Things That P-Pop Made Even Cooler: The Barong

Fit check! Here's your sign to wear a barong ASAP like these rising P-Pop icons.

The barong has been a symbol of Filipino culture for centuries now and these P-Pop boy band members keep on finding more creative ways to wear and style it.

The barong or barong tagalog is the Philippines’ national attire made of sheer textiles, woven piña or abaca. Straightforward as it may be, as it is usually worn with just an undershirt, there is a lot of personality that can be derived from it through decorative embroideries, trimmings, and different dyes. Fortunately, the barong has evolved over the years not only in local menswear, but also for women and no longer has societal reservations behind it. Nowadays, P-pop boy band members from BGYO, SB19 and ALAMAT have also found more creative ways to incorporate the barong in their looks on-stage and during shoots—something that you don’t see everyday! Here are some of our favorite looks so far (cause TBH, we wanna see more).

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1. Wear it with a coach jacket in the same color palette like Nate of BGYO

Barong BGYO Nate

Nate’s spin on the barong reminds us of a lot of ube and we aren’t even mad! He matched the embroidered details of the barong with the same color palette of his Prada coach jacket and sealed the look with a pearl necklace.

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2. Keep it dark and moody like SB19’s Justin by wearing a black blazer over your barong

Barong SB19 Justin

SB19’s Justin looks sleek in a black barong with off-white embroidery and a blazer, adding silver hardware in his accessories for more edge. If the boys starred in a local animé or manga, this is how we envision them to be. Just imagine seeing Justin walking in a hallway dressed like this.

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3. Throw a printed button-down on top of it like BGYO’S Akira

Barong BGYO Akira

One of the most unexpected ways you can style it is to throw in a statement piece whether it’s a colorful print, or has interesting textures just like Akira. The pattern on pattern look is tricky, however he managed to pull it off and juxtaposed his leopard print button down with a checked layering piece.

4. Style it with Statement Accessories Like Mo of ALAMAT

Mo ALAMAT Barong

Mo’s look is more contemporary as he opted for shorter sleeves and his barong in form of a polo shirt. Playing with pops of color, he wears it with a red neckerchief and a dad cap. You can also wear colorful beads, pearls and seashell necklaces (even earrings if you feel like it). 

Photo credits: SB19, BGYO and ALAMAT on Facebook

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