Challenge Accepted: Niana Guerrero Is Making Everyone Dance On TikTok

Challenge Accepted: Niana Guerrero Is Making Everyone Dance On TikTok

She really is the moment.

From P-pop stars, a Korean dance idol and actor, and even you, Niana Guerrero is making a whole lot of booty work on TikTok.

At this point, you have to be following Niana Guerrero on TikTok. If you haven’t, you have a few seconds to get on it before we proceed. Okay, good. Now, when she’s not dominating on YouTube, her other social media stronghold with siblings Ranz Kyle and Natalia, she’s popping up every so often on your For You Page (FYP) dancing up a storm. Whether it be a trend that everyone is into or a dance challenge that she herself choreographed, this young superstar is getting everyone moving and grooving in just a few seconds.

From Touch Down Cause 2 Hell to Booty Wurk, Niana Guerrero doesn’t just follow suit on TikTok, she leads the way. With dance challenges a dime a dozen on the video-sharing platform, she takes it upon herself to think of new ways to spin a sound into something that will make people dance to it. And make no mistake about it, her dance challenges are no joke either— this it not only fun to watch, but all the more fun to do.


Shall We Dance?

With a firm pulse on what makes the audience tick, the TikTok dance challenges of Niana Guerrero stack up to impressive views, likes, and shares. No biggie, just another moment made memory for the dance prodigy. Whether it be her brother and sister, her crew, or the legions of fans (your faves included) that are making playful and successful stitches, duets, and attempts at her choreography, scrolling for hours on TikTok is always made brighter and better by a Niana Guerrero dance challenge. It has to be said, she really is the moment—bar none.


ooooo new challenge? tag dance creators u wanna see hit this one ?❤️‍? ( DC: ME )

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

(Brb, time to stretch these joints and attempt a Niana Guerrero dance challenge on TikTok, stat. RIP shoes, socks, and soles.)

While we have our favorite Niana Guerrero dance challenge, we compiled the latest craze that she has orchestrated on TikTok. Cue: Kiss Kiss by Christ Brown feat. T-Pain. Spot any of your faves?



Friendship? dc: @nianaguerrero #fy #kisskiss #tpain

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Yen and Jelan


@nianaguerrero intro lang nakayanan ko, muntikan pa akung makagat ng aso, nextime simple steps lang please!? #dancechallenge #nianaguerrero #fypシ

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Jorge and Maike


Sheesh sheesh sheesh! ? dc: @nianaguerrero with mahh bruh @maikejahnke

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Limuel Mendoza


@nianaguerrero pasensya kana, God bless! Ito lang nakayanan ko ? #GrabSigLakasRiders #NianaGuerrero #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #trend #viral #kalbo

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Joyang TV

Eto na ang high Energy – 13% dc lods @nianaguerrero love u?#bananafam

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Jubi and Xian


lodi @nianaguerrero #jubiandxian #plusbabyju #9monthspregnant

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Edmark Borja and Ira Miles Seno


Di talaga nagpapatalo si bunso ?❤️ @rncvdirector / Pa notice daw @nianaguerrero ? #foryourpage #fyp #foryou

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero



shoutouts to the guy in the car sayin “what the f are you doing there” ??? dc: @nianaguerrero #avemoves

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero



Dc: @nianaguerrero #fyp #foryou #ppoprise

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Sheena of BINI


dc @nianaguerrero ??

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Coleen, Rianna, and Lara of MNL48


sobrang dali lang naman po nito @nianaguerrero hindi po kami naka 1000x na ulit ? @rianna.mnl48official @lara.mnl48official #mnl48 #mnl48coleen

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Josh and Stell of SB19


Basta kulot, malikot ? @stellajero16 dc:@nianaguerrero

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

AC Bonifacio, Darren Espanto, and Kyle Echarri


i feel like we’ve never posted a tiktok of us three ? @darrenespanto @echarripapi dc @nianaguerrero ❤️

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero

Kyle Echarri


Everybody attacking me on ac’s vid ?? @andreebonifacioo @darrenespanto

♬ Kiss Kiss – Niana Guerrero