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Things That OPM Made Even Cooler: Filipino Prints

These P-Pop artists made sure to represent their roots everywhere they go.

Wearing Filipino prints should be more than just for the aesthetic. Why? It’s a testament of the stories that are woven in each design.

As the years go by, artists, musicians, and designers have gotten creative with how they wear our very own Filipino textiles and prints. These designs have been woven by different tribes and are made painstakingly through handiwork with some even taking a week to make just one meter of fabric. Ethnic groups such as the Yakan, T’Boli, Maguindanaoan, and Maranao are just a few of the tribes who have preserved the art of weaving and these Filipino artists and OPM stars made sure that they would be represented.

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For SB19’s performance at the PhilKor Fest 2020, they were dressed in traditional-meets-modern attire mixed with indigenous textiles. The color story, the prints, and the silhouette that was selected for each member was spot on. If royalty still existed in the Philippines, they’d be crowned as princes, no doubt.


P-Pop newcomers ALAMAT have been making waves for their fashion choices. The 8-member group doesn’t just do it for the aesthetic, but they honor their roots by wearing different textiles and prints that specifically originated from their hometown.


What would OPM be without Asia’s Soul Supreme, KZ Tandingan? Donning an all purple look, stylist Myrrh Lao To gives ube halaya realness with her printed jacket from Piopio.


Straight out of a music video, Hannah Pangilinan wears a cropped jacket and cargo pants in a sky blue and purple combo. The P in P-Pop stands for Pinay, too!


At the opening of the Sea Games in 2019, Iñigo Pascual and Elmo Magalona paid tribute to the late Francis M by singing a medley of his best songs and their outfits were reminiscent of the rapper’s old music videos in the 90s.


This list wouldn’t be complete without an homage to the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona. One of the early artists to champion Filipino rap, he was also known for his performance outfits that often had Filipino prints as seen on Mga Kababayan Ko and Ito Ang Gusto Ko. A real OPM King.