6 Of The Best Collaborations Inigo Pascual Has Done

6 Of The Best Collaborations Inigo Pascual Has Done

Inigo can work with any artist.

From Sarah Geronimo, ALAMAT, and more, we list down some of the best collaborations Inigo Pascual has done so far.

Inigo Pascual is a man of many talents. But he’s most known for his musical abilities, something that he has been working on and showing off for years now. After making a name for himself locally, Inigo eventually branched out to promote internationally with songs that charted around the world. In Inigo’s journey to global music superstardom, the singer and actor also collaborated with many artists, both locally and abroad. And some of these collabs have turned into some of Inigo’s best work to date and a must-watch for any fan. Here are six of his best collaborations that you need to see.

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Over the years, Inigo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo have collaborated on a few songs and performances. Given both of their exceptional musical talents, it’s no surprise that they make for a great pair. And their performance of Despacito truly stands out as one of their best. Dressed in matching white outfits, Inigo and Sarah killed it all while singing in the song’s original language. The performance was so good that it went viral and currently has over 7.4 million views on YouTube.


Inigo Pascual has collaborated on many occasions with Moophs. But Catching Feelings stands out as not only one of their best collabs, but one of Inigo’s best songs in his discography. The pop love song features a chorus that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The song is so good that it went viral on TikTok and Inigo even performed it during the NBA Filipino Heritage Night Halftime show at the LA Staples Center.


Inigo’s collaborations aren’t just limited to local artists. He has also worked with quite a few international artists. One of those artists was with Australian YouTuber Wengie for their song Mr. Nice Guy. Though the song is quite special as it’s Wengie’s first-ever Tagalog single and comes in two versions. There’s an all-English version and there’s a Taglish version of the song. If we had to pick, the Taglish version is our favorite, because it has Inigo both rapping and singing. Naturally, the two of them sound great together when they are singing in English and Filipino. Bonus points for the fact that they’re wearing Filipino styles in the music video.


With the rise of P-Pop in the Philippines in the past few years, it was only a matter of time before Inigo Pascual would collaborate with a P-Pop group. And that happened when he made an original song with boy group ALAMAT called Tibay ‘Yan. The funky pop track features the things you would expect from the two artists, Inigo’s smooth vocals and ALAMAT rapping and singing in different local dialects. Both their styles match well together, and the song also features an important message of not comparing yourself to others and believing in yourself and your capabilities.


An oldie but a goodie, Inigo’s Tayo Na ‘Di Tayo with Maris Racal is a fun love song that talks about the all too real situation of two people liking each other but not knowing what their official status is. Inigo and Maris both sound great on the song and their voices blend well on the track. They match and are able to channel the fun and happy vibe of the song.


This wasn’t a collab that we were expecting, but we aren’t complaining. Inigo’s second international collaboration on the list, Love is arguably one of Inigo and PRETTYMUCH’s more underrated songs. Inigo mixes well with the group and because of how diverse PRETTYMUCH is, he looks like he’s a regular member of the group. We also like how in the music video for the song, they are eating Filipino food like adobo and halo-halo.

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