SB19 As Fashion Designers? Here’s What We Imagine Their Clothing Line To Be

Flared Trousers? Graffiti jackets? Take all our money!

It has been said: SB19 is and will always be in a zone of their own

After teasing their fans with hyped up comeback videos, SB19 reveals that they have an upcoming single dropping soon and we ask ourselves, what’s the fuss all about? Once they’ve tweeted the track entitled WHAT?, it was confirmed that they’ve teamed up with local designer Chynna Mamawal for their first ever exclusive fashion line. Given the boys charismatic energy and Chynna’s craftsmanship combined, we’re already speculating what they’ve come up with and how SB19 is going to dive deep in the local fashion scene.

So far, the only key words the designer gave away were “premium, classy, street-style.” The best part? Not only are we getting general merch, but in two completely different sets. Below, we’ve already tracked down some ideas that the boys may, or may not have stumbled upon while creating their exclusive line in collaboration with Chynna. “The SB19 members and myself really collaborated, worked hard and gave our time choosing the silhouettes and colors,” the designer says. “These designs are very personal to the boys.” We haven’t seen anything yet, but we’re already living for this new era.

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The spray-painted “WHAT” logo pretty much says it all. Imagine it emblazoned on sweaters and button-downs!


We don’t know about you, but SB19 wearing matching prints that echo their bold personalities will always hit different.


How else would you stand out in live performances? Colorful pieces in oversized silhouettes never fail.


Everyone’s going crazy over knitwear and cozy fits lately, so it just makes sense that the boys would put their own spin on this trend.


‘Tis the season for matching sets whether it’s a color-coordinated suit or lounge wear.


This might come off as a reach, but hear us out. SB19 in flared trousers? Excuse us while we disco our way in!