Niana Guerrero Was Literally All Of Us At The Billie Eilish Concert

Imagine hearing Happier Than Ever in person ?

She lined up for nine hours just to see her idol, Billie Eilish. ?

There are many for sure, but even so, Niana Guerrero is one of the biggest Filipino Billie Eilish fan. She’s been channeling her style even way back, no wonder Niana’s often in baggy tees and oversized jackets. (She was even gifted the Nike x Billie Eilish sneaker collab before the concert.) But more than her fire fits, Billie Eilish literally raised a whole generation who’s unafraid to express themselves—reminding them that it’s okay to feel, and well, cry. Yes, this is the same person who sang Bad Guy, our bad-ass anthem. Don’t you just love the duality?

This weekend, Niana Guerrero went viral when she attended the Billie Eilish concert, because not only did she burst into tears after the show, she had to wait nine hours in line. In her new vlog, she actually woke up at seven in the morning to prepare and booked a hotel near the venue because she didn’t want to miss anything.

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Apparently, they were told that you can line up at three in the afternoon, but some fans were already there as early as 12 midnight. Without any VIP treatment or special passes, Niana Guerrero had to get in the queue like the other fans, standing for hours in the hot and rainy weather. She even shed few tears as soon as she was able to settle along with the other fans. “Iyakin ako, bakit?” Niana says.

Nine hours later, Niana finally made it to the stage, got her merch, and gave away blue stickers to other fans for them to use on their flashlights for Ocean Eyes. “Happier than ever,” she captions on her Instagram dump after the concert with tears (or should we say ocean?) in her eyes. Well, if we were only inches away from Billie Eilish, we’d be hysterical, too. After jumping, crying and singing her heart out, she broke down and finally said, “the only reason why I’m like this is because Billie has helped me in many ways with her songs, with her existing. Everything.” Same, Niana.

@jajadapatsy this was a moment. ? I LOVE YOU @Niana Guerrero WE LOVE YOU @BILLIE EILISH ✨ #HappierThanEverMNL #BillisEilishMNL ♬ when the party’s over – Billie Eilish

You can watch Niana Guerrero’s Billie Eilish concert experience below. Anyone else feeling PCD?

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