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Niana Guerrero Channeled Billie Eilish At The TikTok Awards PH

Who's the bad guy now?

If Niana Guerrero’s flame sunglasses at the TikTok Awards PH looked familiar, it’s because Billie Eilish once wore something similar.

Social media superstar Niana Guerrero’s outfit at the Tiktok Awards PH reminded us of an artist that’s as young and talented as her. Winning Top Creator of the Year alongside her brother Ranz Kyle, she showed up and ate up that cropped blazer and baggy pants combo, complete with flame sunglasses just like Billie Eilish. How else would you dress up at an awards show where you and your brother are recognized for setting viral dance trends and getting three billion views on TikTok? (Not to mention their huge YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook following.) With these big stars in the making, stylist Ica Villanueva made sure that Niana was dripped.

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By now, we know Niana Guerrero’s style. She’s fond of baggy pants, boxy silhouettes and oversized tops. Her stylist Ica got the memo and decked her in an army green cropped blazer, cargo pants with hardware details by Black Code Manila, and silver accessories, and yes, the lime green flame sunglasses similar to what Billie Eilish wore in a previous shoot. This is probably one of her most memorable looks to date, and the color scheme of the overall outfit was on point.

Photography by Kenneth Cappello

The similarities between these two artists are also uncanny. Both have began their careers at an early age, keeps everything authentic and low-key, continuously hones their craft, and has an amazing style evolution to boot. We just can’t wait for more.

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