gaze.


Inez Moro’s works are often ethereal and embedded in Filipino culture without making it obvious. This female photographer also has a hand in illustrating, which explains the direction of her painterly portraits.


Xyza Cruz Bacani is one of the most-celebrated female street photographers in the Philippines for her powerful work. Having been a second-generation migrant domestic worker in Hong Kong, she used photography as a tool to tell stories of human rights, and has won several awards like BBC’s 100 Women of the World 2015, a Pulitzer Center grantee, and is a part of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2016.


Hannah Reyes Morales is an award-winning photojournalist whose works have been seen on National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME, and Wall Street Journal to name a few. Capturing complex and crucial scenarios is one thing, but the hope and truth in all her photographs are hauntingly beautiful. ICYMI, she was also tapped by Dior for their S/S 2020 Campaign.


Life is definitely a beach and Carmen del Prado knows this full well. Living in a tropical state of mind, we would do anything and everything to trade lives just for one day with this female photographer and filmmaker.


At some point, you might have already come across Cru Camara’s works on Pinterest. She’s a killer when it comes to still life and colors and making even the most mundane objects a work of art.