Ranz Kyle

7 Things You Should Know About Ranz Kyle


Get to know the most-followed Filipino vlogger in the Philippines, Ranz Kyle.

Ranz Kyle has been in the spotlight for years, starting with his career on YouTube. With 13.5 million subscribers on the platform, he’s the most followed Filipino vlogger best known for his dancing videos and content with his sister, Niana Guerrero.

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He’s the proud brother and one half of the dancing duo, Ranz and Niana. His self-titled channel produces entertaining videos such as his dance covers with his siblings, pranks, vlogs, and challenges.

So, how did Ranz Kyle’s platform grow so much over the years? Here’s what you should know about this Filipino content creator.

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He holds the Top 5 spot in the Philippines for the most number of subscribers on YouTube

Ranz Kyle started posting on YouTube in 2011—that was literally a decade ago! He would upload dancing videos that garnered views from casual fans that later became his loyal supporters. He quite literally paved the way for Filipino YouTube vloggers to start a career on the social media site!

His most-viewed YouTube video has 69 million views

In 2017, his skit with Niana, When “Shape Of You” By Ed Sheeran Comes On, blew up on social media and it now has over 69 million views on YouTube.

He was in a boy group called Chicser

Yup, before P-Pop became mainstream in the Philippines, Ranz was already in a boy group called Chicser. It’s a six-member group with his long-time friends in school, which later became so popular that they started doing mall tours and even making an album! How’s that for a high school barkada, right?

“Chicser gave me a chance to introduce myself to the public that led me to have fans and followers. Being with Chicser really encouraged me to pursue my YouTube channel and to try and start my own thing outside the boy group.”

He didn’t expect for his content with Niana to blow up

“When we did our first ever content, we were just having fun dancing and
filming ourselves. We were surprised when we noticed that people were asking for more videos of us.”

He wants to be a director someday

“If there’s something I want to do in the future, it’s directing a superhero movie. So careerwise, I see myself as a director.”

Does Ranz Kyle have a girlfriend?

We know what you’re typing on Google, guys. And while Ranz hasn’t publicly stated that he has a girlfriend, he indeed had a Valentine date this year. Check out his cute first Valentine’s day vlog with his date, Milissa Grande.

Lessons from 2020

“What I learned is to not take things for granted, because everything can disappear in an instant. I also learned how to be grateful and to keep the simple things in life because it’s something that not even money can buy.”

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