8 Niana Guerrero Dance Challenges That Took Over Our FYP

dc: Niana Guerrero

Niana Guerrero has got everyone dancing.

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If you were to make a list of the creators who run TikTok, Niana Guerrero would be on that list. Ever since she was a kid, Niana has been breaking the internet with her dance moves, a trait that only continues to get stronger as she gets older. With dance skills that can keep up with the best of them and an adept understanding of what’s hot on social media, Niana has been a constant presence on our For You page for years. If there’s a new dance challenge going around TikTok, you can bet eyes will be on the 17-year-old to see her take.

But aside from hopping on the freshest trends on TikTok, Niana is also a trendsetter herself. Over the years, the social media superstar has blessed TikTok with her dance challenges, some of which had a life of their own. From regular users to international celebrities, Niana has got everyone dancing. And that’s on being influential. Take a look at some of Niana Guerrero’s most popular TikTok dance challenges.


@nianaguerrero new dance! 🤭 w the cutest ever @Sabrina Carpenter ♬ Feather – Sped Up – Sabrina Carpenter

You really are that girl when you not only start a dance challenge but inspire the artist to release the sped-up audio officially on streaming platforms. That’s the case when Niana met and collaborated with Sabrina Carpenter when she was in Manila for a dance challenge to the sped-up version of Feather. Over 1.1 million posts and an official release of the audio later, Niana got millions floating like a feather.


@nianaguerrero a classic 😎 #onewithnatalia ♬ Booty Wurk – Niana Guerrero

The queen herself. From 2021 until now, Niana’s Booty Wurk challenge remains one of her most popular dance challenges on TikTok with the way it remains trending on the app. It was a banger then, and thanks to K-pop idols like NCT’s Mark and ATEEZ’s Yunho and Wooyoung, people are still dancing it today.



bet u didn’t see that coming 👀😮‍💨 (dc me)

♬ original sound – Niana Guerrero

Coming to us this 2023, Niana got us in a trance with her dance challenge to Trance with her slick moves. From clearing the challenge with her sister Natalia to Michael Le, Niana did that with the audio being used more than 90,000 times.


@nianaguerrero #onewithnatalia ♬ original sound – Niana Guerrero

With over 650,000 thousand uses and counting for Niana’s audio alone, the young content creator struck social media gold with her dance challenge to WILLOW’s Wait a Minute!


@nianaguerrero you know the vibes 🤩 ( dc: me ) #onewithnatalia #fyp ♬ Give It Up – Niana Guerrero

It’s the good vibes for us with Niana’s dance challenge to Give It Up by KC & The Sunshine Band. Whether doing it alone or with a partner, the dance is just too wholesome to ignore. No wonder it blew up at the start of 2022, with Niana’s audio being used over 300,000 times.



ooooo new challenge? tag dance creators u wanna see hit this one 🤩❤️‍🔥 ( DC: ME )

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

TBH, watching Niana dance this already makes us tired. But she ate that, as expected, with her take on Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown and T-Pain going viral. Niana got many of our fave celebs and creators moving to this one.




♬ Ella Mai – My Way – sabinahannan

When you’re as talented as Niana Guerrero, dance challenges you made three years ago are still trending today. She made her dc to Ella Mai’s My Way back in 2020 and is still being done by some in 2023.



sudden change of perspective 🏃🏻‍♀️

♬ Run For You – ~LeooO~

Niana got TikTok in a chokehold with this dance challenge in early 2021. Technically, it just involved walking in place back and forth and looking like you can’t move forward. But the way Niana executed it was *chef’s kiss*. And bonus points for the stunning backdrop.

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