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LOOK: At 15, Niana Guerrero Is Hailed As The Gen-Z Approved Tiktok Star With 13 Million Followers


Niana Guerrero may be an 00s baby, but she’s been killing the game and the boomers just can’t keep up.

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Niana Guerrero knows age is just a number and so does her older brother Ranz and little sister Natalia. One click on the YouTube homepage and it would instantly recommend any of her or her brother’s videos. Dancing to the beat of the future, Niana has inspired countless young people (mostly her age) to try their luck being a vlogger, a film director, and a dancer. The 15-year old may be overwhelmed with the amount of followers and/or subscribers wanting to be in her shoes even for just a day, but her down-to-earth personality is what sets her apart. No filter, no nothing—just a kid who loves to dance. And now, she’s been recognized by people as the Gen Z-Approved Tiktok Star.

Despite knowing that all eyes are on her, Niana Guerrero is aware of the power she has to lead the next gen. Whether it be YouTube, Tiktok or Instagram, she will always keep dancing through.

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