Hello, Hollywood: Inigo Pascual Is Set To Star In The Fox Musical Drama, Monarch

All hail the monarch.

From hearing his song on Kiss FM to performing at a halftime show in Staples Center, Inigo Pascual is setting his sights on bigger international projects. The next big one? Monarch on Fox.

The last time we caught up with Inigo Pascual, he was raring to share something really exciting in his career. It could have been many things: a new sound, a new show, a new territory. As it turns out, the major development and milestone covers all three bases, because just today, it was announced that Inigo Pascual is set to take on a major international project, an upcoming musical drama on Fox.

inigo pascual monarch

“So much is happening in life,” he says in his recently released NYLON Manila cover story. “At the moment, going through a lot of changes, doing a lot of things that I don’t think I’ve ever done before, or I’m used to. But you know, it’s always good to challenge yourself, once in a while.” With nothing more than a possibility revealed, Inigo Pascual alluded to working on something bigger, a dream he never thought would become reality. “Right now, to be honest, I’m gonna be working on something that I’ve never done before, and the sound that I’m going to be doing is something I never even imagined that I would kind of jump into. But I’m definitely gonna be flying somewhere else, that’s the most I could say…I’ll be working abroad for a time,” he teases.

The release of this bit of good news comes off the heels of his 24th birthday, which makes it all the more fitting and sweet. Needless to say, his year is off to a great start.


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Projected for a January 2022 release, the Fox musical multi-generational drama, Monarch, will see Inigo Pascual in a starring role alongside Susan Sarandon, Albie Roman, Anna Friel, Trace Adkins, and Beth Ditto. In the Melissa London Hilfers-created show, the story revolves around a fictional first family of country music, The Romans. Led by their matriarch, the Queen of Country Music, Dottie Cantrell (Sarandon), the series will follow the family’s legacy and all that informs and colors their reign.

In Monarch, Inigo Pascual is Ace Grayson, the “talented and sensitive 18 year-old who was adopted from an orphanage” and taken into the Roman legacy. “He’s a phenomenal singer with real swagger on stage, and dreams of being a country star,” reports Deadline. “But in spite of being part of a golden family, his path to success has some challenges.”

Details are sparse, but Inigo Pascual has already flown out of the country, presumably to begin work on Monarch. “The news is out,” writes the actor and singer/songwriter on his Instagram Stories on the latest professional triumph, and an international one at that. “Sorry for keeping it so long.”

It is most fitting that in his major foray into the international entertainment scene, he is working on a Hollywood production of this scale. From tracing his early days as part of a boyband in Tennessee to performing at a halftime show in Staples Center, hearing his song play in Kiss FM, and collaborating with foreign artists, this is testament to the heights that Inigo Pascual is set to soar. Consider this a must-see and from here on out, we will be on the lookout for more of Inigo Pascual as he chases bigger dreams and turns them into reality.