5 Highlights From Billie Eilish’s Manila Concert That Made Us Happier Than Ever

"I don't relate to you" - fans who couldn't attend the concert.

May your FOMO be soothed with these moments from Billie Eilish’s Manila concert.

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Billie Eilish was originally slated to perform in Manila in September 2020 as part of her first ever world tour. But as we all know, COVID-19 came and put that in the back burner indefinitely. For a time, some fans were uncertain of whether or not Billie would return to Manila. But when the Grammy and Oscar winning musician announced that her new tour Happier Than Ever was hitting the road, she made sure Pinoy fans felt just that when she would finally make a long awaited stop in the country. And just like that, thousands of Filipino Avocados rejoiced and thousands more made their way to the MOA Arena for her one night concert on August 13. Here are some stand-out moments from her concert so that your FOMO can ever so slightly be soothed.


In case you didn’t know, Niana Guerrero is a major Billie fan. If you follow her on social media, particularly Twitter, Niana likes and shares Billie Eilish content as if she was running a Billie Eilish stan account. So, when they announced the Manila leg of her world tour, Niana was on cloud nine.  Being the super stan that she is, Niana only wanted the best seats in the house, so she got standing tickets at the barricade, right in front of the stage. Can we commend Niana though for lining up like the rest of the audience before she got into MOA Arena. Being the true fan she is, she patiently waited in line for hours with the rest.

As seen in videos and photos shared on social media, Niana screamed, cried, danced, and had many epiphanies. It was a transformative night for her, one she described as the best ever and we don’t disagree. The moment feels even better knowing that in the beginning of 2022, one of Niana’s goals of the year was to meet Billie Eilish and she actually manifested that.


@zendeeofficial IBA PAG NARINIG MO NG LIVE!!!! GRABE LAST SONG YUNG HAPPIER THAN EVER? TAPOS KILIG YUNG TITIG TAPOS SMILE WAAAH ? #happierthanever #zendeechallenge #billieeilish ♬ original sound – ZENDEE ᥫ᭡

At this point, Happier Than Ever, especially the second-half portion, is an Eilish classic. So, when she performs the song as the concert’s finale, you know it’s going to be a moment. And when she performed it during her Manila concert, the hype was real. As she walked to the back of the stage to begin, the thousands in MOA Arena were ready to scream their lungs out how they hate this city. Filipino fans are known to be some of the best concert goers in the world and the crowd in the show understood the assignment. It was an epic conclusion to an epic concert.


@lukeykingdom what an honor to be the first ever audience to one of my all-time-favorite songs. thank you for this masterpiece. ? feel free to repost! #the30th #live #full #guitarsongs #billieeilish #finneas #happierthanever #happierthaneverworldtour #happierthanevertour #happierthanevermanila #happierthanevermnl #hte #htetour #htetour2022 #htetourmanila #tour #concert #concerts ♬ The 30th – Billie Eilish

In case you didn’t know, her Manila concert serves as Billie’s opening for the Asian leg of her world tour. It also was the first concert she held after surprise dropping two new songs, TV and The 30th. So, it was understandable that many fans hoped that Billie would include the song in the setlist. And lo and behold, she did just that when she performed The 30th live for the very first time. “Please bear with me, it is a very hard song to sing, so I’m gonna try my best,” Billie Eilish said before she and Finneas performed the emotional track that got all of MOA Arena in their feels.  


@zendeeofficial WATCH ME MAULOL KAY BILLIE EILISH! NABALIW NA AKO DIYAN, HAHAHAH. GRABE YUNG MOMENT NAKITA MO NA DIN SI BILLIE INPERSON. TAO PALA SIYA! WAAAH #zendeechallenge #happierthanevermnl #happierthaneverworldtour #buryafriend #billieeilish ♬ original sound – ZENDEE ᥫ᭡

For those who attended the concert or saw clips on social media, the event was a whole roller coaster ride of emotions. She got the crowed hyped with tracks like Oxytocin and bad guy while also slowing things down with her and Finneas on their guitars. And the show’s opening set the stage for the night. People were already hyped to see Billie considering how she started later than anticipated. But when the lights came down and Finneas and Andrew took their spots, it was over. Billie then ascended onto the stage like a dark-haired angel before she sang bury a friend. While she didn’t leap onto the stage like in her past shows, it was still worth it.


We love an influential ally. Billie Eilish is no stranger to supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. So, when a fan threw the pride flag onto the stage, she grabbed it and warmly and proudly wrapped it around her body.

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