Niana Guerrero

Get To Know Niana Guerrero: The Most-Followed TikTok Star In The Philippines


Meet Niana Guerrero, the most-followed TikTok star in the Philippines. At 15 years old, Niana has conquered social media with her brother, Ranz Kyle.

Who exactly is Niana Guerrero? Aside from being one of the youngest successful social media superstars, she’s actually just a regular teenager with a passion for making videos with her family.

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Niana is most known for her dancing videos, pranking vlogs, and being 1/2 of the dancing duo, Ranz and Niana. Recently, she reached 13 million subscribers on YouTube, 21.7 million followers on TikTok (she’s the most-followed TikToker in the Philippines), and graced the cover of NYLON Manila together with her brother, Ranz Kyle.

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As Niana reaches more and more milestones in her career, take a look at why she’s so beloved by the internet:


She started dancing at 3 years old

“It started when my brother was filming himself dancing and I would copy his dance moves. He saw me copying him so he taught me how to do some basic moves and it led me to love dancing.”

Her most viewed YouTube video got 54 million views

“I was just having fun bonding with my brother when we did it so it was a pleasant surprise to see it grow as we created content. I was still a kid then and I had no idea what youtube really was. For me, it was just a way to have fun and bond with my brother.”

She’s super close with her family

Niana is the second youngest sibling of four: Nina Stephanie Guerrero, Ranz Kyle Ongsee, Chelseah Hillary Ongsee, and the youngest, Natalia. You will usually see her in vlogs with Ranz.

“My relationship with Kuya Ranz is that I see himself as my dancing partner, we’re like a dancing duo and we just want to bring good vibes to everyone. I actually look up to my Kuya, he’s more than just my dancing duo. We are literally like a tandem not just for our vlogs, but also in life. He just gets me so much.”

She keeps in touch with her fans through Facebook groups

“Since we’re all stuck at home I just usually do some live streams for my followers so I can reach out to them and talk to them. We also have a Facebook group where we can keep up with our followers. Also, I would do some TikTok dance challenges that my followers can do as well.”

She doesn’t see herself as a “star”

“I don’t really see myself as a star but I just want to use this opportunity to continue motivating others. I feel like I am on a mission to give hope and to inspire others that at a young age there is so much you can do if you love what you are doing and that you should just continue working hard for your dreams.”

Her dream career

“I actually haven’t thought about that yet but for now, I will continue what I love doing which is putting a smile on people’s faces.”

But she wants to learn how to sing

“I actually want to learn how to sing, I wanted to learn that for a while now. I also want to learn some new dance moves because learning never stops.”

And her biggest lesson from 2020:

“I learned that the material things are not important, it’s more about your character as a person and how you want to be remembered by.”